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How to enjoy ‘Keyakizaka Street’ in Roppongi Hills

“Keyakizaka Dori” is famous for its illuminations and beautiful illuminations at the time of Christmas during the main street on the Roppongi Hills.This is a place where high-class shops and high-class restaurants are lined up as road shops, with an atmosphere of an adult atmosphere.

This time I will tell you about the charm of “Keyakizaka Dori” in Roppongi Hills.They introduce the luxury brand shops, the recommended surrounding food, and other elements that are still in the middle of the city, as well as the elements that can feel natural.

Appeal and Basic Information on Roppongi “Keyakizaka Dori”

Roppongi Hills is a complex commercial facility operated by Moribuilding located in Roppongi, Minato Ward, Tokyo.In Roppongi Hills, there are Roppongihiruzumoritawa, Hotel Grand Hyatt Tokyo, TV Asahi Company and other places.

The Keyakizaka street is located in the middle of the city, and it has been designed to have a sense of nature, and the illuminations are lit up during the Christmas period, and it is very beautiful.You can see Tokyo Tower in front of you by looking at the east side from “Keyakizaka Dori.”.

Main street in Roppongi Hills over 400 m

Keyakizaka Dori is a main street of Roppongi Hills, a street with a total length of about 400 m, which consists of a wide sidewalk on a 1 lane road.On both sides of the road, there are buildings such as Keyakizaka Terrace, Roppongi Hills Arena and Roppongihiruzumoritawa, and you can get away from the Hiroo direction toward Azabu Juban.

Zelkova where 40 or more trees are planted

The trees of Zelkova trees were planted as a tree of trees, so the name was named “Keyakizaka Dori” (Street). 40.

The illuminations in winter are decorated with electric decorations, but in spring the new greenery of zelkova trees is beautiful and autumn leaves are beautiful, so you can enjoy the changing seasons and enjoy the beauty of each season.

Development of flower beds along the road is carried out by the community activities of “GREEN UP”

In addition to the zelkova trees, there is a flower bed in Keyakizaka Dori, and you can see that it is beautifully maintained.This is because the “GREEN UP” organization is being developed.

In “GREEN UP”, employees working at the Roppongi Hills and staff members of the stores are affiliated, and every month, 1 times a month, the flower beds are taken care of at 8 am.The plants planted in the flower beds are grown in the suburbs of Tokyo, and they are conscious of local production of local production.

Street Furniture that is also an art works

This is not the only way to Keyakizaka Street.On a wide sidewalk, the art bench and street furniture are scattered, so that you can sit down a little bit.It was created by the collaboration of 13 artists, with the work of Shigeru Uchida, Ito Toyoo and Jasper Morrison.

The park has a slide of Choi Jung-hwa’s work, which makes children forget that they are playing in the middle of the city.

It’s fun to walk around Keyakizaka Street while watching the street furniture or sitting down.

Standard walk course connected to Roppongi Sakurazaka

“Keyakizaka Dori” is the main street across the center of Roppongi Hills, but the one on the back of residence is “Sakurazaka.”.There are 75 cherry trees here, and it becomes a great attraction during the cherry blossom season.

If you walk through’ Keyakizaka Dori’ and walk to’ Sakurazaka’, you will have a half walk to the site of Roppongi Hills.This is a standard walking course that can walk with a different atmosphere.

Armani and Roleex shops and other high-brand shops

On the Keyakizaka terrace side of Keyakizaka Dori, there are a wide array of luxury brands such as Armani and Roleex.It is a road store, so you can go directly to the store from Keyakizaka street.

Restaurants where you can enjoy superb gourmet cuisine

In Keyakizaka Street, there are 5 high-class restaurants.The Mediterranean cuisine “Apo” in the, “KENZO Esthetics Winery” in wine-restaurant, “Jean Georges Tokyo” in modern French, “Starbucks Coffee” collaborated with Tuya and “bricolage Bread and Company” in bakery cafe.

Recommended restaurants around Roppongi Keyakizaka Street

The Roppongi Hills’ Keyakizaka Street’ has a nice atmosphere, and there are many famous restaurants.Some of these are introduced.

French Kitchen (Grand Hyatt Tokyo) / French

The French kitchen is the all-day dining in Grand Hyatt Tokyo, a hotel located inside Roppongi Hills.They provide a dish that has a stylish style of traditional French cuisine.

In a restaurant that can be used in a variety of occasions from breakfast to bar, the private room “shephesterbal” has a private kitchen, and it has a reputation that it can be served by chef as well.This is a luxury that is not a good way to eat and relax within your friends.

Buffet is also very popular because it offers a lot of freshly prepared dishes in the open kitchen.

Address : 6-10-3 Grand Hyatt Tokyo second Floor, Roppongi, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Business hours : 6 : 30 〜~ 21:30 (365 days)
Fee : Personal lunch time – 5000 yen, dinner time – 15000 yen
Phone number : 03 – 4333 – 8781

Oak Doors / Steaks

This restaurant is also a restaurant in Grand Hyatt Tokyo, and it is a restaurant of grill and wine.They provide a simple cooking with a chef’s skills by a chef’s chef.

The steaks and hamburgers are famous for their good reputation, and the dishes that are made in an open kitchen will give you a sense of live taste, and you’ll feel better just by getting to the table.The meat that is eaten in a stylish and mature atmosphere is especially delicious.

Basically, lunch and dinner grill dishes are mainly served, but at 15 o’clock, there is also afternoon tea at 17 o’clock, which is open throughout the day.

Address : 6-10-3 Grand Hyatt Tokyo sixth Floor, Roppongi, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Business hours : 11 : 30 to 24:30 (L. O22 : 30)
Fee : Personal lunch time – 5000 yen, dinner time – 20000 yen
Phone number : 03 – 4333 – 8784

Fientientina / Italian

This restaurant is also a restaurant in Grand Hyatt Tokyo. It is an all-day dining where you can eat dishes from all over Italy.It is located on the lobby floor, and the bright and casual atmosphere is comfortable.There is also a terrace seat, and you can eat while looking at “Keyakizaka Dori”, so it is recommended on a warm day.

Pasta is also delicious, but the popular menu is baked pancake in a pizza pot.The mixture of Italian Ricotta Cheese and olive oil is kneaded into a frying pan and baked in a frying pan, so the heat spreads evenly and it becomes soft and fluffy.

Address : 6-10-3 Grand Hyatt Tokyo first Floor, Roppongi, Minato Ward, Tokyo (lobby Floor)
Business hours : 9 : 00 to 22:00 (365 days)
Fee : Personal lunch time – 5000 yen, dinner time – 10000 yen
Phone number : 03 – 4333 – 8780

ksinovow / Japanese cuisine

This is a Kushiage restaurant in the west walk of Roppongi Hills.This restaurant is established 70 years ago at a well-established Kushiage restaurant, and it is popular as it is in a sophisticated atmosphere like an art museum.

The chef’s Kushiage menu, which is ordered by most customers, offers about 40 kinds of Kushiage every day, and is a style to stop when the customer becomes full of stomach.Thinly slice the raw bread crumbs made of seasonal ingredients and deep-fry them.

The kushiage is served as a dish with a special sauce, ponzu sauce, rock salt and other ingredients, as well as French raw caviar.

It becomes a very high-class menu at night, but lunch is a good bargain since you can eat it from 1000 yen.

Address : Roppongi 6 10 1 6 Motoki Hills West Walk 5 f, Minato Ward, Tokyo
Business hours : 11 : 00 to 23:30 (Last In 22:30)
Fee : Personal lunch time – 2000 yen, dinner time – 15000 yen
Phone number : 03 – 5771 – 0094


This time, we introduced the attraction of the main street in Roppongi Hills, “Keyakizaka Dori.”.Roppongi is a luxurious place where luxury brands and restaurants are gathered, but “Keyakizaka” is a place where you can see a high-class brand and a high-class restaurant, and you can go directly to the street.

It is also a place where you can feel the sense of the season while it is in the middle of the city.There are more than 40 zelkova trees planted, and the flowers grown in the garden are blooming near the Roppongi suburbs.

The street is dotted with the street furniture of art, and it has a cultural aroma.

The “Keyakizaka Dori” in such an attractive Roppongi Hills is a fun place just walking around, so please go there.