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How to enjoy National museum of art

Put art into everyday life!The charm and fun of the National museum of art

The “National museum of art” opened in 2007, opened in Roppongi, Tokyo, with a glass building that has curved like waves.This is a popular museum that boasts the most visitors in Japan.

Although there may be some people who say it’s difficult to find a threshold, there may be a lot of difficulties, but the national museum of art has a lot of fun to enjoy as well as a lot of fun to enjoy!I’ll introduce you to the attraction of the National Museum of New Art and how to enjoy it.

Appeal to the National Museum of Art

National Museum of Art, fifth National Museum of Art

The National Museum of Art opened in 2007 as the fifth national museum in Japan following the The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo, the National Museum of Western Art, the The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, and the National Museum of Art, Osaka.

In the museum, it is common practice to exhibit collections in the museum as permanent exhibitions, and it is common to hold exhibitions and tours. However, the characteristics of the National Museum of New Art are not in the collection.

The word “The National Art Center, Tokyo” does not include the word “The National Art Center, Tokyo”.It was named “Art Center” according to the style of this special operation.It is a new type of art museum that does not have a collection, and plays an important role in art center, such as transmitting information about art and cultural exchange.

There is no permanent exhibition in this museum, so it is a big feature that various exhibitions are held throughout the year.At the exhibition, many exhibitions of valuable collections borrowed from other large museums have been held since the Louvre Exhibition held in the summer of 2018.

Other than that, the Japan’s largest public exhibition, called Japan’s Largest Public Exhibition, is held at this National Museum of New Art.
The usage fee and the exhibition period differ depending on the exhibition, so please check in advance before going out.

There are 12 exhibition rooms from the first to the third floor, so you can enjoy various exhibitions at all times, so you can enjoy art appreciation in various genres.I also lend a voice guide with a fee, so I recommend it for those who want to see more details.

Design of Kisho Kurokawa design is attractive

As well as enjoying art appreciation, the appeal of the National Museum of New Art is the atmosphere of the building and the atmosphere of the building.

The national museum, which has a unique look and unique appearance in the city of Roppongi where skyscrapers are lined up, was designed by Kisho Kurokawa, the architect of Japan.

From a glass window that has curved like a wave, the sun shines on a sunny day, and it has a bright and transparent atmosphere.Under the concept of “Museum in the Forest”, the greenery of trees and plants is overflowing around the museum, creating a warm open space.-

The inside of the building, which has 1 f to 4 f in the basement, has a flat floor that has a flat and comfortable flat floor, and the central part has a design that looks like an atrium, so it has a bright atmosphere with a sense of openness.

The stylish bench and chairs are located everywhere, so it is helpful to rest your tired feet with art appreciation.

There is a restaurant and cafe on top of a large reverse conical building that is a big building in the building, so it is perfect for dating with a very stylish atmosphere.The building of the museum itself can be said to be one of the works.

It is also fantastic to see the lights from the glass window in the museum at night in the evening at night.Please enjoy not only the art work but also the aesthetic beauty of the building itself.

Art Library

where rich art materials are gathered

The Art Library, located at the third floor of the National Museum of Art, is a library dedicated to art arts that anyone can use.

In Japan and abroad, there is a collection of art materials and catalogs of exhibitions held in the past, and the number of exhibitions catalog is approximately 100000 books and 40000 books, and the book is 3000 titles.

There are various kinds of valuable materials such as “Art, Design and Architecture”.You can browse the catalog and materials of the exhibition that you can’t see at the moment.

Many of the catalogs of art exhibitions are not distributed as a general book, so it may be a great place for art, history, art and design fans to see these materials.

There are many valuable documents, so I don’t lend books like a general library, but I can make a copy with a fee.Why don’t you look for the artist and the architect’s materials you are interested in?

Workshop where parents and children can participate

The museum is not the only thing that adults enjoy.At the National Museum of New Art, workshops that children can enjoy are held at irregular intervals.

There are many things related to the exhibition, such as making Koinobori by yourself, making cardboard and newspaper, and making the art of the gum tape.

The workshop is the instructor of art design experts and artists, and there is no doubt that children will be a valuable experience.

There are a wide range of subjects, so there are workshops in a variety of genres, ranging from experiential to professional, so why don’t you join from the area where your child’s interest is?

Lecture meetings and symposia at lecture halls

At the lecture hall in the National Museum of New Art, the lecture sessions related to exhibitions, related events, and symposiums such as art and culture are held frequently at the exhibition hall in the third floor of the National Museum of Art.

I’d like to know more about art and architecture!If you are interested in the lecture, you will be able to gain more knowledge by participating in lectures held at the lecture hall.

This auditorium and the resident room are also lent for use in a variety of applications.For details, please contact the museum for details.

“Museum Shop” that is convenient for buying souvenirs.

The museum shop “Souvenir Fifty Tokyo” at the National Museum of New Art.There are shops in the lobby on the first floor and the first floor in the basement.

We have a wide selection of items related to “design and art,” such as those related to art books, exhibitions and accessories, as well as fashion and miscellaneous goods, accessories, everyday goods, and food and crafts.
Beyond the walls of genres and styles, designers and artists around the world are lining up with products that all have a sense of sense, and they are just a sense of mind.It is a shop where you can enjoy your time by forgetting your time.

You can find a unique and unique souvenir that can be found in many other places, such as the works of artists in Tokyo and the unique goods that incorporate modern elements into Japanese traditional crafts.

In the museum shop, there is also a gallery space which is regularly changed, and it is sold.At night, the night view of Tokyo Tower and Roppongi can be viewed from the window, and it has a very fantastic atmosphere.

The “Souvenir Fifty Towkio” is a collection of many items that can only be purchased here.Why don’t we stop by looking for a souvenir that has a different sense from the others?

Childcare service that is happy with the child-rearing generation.

Every day, the children who are working hard to work for housework will not be refreshed by touching the museum at the museum.

In the National Museum of Art, we provide childcare services for the second Saturday and third Sunday and 3 days of the fourth Monday so that the children of the children can get touched by the art.

In the 0 year-old child, the sitters are attached to the two men, and for the 1 year-old children, 1 persons and the 2 year old child, respectively, have a single sitter, and in the case of the year-old children, there is a single sitter, and it is possible to leave the sitter with peace of mind for 3 persons. 2.

I’ll be able to spend a little bit of time in the cafe by enjoying art at the exhibition, because I can keep it for 3 hours including the reception time and the time to pick it up.

The target age is from 0 to 12.Please make a reservation beforehand, so please go out before you make a reservation.

While your child is playing happily, please enjoy the art appreciation with your husband and wife with your husband and wife with your family.

Restaurant Cafe at the National Museum of New Art that can also be used for lunch

When I walk around the exhibition and enjoy the art, I feel hungry when I walk around the wide building.In such a case, why don’t you enjoy lunch and tea ceremony at a stylish restaurant and cafe in the art museum?

From the first floor to the ground 3 f in the National Museum of New Art, there are one French restaurant and 3 cafes.This restaurant offers limited menus that are associated with the exhibitions held at the time, and you can enjoy eating it while enjoying the afterglow of art appreciation.

It’s nice to talk about your favorite work in the cafe after the date and to talk about the impressions of the exhibition.

The restaurant and cafe are free of charge, so the purpose of lunch and tea is to visit!

I’ll introduce you to a nice restaurant and cafe at the National Museum of New Art.Each shop has its own unique features, so please try to visit it according to your application.

brasserie Paul Bocuse Muze

“brasserie Paul pokeres Muze” at the National Art Museum 3 f is the first Japanese restaurant in the brasserie of Paul Bocuse, a French chef in France, and offers a casual style of French cuisine from Michelin 3 star Star.

The museum where you can enjoy authentic French cuisine in the world’s famous chefs is only the national museum of art in Japan.Apart from various courses and cafe menus, collaboration menus related to exhibitions are popular as well.

The restaurant that spreads over the inverted conical building inside the art museum is the best place to go!I feel like it is floating in the air.

The museum closes after 18 o’clock (at 20 o’clock on Friday), and it is a special space for customers who use restaurants.The lighting in the building becomes less, and night views of Tokyo Tower and Roppongi are seen from the window, and it has a fantastic atmosphere.Enjoy delicious dishes and wine with a romantic atmosphere.

The location is also a special “brasserie Paul Bocuse Muse”.The taste and appearance of the French cuisine are exactly the same as those of the French.When you come to the National Museum of New Art, please stay with me.

You can make a reservation for dinner, but you cannot make a reservation during lunch time, so please be careful.

Salon de Tendo

The space of the circular (“Rondo”), the second floor of the museum, extending to the other top of the building with a giant inverted cone.The cafe here is “Salon de Tendodo”.

This cafe became very famous for appearing in the film “your name.” directed by Makoto Shinkai, who was a big hit in 2016.

In this cafe, the cafe offers snacks such as cakes, macaroons, and other sweets, as well as snacks such as sandwiches.Enjoy the elegant tea time with the high-quality tea.

“Salon Do Tendodo” is perfect for the afterglow after enjoying art.
In this cafe, there is a collaboration menu with the exhibition, so please check it.

Cafe Kokey Unit

Cafe Kokey is located at the entrance cafe at the first floor of the National Museum of New Art.This cafe is adjacent to the curtain wall of the glass that is wavy like the shell (“Kokeyu” in French).

The ceiling of an art gallery with a height of 21 m is a stairwell, and it is filled with a sense of openness.There are a lot of seats in the room, and there are a lot of seats in the room, and there are 40 seats in the outside, and there are many seats in the room in 120 seats.The outdoor seats on a sunny day are very comfortable to eat with the greenery and the wind blowing through the trees.

The center focuses on coffee, sandwich and Danish dishes, and it is perfect when you want to satisfy a small stomach.

In “Cafe Kokey”, the limited menu related to the exhibition is offered, so it is necessary to check it out.

Cafeteria Kaleve

“Cafeteria Cafe” is located at the back of the museum shop in the first floor of the National Museum of New Art.”The square,” which means “in French, as its name suggests, it is a fashionable cafe with a spacious space open in a square space.

The outer light flowing from the atrium is pleasant and comfortable to relax.Compared to restaurants and cafes on the ground floor, it is an empty spot where you can easily take a seat.
The menu contains many menus from the children to the elderly, ranging from curry rice, pasta, soup and sandwiches to sweets such as cakes.

A self-service cafeteria where you can take your favorite dishes from the counter.It has a casual atmosphere, so you can enjoy eating with children slowly.Please use this product for a light lunch or for a short break.

Basic information of the National Museum of Art

The National Museum of Art is a large museum that boasts the largest exhibition area in Japan.There are 12 exhibition areas, and various exhibitions and events are held at all times.

Admission is free, but you need a ticket to see the exhibition.I’ll introduce you about basic information such as access and opening hours before going to the National Museum of New Art.

Opening time and closing date of the National Museum of New Art

Exhibition : 10 : 00 – 18:00
・ Every week during the session, every week until 20:00 (until 21:00 from July to September)
– The entrance is up to 30 minutes before the closing.
– Depending on the exhibition, the viewing time is different, so please check it on the website of the exhibition.

Public exhibition : 10 : 00 – 18:00
– The entrance is up to 30 minutes before the closing.
– The exhibition time differs depending on the art group, so please check with the museum.

The closed day is Tuesday every week.(If it is a holiday or a substitute holiday, it will open, the next week will be closed, and there may be some other holidays, so please check it on the website of the art museum.).

Access Information and Parking Lot at the National Museum of New Art

When using a train
The museum directly connects to the exit of the ticket gate 6 exit of Nogizaka Station Aoyama Cemetery on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line.
It is a 4 minute walk from the seventh exit of the Toei-Oedo Line Roppongi Station.
Approximately 5 minutes walk from the exit of Roppongi 4 a on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line.

If you are using a bus
・ Toei bus : walk about 7 minutes by foot from Roppongi Station.
About 5 minutes walk from Aoyama Saiba.
– About 4 minutes walk from the Minato-higashi Route Roppongi cycle route Roppongi 7 chome bus stop on the Minato Ward bus stop.

If you are using a car
– There is no parking space in the museum.Please use a parking lot around the art museum.
The parking lot for the disabled is complete.Please present the disabled person’s pocketbook to the security guard and follow the instructions.

If you want to enter the barrier-free entrance, you can enter the museum at the exit of Nogizaka Station 6 exit of Chiyoda Line.

Entrance fee and discount coupons of the National Museum of Art

The entrance of the national Art Museum is free of charge, but you need a ticket to see the exhibition.The fee varies depending on the exhibition, so please check in advance on the homepage of the exhibition and the website of the art museum before going out.

Also, if you present a public exhibition ticket that is held at the National museum of art, there is a discount service where you can see a discount fee at a discount.Please check the details at the window of each exhibition.

It is a little cheaper to buy a advance ticket from the ticket of the day when you buy a ticket.Advance tickets are sold during the period before the exhibition begins, so if you have an interesting exhibition, please buy a ticket as soon as possible.


I have introduced you to the National Museum of New Art. How did you like it?The new art museum “National Museum of Art” that does not have a collection of the museum and plays the role of information about art, and plays the role of art center. It is also necessary to see not only art but also the building that has its impact and the sense of openness and sense of everyday sense!

HEY.This museum is full of attractions other than the exhibitions, such as the cafe where you can enjoy the taste of the cafe, the French chef, and the museum shop where you can buy a unique souvenir.

Please try to visit the national art museum that you can enjoy with five senses.