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How to enjoy “Midtown Garden”

Do you know there is a lot of spots?This time, we will focus on the Midtown Garden, which is located in Tokyo Midtown, and introduce its attractiveness and pleasure.

This is a place where you can relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city everyday, so please try to make yourself feel relaxed in the heart of your heart.

4 areas of the Midtown Garden and the attractive

“Midtown Garden” is

Tokyo Midtown where many facilities, such as shops, restaurants, offices and hotels, are concentrated.The “Midtown Garden” is an area where you can enjoy nature in the Tokyo Midtown.Roppongi is an urban and stylish image, but the Midtown Garden is a scenic spot with greenery enough to remind you of the hustle and bustle of the city, making it a relaxing place for the residents of Tokyo.

Various plants bloom with flowers, and you can feel the four seasons in the city.If you are busy with everyday busyness and want to spend a lot of time in touch, try to spend a relaxing time here.The design of Midtown Garden incorporates the concept of Japanese garden, so I’d like to pay attention to it.

“Lawn Zone”

where you can also enjoy picnics

The Midtown Garden is divided into 4 zones, one of which has a “lawn zone.”.The lawn zone has a wide lawn, so it’s fun to spread a bento on the lawn, and to look at the breeze and look at the cloud flow.

It might be a good idea to take a book and spend a lot of time reading it.It is an area where you can relax among the 4 areas, so please spend a lot of time thinking about it.

Ideal for walking

The “Mountain murmuring zones” are planted with Someiyoshino, camphor trees, Lithocarpus edulis enoki trees, and Apanas, and among the 4 areas, they are particularly rich in the scenery of the four seasons.In particular, the cherry blossom tunnel is completed during spring cherry blossom season, and it becomes a beautiful scenery.It is popular as a spot for viewing a cherry blossom viewing, since outdoor lounge and lighting up are performed at the time of viewing.

In this zone, there is also a waterway, and you can enjoy the sound of flowing water.When the wind blows, the leaves of the trees rub, and the murmuring of water is heard from the feet, and it refreshes in a calm space with the mind and body!The Tokyo Midtown building is hidden from the gap between the trees, and the gap between the city and nature is also fun.

The water zone in the highlands where the fountain is pleasant

The “Highland Spring Water Zone” expresses the image of the rapids in the fountain.In this zone, Enkianthus perulatus, Miyama-odamaki, Phlox subulata, Crocus and Lindows are planted.You can’t see the flow of water, but the sound of the sound of a lot of water spouting up and the water hit the ground is a good healing effect.

Alpine plants are blooming in the foot and benches are installed everywhere, so it is an area where you can enjoy the appreciation of plants along with the sound of water.

“Forest edge zone”

where you can enjoy the feeling of walking around the forest.
The “Forest Edge zone” is an expression of the forest that was planted when the main building of the Defense Agency was built, and the forest was expressed as a forest edge zone.It is the area in which the green of the 4 areas is the darkest and darkest.Along the sidewalk, the Nandina domestica and Enkianthus perulatus trees are also planted, so you can enjoy the contrast with the big trees.

Where you can enjoy seasonal flowers

The Midtown Garden is a green spot, but it is not the only attraction.There are various plants planted on the site, and different flowers are different depending on the four seasons.There are plants that bloom in each spring and summer autumn winter, so you can see flowers wherever you go.It’s difficult to feel the four seasons in the city, but it’s time for flowers to tell you how to change the seasons.

where you can see the 25 birds

In the Midtown Garden, wild birds and wild birds can be seen as well.According to a survey conducted by the Tokyo Midtown, there are 25 kinds of birds in all.(From October to June, 2016) The grass can see the dolphins and sparrows, the waterfront and the ducks, the sky and the kite, the kite and the trees, and the trees and birds with the view of the birds and the birds, with the appearance of birds and birds, with the appearance of birds and birds, with the view of the birds in the sky, and the sight of the birds and the birds in the sky from October to June 2017.

Birds flying in the sky are very attractive, and birds near the ground are small and cute, so they are looking at their heart and are filled with a lot of green flowers, wild birds and nature.

Overlooking the Midtown 4 f French restaurant “Philippe Mill Tokyo”

The only restaurant in the world named Philippe Mill Tokyo is a restaurant located on the upper floor of Midtown Garden Terrace Building.Valuing the respect of the producers and the ingredients, it is very beautiful to eat the cuisine prepared by Philippe Mills, which incorporates the traditional technology of French cuisine.

A restaurant where you can view the scenery of the city center, including the scenery of the Midtown garden, while you have a nice meal.In Tokyo, there are a limited number of places where you can enjoy meals at the same time, so why don’t you try to spend both of them at the same time at Philippe Mill Tokyo?

Basic information in the Midtown Garden

I have introduced the appeal of Midtown Garden so far, but I will introduce the basic information of Midtown garden from here.

Access Parking Lot at Midtown Garden

[When using subway]

Directly from Exit 8 of the Toei-Oedo Line and Roppongi Station.
Directly connected to the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Roppongi Station underground passage.
Approximately 3 minutes walk from Nogizaka Station Exit 3 on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line.
Approximately 10 minutes walk from Roppongi-itchome Station on the Tokyo Metro Nanboku Line.

[If you are using a bus]

Walk about 2 minutes after getting off at Toei bus Stop 01 and Roppongi Eki-eki Station.
It takes about 1 minutes to get off the bus after getting off the Hinokichou Park on the seventh street of Chishishi Roppongi.

[If you are using a car]

From Meguro : Get off at Inner Circular Route and Ikura exit and take about 890 meters.
From Shibuya : Get off at Route 3 and Shibuya exit and take about 2900 meters.
From the direction of Ikebukuro : About 2080 m after getting off the Inner Circular Route and Kasumigaseki exit.
From Shinjuku : Take the Route 4 and get off at the exit of the Gaien exit and get off at about 2270 m.

[Parking Lot]

Operating hours : 24 hours a week.
Price : 100 yen / 10 minute
Tokyo Midtown Card & lt ; Seison & gt ; or Tokyo Midtown & lt ; Point Card & gt ; members are free for up to 1 hours up to 1 times per 1 days.

[Discount Service]

When shopping in the Tokyo Midtown, you can get a discount service for the parking fee depending on the amount you buy.When you’re shopping, don’t forget to show the parking ticket or Tokyo Midtown card to the store.

2500 yen or more : 1 hours free
5000 yen or more : 2 hours free
10000 yen or more : 4 hours free
30000 yen or more : 12 hours free

“Midtown Garden” Pet Rules

In the Midtown Garden, you can accompany your pet with the lead.However, there are rules such as prohibition of entering the lawn, prohibition of keeping the trees, and disposal of excrement, etc., so the owner should protect the pets thoroughly.

Midtown Garden
Address : 9th Street 7, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107 – 0052 Tokyo
Business hours : 5 : 00 – 23:00
Phone number : 03 – 3475 – 3100

“Midtown Garden”

I introduced you about the appeal and enjoyment of “Midtown Garden” located in the Tokyo Midtown.It is surprising that there are so many places in Tokyo where nature is overflowing with nature.Walking in 1 steps, it’s an ideal spot to spend a lot of time away from the hustle and bustle of the city as nature is spreading.

You can enjoy walking, enjoy picnic with a bento, and spend a leisurely time with your thoughts.