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Comparing and recommending each access method from Kansai Airport to Kyoto

Kyoto, where many historical heritages and cultures are packed, is a popular tourist spot not only in Japan but also from all over the world.

There are various ways to access Kyoto, but most foreign tourists use Kansai Airport. Since it is an airport far from Kyoto, there are some people who visit Japan for the first time, so some people who are worried about travel from Kansai airport to Kyoto may be worried about it.

Here are some information about how to access Kyoto from Kansai Airport. We picked up 8 realistic methods, taking into account the time required, fares, etc.I will tell you each rate and time required, so you will find the best access method for yourself.

How to choose a convenient way to travel from Kansai Airport to Kyoto

When moving with large luggage, you should not choose a way of “not tired” or “comfortable”.

The key to “ease of movement” is

  • No transfer
  • Sitting on a seat

Is required.

If you change trains in the crowd or stay in a car for a long time, you will get tired before you arrive in Kyoto. Let’s choose a means to move as much as possible to enjoy Kyoto sightseeing.

Distance from Kansai Airport to Kyoto

It is about 100 kilometers from Kansai Airport to Kyoto. Compared to the distance from major airports in the world to cities, we can see that it is quite a long distance.

Bangkok ⇔ Suvarnabhumi Airport – about. 27 km
London ⇔ Heathrow International Airport – About 24 km
New York ⇔ John F. Kennedy International Airport – About 24 km
Paris – Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport – about 31 km

At Narita International Airport, which is far away from Tokyo, the distance is about 70 km. Even if you get used to traveling, you will feel a long travel time if you visit Japan for the first time.

However, by choosing the appropriate means of transportation from the airport, you can make your travel time easier to move.

How to use, time and fee

for each access to Kyoto from Kansai Airport

Then, let’s compare the time required for each access method and the fare.

JR Kansai Express Limited Express Haruka  -about 1 hours 15 minutes (free reserved seat 2,770 yen / reserved seat 4,910 yen)
Limousine Bus (Osaka Airport Transport) -approx. 1 hours 30 minutes 2,550 yen
Limousine Bus (Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise) -approx. 1 hours 30 minutes 2,550 yen
Limousine Bus (Keihan Bus) -approx. 1 hours and 30 minutes 2,550 yen
Nankai, subways, Hankyu Transit -about 2 hours 1,600 yen transfer 2 times
JR Railroad lines : 1 hours 40 minutes to 1880 yen transfer from Osaka Station via Osaka Station, 1 times
JR railroad lines, subways, Nankai transit approximately 1 hours 25 minutes 1,710 yen transfer 2 times
Drop-off rental car -approx. 1 hours and 20 minutes, about 5,940 yen from about yen
Airport shuttle taxi -approx. 1 hours 20 minutes 14 minutes, 900
4,200 yen on taxi

JR West Kansai Express Haruka Haru

Kansai Express Haruka, operated by JR West, is the shortest access method for 1 hours and 15 minutes.

The breakdown of the charges is as follows.

Non-reserved seat is 2,770 yen (1,830 yen for ticket, 940 yen for limited express)
Reserved seat is 4,910 yen (1,830 yen for ticket, 1,250 yen for super express)

* The fare is cheaper for non-reserved seats, but there is a possibility that you can’t sit on a seat during peak hour.

The limited express Haruka operates 1 buses in about 30 minutes.You can use Wifi on board, so it is very convenient to study sightseeing. It is comfortable for people who are easy to get motion sickness because they have little shaking with a toilet.

You can eat on the train, so you can enjoy the Ekiben which is nicknamed lunchbox sold in the station.

  • The shortest time required is
  • No Transfer
  • Wifi, toilet is included, so it’s comfortable
  • Meal on the car
  • High fare
  • Non-reserved seat may not be seated

How to purchase : You can buy it at JR West Midori-no-Madoguchi or Midori Ticket-Vending Machine.

Limousine Bus

There are 3 types of limousines, Osaka Airport Transport, Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise and Keihan Bus, all of which are required time 1 hours 30 minutes and fare 2,550 yen.

The limousine bus is large as it’s a sightseeing bus in the city, so it’s spacious inside the company. The operation interval is 30 minutes 1 times like Kansai Express Haruka. Since the bus house is just next to the arrival port of the airport, it is recommended that you walk less than JR and Nankai Dentetsu stations.

Also, there are several places to get off in Kyoto City, so it will be convenient if you have a destination instead of Kyoto Station.

[Place to Get Off]
Kyoto Station hachijo entrance / Horikawa Gojo / Shijo Omiya / Nijo Station / Shijo Karasuma / Karasuma Oike
Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae / Sanjo Keihan / Demachiyanagi Station
    • No Transfer
    • Must be seated
    • It is close to the airport exit exit, so it is easy
    • Choose the location where you want to get off
    • You can leave up to 1 people in the package


  • If the road is congested, the arrival might be delayed

Official Site :
Osaka Airport Transport
Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise
Keihan Bus

Purchase place : You can buy each company at the counter immediately after arriving at the airport.

JR Conventional Line :

via Osaka Station

This route via Osaka is a route that uses JR railroad lines to reduce the number of transit times as much as possible.

[Specific Route]
To Kansai Airport, Osaka Station, JR Kansai Airport Rapid Service
JR New Rapid Service is available from Osaka Station to Kyoto Station.

You have to transfer 1 times in Osaka, but since it is the same JR, you don’t need to go out of the ticket gate, so you can transfer smoothly.

The fare is 1,880 yen, so I recommend it to those who want to save money. However, depending on the transit time at Osaka Station, it will take a long time before and after. The train between Osaka and Kyoto is crowded, so if there is a large luggage, it will be a bit hard.

  • Low fares
  • Since it is a transfer between JR trains, it is relatively easy
  • There is a high possibility that you can’t sit between Osaka and Kyoto.

Nankai, Metro, Hankyu Transit

This transfer method is 1,600 yen cheaper, and there is a transfer of 2 degrees instead of a cheap one. It is better to avoid those who do not have physical strength. It takes 2 hours, so I recommend it to those who want to save money even if it takes a long time.

[Specific Route]
Kansai Airport ⇒ Tengachaya Station (Nankai Dentetsu)
Tengachaya Station ⇒ Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme Station (Osaka Metro)
Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme Station – Kyoto Kawaramachi Station (Hankyu Railway)
  • You can go to Kyoto with the cheapest fare
  • Purchase the Kyoto Access Ticket to make it even cheaper
  • Transit 2 times
  • There is a high likelihood that you can’t sit on your seat
  • It takes long time compared to other transportation

* If you use this route, you can buy the “Kyoto Access Ticket” or “Peach Kyoto Sightseeing Ticket” as described below.

Nankai, Metro, JR Railroad line connecting

This access method is recommended if you want to make a stopover at Namba Station or Nishi-Umeda Station. Transfer is 2 times like when you use Hankyu, so you should use it if you have enough time and energy. The fare is 1,710 yen, which is the second cheapest.

[Specific Route]
Kansai Airport ⇒ Nankai Nanba (Nankai Dentetsu)
Nankai Nanba – Nishi-Umeda (Osaka Metro)
Nishi-Umeda – Kyoto (JR Kyoto Line)
  • Fare is second lowest
  • If you want to stop at Namba and Nishi-Umeda, you can use it
  • Transit 2 times
  • There is a high likelihood that you can’t sit on your seat
  • It takes long time compared to other transportation

Drop-off Rental Car

It will be interesting to try a car rental car if you have confidence in driving a car. The advantage of a rental car is that you can walk around where you like.

The drop-off fee will occur, but you can rent it at Kansai Airport and return it in Kyoto city. It is a high price setting when compared to a railway or limousine bus, but in case of a minicar, it costs about 5,940 yen, so you can get a bigger number as you get a lot of people.

If you want to arrive in Kyoto from Kansai Airport within 1 hours to 1 hours 30 minutes, you will have to use the expressway.In that case, there will be a highway toll from 3,000 yen to 5,000 yen, so please be careful.

  • If you have more people, you can save a lot of money
  • You can make a detour on the way
  • No need to worry about luggage
  • If you use highway, you will be charged
  • Possibility of getting caught in traffic jam
  • If you are not used to driving

Rental Car Comparison Site : https://skyticket.jp/rentacar/
Fast Rate Calculation Site : http://kosoku.jp/


MK Airport Shuttle Taxi

If you travel from Kansai Airport to Kyoto City by an airport shuttle taxi, you can get a fare of 14,900 yen per 1 units (for 4 passengers).

It is the highest fare in the previous access method, but it is recommended for people who do not want to worry about luggage while moving, or who want to take a break while traveling, or who want to go directly to the destination in Kyoto City.

The fare is flat, so even if you make a route change to avoid congestion, you won’t be charged additional fare.

    • You can rest

while you are moving

  • You can go directly to your destination
  • High fare
  • Time may take longer depending on road congestion

The official website for the MK airport shuttle bus : http://www.mk-group.co.jp/kyoto/airport.html

Kyoto Sky Gate Shuttle

If the taxi is easy but the fare is too high, I recommend share taxi. The Kyoto Sky Gate Shuttle operated by MK Corporation, the same company as airport shuttle taxi, allows you to go from the airport to Kyoto for 4,200 yen one way.

You will need to pay 1,000 yen for 1 packages, but you will need to pay a lot cheaper than airport shuttle taxi.

It takes longer than an airport shuttle taxi to get off the place where all passengers get off, but if you don’t care about the time, it’s a recommended access method.

    • The fare is

rather than airport shuttle taxi

  • Send to the desired destination
  • You can rest


during a move

  • Since I am a rival, I am careful compared to the airport shuttle taxi.
  • There is a possibility that other passengers will take longer depending on the location of the passenger’s arrival.
  • Additional charges required to load your luggage

MK Skygate Shuttle Official Site : https://shuttle.mk-group.co.jp/kyoto/

Discount tickets

that can be moved from Kansai Airport to Kyoto

Kyoto Access Ticket

It is a discount ticket when you use the “Nankai / Metro / Hankyu Transit” route which you mentioned above. By using Kyoto Access Ticket, the fare will be discounted from 1,600 yen to 1,230 yen.

The Tenjimbashisuji Rokuchōme Station of Hankyu Railway and the section of Kawaramachi Station are free to get off, so I recommend it to those who have trouble at the station on the way.

You can buy a ticket from Kansai Airport to Kyoto Line at the Nankai Dentetsu at the airport.

Peach Kyoto Sightseeing Ticket

By using Peach Air, airlines can purchase a discount ticket “Peach Kyoto Sightseeing Ticket” which is economical.

If you use the “Nankai / metro / Hankyu transit” route, you can move only 1,500 yen. In addition, free section of Kyoto can freely get on and off, so it’s recommended for people who want to get around Kyoto City from the arrival date.

You can buy it on the plane of Peach Air.

Peach Official Site : https://www.flypeach.com/pc/jp/lm/ai/inflights/inflight_ticket

Seishun 18 Kippu

You can also use Seishun 18 Kippu to go to Kyoto via JR local Line or Osaka Prefecture.

[Seishun 18 Kippu] It is a free pass with 5 times (for 5 days) to get on and off the JR railroad line on 1 days. You can use 1 people for 5 days, or you can use it for 1 days in a group of 5 people.

The price is 11,850 yen, so it is 2,370 yen per 1 days. If you want to use JR for a total of 5 days (or 5 people) while you are in and out of the above fare, and you get on and off JR many times on the first day, it is better to purchase the Seishun 18 Kippu at Kansai Airport.

You can use it when you use the “JR Line : Via Osaka Station” route from Kansai Airport to Kyoto.There are provisions for bullet train, so please check it before purchase.

How to purchase : JR West Midori-no-Madoguchi, Midori Ticket Vending Machine, can be purchased.
Seishun 18 Kippu Official Site : https://www.westjr.co.jp/press/article/2017/02/page_9902.html


when foreign tourists access

Select a means to move as little as possible

For those who come from abroad, Japan’s transportation system may feel complicated. In particular, there are many people between Osaka and Kyoto, so it is difficult to transfer by train with large luggage. If you are not familiar with Japanese transportation, I recommend the following access method.

If you want to go to Kyoto at the fastest ⇒ Kansai Kaiku Haruka
The destination in Kyoto City has already been decided ⇒ Limousine bus
Anyway, you want to move easily ⇒ airport shuttle taxi or taxi

Each access method has advantages and disadvantages, so let’s choose it according to your wishes.

Depending on the plan of arrival date

It’s better to decide on the place to visit, the place to visit first, and the plan to visit in advance on arrival day on Kyoto. For example, if you want to leave your luggage at a hotel located at Shijo Karasuma, it’s more convenient to use the limousine bus that stops at Shijo Karasuma instead of using Kansai Express Haruka, which needs to get off at Kyoto Station.

Or, if you are thinking of sightseeing in Osaka without going directly to Kyoto, it would be convenient to use a train. If there is a lot of baggage, it’s fun to find various things by train.

If you want to save transportation expenses, buy a reasonable discount ticket

In order to reduce transportation costs as much as possible even if the travel time is long, it is popular to choose to use the old railroad lines.

If you want to get on and off the railway many times on the first, or use a private railway company in Kyoto city to visit sightseeing spots, you can use discount tickets such as “Peach Kyoto Sightseeing Ticket” wisely. It is recommended for those who want to save transportation expenses and spend on sightseeing expenses.


I introduced you to Kansai Airport from Kansai Airport to Kyoto City and discounted discount tickets.For the first time, people visiting Kyoto from Kansai Airport have been able to find ways to access them, even if they want to save money as much as possible.

If you decide how to move in advance, you will be able to find the place to go in Kansai Airport on the day of arrival, so you will be able to move smoothly.