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How to enjoy “Mini-young TOKYO” restaurant

Do you know a French restaurant called’ Mini-young Tokyo’ in Shibuya?Mini young Tokyo is a restaurant where you can enjoy French cuisine, wine from Tokyo, and shochu, which are made from ingredients from Tokyo.

If you say “French,” there are many people who have a high image.However, Mini-young Tokyo is a casual French restaurant, so you can enjoy French at a reasonable price.

In Tokyo, there are many shops that handle ingredients delivered directly from the local area, but shops with particular attention to Tokyo are rare.The shop also has a direct selling place for vegetables, so you can buy the vegetables you eat on the day.

This time, I will introduce you to the charm of such mini young Tokyo!I will introduce basic information such as business hours and access methods, so please use it as a reference when visiting.

Basic information on mini-young TOKYO

Before I go to Mini-young Tokyo, I want to know about the basics, business hours, and access information.Let’s check it right away.


where you can enjoy casual French cuisine made with Tokyo ingredients.

At mini Young Tokyo, you can enjoy 24 kinds of French dishes made with ingredients from Tokyo.For example, there is a French menu which is perfect for dinner such as “The Terrine Uncured Ham Mousse with Tokyo Leeks” or “accipalmantier’s Ripe Potato” (Gratin).

Also, there is a lunch menu in Mini young Tokyo.The lunch menu includes a French style sandwich, a soup menu made with fresh Tokyo vegetables, a set menu made from hayashi rice made from beef from Tokyo and salad made from vegetables made from Tokyo’s vegetables.Lunch menu is only available on Tuesdays and Fridays, so please be careful when you come.

Because of these features, mini young Tokyo is a restaurant that is recommended for dating and friends, as well as for dating on a date.Why don’t you try a casual French cuisine with plenty of ingredients from Tokyo?

Miniyoung Tokyo’s seats, business hours, average budget

Seats in Miniyoung TOKYO [/ span] There are 18 table seats in Mini-young Tokyo.It is a duplicate of a room in Paris, and it has a warm atmosphere with a cozy atmosphere in the store.

Sales hours of mini-young Tokyo.
The business hours of Mini-young Tokyo are as follows.Please be aware that during lunch time only Tuesdays and Fridays are available.

Tuesday Friday
・ Tokyo ingredients Comape sandwich Set (2 f) : 12 : 00 to 14:00
Monday – Saturday
・ Tokyo ingredients Bistro (2 f) : 18 : 00 to 23:30
・ Tokyo Vegetable Direct Sale (1 f) : 16 : 00 to 23:00

Average budget for mini-young TOKYO
According to the eating log, the average budget for mini young Tokyo is as follows :.

Dinner : 4,000 yen ~ 4,999 yen
Lunch : 1,000 yen ~ 1,999 yen

In particular, the 1 dishes that can be eaten at dinner are priced at 150 to 2,000 yen.This is a perfect store for those who are looking for a cheap and delicious izakaya.

Access parking lot

at the mini young Tokyo

Let’s check the access to the mini-young Tokyo and the information about the parking lot.

Access to mini-young TOKYO
The following is how to access Mini-young Tokyo when you use public transportation.

When using a train
– 9 minute walk from Shibuya Station on the JR Yamanote Line.
12 minute walk from Tokyu Toyoko Line Daikan-yama Station.
14 minute walk from Ebisu Station on the JR Yamanote Line.

Using buses
– 1 minute walk from the “Namiki Bridge” bus stop in Tokyu Bus and Tokyu Transses (Astringency 71).
– 4 minute walk from the bus stop in front of the Shibuya depot in the Toei bus (87).
– 5 minute walk from the “Higashi 2” bus stop of Tokyu Bus and Tokyu Transses (Astringency 72).

Parking Lot
There is no parking lot for the store.However, there is a parking lot called “the QT-net Shibuya 3 chome first parking” in a 1 minute walk from Minyon Tokyo, and a parking lot called “Coin Park Shibuya 3 Chome Parking Lot” in a 3 minute walk.Also, there are many other parking lots in the neighborhood, so there is no problem with visiting by car.

Appeal by Mini Young Tokyo

Have you understood the basic information about Mini-young Tokyo?Next, we will introduce you to the appeal of Mini Young Tokyo.The mini young Tokyo has 4 attractive attractions for those who are healthy and those who like alcohol.

You can enjoy dishes made with fresh ingredients from Tokyo 3

The mini young Tokyo food menu offers dishes made with fresh vegetables, fruits and meat that are particular about Tokyo.When I hear Tokyo, there are some people who have an image of the production area of the agricultural crops, such as the image of the image of the urban image of the office building area.

However, many crops have been produced in the Hachioji city of Hachioji, Akiruno City, Fuchu city, and Ome City throughout Tokyo over 1 years.In Minyon Tokyo, you can enjoy dishes made with ingredients from the island of Tokyo, such as 8 nagashima island and Niishima, in addition to the ingredients harvested in these regions.

In particular, the “Tokyo Beef Steak ~ with Red Sauce and pompiere Sauce” is the best way to enjoy dinner.The beef produced in Tokyo is very small and precious, but you can use it as a steak with a delicious sauce with red wine in this restaurant.

In addition, there are also various dishes such as “Carpaccio of Tokyo’s western poop”, which is made with mustard base dressing with mustard based dressing.Please try to carry your feet.

Direct selling of vegetables and seasonings from Tokyo

On the first floor of the building, there is a direct selling shop of Tokyo vegetables and seasonings called “Tokyo Vegetable Direct Selling Shop”.Vegetables in Tokyo are only available in a limited amount because they have a small production volume compared to other vegetables made in other regions.

However, this Tokyo vegetable direct selling shop sells many vegetables and seasonings from Tokyo.Among them, there are a lot of vegetable handling, and more than 10 kinds of vegetables from Tokyo are sold.

In addition, it is the business hour that I want to pay attention to at this Tokyo Vegetable Direct selling shop.The Tokyo Vegetable Direct Selling Shop is open until 23:00 on the same day as the Bistro Tokyo’s Bistro store.It is a good point that it is open until 23:00, while there are few shops selling vegetables that are open until late at night.

Some customers buy food from the dishes they eat at the Bistro store on the same day.Also, you can use it from 16:00, which is a little earlier than dinner time, so it is recommended to use it as a shopping for dinner.Thus, it is one of the charms of mini Tokyo to purchase not only meals but also food.

French wine and Tokyo wine can be compared and compared

Mini young Tokyo sells 2 kinds of wines, French wine and Tokyo wine.There are about 20 kinds of French wine, and Tokyo wines are handled differently depending on the day, but there are always several kinds of them.

It is nice that you can drink wine at lunch or dinner.Among them, there are 3 kinds of wine menus at dinner.The first is a menu where you can order a bottle of sparkling wine made in the Langdock region of South France called Bull de Passion.

Second, there is a menu called daily glass wine that the master of wine is served by looking at the state of wine.From among about 8 kinds of wine, you can choose the wine that matches the day, so you can enjoy different wines every time you go.

The third is a menu where you can choose your favorite wine.This menu is especially recommended, and if you don’t know which wine is good, you can give me the recommended wine if you tell the master how to taste it.

The charm of mini young Tokyo is that wine lovers can enjoy wine as well.Please order several kinds and try comparing French wine and Tokyo wine.

You can enjoy Tokyo shochu

At Mini young Tokyo, we sell “Aochu (Aochu)” made in Aogashima, Tokyo and Mugi shochu (barley shochu), which is made of “Morika” made in Kozushima.It is an irresistible store for sake lovers to enjoy Shochu as well as wine from Tokyo.

Among them, “Aochu” is especially recommended.This Aochu is characterized by its sweet taste and the flavor of sweet potato spreads.It has been attracting attention recently because it is often introduced in the media.

However, it is rare to call it’ Mabame Shochu’ because it is made by a few farmers in Aogashima and its production volume is small, so it is sometimes called’ Mabame Shochu.’.

However, you can also enjoy this precious shochu if you go to Minyon Tokyo.Aochu is a distilled liquor that was praised by professional chefs, so please try to taste it with those who like to drink.

Mini-young TOKYO

Mini young Tokyo is a restaurant where you can enjoy food and alcohol made from ingredients from Tokyo.You can also buy the ingredients that were used for the dishes you ate on that day and return home.It is a shop that has been making a lot of attention in recent years, and has been making a lot of attention to local production.

People tend to think of regions where food and alcohol are made, but they tend to think about the local areas, but Tokyo also makes delicious foods and sake.

The “Mini-young Tokyo” is a food made from ingredients made in Tokyo that can be enjoyed while still in Shibuya.Why don’t you try to find the beauty of Tokyo by going to a mini-young Tokyo with a variety of attractive charms?