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Best 30 spots to go in Odaiba

The Odaiba area, which is popular as a tourist spot in Tokyo, has a wide variety of shopping, amusement spots, and gourmet shops, and it is a famous tourist spot where you can enjoy a full day while enjoying the scenery of the waterfront.

In Odaiba, where you can enjoy the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, there are many facilities that can be enjoyed by children and adults, so you can enjoy it indoors or outdoors, so you can enjoy sightseeing on a rainy day or on a date.

I will introduce you to popular tourist spots such as Odaiba, popular tourist spots, and popular spots on date.Wherever you visit Odaiba, you have to stop by.When visiting Japan, please refer to it.

Decks Tokyo Beach

If you say Odaiba sightseeing, this is the first time!It is a shopping mall called Decks Tokyo Beach, which is a shopping mall with an image of the shape of a ship.
There are about 90 stores in the building, such as interior, household goods, and gourmet stores, so they are riding on a luxury liner!

There is also a Rainbow bridge in front of the Seaside Deck, so you can enjoy shopping and eating in a perfect location, as well as in the Decks Tokyo Beach.
Also, “Decks Tokyo Beach” is an indoor entertainment facility that can be enjoyed even on rainy days.

There is also a popular theme park, Odaiba Takoyaki museum, Odaiba Takoyaki Museum, Dagashi-ya, and Playland, so there are many fun other than shopping!
While being blown by a pleasant wind from the sea, you can enjoy a whole day of walking around the deck or enjoying the hot topic and sweets.

FujiTV Head Office

It is a Fuji TV Headquarters that has become popular as a popular tourist spot in Odaiba.The Fuji TV Station, which has various popular programs, has tourist spots such as observation deck, roof garden, photo taking spot, and so on. You can see the Tokyo Tower, Skytree, Rainbow Bridge, and Gate Bridge from the 100 m tall sphere observation deck, and you can see Mt. Fuji, Sky Tree, Rainbow Bridge, and Gate Bridge on a sunny day on a sunny day.

There is a shop where you can buy items such as restaurants and limited goods only for Fuji TV, and there are character goods of Fuji TV popular program and popular anime “one way” area, so please buy it as a souvenir.

You can also visit a TV drama or movie exhibition room or a set of actually used tours, so you can enjoy watching the scene of a TV station in Japan.

Joypolis Tokyo

The largest indoor amusement theme park in Japan, which is located in Odaiba Decks Tokyo Beach, is a Joypolis Tokyo operated by Sega!
It is indoors, so it is a facility where you can enjoy it even for a rainy trip.

The concept of “deditarial,” a combination of digital and digital, is a concept of Joypolis Tokyo, and it is absolutely impossible to experience a sense of unfamiliarity, such as a live stage that combines a wide variety of attractions, images, and real performance.You can’t miss the attractions of Japan’s cutting-edge VR technology.

Amusement theme park where you can enjoy even on rainy days or sunny days is recommended for those who want to enjoy shopping and meals at other facilities in Odaiba, since you can re-enter the museum on the way.If you come to Odaiba, please stop by to feel a sense of unfamiliarity.

Tokyo Metropolitan Water Museum

A 20 minute walk from Odaiba Fuji TV, the Tokyo Metropolitan Water Museum, located in Ariaba, Odaiba, is a facility where you can deepen knowledge of water and water that you use as usual in everyday life.

You don’t have an opportunity to think about how to come from where you come from water that comes out immediately after you tap a faucet.
In this science museum operated by the Waterworks bureau of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, we introduce the wonders and importance of water, the system of Water Station from the viewpoint of science through video, quizzes, experiment and show events, and deepen interest in water and water supply.

There is a “Ariake Water Station” which is actually running in the basement, and the guided tour is also very popular.It is free of charge, so it is perfect to go out with your child!
How about getting deeper knowledge of water and water in Odaiba in Odaiba?

Ooedo Onsen Monogatari

The Tokyo Odaiba Ooedo Onsen Monogatari, a major hot spring theme park with the theme of Edo City, which is popular in Odaiba, Tokyo, can enjoy natural hot springs, open-air baths, saunas, and other natural hot springs from 1400 meters below the city.

This facility, which is the oldest hot spring theme park in Japan and has been loved by a wide range of age groups as a tourist attraction in Odaiba, has 19 kinds of original yukata, and you can enjoy the atmosphere of the Edo period by wearing your favorite pattern.

The effect of this hot spring is that it has 16 effects, neuralgia, myalgia, joint pain, etc.
If you are hungry, you can enjoy a lot of fun facilities like 800 Hatcho, where you can enjoy the taste in front of Edo, and Hirokoji, which inspired the downtown of Edo, so you can enjoy it for a day.

It is a non-routine hot spring theme park where you can recreate the townscape of Edo, so why don’t you enjoy the hot spring while enjoying the atmosphere of the Edo period?

Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo

Legoland Discovery Tokyo, located on the island mall 3 f, is an indoor facility decorated with more than 3,000,000 Lego blocks.

This is a dreamy facility that you can enjoy for Lego lovers, such as miniature diorama, which has been reproduced by using 1,600,000 or more Lego blocks, or ride type action.

Usually you can only enter children aged 2 to 12 years old and their families, but you can also enjoy adults only on the fifth day of every month, with a special day of the Lego Day and a special day that allows adults to enter on the evening of the end of the month.

Legofactoria and 4 d Cinema, which introduce the process in which plastics become LEGO, are sufficiently enjoyable for adults.There are more than 400 items in the shop, so you can enjoy shopping as much as you like.

Please visit the Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo, where you can enjoy not only children but also adults as well as Lego fans.

digital art Museum

“MORI Building DIGI ART Museum teamlab Borderless ART MUSEUM Borderless” opened on June 21, 2018 at Odaiba Palette town. digital art.
This is a facility characterized by an overwhelming scale of 10,000 square meters, and a wide variety of spatial structures.

Created by a Mori Building Company that operates the Roppongi Hills, and a Team Lab of digital content producers, the Global digital art Museum, created by a group of 520 computers and 470 projectors, is an art museum that uses cutting-edge technology to enjoy the fantastic image projected on floors, walls, and ceilings.

In this museum, which has overcome the common sense of art museums, art (video) is constantly changing with human movement and time in the same room.

The concept of Team Lab Borderless is to “bring our own body into a borderless art, explore a world of work groups, and create a new experience with others.”.

There is no map or guide guide, so you can walk around the building as you go, and you can enjoy it by touching and jumping on the work.

The entire museum is art, followed by a boundary, followed by a chase
In this museum, you can experience a world where you can experience a new experience by interacting with art.
If you come to Japan, you will be able to visit the museum that is advanced and exciting, and it will be a must-visit spot!Please experience an unknown experience surrounded by a wonderful digital art world.

Yume no Ohashi no Ohashi

This is the “Yume no Ohashi no Hashi” (Dream bridge) that is about 360 meters long, which connects Odaiba and Ariake.
The promenade is very spacious, and there are benches and parasols on the way, so you can take a break while you walk.

Also, we recommend that you visit “Yume no ohashi” at night.When it gets dark, the streetlamps inspired by Edo fire and lanterns are lit, so it’s a very romantic atmosphere.
Also, the Ferris wheel of Palette town which is seen from here is very beautiful, so there are not many people, so it is very recommended as a spot for date on dates.

Aqua City Odaiba

The Aqua City Odaiba is a large complex shopping mall in the city where you can see the center of the city through Statue of Liberty and Rainbow Bridge.

This “Aqua City Odaiba,” which is connected to the Decks Tokyo Beach by the deck, is made from the image of the Mediterranean city.

There are 80 stores, including fashion and accessories, interior and sundries, shopping zones, restaurants and entertainment facilities, where you can enjoy shopping at night.

It’s in front of the Fuji TV Headquarters, so I recommend you to go sightseeing together, so I recommend you to extend your foot to adjacent Odaiba-kaihinkoen on a sunny day.

“Aqua City Odaiba Jinja” on the seventh floor is said to have separated from Shibadai-jingu Shrine, which is called “Oisesama” in the Kanto region, and it is said that 7 wishes will come true.Amulets and Omikuji are also recommended as souvenirs for Odaiba sightseeing.

Also, events like Setsubun and Bon Odori are held, so you can experience Japanese traditional events while you are in Odaiba.

Kidzania Tokyo

Why don’t you try your child’s experience in Japanese occupation at Kidzania Tokyo, which is based on the concept of “The Town Where Children Are Leading?”?

If you are a child, it is a Kidzania Tokyo located inside Toyosu, LaLaport, where you want to go once.In this facility, it is very popular in Japan because children can actually experience job while they are working.

You can experience various occupations, including TV stations, fire department, cabin attendants, doctors, confectionary factories, and securities companies.
When you experience a job, it is a very child-only town that you can get the currency that you can use in your KidZania.

The business hours are 2 part system, and the first part is 9:00 to 15:00, and the second section is 16:00 to 21:00, and the venue starts from 30 minutes ago, respectively.
The admission fee differs depending on the 1 parts and 2 parts, and the age and plan contents, so please check in advance at the official site and then go on.

Parents can use restaurants in KidZania as well.
It is a unique facility that is unique to Japan, so why don’t you enjoy your child’s experience with your child?

Trick Art Labyrinth Hall

“Tokyo Trick Art Labyrinth Museum” located in Odaiba Decks Tokyo Beach.It is a mysterious trick art that can be seen by the angle depending on the angle of viewing.This is the facility where you can experience such trick art in Odaiba.

The characteristic feature of this “trick art” is that it is not just a trick art, but it shows the world’s first “Japanese-style trick art”.

The building is divided into several floors, including a haunted house area, an Edo area, and a trick art masterpiece area, where you can enjoy a unique trick art.

In the building, you can get smaller or larger by the illusion of eyes, and you can shoot various kinds of unique photos, so it is interesting to take pictures with a trick art that is unique to Japan and to send them on SNS.

A photogenic recommended spot “Trick Art museum” where you can experience Japanese style trick art that is unique to Japan.When visiting Odaiba, please come to experience it.


One of Odaiba’s science museums, which can be enjoyed by rain, is “Miraikan.”.
Here you can experience Japan’s cutting-edge science and technology.

It is a Science Museum that learns new technologies in the twenty first century, but it is not a formal feeling but it is a science museum where you can learn science from children to adults.

There are exhibitions on themes such as space, life, information society, collaboration events with characters, design exhibitions, and science experiments, and you can learn about the future and science while using your head and body while you touch and experience it.

The holiday is crowded with families, so I recommend you to make a reservation in advance.
If you are interested in the latest technology, science, and Japan’s latest technologies, why don’t you go out?


“MEGAWEB”, located in Palette town, is a vehicle theme park operated by the Japanese automaker Toyota, which is run by Toyota Motor Co., Inc., a car manufacturer.

In addition to the exhibition space where Toyota brand new models are introduced faster than anywhere else, and the “histriagaraj,” which introduces the history of vehicles by displaying historic cars from 50 to 70’s, there is also a “Ride Studio,” where children can drive cars from children to adults. It is also a facility where children can enjoy cars from children to adults.

It is also nice that you can enjoy the entrance free of charge from some attractions.If you like cars, you won’t be able to go there, “MEGAWEB”.If you come to Odaiba, please stop by and experience “Toyota of the World”.

Tokyo Odaiba Palette town Ferris wheel

If you call it Odaiba Landmark, it’s “Ferris wheel of Palette town”!

The Ferris wheel with a height of 115 m is about 15 minutes around, so you can enjoy the scenery of Tokyo Tower, Skytree, Odaiba leisurely.
At night, it is very beautiful with light illumination of LED lights, so it is very popular.

There are 2 types of gondola, 6 seater and 4 seater, but if you want to enjoy a beautiful night view of the bay area, you can definitely recommend a see-through type.To conclude romantic dating, there is no doubt that it will be a wonderful performance.

Illuminations vary according to seasons, and in spring, cherry blossoms, fireworks and watermelons, autumn flowers, maple trees, snow crystals in winter, and snow crystals in winter can be enjoyed in different seasons.

We also sell tickets to Joypolis Tokyo, so if you visit on the same day, the price of a set is reasonable.

It is a great panoramic view of Odaiba area, and it is beautiful, but it is a very recommended spot to close a day.

TYFFONIUM (Tifornium)

The MR Theater TYFFONIUM (Tifornium), a VR theater in Odaiba, has been opened in the Divercity Tokyo Plaza.

TYFFONIUM is the only immersive entertainment facility in the world where we can experience the latest “Mafic Reality” that combines VR (Virtual Reality) and Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

The interaction of sound, vibration, wind and hand movements in beautiful images can be combined to give you a feeling that you really have entered the world.

There are 2 types of attractions in the facility : “FLUCTUS (Frigate)”, which can be experienced by up to 5 people, and “CORRIDOR” (Corridor), which can experience up to 2 people. You can enjoy even one person in a group.

“CORRIDOR” is not recommended for those who do not like horror elements because of strong horror elements, but you can enjoy VR experience and break it apart.”FLUCTUS” is the content of “Sail on a boat that is surrounded by fog.” It is a content that children can enjoy.

Why don’t you feel a sense of unfamiliarity at the latest VR attraction in Odaiba?

Venus Fort

Venus Fort, located in Odaiba Palette town, is an indoor, stylish shopping mall that reproduces the European townscape of the seventeenth to eighteenth century.

There are about 190 shops and restaurants, including fashion and miscellaneous goods, in the center of the city, where you can enjoy shopping while enjoying a feeling of a different mood.

There is also a stroller rental and spacious baby corner, so it is nice to be able to find a good service for small children or babies.There is also a floor where pets can be used, and the Palette plaza is equipped with a dog bar when you are thirsty.

The illumination in winter is beautiful, so I recommend it as a date spot.
In the European fountain square, with large fountains supported by 6 goddesses, projection mapping is also held in winter.

Please enjoy your shopping time with a Venus Fort overflowing with exotic mood.

Odaiba Takoyaki Museum

The Takoyaki Museum, which is located on the fourth floor of the Decks Tokyo Beach, consists of 5 restaurants selected from Osaka, including octopus dumplings, and takoyaki, which is selected from Osaka, which has been selected from Osaka, Takoyaki, and Takoyaki. It is a specialty food theme park where you can enjoy takoyaki, and you can enjoy takoyaki.

Not only are you enjoying takoyaki, you can also learn about the roots of takoyaki, you can enjoy takoyaki giant objects, such as takoyaki giant objects or takoyaki, like takoyaki ramune or takoyaki. It is a unique facility where you can enjoy takoyaki in five senses.

It is open until 10 o’clock in the evening, and you can enjoy snacks and alcohol.
You can enjoy eating comparison of popular takoyaki restaurants, so please enjoy the taste of Osaka while you are in Tokyo.

VirtuaLink (Bar Link)

Opened in 2017 by Divercity Tokyo Plaza, the VirtuaLink is a new virtual Reality experience facility created by a Konica Minolta Planetarium that runs planetarium in Tokyo Skytree Town and Sunshine City Tea.

This facility allows you to experience a collective experience type VR service that allows you to share a virtual space with everyone.The theme of the theme is “Connecting people and humans”, and the interior is very sophisticated, so you can relax your mind.

In the case of a bar link, a crew called a supporter will support the experience.

Encased in a spacecraft like an egg, if you wear a VR headset, you can experience a sense of life with a live sense of a navigator and a live in a navigator, as if you were in a 360 ℃ image.

If you visit Odaiba, you can experience virtual space with a sense of realism.


“UNITED CINEMAS Aqua City Odaiba” is a 13 screen movie theater in Tokyo, located in Aqua City Odaiba, a large complex shopping mall adjacent to Odaiba-kaihinkoen.

It shows movies from a wide range of genres ranging from super big works to art works and children’s works.No. 3, No. 4 screen uses digital 3 d cinema, and No. 8 screen introduces 4 dx, a new dimension attraction theater in early summer 2017, allowing you to experience realistic movie viewing.

Among the largest 13 screens in Tokyo, there are 612 seats in particular, and this is a very large one in Tokyo, and it is also a very large one in Tokyo’s cinecon in Tokyo, which is one of the 1 screens in Tokyo.

Why don’t you immerse yourself in the world of movies by using the “UNITED CINEMAS Aqua City Odaiba” that boasts the largest number of screens in Tokyo?

Metropolitan Shiokaze Park

With the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower in front of the eyes, and the Metropolitan Shiokaze Park with a land area of about 153750 square meters, the seaside park is the largest class in the coastal submetropolitan area.

In the area on the south side of Bayshore Route, there are fountains where you can view Tokyo Bay 180 times, the “water and green promenade” which has a straight palm tree, and the playground equipment called “Suscold Maru”, which is a playground where kids can enjoy it.

In the area on the north side, there are the largest “sun square”, “promenade of the city and sea”, and the tower of sunset in the park.

Also, there is a barbecue square in the north area, and many tourists enjoy barbeque and picnics on holidays.
It’s great to enjoy barbeque by Shiokaze Park after playing around the sightseeing spots around here!

There are some shops that sell alcohol, so I recommend you to enjoy beer on the beach.Please have a nice time to relax while being blown by the wind of the sea.

Statue of Liberty

One of the symbols of Odaiba is Statue of Liberty, isn’t it?
It is a “terrace of a goddess” that goes from “the gate of a goddess” on the third floor of Aqua City Odaiba to the Odaiba-kaihinkoen side.You can see “Statue of Liberty” from here on the front side.

Since the Paris Statue of Liberty, which was established as part of the French business in Japan, was very popular in 1998 through 99, replicas have been installed on the pedestal where the statue of the goddess was located after the French return.

The height from the pedestal is about 12.25 meters, and the weight is about 9 tons!You can enjoy feeling abroad while you are in Japan.

This is a goddess statue that is very popular as a shooting spot because you stand on the back of Tokyo Tower and Rainbow Bridge.It’s lit up at night, so it’s very beautiful.
Cherry blossoms bloom in spring, so it will be a very wonderful location.

Please drop by while walking around Odaiba.

Odaiba Divercity Tokyo Plaza

Odaiba Divercity Tokyo Plaza is a must-have for Odaiba sightseeing.
This building, where full-size Gangdam (now “Full-scale Unicorn Gundam”) meets, is a large complex facility based on the concept of theater urban space.

From 1 f to 8 f, there is a high purity select shop, casual brand, unique and original brand which is popular both inside and outside of Japan, and you can enjoy shopping in various genres.

Also, you can enjoy entertainment facilities such as “Round One Entertainment Stadium”, Skate Park “H. L. N. A SKYGARDEN (SKATE PARK),” Live house “Zepp DiverCity”, so you can enjoy it all day.

There are various events at the festival square on the second floor, so please stop by while you are sightseeing.

There is a restaurant on the sixth floor where you can see “Full-scale Unicorn Gundam Dam” from the window, so please check it.


If it’s a park representing Odaiba, it’s called “Odaiba-kaihinkoen.”.
It is near major tourist facilities such as Decks Tokyo Beach and Aqua City Odaiba, so it’s a standard tourist course for many tourists.

The “Oooba Beach” which is about 800 meters in extension is a must-visit spot.Sand on the beach of Izu Island is used on the beach.

There are various events on the beach, so please drop by when you come to Odaiba or shopping.

The beach made in the coastal area of the city area can enjoy the atmosphere like urban resort exactly.The night view of the sunset and Rainbow Bridge from Odaiba-kaihinkoen is very beautiful.

Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Dance

One of Japanese national dish that is popular among foreigners is ramen.

At the Ramen Park “Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan” on the fifth floor of Aqua City Odaiba, you can eat special ramen noodles that are made not only in Japan but also in overseas markets.

There are 6 stores like Tsukemen, mixed noodles, rich white hot water ramen, Hakata Tonkotsu ramen, and so on, and every ramen looks very delicious!All the ramen noodles of the theme of “Delivering ramen Appeal to the world” are superb.

Each store has an original menu that can only be found here, so many customers look forward to a menu that can only be eaten in Odaiba.
When you visit Odaiba, please make sure to empty your stomach.

Water Bus Tokyo Cruise Ship

How about enjoying the water bus from Odaiba to the next sightseeing spot by water bus?From Odaiba-kaihinkoen, there is a water bus bound for Hinode Pier, Asakusa, and Toyosu.

When you leave Odaiba-kaihinkoen, the water bus goes through the Rainbow Bridge and continues to enjoy the urban view of the waterfront.
It is only in sea that you can look up from the bottom of Rainbow bridge.

Among the water buses, I recommend Hotaruna, a ship called, which is a ship designed by Leiji Matsumoto, who is familiar with “999”. Himiko Ginga Tetsudo.

On the ferry board of “Himiko”, an announcement made by Tetsuro, Maetel, and conductor of popular character is played, and Ginga Tetsudo fans are pleased.
You can make a reservation from the web, so please check it beforehand and go out.

Madame Tassault Tokyo

“Madame Tassault Tokyo” opened in 2013 on the third floor of Odaiba Decks Tokyo Beach.Here, the life-size figurines of big stars like Michael Jackson, Johnny Depp and others, who are famous in the world, will welcome customers.

“Madame Tassault” is an attraction of wax doll that has more than 250 years of history and is popular in 9 countries and 14 places in the world.All of the 60 bodies that are displayed on the screen have been made with elaborate life-size wax dolls, and they seem to be there as if they were there.

You can take pictures freely, so it’s attractive to take 2 shots of famous stars such as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Lady Gaga and so on.
In 2018, it opened a new area with the theme of ViVi, a popular female magazine, with a theme of fashion. It also has a makeup room and a Ranway, so it is very popular as it has actually become a fashion model.
Please drop by as a memorial to Odaiba.


H. L. N. A SKYGARDEN (SKATE PARK), located on the seventh floor of the Divercity Tokyo Plaza, is a skate park capable of accommodating 500 people.

There is a full-scale facility in the commercial facility, so you can enjoy the ocean by looking at the ocean in a spacious space. It is a place where you can enjoy it from a child.Skateboard classes and experiences require reservations, so don’t forget to check them in advance.

Also, it can be used as a rental space, not only as a skate park, but also a music festival and various parties are held.

Next to the skateboard experience area is a cafe called H. L. N. A SKYGARDEN (Wahoo’s Tacos & amp ; More), and menus such as tacos, burritto, and westbrittacking are popular.Please feel the atmosphere of the West coast of America while you are in Odaiba.

Daiba 1-chome Shopping Street

The Taiba 1-chome shopping street in the Decks Tokyo Beach is popular as an area where retro atmosphere is irresistible.
It is a space where you can enjoy nostalgic atmosphere in the early Showa period.

There are dagashi shops, game arcades, old goods stores, and so on, and it is a place where you can feel nostalgic when you experience those days.

One Chome Playland has a nostalgic table game and an invader game that can be played for 10 yen per 1 times. You can enjoy it from children to adults.

In addition, there is a haunted house called Odaiba Phantom Elementary School, which is set in 40 years ago as the “Cursed Elementary School”.It has a very realistic fear experience, so it is very scary.

There are many beautiful photo pots in the Odaiba 1-chome shopping street, so I recommend you to enjoy shooting in a Showa retro atmosphere.
Please visit Odaiba Ichichome Shopping Street, where you can experience retro townscape in the 1955 s of the book, and visit Odaiba.

Round One Entertainment Stadium

Round One Entertainment Stadium on the sixth floor of Diversity Tokyo Plaza is an entertainment space where you can enjoy spooks, karaoke, darts, billiards, bowling, etc.

With a variety of sports, you can enjoy a variety of sports experiences, such as roller skating, rodeo, archery and other sports, from the standards of tennis, basketball, futsal, batting, and batting.

It’s nice to be open for 24 hours on weekends!It is a popular spot because of the high degree of satisfaction among old and old men and women, thanks to the casual enjoyment of various amusement.

A Round One Entertainment stadium where you can enjoy your family all together from your child to the elderly.Why don’t you play with your body when you get tired of shopping?

Sony Explorer Science

Sony Explorer Science is a Sony science museum that touches on the cutting-edge digital technologies in Aqua City Odaiba.

There are 4 zones on the theme of sound, light, and entertainment, and you can enjoy various experiences that you have never experienced before.

In particular, it is a powerful 3 d video zone where you can show your own science program.Space and animals.There are a wide range of contents such as marine creatures, and you can enjoy each of them in about 10 minutes.

There are also various events such as quiz rally, workshop, mini experiment, etc.To experience Sony’s leading-edge technology, please visit Sony Explorer Science.


I have introduced 30 popular sightseeing spots in Tokyo, “Odaiba”. How did you like it?

At Odaiba, Tokyo Odaiba, there are many spots that can be enjoyed all day, such as Aqua City Odaiba, Venus Fort, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza and other large shopping facilities, and sightseeing spots such as Fuji TV, Ooedo Onsen Monogatari and other popular tourist spots, such as beach park.

On a sunny day on a sunny day, you can enjoy a stroll, and you can enjoy a lot of indoor spots on rainy days even on rainy days!
If you want to visit Odaiba, which is very popular in Japan, please be sure to use it.