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20 famous dating spots in Monmonnaka-cho, where you can feel a sense of history.

Monzennaka-cho is a town with a rich atmosphere of downtown, so you can have a date with a sense of history and people’s feelings.Not only famous Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine and Fukagawa Fudoson, but also cherry blossom viewing sites such as cherry blossom viewing spots, gardens, festivals, and Nakamise, and are recommended for relaxing dates.

Where is Monmonnaka-cho?

Monzennaka-cho is a famous town that prospered in the Edo period, and still remains a memorable city.The commercials of Tokyo Metro are introduced, and the attraction of Monzennaka-cho as a sightseeing spot is being reconsidered again.

There are many festivals in the

Monzen-nakamachi town.

Monzennaka-cho is often referred to as’ Shitamachi’ (downtown), and local residents are also called’ edoko’ (Edo children).There are many remnants of the old townscape, a large festival, and a large festival, and one of the 3 great festivals in Edo “Fukagawa Hachiman-matsuri Festival (another name” Suikakesai “) is a town where the town is crowded with more than 50 Mikoshi, with more than 8 kilometers of water from the young people from each neighborhood, passing through the road and carrying the water with a hose, a bucket and a bucket.

During the festival, there are many shops around the shopping street in Monzennaka-cho, so you can enjoy the Waokame and Yo-yo in a festive mood.This festival is held once every 3 years, so if the festival is held, the festival is held. If the season is met, please try to participate.

Recommended date spots for Monzen-nakamachi 20

Monzennaka-cho is a town with a historical atmosphere, and there are many places where you can enjoy the history of sightseeing spots.Also, it is a town where you would like to spend a lot of time on holidays, because there are a lot of high-rise apartments without high-rise condominiums.

I’m going to introduce you to sightseeing spots in Fukagawa and Monmon-machi, so please tell me about the attraction of Monzennaka-cho.

1. Fukagawa’s history of “Hitofujinkawa-dori Street”

The first sightseeing spot in Monzennaka-cho is the “Hitojinfukagawa Dori Street”.It is a 150 m Nakamise road from the main street to the Fukagawa Fudoto Temple. About 40 shops, such as a Japanese confectionery shop, a sweet sake shop, a jewelry shop, and an Edo-small shop, are lined up to enjoy the atmosphere of the Edo period.

The festival is held every month at 1 15 and 28 days. Many stores open to the public, and the town becomes lively.The Monzennaka-cho where you can see the “elegant” festival is also recommended as a dating spot.When you are sightseeing in Monzennaka-machi, please feel the atmosphere of Fukagawa.

Hitofukawa-Gawa-dori Street
Address : Close to Exit 1 at Monzen-nakacho Station Exit of Tozai Line.

“Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine”

where you can enjoy the history of Edo and Sumo tournaments 2

Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine is a Shinto shrine hosting the symbol “Fukagawa Hachiman Festival” in Monmonnaka-cho, and it is also known as’ the biggest 8 幡樣 in the Edo period’ because it has a large site.Otorii has a very nice atmosphere, and during the New Year, many people gather at midnight during the first visit to the shrine.It is also sold, so why don’t you look at the fortune of the 2 people when you’re on a date?

Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine is also famous as a shrine of “The origin of the Edo Kanjin sumo wrestling”, and there are a monument of Yokozuna Sumo Wrestler’s Monument and Ozeki in the precincts of the temple, and the 4 names from the first Yokozuna to the modern Yokozuna are engraved in Yokozuna Sumo Wrestler’s Monument.When a new Yokozuna is born, the name ceremony is held at this Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine, and the Dohyo-iri of the new Yokozuna is offered.Also, there is also a monument of a giant sumo wrestler’s bill, so please feel the size of his hand compared to the size of his hand.

There is “Fukagawa-juku Tomioka Hachiman Restaurant” where you can eat “steamed rice with clams” which is a local dish of Fukagawa region in the area of Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine, so please enjoy the local cuisine when you come to lunch.It is a rice made with clams and other shellfish made from clams and vegetables, and you can enjoy it while enjoying the scenery of the land in the Edo period.

Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine
Address : 20-3, Tomioka 1 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0047 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3642 – 1315

3. Gorgeous Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine of the gorgeous

There were 3 portable shrines in the Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine, but all of them disappeared during the Great Kanto Earthquake, and in the 1990 s, the “Omikami no Miya Mikoshi” and the “Omikoshi Ninomiya Portable shrine” were donated.The portable shrine used during the Fukagawa Hachiman Matsuri Festival is said to be the “Mikoshi Ninomiya Portable Shrine”, and it is said that its weight is about 2 tons.The diamond is used for the phoenix of the Mikoshi, and its value is very high.

Also, it is called the Japan’s most golden portable shrine, and it has a weight of about 4.5 tons, which is not used for festivals.However, this shrine uses a lot of diamonds, ruby, pure gold, and jewels, so it’s worth seeing.You can see it from 9 am to 5 pm, so please visit it when you are on a date of Monmonnaka-cho.

4. Akamon walk from the red gate [Naritasan Fukagawa Fudoto Temple]

The Naritasan Fukagawa Fudoto Temple located next to the Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine is the Tokyo branch of Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple, and has been popular since ancient times as’ Fukagawa-sama’.From the station, you can walk through the big red gate and walk a little bit to the road.On both sides of the approach, there is a retro restaurant where you can feel a sense of history like the Nakamise of Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine, and at a candy shop, you can buy the food from pigeons in Fukagawa Park, and you can buy the food of pigeon.I recommend a date when you can play with pigeons with a Fukagawa Park next to you after visiting a shrine.

Naritasan Fukagawa Fudoto Temple
Address : 17-13, Tomioka 1 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0047 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3641 – 8288

5. Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

where you can enjoy the exhibition in contemporary art

It is the “Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo” that you can see when you go from Monzennaka-cho to Kiba.The appearance of advanced design is very stylish, and the exhibition of contemporary art around the world is held, so it is a recommended date for couples who like art.There is a special library for contemporary art, which allows you to browse about 51,000 books related to art.

Please stop by when the exhibition of your favorite designer or architect is held.The company is currently undergoing a large-scale renovation project in 2020, and it is expected to resume in fiscal 2018.

Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Address : 1-1, Miyoshi 4 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0022

6. The Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Hall

where you can enjoy the history and rakugo of Monmonnaka-cho.

The Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Hall is a museum that provides information about the area information and tourism information in the Fukagawa area. It is a recommended dating spot when you want to know more about the Monmonnaka-cho and want to go on a date.Originally, it was renovated by the Fukagawa-Shokudou in Tokyo City where the public cafeteria was met, and it has been open since 2009 as a Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Hall.

Events related to the modern history and food culture of the Koto ward, including Zenmonnaka-cho, are held, so when events are held, you can learn more about Monzennaka-cho by participating in the event.Rakugo Yose is also held regularly, so please join the couples who like Rakugo.

Fukagawa Tokyo Modern Hall
Address : 1 chome 19-15, Monzennaka-cho, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0048
Phone number : 03 – 5639 – 1776
Business hours : 10 00 to 18 00.
Closed : Monday

7. Showa Retro “Taros Kiyosu Bridge”

As you extend to Kiyosumi-shirakawa, you can go to “Taros Kiyosu Bridge Store” where you can enjoy retro atmosphere such as antique antiques in the Showa period.This restaurant is filled with nostalgic toys and miscellaneous goods, and it is a restaurant that does not satisfy anyone who likes it.

In the store, which has a time slip in the Showa period, music live is held 1 times a month, so you can enjoy music as well.

Taros Kiyosu Bridge
Address : 1-17, Jowa 2 chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0006
Phone number : 03 – 6659 – 3304
Business hours : 12 00 to 19 00.
Closed : Wednesday

“Kiyosumi Garden”

where you can feel a rich feeling of beauty in Tokyo’s famous scenic beauty : 8

The Kiyosumi Garden, which was the private land of the founder of Mitsubishi Zaibatsu, is a beautiful garden that is now designated as a scenic beauty of Tokyo. It is a recommended date spot for adults who can enjoy beautiful natural scenery while still in the city of. Iwasaki Yataro.You can enjoy beautiful landscapes such as the famous stones from the famous production sites in Japan, the seashore where you can see the pond from above the stone, and the “Izumi Water” which is the biggest attraction of the Kiyosumi Garden.

There is a stone monument in the park where Matsuo Basho’s famous phrase “Furuike or the Sound of Water Gushing into the Sky” is engraved, so please look at it while walking.

Kiyosumi Garden
Address : 3 Chome, Clear chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo, Japan 135 – 0024 3-10
Phone number : 03 – 3641 – 5892
Business hours : 9 00 to 17 00.
Closed holidays : particularly none

9. The world’s tea specialty shop “TEAPOND”

The one that I want to use for a small break when I go to Monzennaka-cho date is TEAPOND, a tea specialty shop.They have been ordering leaves from the famous production sites around the world, and you can enjoy the world’s tea.You can enjoy various kinds of teas such as famous “Darjeeling”, “Damask Rose” which features the fragrance of roses, and “Owl blend” which is the original blend tea of TEAPOND.

The outside of the restaurant is very stylish and comfortable, so you may be hooked on the world of tea as you come to TEAPOND.Also, there are a lot of online shops, so you can enjoy the leaves you want to drink at the shop after you get home.For those who love tea, let’s enjoy the world’s black tea in TEAPOND.

Address : 1-11, Shirakawa 1 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3642 – 3337
Business hours : 11 00 to 19 00.
Closed : Monday

10. Meiji Period : “Fukagawa Library”

The “Fukagawa Library” is recommended for couples who like historical buildings.The library date reminds me of a date when students study at the library together, but the Fukagawa library is a good date for couples who like building that can feel the history of Meiji and Showa periods.

It was built as a pavilion for the exhibition held in Ueno in 1907, and it was rebuilt as a Tokyo City Library, but the third building that was damaged by the Great Kanto Earthquake during the Taisho period and the Pacific War during the Showa period was used by the community as the third building to be rebuilt by utilizing the remaining parts, and it is now being used by the local people.In the building, there remain a retro atmosphere with a retro atmosphere and a metal fitting.

Also, since the materials from the front line and the materials of the paper show that was once held in the streets were preserved in the “Local archives,” it is possible to learn the history of the Monzennaka-cho and Fukagawa town in the past.

Fukagawa Library
Address : 3 Chome, Clear chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo, Japan 135 – 0024 3-39
Phone number : 03 – 3641 – 0062
Business hours : 9 00 to 20 00.
Closed : Monday

An important cultural property that has a deep connection with the Japanese history of Japan (Meijimaru)


Meijimaru is the only existing iron ship that has been designated as an important cultural property.It is stored on the premises of the current University of Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, and it is possible to visit at any time when the university is open.The Meijimaru that was completed in the Meiji period was also used as a ship for the Imperial family, and it is a ship with a history of the Meiji Emperor on board.

Meijimaru, which was also active in the history of Ogasawara Islands, was involved in the establishment of the current national holiday, “Sea Day,” and its history is deeply linked to the history of Japan.There are plenty of materials and old images, so please visit the “Meijimaru” for a couple of couples who love history.

Address : 1-6, Etchujima 2 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 8533
Phone number : 03 – 5245 – 7360
Business hours : 10 00 to 15 00.
Closed holidays : Golden Day Monday

If you are eating at Monmonnaka-cho, “Tatsumi Shinmichi” is recommended

I recommend visiting Tatsumi Shinmichi when you want to enjoy sake while enjoying the atmosphere of downtown in Monmonnaka-cho.There are about 30 shops in a narrow alley with about 50 m in length, and you can enjoy eating and drinking while enjoying the feeling of Fukagawa.In the Satomi Ishihara’s commercials, “Shin Nuyoshi” is also located in this Tatsumi shinmichi.There are many popular restaurants, such as “Konobu,” which can enjoy delicious yakitori dishes with Japanese sake, and “Share,” a bar where you can enjoy sake with the retro atmosphere of the Showa period.

It was originally a black market, so it is still an alley with an atmosphere that is difficult to get into, but you can enjoy cooking comfortably, so please try to take courage to enter the Tatsumi Shinmichi.

Tatsumi Shinmichi
Address : 2 chome 9-4, Monzennaka-cho, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0048

13. Japan Map of the “Ino Tadataka” residence

Tadataka Ino, the first Japanese map of the map of Japan, is very famous, but actually he lives in this temple and conducts surveying all over Japan.It is said that he visited Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine when he left for the survey, and at present, he was deeply connected with the statue of Tadataka INO in the Tomioka Hachimangu Shrine.

In Monmonnaka-cho, the ruins of the residence of Tadataka INO are located beside the road, so please stop by when you are on a date and see the history.

Residence of Tadataka INO
Address : 18-2 phone number : 1 Chome, Monzennaka-cho, Gang-ku, Tokyo :

“Kiba USA Live Pub IF”

where you can enjoy live performance in 14.
If you want to spend the lunch time in a stylish fashion, I recommend you to have lunch at “Kiba USA LIVE PUB IF”.This is a restaurant where you can enjoy delicious dishes and alcohol while still enjoying live performances of rock and old folk forks such as the Beatles.Music lovers gather together and play well, so the atmosphere where you can enjoy a lot of music is attractive.

There are various menus such as fried curry, “Grilled curry” which is a standard menu, and “Vegetable stir-fry” which is popular among women.Beer, shochu, cocktails and whisky are also available, so you may use them during the night time.

Address : 5-11, Higashi-yang 3 chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo, Tokyo 135 – 0016
Phone number : 03 – 3699 – 8612
Business hours : (lunch) 11:00 ~ 14:00 (dinner) 18:00 ~
Closed holidays : Days and holidays

15. Karaoke Date : “Kakara gracze”

When I want to have a karaoke date in Monmonnaka-cho, I recommend “Chokara gracze”.As the name suggests, it is a stylish karaoke, and you can enjoy karaoke in a room with a nice atmosphere.Not only does it have a lot of karaoke, but it also offers a course meal, so it may be good to finish lunch and dinner here as well.Desserts such as pancakes are also offered, so it will be appreciated by women.

Discount coupon information and reservations

Chokara gracze
Address : 1-3-7 Eagle Building 2 f, Monzen-cho, Koto-ku, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0048 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 6458 – 8864
Business hours : 12 : 00 to 5:00
Closed holidays : particularly none

16. If you want to relax in the natural environment, “Kiba Park”

The Kiba Park, which has a vast area of about 24 hectares, can spend a relaxing time in nature.It is an excellent spot to eat a handmade lunch on the lawn, so it is also possible to do activities such as Frisbee and Catch Ball.You can see cherry blossoms in full bloom in spring, so it is perfect for viewing cherry blossom viewing.

In the Koto Ward Citizens’ festival held in October, you can also see the traditional “Kiba-no-Kakunori”, which is a traditional art of wood, at the fountain in the site.In the past, the trees were used to be a place where the trees were freely manipulated from the remnants of the wooden fields, and still continue to be handed down to the public.If you have an opportunity, please take a look at it.

Kiba Park
Address : 4 Chome, Koto Ward, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135 – 0042 Tokyo

“Etchujima Park”

where you can see a beautiful night view that is breathtakingly beautiful : 17

Etchujima Park is a Riverside Park built along Toyosu Unga, and in spring it is a beautiful park overlooking the cherry trees in full bloom.The sidewalks with a wooden look are very nice, so it is recommended to use them for walking during a date.The high-rise apartments are lined up on the opposite shore of the river, and the night shows a very romantic night view of the night scenery.

The benches are arranged at a moderate interval, and during the night time, the nearby central bridge and Eitai Bridge are illuminated and it becomes an imaginary space.Why don’t you spend a lot of time with your lover in this beautiful landscape where you can see a lot of places as a location for dramas and movies?

Etchujima Park
Address : Etchujima 1 chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0044 Tokyo

18 cute bouquets : “BUTTERFLY DECO”

“BUTTERFLY DECO” is a flower shop with a very nice Parisian style.There is a stylish bouquet of flowers and an original arrangement of flowers in the store.If you have a chance to give a bouquet on a date, you should prepare it at this shop.Also, it is effective to use it for an operation where you can stop by and make him become aware of his marriage because he is handling flowers for wedding ceremonies.

Address : 9-4, Shirakawa 2 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo, Tokyo 135 – 0021
Phone number : 03 – 6913 – 0808
Business hours : 10 : 00 to 19:00
Closed holidays : unspecified holidays

“Village Forest Building”

“Village Forest Building” where you feel the Monzen-Naka-cho in the Showa period 19

The village forest building is a historic building built in 1929 and is an advanced building of modern design incorporating the user’s style.It is a work designed by a Sekine Yotaro in the field of modern design, so it is still an attractive building for architectural fans even now.It was once the center of Monzen-Naka-cho, and it was still a cultural heritage of Monzen-Naka-cho as a remnant of the period, but since it has already been demolished due to its obsolescence, it is recommended to go to see it today.

Village forest building
Address : 8-7, Saga 1 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo, Tokyo 135 – 0031

20. Eitai Bridge

Eitai Bridge, which was built to connect Fukagawa and Nihonbashi, is now designated as an important cultural property in the country along with the Kiyosu Bridge and Kachidoki Bridge, which are now located in the Sumida-gawa River.The name of the bridge is the name of the bridge, in the sense that the Tokugawa shogunate continued for generations to celebrate the age of 50 years old in the fifth Shogun Tsunayoshi in the Edo period, and the name was named “Eitai Bridge.”.In addition, Eitai Bridge is famous for its bridge as a bridge as a bridge to go to Sengaku-ji after the Akogishi, which is famous for its Chushingura, was killed by the Kira residence at the Honjo.

It is illuminated by blue at night and offers a very beautiful scenery.The Eitai Bridge from Etchujima park is mysterious and worth seeing.

Eitai Bridge
Address : Eidai 1-chome, Ekoto-ku, Shinkawa 1-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


Monzennaka-cho is an attractive town where you can go on a date while you have a sense of history and culture.It was featured in the commercials where the Satomi Ishihara appeared, and the attraction is being reconsidered as a sightseeing spot and dating spot.Let’s enjoy the date by the history of Monmonnaka-cho.