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How to enjoy Imoaraizaka in Roppongi

Minato Ward in Roppongi is an area with lots of hills, and there are many TV programs and books that focus on the slopes.This time, “Imoaraizaka” is one of the slopes in Roppongi, Minato Ward, and the name of the entertainer called “Imoaraizaka Chief”, which was often seen on TV, was taken from the name.

The Imoaraizaka with a gentle slope is close to the Roppongi station and it is a stylish area where various shops are lined up, so please try to visit it.

Basic information and attractiveness of Roppongi “Imoaraizaka”

The name of Roppongi “Imoaraizaka”

There are various theories about the origin of the name’ Imoaraizaka’ because there are various theories such as the reason why the potato was sold in front of the Asahi Inari Shrine in Sakashita, the theory that there was a potato wholesaler nearby, and the theory that there was a potato wholesaler in Sakashita.According to the information board in the local area, there is a description that there was a potato wholesaler, so it may be a strong theory.

Location and length of Roppongi “Imoaraizaka”

In addition to Roppongi, there is a slope called “Nigara emergency” in Kandasurugadai and Kudankita, Chiyoda Ward, Chiyoda ward, in the third chome of Chiyoda-ku, Chiyoda Ward.Roppongi’s “Imoaraizaka” is a slope that descends down from the cafe and Almond at the side of the Roppongi intersection.The length is about 170 m, and a gentle slope continues.

It is said that the slope behind the Azabu police station was called Imoaraizaka, but since the Meiji period, many people called this slope as Imoaraizaka, and it is said that the road behind the current road is called Udon Slope (Udon), and it is said that the road behind the Imoaraizaka and Mapajuban Police Station is called Udon slope.

Roppongi “Imoaraizaka” connects to Roppongi Hills from the Roppongi intersection

Roppongi “Imoaraizaka” is a hill that goes to Roppongi Hills, where you can see a lot of people walking in the daytime and at night.The characteristic is that the impression differs greatly between the day and the night, and it is a slope with a strong image that the night is more lively.

on both sides of the Imoaraizaka, where restaurants are lined up. 3

Because Imoaraizaka is close to Roppongi Station, there are no spots that can sense the origin of the name, and there are various shops on both sides of the slope now.Imoaraizaka has stylish boutiques, restaurants and cafes, so it is a perfect spot for shopping, gourmet food, walking and sightseeing.

Famous restaurants and famous restaurants near Roppongi Imoaraizaka

Strawya / Sasya / Tosa Cuisine

A restaurant specializing in straw-burning,’ Straw ya’, a specialty restaurant specializing in straw-burning dishes.As the name suggests, straw-burning is a cooking method that cooks fire and cooks it with the flames, but the flames of fire are strong, so the people who are looking at the flames are excited to see what kind of food they are looking for.

Kochi Prefecture (Tosa) is an area that is said to be a treasure repository for foodstuffs, and in straw and goya, you can enjoy the taste of all the delicacies of the sea, mountains and rivers.The performance is splendid, but the finished dishes have a delicate taste.It is a popular restaurant, so I recommend you to make a reservation after you make a reservation.

There are counter seats, table seats and box seats in the store, so you can use it in various scenes.It is a space with a calm atmosphere, so it may be good to use it when you want to enjoy a mature date.

Recommended Menu

The recommended menu for Waraya is a dish that is cooked with straw ware.Among them, the popular one is “seared with salt” and generally eaten with ginger soy sauce, but it is also delicious to eat with salt.It’s also fun to enjoy the taste as you can enjoy various flavors as it is garnished with spices such as garlic and wasabi.

In addition to this, there are various kinds of ingredients such as free-range chicken, beef rib roast, Moray and camembert which is popular among women, so there is an appeal that you want to visit many times.

straw house
Address : Roppongi gordia Building 1 f, Roppongi 6-8-8 Roppongi, Tokyo
Business hours : [Month] 17:00 ~ 23:00 [pre-fire] 17:00 ~ 29:00 [Day celebration] 17:00 ~ 23:00
Phone number : 050 – 5596 – 8002

Wami Daiba / Fish Cuisine / Tavern

“Wami Daiba” is a restaurant recommended when you want to eat fish dishes in Roppongi.In addition to the good access to about 30 seconds walk from Roppongi Station, it is famous for its delicious fish dishes.The Izakaya menu at night is popular, but lunch menu is popular as well.

The inside is made of wood and has a chic lighting with a chic lighting.It is a small shop with 5 seats and 7 table seats.It is a popular restaurant that you can wait during lunch time, so I recommend you to come with plenty of time.

Recommended Menu

Wami Ohba is a restaurant that has a two part system of lunch business and izakaya business. Lunch is a bowl of rice bowl, grilled fish set meal, and izakaya menu is eaten with fresh fish sashimi and yellowtail shabu-shabu.The lunch menu with a hot spring or natto is said to be an excellent Cospa, and the “Grilled Fish Set meal” and “Negitoro Yuyukan” are popular.I recommend eating rice and miso soup as well, so I recommend you to visit them during lunch time first.

Wami Daiba
Address : Tokyo Minato Ward, Roppongi 6-1-5, Fukushima KDY Building B1
Business hours : [Lunch] 11:30 ~ 14:00 [Month to Friday] 18:00 ~ 23:30 (L. O 23:00)
Phone number : 03 – 3402 – 4258

Ginza Honjin Imoaraizaka Store / Offal Hot Pot

The Ginza Hondust Imoaraizaka restaurant where you can eat authentic Hakata cuisine and Hakata offal hot pot.Motsunabe has a strong image of eating it in cold winter, but Motsunabe is a beauty.It is considered to be good for health, so I recommend eating it regardless of the season.

The restaurant is a small restaurant with counter seats and table seats, but it has an at-home feel.Other than Motsunabe, there are Hakata Ichikuchi Gyoza, spiced cod roe, liver sashimi, seared local chicken, and drinks such as draft beer, Shochu and Chuhai.

Recommended Menu

The recommended menu of Ginza Honjin Imoaraizaka store is “Motsunabe”, and you can choose from soy sauce, salt, and spicy miso.The ingredients are made with a simple arrangement of cabbage, Chinese chive, garlic, and chili pepper, and it is famous for its moderate spiciness.There are also noodles, rice porridge and rice porridge, so you can eat it deliciously until the end, so please try it 1 times.

Ginza Honjin Imoaraizaka Store
Address : 1 f, seventh Village Building, Roppongi 5-9-14, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Business hours : [Month to day] 18:00 ~ 23:30 (L. O. 22:30)
Phone number : 03 – 3402 – 3432

KAMABOKO Roppongi Imoaraizaka / Bar

“KAMABOKO Roppongi Imoaraizaka” is a bar where you can drink and sing.It is a 3 minute walk from Roppongi Station and is open until the start of the first train, so even if you miss the last train, you can also spend a lot of time here, so you can stay here even if you miss the last train from 21:00.

Drinks include wine, whisky, shochu, beer, champagne, tequila, shotgun and so on, and soft drinks are available as well.The store is decorated with pink lighting, and it has a beautiful atmosphere, so it may be a good atmosphere to invite people who are concerned about it.

KAMABOKO Roppongi Imoaraizaka
Address : 5-9-22 second Chiba Building, Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo, seventh floor
Business hours : 21 : 00 to 6:00
Phone number : 03 – 5775 – 3558


I introduced you to the attractions of Imoaraizaka and the recommended shops in the surrounding area.In Roppongi with a strong image of the image, the name called Imoaraizaka is quite a punch, so I wonder what kind of place it is.Because Imoaraizaka is located close to Roppongi Station, it is a stylish spot despite its naming.

It is a place where you can walk to gourmet foods, so you can go to Roppongi and visit them a little while visiting Roppongi.