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How to enjoy “maidreamin Shibuya”

Do you know a maid cafe called “Shudori Shibuya Shibuya”?Meguri Shibuya Shibuya is one of the group’s 17 largest maid cafes in Japan and overseas.

Based on the concept of “Dream Country,” it is a photogenic restaurant where you can enjoy the live and interaction with the maid.It features a cute food menu tailored to the concept, and it is a maid cafe with a lot of men and a lot of women.

It’s the first characteristic of Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya. It’s a live performance by a maid.This time, I will introduce you to the 3 ways to enjoy the enjoyment of the live, such as the way of enjoying the fun of the live.I’ll introduce you basic information such as business hours and access methods, so please use it as a reference when you come.

Basic information about Shibuya Shibuya

When I want to go to Shibuya Shibuya Shia Shibuya, I am concerned about the business hours and access methods.First, let’s look at this basic information before checking the way of enjoying Shibuya’s Shibuya Shibuya.

Melena Shibuya SHIBUYA is

This is a maid cafe based on the concept of “a country of dreams.”.As I mentioned at the beginning, you can enjoy the live and exchange of the maid.This is a maid cafe filled with fun charms, but many maid cafes have strong images that they can use or use in multiple ways.

However, as I mentioned at the beginning, I was able to enjoy a lot of male customers as well as a maid cafe that I can enjoy.

Use in family
There are plenty of menus that children like, such as omurice and hamburger, and communication with the maid can also be enjoyed by children and parents.

Use at drinking party
There are 8 kinds of food menu and a banquet course with all-you-can-drink.The maid will raise the place, so you can enjoy it as well.

Use at Girls’ Meetings
In fact, there are many female customers in niece Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya, and many maid cafes use it as a girls’ party.There is a “The Birthday Party plan” that offers a variety of benefits such as birthday plate, special live, and commemorative photo, so why don’t you try to make friends with your friends in a memorable The Birthday Party?

The business hours and average budget

Shibuya’s Shibuya SHIBUYA

Business hours SHIBUYA’s business hours
Meguri Shibuya Shibuya is open every day from 13:00 to 23:00.There is no regular holiday, so you can enjoy it every day in 1 years.

The average budget for Shibuya Shibuya
According to the eating log, the average budget of the “Camellia Shibuya Shibuya”, including the usage fee, is as follows :.

Lunch time : 1,000 yen ~ 1,999 yen
Dinner time : 2,000 yen ~ 2,999 yen

It costs about 1,000 to 3,000 yen, so you can easily stop by.

The usage fee is 500 yen for 1 hours with 1 orders.Even if it is extended, the same fee is set with 1 orders.As this way, you can enjoy food menu and drink menu without worrying about the usage fee of Shibuya Shibuya SHIBUYA.

In addition, children under the age of 12 are free of charge.Therefore, it is a maid cafe which is recommended for family use, and it is recommended to use a maid cafe.By the way, your child not only becomes free of charge, but he can also give you ice cream as a present.

The access parking lot

SHIBUYA’s access parking

Access SHIBUYA’s access
It is a 2 minute walk from the nearest station or from the nearest bus stop to Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya.It’s close to the nearest station and the nearest bus stop, so it’s easy for tourists to go there.

● When using by train
2 minute walk from the exit 3 a exit of JR Shibuya Station.
4 minute walk from the exit of the central ticket gate of Keio Inokashira Line Shibuya Station.
5 minute walk from the west exit of Keio Inokashira Line Shibuya Station.
7 minutes walk from Hachikou exit of JR Shibuya station.

● When using by bus bus
– 2 minute walk from the Keio Bus (Astringency 61)’ West Department Store’ bus stop.
・ Keio bus (Astringency 61)’ Tokyu Department Store main front’ bus stop’ 3 minutes’ walk away from the bus stop.
– 3 minute walk from the Keio Bus (Astringency 63)’ Jinnan Ichi’ bus stop.

Shibuya’s parking Lot SHIBUYA’s parking
There is no parking lot in Shibuya Shibuya SHIBUYA.However, there is a “Takagi Building parking lot” on foot, a 2 minute walk away from Shibuya, and it is a 8 minute walk to the “Shibuya Yakuku Mae Public Underground Parking Lot”, so it is easier to come by car.

How to enjoy Bikinami Shibuya Shibuya

I have checked the basic information of Shibuya Shibuya-Shibuya.Finally, let’s get closer to the fun way of enjoying Shibuya’s Shibuya Shibuya!There are three ways to enjoy a variety of visitors, as well as a variety of people who love the maid.

A cute maid’s live can be enjoyed

You can enjoy the live maid’s live in Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya-Shibuya.Live performance is performed according to idol songs and anime songs.

The different points in the other maid cafes are that the maid performs performance with all of the maid’s performances.You will be able to enjoy the gap in the cute maid, and you will be able to enjoy it.

There are two ways to enjoy the live performances of a maid in the Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya.The first is to order “My Selfish Live Set”.Our live live set is a service that you can live for the customers you ordered.There is a maid who can dance by a maid, and some maid has a performance of more than 100 songs.

The second is a way to enjoy “fun live”.The live live is a service to live for customers in the store.We do not order our own live set, but we do it 1 times in 2 hours.I came to a maid cafe for the first time, so it is perfect for those who are worried about ordering a live concert.

Where you can paint your meal

There is also a service in Shibuya Shibuya where you can draw a picture from a maid in a meal.There are 2 types of food menu : “Gemini Bear Omelette Rice” and “Demi-glace Sauce Omurice”.

However, there are some people who don’t know about the maid who is the first person to go since she is going to Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya.

If you don’t know the maid, I recommend you check the maid’s maid in advance from the official website of Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya.As of April 2019, there were 25 maid companies in Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya-Shibuya.

The maid cafe is an excellent service for those who are familiar with the performance you are familiar with.In any case, even if you cannot find a maid, you can create a unique memory of the maid cafe, saying, “Cute maid has done the painting for me.”.

Please make an order and enjoy the nostalgia Shibuya Shibuya.

Offers the charm that makes meals and drinks delicious.

You can get a taste of the food and drinks that customers have ordered in Shibuya Shibuya.Speaking of maid cafes, there are many people who have an image that they serve a charm for meals.

Even the maid who is cute will make a heart with his hands, and he will put a fan in the heart, so he will be captivated by the fan heart.Why don’t you spend a lot of time with a maid before eating and try to heal yourself?

In this way, it is a good idea to enjoy a maid’s charm, but for those who want to enjoy it, it is recommended to add a charm together.Even with the same food, you can eat a meal with a maid with a different feeling from usual.

There are also some people who can feel relaxed by putting a sweet word that does not come out in everyday life, such as a standard charm, “Delicious!”, such as “Delicious!”.

If you go to Shibuya Shibuya Shibuya, please try to make a charm with a maid.

Melena Shibuya Shibuya-SHIBUYA

This is a maid cafe where you can enjoy a variety of visitors.There are not only male customers, but also families and women’s clubs, so there are many women who have never been to a maid cafe, or parents who are concerned about the possibility of having fun with their children.

Also, since it is available at drinking parties, it is a must-see maid cafe for managers who want to hold a different drinking party.

There is a live performance and a picture of meals, as well as a charm service that offers a charm to the maid, so you can enjoy the charm of the maid.Why don’t you try to enjoy a casual time with a cute maid?