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How to enjoy Nanja town

Where do you play at Ikebukuro in Tokyo?Sunshine City consists of Sunshine Building, observation deck and shopping center, and many attractions and restaurants.

Among them, the facility with a unique personality and playful spirit is called “Nanja town.”.It is a perfect sightseeing spot for those who like anime or those who prefer a unique attraction.

Restaurants also have a gap in terms of their expectations, such as “Gyoza Town”, which is not a general restaurant menu, or “Gyoza Town,” which is a simple and delicious dish that is not just a simple restaurant menu.

It is a big possibility to get addicted to the unexpected “Nanja town.”.Let’s take a closer look at the “Nanja town,” where the gap is exciting.

Basic information in Nanja town

“Nanja town” is a place where you can imagine a place where you can enjoy a pleasant place.”Nanja town” in Sunshine City is an excellent facility where you can enjoy a lot of fun and enjoy a lot of fun.

Please learn about the detailed basic information, the attractions, and the atmosphere of the town where you can listen to Nanja town.

Nanja town is

Nanja town is an indoor theme park for Bandai Namco Amusement Co., Ltd.Nanja town, located in the World Import Mart Building 2 f of Sunshine City, Tokyo Ikebukuro, opened on July 6, 1996.

BANDAI NAMCO, based on games and attractions, seems to have started Nanja town as a unique theme park with different tastes.

“Nanja town” consists of 3 towns, with a lot of fun in a western atmosphere, a “Fukubukuro” with a nostalgic atmosphere in the retro 1955 s, a “Fukubukuro” with a nostalgic atmosphere, and a “place in the outer part of the sky that was taken over by just looking,” and it is the place where you can find a lot of fun in the place where you can enjoy the fun of a pleasant space in the back of the nostalgic atmosphere of the seventh street.

The theme of the theme park is “Memories and Odoroku,” and you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Park where you can feel excitement and nostalgia.

Since the opening of’ Ikebukuro Gyoza Stadium’ in’ Fukubukuro Shopping Street’ in’ Nanja town’ in 2002, it has been developed as a food theme park since the opening of the “Ikebukuro.” 7.

The project team and “cremnandia” are developing desserts based on “Ice-cream city” and “Tokyo Desert” to create a theme park in various places.

The official name “Namco Namja Town” at the beginning of the opening was changed to “Nanja town” by a large-scale renovation in July 2013.

There are many attractions within the limited buildings that travel around the park, and each town has its own theme, so you can enjoy the fun garden even if you just look at it.

Access to Nanja town Parking lots, parking lots, and nearest stations

Access to Nanja town is convenient because there are many ways to get there, such as cars, trains and buses.Let’s take a look at each way.

How to get there by train and the nearest station

  • JR, Tobu Tojo Line, Seibu Ikebukuro Line and Tokyo Metro (Marunouchi / Fukutoshin Line) : About 8 minutes
  • on foot from Exit 35 of Ikebukuro Station to Sunshine city.

  • Tokyo Yuraku-cho line : about 3 minute walk from Higashi-ikebukuro Station
  • Toden Arakawa Line … about 4 minute walk from the east Ikebukuro 4 chome

How to get on a route bus

  • City bus. bus stop 86 bus stop [Ikebukuro Sunshine City] off the bus stop
  • Kokusai Kogyo bus … get off at “Sunshine City Sunshine City South”
  • Sunshine Bus Parking. (30 minute / 900 yen) Pre-booking required

* You can use various highway buses. I recommend you to contact each highway bus company.

How to get there by car and parking

  • It is directly connected to the east Ikebukuro exit from Route 5.
  • Sunshine toll parking : 1800 units (no discount by using Nanja town)
Address : second floor of Sunshine City Import Mart Building, Toshima City Higashi Ikebukuro 3 Chome, Tokyo
Phone number : 050 – 5835 – 2263 (contact address)
Reception time : AM 9:30 ~ PM 18:00

Nanja town fare / discount, passport / ticket purchase method

You need to pay the ticket fee to use “Nanja town.You can buy a ticket at a ticket counter and buy it.I’m glad that children under the age of 3 are free.

[Nanja town Normal Ticket Fee 】

12 years old)

Normal ticket price Adult (~) Children (ages 4 to 11)
nanjiapusport 3,500 yen 2,500 yen
Night Passport 1,800 yen 1,500 yen
nanjacentria 500 yen 300 yen
Annual Passport 10,500 yen 8,400 yen

The annual passport is a bargain system where you can enjoy the attraction of Nanja town in 1 years with 3 times of nanjiapusport.If I visit a lot, I’d love to go there with my passport every year.

[Ticket Fee for Nanja town members] 】

12 years old)

Ticket fee Adult (~) Children (ages 4 to 11)
nanjiapusport 3,300 yen 2,600 yen
Night Passport 1,700 yen 1,400 yen

Advance ticket price

  • Adults (ages 12 +) 3,300 yen, children (from 4 to 11 years old) 2,600 yen
  • You can purchase it 200 yen cheaper than the same-day ticket.
  • You can accept and pay from only your smartphone.

In addition, you can visit with more than 15 people, or you can use it for a discount fee by a certification certificate for those with disabilities.

The age limit is determined by the attraction, so it is best to check it because some people can do it depending on the condition of the people who use it.

Nanja town Business Hours and congestion information

The business hours in Nanja town are from AM 10:00 to PM 22:00 (final admission PM 21:00).It is very crowded from the morning to the afternoon on weekdays, but it is almost crowded since schools are closed from weekends to Sundays.

Since it is very crowded in the afternoon, I recommend you to use it in the morning on weekends and weekends.”Gyoza Town” is very popular when you eat it around noon.It is a point that you can easily use a meal as a meal while you have lunch time shift.

Attractive attractions in Nanja town

The biggest attraction of “Nanja town” is that it has plenty of attractions.The attraction that everyone can enjoy from children to adults is the point of collaboration with an attractive animation.

There are really many attractive attractions with a nice character and a tag, so it will be hard to choose.

derjav’s Detonation Spirits

“derjav’s Bakubaku spirits” is a different attraction that allows you to experience the bombing of fish with a super-gigantic screen.The Nanja town character, which is a favorite of’s character, has been developing a bomb fishing system by asking the Fukubukuro amusement research institute to develop an explosive fishing system. derjav.

It’s a powerful bombing screen, so you can enjoy an attraction while enjoying the excitement as if you’re really fishing in the sea.If you get a certain amount of monster fish during the game, you can experience the stage with a special stage, and you can experience the upgraded stage.

Try to play with the supergiant fish and enjoy the top of the rankings and play.

Price : About 10 minutes 600 yen (60 namja)
Genre : Real Fishing Attraction

Hunters of Things

“Hunters of Things” is an enjoyable attraction that looks like a “treasure hunt” that finds the enemy who can’t see it and catches it.The inability to see the enemy will lead you to an evolutionary game that is more exciting and more exciting!

Search for the “unacknowledged UMM” by the “rocket” that detects, visualizes and captures the object, and catches the body with the real time AR system, and catches the reel and catches the object.

When you find out, the capture battle begins.It has a great sense of reality, and it will have a fierce battle with the largest boss, “Netama”.

Price : About 40 minutes 800 yen (80 namja)
The search and hunting attraction of the genre.

Magic experience!Magical Academy

The Magical Academy is an attraction where you can experience a magic experience while riding a movable sheet on a movable sheet.Hold a magic wand when you sit on a sheet and play as an apprentice!

The magic wand has the power to change the wicked into a cheerful and pleasant direction.Let’s learn how to manipulate by using the magic called “遊魔 Law”.In a flying classroom with your friends, you’ll get to the forest where the most scary dragon, “Wa Luga”, is left.

The sheet moves and becomes a real wizard, so you’ll feel a real sense of realism!It is a perfect attraction for those who want to jump into the world of fantasy away from their everyday lives.

Price : About 10 minutes 800 yen (80 namja)
Genre : Movable Seat type video attraction

Search Expedition

The “Expeditionary Expedition” is an attraction that travels around the town of the ghost.Each place where there is one’s own is prepared with a Chichi, so you can challenge the problem.

It’s a little bit creepy, so it’s a little scary to be a little scared of a small child.It is a scary attraction that can be enjoyed by adults, so that they can enjoy thrilling and enjoy the thrilling.

When looking around, you can walk while looking at the streets of the retro 1955 s.A little retro and old atmosphere is a little bit nostalgic to the dark image of the object.

It is mandatory for children under elementary school students to attend.I recommend this to those who like a weird and funny taste on a date or a date!

Price : About 20 minutes 600 yen (80 namja)
Genre : City-Style attractions

Future Game Gun Gunnaur

The Future Game Gun Gunnaur sits on a seat with a gun and meets the enemy while moving through the 4 stages.It’s an attraction to shoot and defeat enemies that appear on the screen one after another.

After clearing the stage, the most powerful boss stage will appear after 4 stages of clear.It depends on the shooting whether you can defeat a strong boss!This is a shooting attraction with a realistic sense of reality, so you can enjoy it while moving.

Price : About 15 minutes 800 yen (80 namja)
Genre : A rotating shooting attraction of a customer seat.

Nanja town’s Superb Gourmet Food

In Nanja town, there is a “Namja Gyoza Stadium” that collects dumplings from all over Japan and a “Fukubukuro Dessert Yokocho” (Dessert Bag) that offers a rich lineup of cute dessert desserts.

You can enjoy a variety of unique “Nanja town” gyoza dumplings, as well as a delicious desserts that you want to eat with a lot of sweet desserts. This is a food area where you can enjoy eating a lot of. abdominal fullness.Let’s look at the gourmet that you want to eat at 1 degrees.

Namja Gyoza Stadium

“Namja Gyoza Stadium” has plenty of menus that collect dumplings and gyoza from all over Japan that can only be tasted in Nanja town.There are some people who come to Nanja town with the aim of “Namja Gyoza Stadium” rather than the attraction of Nanja town.

The concept of “The Comedian of local gyoza” is the concept, and there is also a restaurant where you can eat and compare the super popular local gyoza and so on.It’s an interesting gyoza with a flavor that goes well with a highball and a beer, and you can eat it with excitement.

There are so many shops that I can’t decide which restaurant to eat.If you like gyoza, you should go to “Namja Gyoza Stadium”!

[List of Stores] “Gyoza no Miya Denden”
“one bite-sized Gyoza Pub BLG”
“Gyoza Studio Ron”
“O no O”
“4 5 6 Nanokan”
‘ Yasutei’

Fukubukuro Dessert Yokocho

“Fukubukuro Dessert Yokocho” is a really cute dessert dessert, so it is exciting just to see it!The “Deco dessert”, which is not just a stylish sweets, but can only be found in Nanja town, is cute and delicious.

Patisserie Cute
This is a unique restaurant in Nanja town that has a lot of original desserts from Chef Patissier.The innovative and cute Pafe, cake, pancake and ice cream tower are new and cute.

There are a lot of menu for girls, and especially “cute and lovely strawberry parfait” is a cake, and you can taste 3 flavors daily.The chocolate on top of the topping is very nice!

Santa chevoy
A famous restaurant in Ebetsu, Hokkaido has come to “Nanja town”!They have sweets menu such as parfait, crepes, and floats, all of which are famous for their delicious taste.In the crepe, the unique crispy crepe skin is characteristic and it seems to have a strong texture.

The chocolate spray has a lovely decoration on the contents of the crepe, so you don’t have to eat it!You can choose from 4 kinds of the article, plain matcha, chocolate, strawberry and strawberry, so it’s fun to choose.

This is perfect as a rest after playing at an attraction in Nanja town, or as a finishing point of gyoza!

Nadja Mojaquette

It’s fun to hear the name of “Nadja Mojaquette”.There are a lot of original character goods and other limited souvenirs in Nanja town.

The “passport holder” is convenient and convenient.It will also be cute to carry with a cute character picture.You can put an IC card and a passport in Nanja town.You can choose your favorite pattern in all 3 types.

Also, the “acrylic holder” is a key holder type, so it is nice to wear it as an accent to your belongings, such as a key or a bag.The small design is popular, so there are 7 kinds, so you can enjoy it even if you collect it.

Nanja town Summary

Nanja town is a place where you can enjoy the game attraction zone and the food zone of Gyoza and sweets, and both of them can enjoy different genres.

Nan jacatlakson is an original and unique game with lots of unique games, so it is a few facilities that can be enjoyed without worrying about the weather in Ikebukuro.Also, it is rare that each of them is a restaurant with a combination of Gyoza and Sweets, and each one is a restaurant with a lot of attention.

You can use it for a long time, but the point is that you can enjoy the event at the time of summer vacation and the holidays.I hope you can enjoy “Nanja town” by enjoying family, friends and lovers!