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Fresh seafood dishes are popular!Kosu’s Izakaya “Komasu 8 Toyosu Store”

“Komasu 8 Toyosu Store” is an izakaya in Toyosu where you can enjoy fresh sashimi of fresh sashimi from Tsukiji every day.With a history of more than 40 years from the founding of the company, the spirit of the hospitality has spread from a menu that has been made every single year, so that it can be enjoyed by both men and women.

Those who are looking for an izakaya at Toyosu and those who want to eat delicious sashimi would consider “Komasu 8 Toyosu Store”.

Characteristics of the “Komasu 8 Toyosu Store”

“Komasu 8 Toyosu Store” is a group store of 41 years of history that has a history of 8 years. It is a popular restaurant with fresh seafood and fresh seafood from Tsukiji.It is very close to the Toyosu Station walking distance of 1 minutes, and it is very close to the private rooms, counter seats and banquets, so it is supported by the salaried workers around Toyosu.

41 year old 8 traditional taste

Koma 8 is a traditional and historical izakaya with 41 years of history, and’ Komasu 8 Toyosu Store’ is the group store.In addition, there are 13 stores in the main store, Taamachi.

Fresh ingredients delivered directly from Tsukiji

“Koma 8 Toyosu Store” is characterized by the deliciousness of seafood, but it is a process that makes fresh seafood from Tsukiji market and buys it directly to the store and directly delivers it directly to the store.The sashimi assortment made of fresh seafood from Tsukiji is a very popular item in the restaurant, and it is sure to become a fan of “Komasu 8 Toyosu Store” once you eat it.

Retro atmosphere is popular with salaried workers and OL

In addition, the restaurant has a quiet atmosphere in Japanese dining room, and it is suitable for all kinds of people, both private and private, to use in every scene.You can enjoy a casual atmosphere that is not too heavy, not too light, and feels calm.

Type of seats

The “Komasu 8 Toyosu Store” is equipped with a variety of seats, and the best seats are available from the party to the private small group.You can drink at a small number at the counter seats, and you can also open a party and hold a party.

Counter seat 13 seats

There are 13 nice counter seats that you can use for each person.It is good to eat a drink after work, and it is good to have a meal with a couple of couples and enjoy eating while enjoying the chef’s cooking.

Table seats with a partition

Table seating is a table where one side of a table is a sofa, a private space can be created by using a partition, and a table can be attached to a table, so that the number of participants can be customized according to the number of participants.If you have a party, please consider this seat.

Reserved kotatsu seats where you can reserve 30 seats

The Kotatsu table is a seat where you can reserve a reservation from more than 24 people, and you can make your legs stretch and relax.The kotatsu is a seat where you can sit with a number of about 4 to 6 people, so it is perfect for use in a small group.

Table Private Rooms

The “Komasu 8 Toyosu Store” offers a seat with a full room with a wall and a door.You can use it at a business place, or you can secure a private space by using a couple.There are seats for up to 3 seats and seats for up to 6 people.

Recommended Course at the 8 Toyosu Store

The Koma 8 Toyosu store offers a variety of course meals, so you can enjoy delicious seafood dishes and a variety of local sake without ordering them individually.There is also a course with a discount coupon, so please check it.

Famous!All 8 dishes Crab Course (2 hours free-flowing 】

If you would like to order a course meal with 8 pieces, I recommend you the most popular 8 dishes of crab Kosuke.The crab course includes 2 hours of all-you-can-drink, with a tax of 4,500 yen per person!The menu contains the following :.

  • small bowl
  • Crab Assortment
  • Seasonal Sashimi Assortment
  • Original Salad
  • assorted chicken kebab
  • Fried Food Assortment
  • Diet
  • Shinko

9 Dishes of Hokkaido Hot Pot Course [2 hrs Unlimited Drinks 】

] If you want to enjoy the king crab and the famous Muroran Yakitori, I recommend the’ Hokkai Nabe course’.If you want to enjoy a lot of meals at the Koma 8 Toyosu store, choose this course!

  • Leading
  • Snow Crab Assortment
  • Large Platter of Seasonal Sashimi
  • Seasonal Salad
  • Muroran Yakitori (pork belly, onion)
  • Assortment of Fried Foods
  • Yosenabe
  • Meal
  • Pickles

Giblet Hotpot / Giblet Hotpot Course

Hot spring hot days in winter, hot spring pot!It’s difficult to make Motsunabe at home, but you can easily enjoy Motsunabe dishes if you go to Komasu’s 8 Toyosu store.Let’s enjoy the new year’s banquet, year-end party, and Motsunabe with the fresh seasonal sashimi platter of 8 pieces.The Motsunabe can also be changed to Jigae nabe, so please change to your favorite pot according to the participants.

There is a unique assortment of 8 original pieces of Komai, so it is very popular among women.You can eat a salad that is easy to eat with seasonal seafood, corn, tomato and cucumber with an original Japanese dressing made of 8 pieces.

  • small bowl
  • Original Giblet Hotpot / Korean-Style Spicy Giblet Hotpot
  • 8

  • Seasonal Sashimi
  • Famous Salad
  • Yakitori Assortment
  • Fried Food Assortment
  • Diet
  • Shinko

8 Toyosu Store’s Sake

The Koma 8 Toyosu store is a store where you can enjoy fresh seafood in a traditional atmosphere, but it is also an attractive attraction to offer a lot of alcoholic beverages.In the business scene, we reserve a shop where you can prepare alcohol that you like, and you can find a lot of local sake, shochu, Japanese sake, and other beer and soft drinks, so you can answer all your needs, so you can answer all your needs, as well as the other 8.

Popular All-You-Can-Drink Course

You can enjoy more than 30 kinds of alcohol in the all-you-can-drink course that is included in the course menu as it is.If it is a party like a friend, it will be a drinking party where you can satisfy the basic course and satisfy the elderly and the elderly.


  • Asahi Super Dry Medium Bottle

Non-alcohol beer

  • Asahi Dry 0

Japanese sake

  • Hakkaisan
  • Ichinokura
  • Kokushi Muso hot
  • Cold plum
    * in stock only


  • Kurokirishima sweet potato
  • Small Potato Sweet Potato
  • Scarecrow


  • Nikka
    * Can be enjoyed with rock, water or hot water.
  • Black Nikka clear highball
  • Ginger highball
  • Cola highball


  • Almaden Classic Red : White
    * Decanter, Glass


  • chuhai
  • Oolong high
  • green tea-hai
  • lemon sour
  • Yuzu citron and Sour
  • Apple Vinegar Sour
  • Calpis sour
  • Kyoho grape sour
  • Kyoho & Calpico Mix Sour

Fruit wine

  • Plum Wine Rock
  • Plum Wine Soda divided
  • Apricot wine lock
  • Apricot liqueur soda divided by


  • cassis soda
  • Cassis orange
  • Cassis and Oolong

Soft Drinks

  • Oolong tea
  • Cola
  • orange juice
  • Calpico
  • orange juice
  • Ginger ale

You can also change to a premium all-you-can-drink plan by paying 500 yen per person from the basic plan mentioned above.I recommend the premium all-you-can-drink plan because the following drink is also the subject of drink.

Premium All-You-Can-Drink Plan

  • Beer : Asahi Super Dry Extra Cold
  • Japanese sake : Recommended Junmaishu
  • Shochu : Recommended real Shochu

Various kinds of local sake are available

In the Koma 8 Toyosu store, there are about 10 kinds of seasonal Japanese sake from all over Japan, and the president of Koma 8 also offers local sake from all over Japan.If you like Japanese sake, please try some sake and compare it.

  • Dewazakura (Junmai Ginjo, Yamagata Prefecture) : 900 yen
  • Dassai 50 (Pure Brew Daiginjo, Yamaguchi Prefecture) : 900 yen
  • Sawa-no-I (dry rice with pure rice, Tokyo) : 750 yen
  • Soyo (special sake, Tochigi Prefecture) : 650 yen
  • Sohomi (酛純 rice, Tochigi Prefecture) : 800 yen
  • Ichinokura Inspection (Classic Brew, Miyagi Prefecture) : 580 yen
  • Kubota Senju (Ginjo, Niigata Prefecture) : 750 yen
  • Hakkaisan (normal sake, Niigata Prefecture) : 680 yen
  • Koshi-no-Kambai (normal sake, Niigata prefecture) : 680 yen
  • Shichiken (pure rice wine, Yamanashi prefecture) : 800 yen
  • Masumi (Pure Brew of Pure Brew, Nagano Prefecture) : 850 yen
  • Denshu (pure rice wine, Aomori prefecture) : 900 yen

Shochu Fan is the real Shochu

Also, at the Komasu 8 Toyosu store, the preparation of authentic shochu, which is essential for banquets, is also complete.Let’s enjoy the wonderful time by enjoying the shochu of the local specialty.

  • Nice 1000 man (US, Niigata, 25 degrees)
  • Residual wave (Awamori, Okinawa, 30 degrees) : 550 yen
  • (brown sugar, Amami-Oshima island, 25 degrees) : 500 yen
  • Kappa 9000 bo (Barley, Fukuoka Prefecture, 25 degrees) : 550 yen
  • Kurokirishima (sweet potato, Miyazaki Prefecture, 25 degrees) : 500 yen
  • Small deer (sweet potato, Kagoshima prefecture, 25 degrees) : 500 yen
  • Tantakatan (Perilla, Hokkaido, 20 degrees) : 550 yen
  • Natural barley (barley, Oita prefecture, 25 degrees) : 550 yen

Popular dishes

at the restaurant’s 8 Toyosu store
At the Koma 8 Toyosu store, you can enjoy fresh seafood directly delivered from Tsukiji every day, and you can enjoy a satisfying meal such as homemade Satsuma-age fried fish cakes, which is a tradition of 41 years’ tradition.I will introduce you to the recommended items you would like to eat when you are holding a party at the Komasu 8 Toyosu store.

Direct from Tsukiji!Seasonal Fresh Sashimi Assortment

The most popular dish, “Sashimi Assortment”, is the most popular dish.The menu itself is a common dish, but the sashimi assortment of the 8 Toyosu shop, which is made by directly checking ingredients in Tsukiji every day and directly sending fresh seafood directly to the restaurant, is truly an excellent item.

You can choose 4 kinds of sashimi, 6 points, 8 points, so you should order the number that everyone can eat according to the number of people who participate in the meal.

Homemade Deep-fried Fish Cake

Also, “Homemade Deep-fried Fish Cakes” is a superb menu that cannot be removed again.It is a limited quantity of fish cake, and the Satsuma-age fried fish cake made after the order has been made and the raw texture is made. It is a fluffy texture that has a fresh texture and is irresistible.It goes well with alcohol and hot pot!If it’s not sold out yet, I’d love to order it!

Original fried kabocha almond-fried

“Pumpkin Almond Fried” can be enjoyed with a strange texture.This is a dish made by combining a moist kabocha squash with almond and frying it crispy.The saltiness of almond added to the sweetness of almonds is a wonderful combination, so it is a dish that you want to eat many times.

Original pieces of 8 pieces of salad

This is an original salad that is very popular among women.You can eat fresh seafood, vegetables, eggs, corn and other ingredients with the original Japanese dressing and eat it.The refreshing texture and the fragrance of fresh ingredients are irresistible.

Today’s flagship Product

If you’re a fan of 8 fans, you can’t order it.The price is only 250 yen, and you can enjoy a menu made of fresh materials from Tsukiji directly from Tsukiji.

Standard dishes at the 8 Toyosu store, meal menu

In the Koma 8 Toyosu store, there are a variety of delicious dishes, such as fresh seafood, sake, and handmade dishes made with a lot of effort, as well as a delicious food that has a lot of fun to talk about.


This is the menu where you can go to the front of the first half war that you want to eat with alcohol and want to eat with alcohol.

  • Takowasa : 450 yen
  • Pickled whole eggplant : 460 yen
  • Assorted pickles : 460 yen


When I become a member of society, I worry about health, and I want to eat salads as well as meat and sashimi.Apart from the popular 8 original salad, the following delicious salad menu is also available.

  • Ramen Salad : 8 style : 750 yen
  • Daikon radish salad : 650 yen

Standard Dishes

There is also a lot of standard dishes that you want to eat together when you’re getting a lot of alcohol and getting excited.Order the meat from sashimi to meat and vegetables according to your preference!

  • Offal Hotpot : 1,050 yen
  • Pork Giblet Hotpot : 1,250 yen
  • flat baking : 550 yen
  • Simmered Special Beef Tendon : 550 yen
  • Thick omelet : 500 yen
  • Fried Potatoes and asparagus bacon : 550 yen
  • Goya Champuru : 650 yen


Yakitori is essential for banquets!Yakitori menu is also enriched at the 8 Toyosu store.We serve it with salt and sauce.

  • assorted chicken kebab : 600 yen (4 bottles)
  • Gizzards : 480 yen (3 pieces)
  • Skin : 480 yen (3 bottles)
  • Chicken Meatballs : 480 Yen (3 Pieces)
  • Lever : 480 yen (3 bottles)
  • green onion : 480 yen (3 pieces)


You can also eat sashimi and hot pot, but you can also eat a grilled dish with crispy texture.There are plenty of standard dishes, such as chorizo, mainly from delicious sea ingredients.

  • Overnight-dried Squid Fisherman grill : 720 yen
  • Grilled Shishamo Smelt : 780 yen
  • Grilled Atka Mackerel : 820 yen
  • Crispy Fried Chicken : 650 Yen
  • Fried Stuffed Chicken Wings grill : 650 yen
  • Spicy chorizo : 520 yen
  • Grilled Salmon Belly : 630 yen
  • Grilled Ray Fin : 580 yen


Eat it without eating it!There are also plenty of fried dishes from the party’s center.Try to get full of fried food with fried chicken with the No. 1 fried chicken.

  • Deep-Fried Cartilage : 460 yen
  • Chicken skin gyoza : 450 yen
  • Fried Chicken : 570 yen
  • Fried Octopus : 460 yen
  • Fried Potatoes : 460 yen

Tightening one item

There are also a lot of dishes that you want to ask for at the end of the banquet!Let’s try to get a lot of satisfaction.

  • Ochazuke : 460 yen (pickled plum, nori seaweed, salmon, cod roe)
  • Fried Noodles Wrapped in Thin Omelet : 650 yen
  • Inago Udon : 580 yen
  • Rice ball : 180 yen (pickled plum, dried bonito flakes, salmon, cod roe)
  • Toasted rice ball : 150 yen

Basic information

of the 8 Toyosu store

Koma 8 Toyosu Store
Address : Toyosu Front 1 f, Toyosu 3-2-20 Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 6204 – 2160
Hours : Weekdays : 11 : 30 to 14:00 (lunch), 17:00 – 23:00 (dinner), weekends : 17 : 00 – 22:30
Closed holidays : National holidays
Budget : Lunch 900 yen, dinner 3,500 yen
Radio : There are free Wi-Fi and free Wi-Fi.


The Koma 8 Toyosu store is a Japanese izakaya with a history of enjoying fresh seafood and superb handmade menus, as well as various kinds of local sake and shochu.There are many kinds of seats, so you can enjoy it regardless of whether you’re a senior or a woman.It is very close to Toyosu Station, so if you want to have a party at Toyosu, you should visit it whenever you want to have a party or lunch.