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[How to enjoy Nikoniko Head Office] Tour of goods and studio, cafe

Are you familiar with Niciko videos?I think there is a lot of people who know, “I know!”.But aren’t there many people who know how to shoot and distribute movies every day?

The “Niciko Head Office” in Ikebukuro, the town of subculture, was opened as a facility where visitors can easily watch and experience the filming and distribution of such Nikoko videos.In this article, apart from the video capture and distribution, I have a special feature on how to enjoy Nikoniko’s head office.Please take a quick look at it.

Basic information of Nikoniko Headquarters

Nicco Head Office is

When you hear “Niciko Head Office”, isn’t it possible to imagine a company that has a Nikoko video and a live broadcast?In fact, it was opened as an antenna shop that sells Niciko products in Harajuku in 2010, and it was opened in Harajuku.I heard that it decided to move to Ikebukuro with a lot of subcultures within the event afterwards.

As a result of the move, it was opened as a facility where it was possible to experience the video capture and distribution of videos everyday, as well as the contents that were popular in Niciko, as well as the version upgrading and handling of goods.In addition, it shows the appearance of the outside signboard monitor, so it becomes a spot where the passerby can enjoy the live distribution easily.

Access to Nikoniko Head Office and parking


    Phone number : 03 – 3988 – 2525
    Fax number : 03 – 3988 – 2526
    Location : Toshima City Higashi Ikebukuro 1-20-35 Ikebukuro P’ PARCO B1′ B, B2F
    Nearest station : 1 minute walk from JR Ikebukuro East Exit.
    Business hours : 11 : 00 – 21:00 (Cafe L. O. Food 20:15 / Drink 20:30)
    * The last entry is until 20:15.
    Closed holidays : Pears

Parking Lot

    There are 3 other parking lots, including the parking lot of the Ikebukuro P’ PARCO.
    (1) [Ikebukuro P’ PARCO Parking Lot] Business hours : 9 : 00 – 22:00
    * There is a day when you can open the machine for 1 times a month for a regular inspection of 10:00 open.
    * Height limit : 1 m 5 cm or less in height, 12 cm or more in minimum ground height
    (2) [Ikebukuro East Public Underground Parking Lot] Business hours : 24 hours
    (3) [Seibu Parking] Business hours : 9 : 00 – 23:00
    (4) Metropolitan Parking Garage
    Operating hours : 24 hours

Parking Lot Attention

    * As a parking service, it is free for up to 2 hours according to the amount of shopping.
    ① 1 stores 2,000 yen to 9,999 yen for 1 hours for free.
    (2) Free of charge for more than 10,000 yen at 1 stores, free for 2 hours.
    ※ You need to show the parking ticket at the store to use the service.
    * The issue of a service ticket is up to 2 and up to 2 hours for 1 parking tickets.
    * JTB, H. I. S. The Room of Jersey is not covered by the service.

Attractiveness of Nikoniko Head Office and How to

Nikobu Studio

The first one I’ll introduce you to is “Nikobukuro Studio.”.This is a satellite studio on the first floor of the Ikebukuro P’ PARCO.This studio is a studio that you can see from outside, and you can see the appearance at any time.The public live broadcast of Nicrabi is held every Monday through Friday at 19 o’clock.

By the way, on the other day, you can use it by paying from the official website.The broadcast will be displayed in real time on a giant monitor billboard installed in the “P’ PARCO” building.

Why don’t you come to see me once you have a chance to see it?

Event space with events almost every day

Next is the event space.Almost every day, they hold events such as live, live and handshake events of idols and artists.When the event becomes a popular event, there will be a lot of fans in the room.If you’re interested, please check the event information on the official website.

This event space is also lent to us as well as the “Nikobukuro Studio”.There are live broadcast equipment and audio equipment, so I want to try it!If you think it’s a problem, you should try asking.


Next is the “nicocafe.”.It is a cafe with power and Wi-Fi in all seats.Menus can enjoy various meals such as cakes, parfait and other sweets, snacks such as popcorn, and menus based on the image of the mascot character “TV Chan” in the Nikkoko movie.

In addition, a unique menu such as “Manga Meat” and a side dish, which was popular in “Nikoko Super Conference”, will also have a unique menu such as “Rice set meal” from rice.

The feature of this cafe is that a limited-time cafe is held in collaboration with anime and games.There are limited menus and novelty provided according to the time period, so please check the cafe you are interested in and visit.

By the way, the limited cafe is pre-reserved.You can make a reservation by 2 hours prior to the official website, up to the time you start the reservation.



    Reservations for Nicocafe seats
    Time : The reserved frame is 90 minutes per minute.
    You can choose from 11:30 / 13:30 / 15:30 / 17:30 / 19:30.
    (It may be changed by a collaboration title.)
    * The seats of Niciko Head Office nicocafe are available up to 2 hours prior to the start time.
    * Depending on the collaboration cafe, you may need to hand out a numbered ticket, so please check the special page of each cafe.

nicocafe Store Rules

    The first order is 2 items for 1 people, and the food and desserts are up to 2 items.
    * However, there may be a possibility of change depending on the collaboration contents.
    You can order additional orders until the first order arrives, until the last Order.
    There is no limit to the additional order quantity, but you can order the quantity you can eat by yourself.
    * If you have not already eaten the meal you have already ordered, you may refuse to order it.
    The last order is 60 minutes after I take you to the table.

Nicco shop

Next, I’ll introduce you to Nikoniko shop.We sell goods related to Niciko.The main item is the mascot character of Niciko, the mascot character of Niciko movie.We have various products from stuffed toys to cards and even penlights.

We also sell a collaboration with a limited-time cafe, so please stop by when you go to the cafe.

Rest space

The rest is “Rest Space.”.This is a rest area that is right next to the escalator.It is released as a recreation place for visitors to Nikoko Head office.Many people use it as a play-tired or a meeting place.

Nikoniko Head Office

How was it?In addition to the shooting and distribution of videos, visitors can enjoy various events such as nicocafe and an event space where artists can enjoy a collaboration menu with anime and games, and an event space where artists can enjoy their mini live.

No matter when you come, “Nikoniko Head office” will entertain you without getting tired of getting tired, and if you’re interested, why don’t you try to visit?