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Charges and features of each access method from Kansai Airport to Umeda, Osaka

If you move from Kansai Airport to Osaka Umeda, there are various ways, such as Shinkansen, JR, limousine bus, taxi, car rental, etc. It is necessary to understand the features and fees of each travel method so that you can choose the transportation method for use such as sightseeing, business trip, return home, etc.

This article introduces the charges and features of each method of moving from Kansai Airport to Osaka Umeda Station.If you are considering how to travel from Kansai Airport to Osaka City, please refer to it.

If you move from Kansai Airport to Osaka Umeda with the limited express Haruka, the fare and feature

“Haruka Haruka” is a limited express train operated by JR West, and it is a popular transportation means to connect Kansai Airport, major stations in Kansai area, Shin-Osaka, Kyoto, and Tennoji.

It is possible to move 50 minutes from Kansai Airport to Shin-Osaka Station in a short time, and it is the most recommended transportation method for those who need to move to the Shin-Osaka Station area.

If you have a non-reserved seat, you can move 2,330 yen at a reasonable price, so you can get a very reasonable price of about 3,500 yen for a reserved seat.Unlike other means of transportation, you can travel without changing trains on a comfortable seat of bullet train, so it’s a recommended travel method for sightseeing and travel.

Far round Discount Tickets

The “Haruka” offers a round-trip discount ticket, “Haruoku Discount Ticket,” which can be used for travel from other areas to Osaka area. It is also easy to use because the validity period is set to be relatively long for 14 days.

When you go to Osaka sightseeing or Osaka trip, please make sure to use this round trip ticket.

Fee and feature

when moving from Kansai Airport to Osaka Umeda Station with “Limited Express Rapp”

“Limited Express Rapi:t” is an express train that connects Namba Station and Kansai Airport in Osaka directly.It is very reasonable and fast to move to Namba Station, and it has gained great support as a means of transportation from Kansai Airport.

You can move to Namba in Osaka without changing trains, so it’s a convenient way to travel both for sightseeing and business trip.

The fare is cheaper compared to Haruka Limited Express, and it is as follows.

Regular Sheet Superseat
Adult 1,270 yen 1,480 yen
Children 640 yen 840 yen

You can spend your time on a comfortable train like a bullet train, so you can move to your destination while relaxing. Also, the limited express Rapi:t offers a lot of discount services, so you can use them more cheaply by using them.

Welcome Osaka Ticket

“Welcome Osaka Ticket” is a discount ticket that you would definitely want to use when you visit Osaka with a one way discount ticket for the limited express Rapi:t and the One-day Pass listed below.

  • Osaka Municipal Subway
  • New Tram Bus All Lines

The price is very cheap, and it is also priced at 1,500 yen and is priced at a reasonable price.If you have this ticket, you will be able to travel around Osaka freely for a day, so please consider using it when sightseeing.

Sekiku Kotokuwari Kippu Ticket

“Sekiku Tokusuiwari Kippu Ticket” is a discounted one way ticket to the limited express Rapi:t that can be purchased at Kansai Airport. You can buy at least 290 yen cheaper than the normal price, so you can use at least this discount when you ride a rapi:t, so you can use a rapi:t at a reasonable price.

Fee and feature

when moving from Kansai Airport to Osaka Umeda Station by Kansai Airport Rapid Service

Kansai Airport Rapid Service is a rapid train operated by JR West and connects Kansai Airport to Osaka Tennoji and Kyoto.This is a route that is often used for sightseeing and business because it stops at popular major stations, but unlike other Kansai airports, it’s the most important benefit of stopping at other than the main station.

If you go to a tourist attraction that is a little off the main station, or if you have a business trip, you may find it faster to travel by using Kansai Airport Rapid Service instead of moving to Shin-Osaka Station or Namba Station.

However, it is a normal JR train, so it is difficult to get on a crowded time during a busy time while carrying a large baggage. It is better to consider the means of moving while comparing the merits and demerits.

If you go to Osaka Station, the fare is 1,190 yen, and you can move around in about 1 hours.

Fare and feature

when moving from Kansai Airport to Osaka Umeda Station by limousine bus

“Limousine bus”, which has been established as a way to move from the airport to major cities, has been established in Kansai Airport, and it is very convenient to move to each city in Kansai.

  • Osaka Airport Transport
  • Kansai Airport Transportation Enterprise
  • Hanshin Bus

Not only Osaka but also Kyoto and Kobe can be moved comfortably by limousine bus, so it is recommended to use for business trips or sightseeing. In case of a bus, there is a risk of getting caught in a traffic jam, but there is hardly any disruption of the schedule, so it is safe.

Because of the limousine bus, you can spend a lot of time on a spacious seat without worrying about your luggage even if your luggage is large.

Fare and feature

when traveling from Kansai Airport to Osaka Umeda Station by taxi

If you want to travel more privately from Kansai Airport to Umeda Station, there is a way to travel by taxi.It costs more than other means, but it is recommended for people who want to move, because they don’t have any other passengers, or if they want to do their work while they are moving.

If you travel from the airport to Osaka City, you can take a taxi by using an airport shuttle taxi, so I recommend you to take a taxi without taking a long time to catch a taxi.In case of an airport shuttle taxi, it is a fixed charge, so it is one of the safety materials that does not change the fare due to traffic jam.

If it is a popular MK Taxi, you can move to Osaka City by around 10000 yen in the standard plan.It is better to reserve in advance when you use it.

Charges and features

when moving from Kansai Airport to Osaka Umeda Station

If you are a business trip, I recommend you to rent a car at the airport. There are many rental car service shops at Kansai Airport, so you can find a car that suits your needs.

If you come back from another airport, you can use a rental car when you choose a drop-off plan and you don’t have to go back to Kansai Airport.There are various types such as Toyota Rent A Car and Nissan Rentacar, so you can use it with ease even if you are a person who insists on a car type.


Kansai Airport has both domestic and international flights, and it is a large airport that many people use every day as a gateway to Osaka.Traveling from Kansai Airport to Osaka, Umeda, and Kyoto takes about 1 hours, so choosing a comfortable means of transportation increases the quality of tourism and travel.

Not only bullet train, but also limousine bus, taxi, rental car, JR and various other means of transportation are provided, so let’s choose the best way to move according to the situation.When you use Kansai Airport, please consider how to travel from Kansai Airport while you are referring to this article.