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How to enjoy Roppongi “LUIDA’S BAR”

Roppongi “LUIDA’s Bar” is a shop collaborated with “Dragon Quest.”.It is a restaurant where you can enjoy the world of Dragon Quest by faithfully reproducing the world of “Dragon Quest” from the atmosphere of the shop, the menu, and the staff of the staff.Then I’ll introduce you to “Luda’s sake bar.”.

Charm of “LUIDA’S BAR” and the Attraction

The real world’s “Luda Sakaba is open to the public, with a complete reservation system for Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays.It’s a buffet style, so you have to change the time in advance, so let’s keep the time in mind, so let’s observe your manners carefully and enjoy your manners, so let’s have a good time for the 90 minutes.

The reservation is full, so I recommend you to make an early reservation.

The goods displayed in the store are also related to the Dragon Quest, and there are the “King’s sword” and “Tenku no tsurugi” (sword of the sky).The BGM is a song played by the game, so please enjoy the world of Dragon Quest.

Also, since it is run by karaoke paella, it is also delicious and there are many kinds of cocktails.It is one of the attractions that the concept of menu is fun.

The concept

of the Dragon Quest fan’s famous “Luda Pub”
After entering the restaurant, the announcement says, “Hello!” the announcement from the counter, “the announcement from the start says” Let’s go to ganggang! “and the start of the Dragon Quest world all opened.

Unfortunately, Ruda is in an adventure, but he is absent, but he seems to have a concept of resting his feathers during his adventure.

Every meal has a set of monsters, and every time the food is carried, it is explained with the feeling that “To fight with care, be careful.”.Also, the drink has a name of the spell, so depending on the menu, you will have to chant a spell with the clerk.

After the meal, he says, “Just the dead,” and he will lower the dishes.There are a lot of menus, so it might be fun to order and enjoy the comments.

There are a lot of Dragon Quest elements in the shop and menu!

The menu with a fun concept is a good idea, but I’ll introduce you to the popular menu.

“Slime steamed buns”

“Slime” is the original form of meat buns.At the current stage of level 8, yellow “slime custard” is now available.

“madhand Keema Curry”

This is a popular menu.That’s why the reproduction rate is amazing!You can enjoy not only the taste but also the visual.

It is a large turkey thigh with a crest of Loo carved on it.This is big!It takes 10 minutes to eat, and goes well with beer.

“Golden Slime demigination rice”

The golden slime is reproduced with fluffy eggs.The omurice topped with demi-glace sauce is the deliciousness of the iron plate.

“Slime Beth Grated Hamburger with Japanese Style Sauce”

On top of the hamburger steak, there is a slimbeth with grated daikon on top.This is a recommended menu for beginners.

“ABCD Fire ball croquette”

This is a performance menu with a round croquette coated with crushed nuts, with a performance menu of a staff member calling for a fire.Please feel nervous when it explodes.

It is made of chocolate cake with sesame ice cream on it.There is a shield of a sword and a shield of cookie.


The main body is made of a strawberry flavored tiramisu.The soft part is a cream.It’s too cute!

“Monjya Ice Truffle”

It has a luxurious finish with apricot, chocolate and madeleine as toppings.This is too sweet to eat!


Pour in a small bottle of liquid while chanting the spell of “Pulp!”, and a cocktail with a strange color will be completed.

“Cocktail Zara Keema”

This is an unmistakable cocktail.A suspicious dead spirit is floating.

“Street Corner Beer”

It is an orthodox beer in a barrel-shaped mug.

“polypo Jelly”

This is a cocktail that you can break the liqueur jelly.This is a photogenic drink that looks very cute.

There are also plenty of soft drinks, so you can enjoy it with those who don’t like alcohol or children.

where you can collect a small medal and get a prize.
Each time you order, you can get a stamp called “Chiisa medal.”.If you collect 25 pieces, you can exchange it with a big medal.

We collect this “big medal” and exchange it with the prize, but the gift will be enjoyed after you go to the shop.I heard there are regular customers who go through to complete this gift.

You can get a stamp card called “The path to the champion of the medal”, so you can continue to save it.

The royal room with karaoke is fun

The royal room is a gorgeous room full of Dragon Quest.There is also a course meal, and you can use this “Dragon Quest Special Course” to make karaoke available.

This course has a complete original menu, so it is very satisfying and is sure to be very satisfying.It is available for 5 people in a set of 2 hours, and the number of people is 12.I can make a reservation for 1 months.You can also see the details in HP.

Reservations and inquiries
0120 – 610 – 372 (available for mobile phones) 12:00 – 22:00

There is a dedicated room for playing DQX

“DQX Playroom” appeared in a karaoke room on the top floor of the passelarizouz Roppongi store.This is a room where you can enjoy up to 4 people with “Dragon Quest X”.I can make a reservation for 30 days.You can also see the details in HP.

Reservations and inquiries
Passelarizouz Roppongi Store : 0120 – 911 – 086 (available for mobile)

You can use the “Luda Sakaba” for private use.It is available if you pay the minimum guarantee fee regardless of the number of people who use it.The usage time is 90 minutes.I can make a reservation for 1 months.You can also see the details in HP.

Reservations and inquiries
0120 – 610 – 372 (available for mobile phones) 12:00 – 22:00

Basic information about LUIDA’S BAR

Store name LUIDA’S BAR
Luda’s Sakaba
Address Tokyo Minato ward Roppongi 5 16 3 1 f
TEL 0120-610-372
Official HP https://www.paselaresorts.com/collaboration/luidas_bar/index.html

“LUIDA’S BAR” Access Parking Lot

(Traffic access)
[Toei-Oedo Line] 3 minute walk from Exit Number 3 of Roppongi Station.
[Hibiya Line] 3 minute walk from Exit 3 of Roppongi Station.
[Nanboku Line] 5 minute walk from Exit 1 of Roppongi-itchome Station.
[Nanboku Line] 10 minute walk from Exit 6 of Azabu-juban Station.
(Surrounding Parking lot)
Parking Lot Number of accommodated units
Times Roppongi Umenoki second 19
Times Roppongi Umenoki 40
Aoba Parking Aoba Roppongi Building 4
Times Roppongi 3 chome 2
Paracara Roppongi eleventh 49
Paracara Roppongi sixteenth 4
OX-Roppongi 3 parking 6
Times Roppongi forty third 18
The building parking lot 30

“LUIDA’S BAR” Business hours and congestion information

Operating Hours

[Month to Friday] 14:00 ~ 22:15 (90 minutes during busy times)
[Soil / Day / Holiday] A. 12:00 ~ 13:30 b. 13:45 ~ 15:15 c. 15:30 ~ 17:00 d. 17:15 ~ 18:45. 19:00 ~ 20:30 F. 20:45 ~ 22:15 * Earth day and holidays are fully booked.

Congestion Information

At the time when the ticket was distributed on weekdays, it was crowded, but now the numbered ticket system has been abolished, and it seems that it can be used without any waiting time during the day of the week.

However, it is often 90 minutes since Golden week holidays such as Golden Week and summer vacation, and December are crowded even on weekdays.I can make a web reservation, so I recommend you to make a reservation after you make a reservation.

“LUIDA’s BAR” Budget, Fee and booking methods

The average budget is about \ 3,000 to \ 4,000.
The price is about \ 500 to \ 800, and the food is about \ 700 ~ 1,000, so the price is a bit higher.
The course is from \ 4,000.

The reservation method and the web are both available.For details, please go to the official HP “Entry guide”.


This is the first entertainment bar in Roppongi, the city of trend leader.

A stylish restaurant with a slightly different atmosphere from the game world is sure to be fun with both your friends and your friends.

There are a lot of fun menus with monsters and spells that appear in the game.The current level is “8.”.The menu changes as the level rises, so you can enjoy it wherever you go.