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How to enjoy NHK Studiopark

“NHK Studiopark” in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.This spot is opened as a broadcast theme park that enjoys NHK all the time, and there are TV programs such as a long-running TV show and an animated TV show in recent years, and exhibits such as Asadora.

Not only the exhibition, but also the experience corner, so it is a spot where children and adults can enjoy, so why don’t you go out on the next holiday?

Basic information about the NHK Studiopark

Before you actually visit the spot, you should stop the information of “NHK Studiopark.”.This section introduces the access information of NHK Studiopark access information, business hours, entrance fees, and so on.

NHK Studiopark is

The NHK Studiopark is a facility where you can see and experience most of the things related to NHK.Speaking of NHK, TV broadcasts become the main focus, but there are many attractions, such as exhibitions of anime, drama and the like, voice actors and news announcers, experience of program production, and so on.

It has plenty of elements to make it seem to be an adult, so it seems to be a more innovative world for children.It is a spot where children and adults can enjoy, but there is a possibility that adults are more excited about it too much.It is also a place where you can enjoy a 1 day trip because it is equipped with a resting place and a dining place.

Access Parking Lot NHK Studiopark

[When using public transportation]

Approximately 12 minutes walk from the JR Yamanote Line / Shibuya Station / Harajuku Station.
Approximately 12 minutes walk from the subway Chiyoda Line, Meiji-Jingumae Station, or Yoyogi-koen Station.

[If you are using a car]

There is no parking lot in the NHK Studiopark, so please use the public parking lot or a coin parking at Shibuya Yakuku Mae Public Parking Lot nearby if you are visiting by car.

Operating hours and rates of the NHK Studiopark

Business hours : 10 : 00 to 18:00 (Final admission is 17:30)
Admission : General 200 yen / high school students (under 18 years old), 65 years of age or older, free of charge (20 persons or more), 150 yen
(1 persons who were accompanied by the person who presented the disability pocketbook were free of charge.)
Closed : The fourth Monday of every month (scheduled to be held every Tuesday, June 2019)

There is a free open day in the NHK Studiopark, and there is a day when all of the admission fees are free.

[2019 Free Release Date]

April 3, April 10, 17 24, and 27 to May 6
May eighth, fifteenth 22, and twenty ninth
June 1 to 2, 5 12 19, and 26 days
July 3 10 13 – 15, 17 24 – 29, 31 days
August 7 to 19, 21 and 28
September 4 11 14 – 16, 18 21 – 23, 25 days

NHK Studiopark Highlights

I have introduced the basic information of the NHK Studiopark so far, but let’s go into the NHK Studiopark from here.I will explain in detail what you can do in each area, so please don’t miss the information.

8 k Super Hi-Vision

First, the “8 k Super Hi-Vision”, which is located just after the entrance, is a large TV with 36 60 “displays.The large TV that looks like a wall has a sense of presence, but it has a high definition of 16 times as high as it is now, and the impact when combined with stereophonic sound is real.

The 8 k super Hi-vision has a 7 – to 10 minute video, so it’s very likely that you’ll miss your feet with a lot of realism.Check the world’s most advanced video technology with its eyes.(The area where you have 8 k super Hi-vision is prohibited from shooting, so follow the rules and observe the rules.)

Exhibition Gallery : “Studio Gallery”

In the Studio gallery, you can see the display of the TV drama currently being aired.It is an area where you can see the world of drama more deeply by displaying the stage set of dramas, the props, and the life-size panels of the characters.There is also a photo spot corner, so how about a commemorative photo with the performer of the drama?

From April 1 to May 15, 2019, a series of serial TV novels and exhibitions are being held.

Media Walls

that can be enjoyed with a variety of different images.
The media wall is located on the first basement floor.The entire wall of this area is covered with colorful panels, and by touching ORnell, NHK is able to see the TV dramas, cultural programs, and movies that NHK has aired in the past, so that you can see the nostalgic videos.

It’s a lot of different kinds of programs, so it’s fun to try to find your favorite video by touching various programs.If you come with your children, you may hear a conversation with your mom and mother about such programs when you are a child.

Is this a small movie theater?”8 k The Seas with Nemo & Friends Utters”

What happens when I put a 8 k TV at my home?The space “8 k The Seas with Nemo & Friends Utters” where you can experience a mock experience.It’s amazing that you can still see the 8 k TV video, even though some people haven’t yet introduced the 4 k.

Actually, 8 k TV is still a high peak flower, so let’s experience the visual beauty of 8 k TV and the sound equipment with a sense of realism.

NHK Quiz Challenge “NHK Quest”

NHK Quest is an area where you can challenge a quiz about NHK.You can enjoy quizzes of various programs such as entertainment programs and educational programs.The number is numbered from number 1, so let’s try to challenge each one slowly.

There are many problems that you have to think about unexpectedly, so please enjoy thinking about couples, couples, and children with your children.It may be fun to compete with each other in terms of how many questions they can answer.

“NHK World” where you can see the studio you’re recording. 3

NHK World is communicating Japanese news and culture to the world.Japanese are familiar with Japanese, but you can see a radio studio in various languages.

It is not always recorded, so it’s a good luck to see if you can see it during the recording, but it is a precious place to visit, so let’s visit this area.(This area is a prohibited area, so follow the rules to observe it.)

Science Entertainment “Haana Room”

The area “Haya Room” where you can touch and enjoy it.This is an exhibition of questions about “Chita Gaten” and “Sauerser” from the programs that study and experiment with the “Haya” in our everyday lives.

Even if you listen to the explanation or just look at the experimental results, it will be better if you can confirm it in front of your eyes.This way, you can see the “Haguya” and touch it with your own eyes.

There are many exhibits of “Haguya”, which was born from a teaser who hesitated, so please check each one and solve the familiar “Hahaya”.

Voice Actor Experience “Anime Factory”

“Anime factory” is an essential facility for anime lovers and aspiring to become a voice actor in the future.You can see the introduction of an animated program broadcasted by NHK, the voice actor’s experience, and the exhibition of the animation production process.

The voice actor Afrhiko experience is a popular corner, so there is often a procession.I’ll put you in a good luck soon, but when I’m in line, I’ll find a numbered ticket and wait.The Alepco experience itself is short, so the order will turn around soon.The evaluation will display at the end of the Alepco, so you should become a character.As of April 2019, the voice actor Afriko experienced 5 types : Thomas Thomas, Cardcaptor Sakura, I, Nintama Rantaro and Ojarumaru.

In addition, there are posters of nostalgic anime posters, so there are some things you can’t see now, so let’s focus not only on the experience corner, but also on the exhibition.

“Studio Park NEWS” where you can feel the feeling of the caster.

Are there many people who yearn for the newscasters?”Studio Park NEWS,” a reporter and a reporter who can experience a reporter’s television meteorologist.Isn’t this a place where you can feel the NHK style?

You can experience a lot of things you can’t do with a set of things, such as reading a manuscript or trying a television meteorologist, in a set of actual news programs.The television meteorologist experience is made with a blue wall, so you can feel it doesn’t have a reality, but it looks like a real thing because it has a full background on the TV screen.

Creative Lab

that allows you to create a video
“Creative Lab” allows you to make your own original footage.You can enjoy your own video by using video materials, audio materials, Domo characters, and other materials.You can experience the production and editing process of the video you usually look at, so if you’re interested in it, please try it.There may be some people who go to the video related road after this experience.

Relax a rest [Domo Square]

Don’t you get tired when you’re looking for the inside of the building?In that case, let’s take a rest at “Domo Square” in the building.Domo Square has a variety of costumes, so it seems to be healed just by looking at them in the Domo.

There is a sofa, a table, a vending machine for drinks and sweets, and so on.Also, there are brochures, so let’s get the NHK program information and the latest information about NHK’s program information.

The “Drama library” where you can find a masterpiece of a masterpiece. 3

The “Drama Library” is an area that is not acceptable to those who frequently watch NHK Taiga dramas or series TV novels.You can see various things, such as the exhibits of props and costumes that are not seen in the old and new historical dramas, as well as the opening footage of the Taiga drama.

I think the exhibitions that are concerned by each person are different, but the armor and the armor used in the Taiga drama are very impressive to those who are not very interested in the Taiga drama.After looking at this corner, it may be a good idea to start watching a Taiga drama and a serial TV novel.

“CT – 450 Studio”

where you can see the studio during broadcasting.

“The CT- 450 Studio” allows you to watch the studio during the broadcast and shooting of TV programs.There are various programs in this studio, and you can see it over the glass.The camera moves in the program shooting, the guest and the host’s guest, and the sight that cannot be seen across the TV spreads in front of you.

Depending on the program, you can go inside and look closer, but please be aware that you need to make a reservation or draw a lottery.(The shooting and recording are prohibited, so please follow the rules as they are prohibited during shooting.)

Experience the cameraman [Nature Cameraman]

“Nature cameraman” is a “Nature Photographer” who can experience a natural program shooting.You can interact with a camera that can access to dangerous organisms, a dark camera that can shoot nocturnal organisms, or a camera that is rarely used, such as a camera that can look at the world of insects.

It is a corner in the back behind a natural program that is different from a typical TV show, and it may be seen from a slightly different viewpoint when you watch a natural program on TV in the future in a corner of a 2 story program.This is a corner that is sure to attract interest and interest.

Store name
Address : 2-2-1 NHK Studiopark, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150 – 8001
Business hours : 10 : 00 to 18:00 (Final Admission : 17:30)
Phone number : 03 – 3485 – 8034

NHK Studiopark Summary

I introduced you about the NHK Studiopark.In the NHK Studiopark, you can see not only the back side of NHK TV, but also the experience corner where you can try to become the main player and try to become a cameraman and a cameraman and a film editor.When I visit this place, I may come to watch TV at a different point of view when I watch TV in the future, and I will be able to pay attention to the points I have never noticed before.

This is a place where you can enjoy a wide range of facilities, but the admission fee is reasonable, so you can enjoy a wide range of visitors from children to adults, so please visit a couple or a couple of couples with their children.