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How to enjoy Planetarium Manten in Ikebukuro

“Planetarium Manten in Ikebukuro” is a spot where you can enjoy starry sky while still in the city.The latest projector is used, so you can enjoy a realistic starry sky.In addition, there are 3 kinds of planetarium seats, so one of the attractions is that you can enjoy the pleasure of your choice.

In addition, in the lobby where the planetarium works, there is a performance where the stars change according to the movement of the person.As a result, you can experience as a star, and you can take advantage of waiting time, which is easy to lose time.

This time, I’ll introduce you to the pleasure of the planetarium full of planetarium filled with such charms.I’ll introduce you to the tips to enjoy couples, so if you think about a date plan in Ikebukuro, please refer to it.

Basic information in the planetarium : the basic information

The planetarium full ten in Ikebukuro is a spot where you can enjoy viewing stars and enjoying them.Let’s check the basic information of the planetarium Manten in Ikebukuro soon.I will introduce you to the information that is easy to see, so please see not only the first visitors, but also those who are planning to visit after the second time.

Planetarium Full Ten in Ikebukuro is

Planetarium Manten in Ikebukuro is a spot where you can view the planetarium work and experience the experience that you become a star.

The planetarium works with a 8 k technology and an LED that can enjoy the starry sky with 1.5 times brighter brightness than before.This allows you to reproduce the depth of a small star or starry sky, and visitors can enjoy a natural starry sky while still in the city.

The planetarium full of Tenten in Ikebukuro is based on the concept of “Enjoying the Starry Sky.”.There is a lot of attention on the seats, and there are also the seats that are commonly seen in planetariums, the “Cloud Seat” that can enjoy the starry sky, and the “Lawn Sheet” that can be enjoyed as a feeling of falling down on the lawn.

In addition, there is also a performance by “MITENE (mittner)” in the lobby.MITENE is a stage where the stars change according to the movement of people, so you can experience as if you have become a star.

The address : 3-1-3 Sunshine City World Import Mart, Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo
– Phone number : 03 – 3989 – 3546 (Phone number : 10:00 – 19:00)
– Operating hours : 10 : 00 to 21:00
– Closed holidays : None (except for the date of the program replacement)

How to get to the planetarium in Ikebukuro and the parking lot and the nearest station

How to get to the Planetarium Full Tenten in Ikebukuro
● From Ikebukuro Station
① From Exit 35 of East Exit, turn left at Bic Camera Camera museum.
② Move from intersection to LOTTERIA.
③ From the entrance of Sunshine City to the basement by elevator.
④ On the escalator near the information center, go to the first floor.
⑤ Go straight when you see the SUBWAY, and turn left at Cafe La Mile.
⑦ On the elevator of the World Import Mart Building

● Higashi-ikebukuro Station
① Up to the ground by the escalator at Exit 6 and Exit 7 of the west Exit Gate.
② Turn right from Higashi-ikebukuro Station, go through Maruetsu Petit and Seven-Eleven, and go to the underground passage.
③ Go straight and climb the escalator at Sunshine City.
④ If you see the Toys, you should go straight.
⑤ Go up to the first floor by escalator and turn right in front of Cafe La Mile.
⑥ To the rooftop by elevator

Planetarium Full Tenten in Ikebukuro parking
● Business hours : 24 hours
● Price
Each is charged every 30 minutes.
– 4 hours : 300 yen
– Within 4 to 10 hours : 2400 yen
(More than 8 hours add additional 300 yen every 30 minutes.)
– Within 10 to 24 hours : 3600 yen
– More than 24 hours : counting additional charges from within 4 hours

The nearest station to the nearest station in the planetarium : the nearest station :
● Ikebukuro Station (JR, Tokyo Metro, Seibu Ikebukuro Line, Tobu Tojo Line)
● Higashi-ikebukuro Station (Yurakucho Line, Tokyo Metro)

The price and reservation method of the planetarium full ten in Ikebukuro

Planetarium Full Tenten in Ikebukuro price
● Planetarium work
* Shiba-sheet : 3,500 yen (up to 2 elementary school students)
・ Cloud seats : 3,800 yen (up to 2 students)
・ General seats : 1,500 yen for junior high school students and older, and 900 yen for children aged 4 and over for 1 persons, yen 1
* The use of lawn sheets and cloud seats under elementary school students is free.

● Healing Planetarium Works
* Shiba-sheet : 3,900 yen (up to 2 elementary school students)
・ Cloud seats : 4,200 yen (up to 2 students)
・ General seats : 1,700 yen (for 1 students who are older than elementary school students)
* Children below elementary school students cannot enter.

How to reserve a planetarium in Ikebukuro
① Open “Manten Online Purchase” on the official website of “Planetarium Full Ten in Ikebukuro”
② Select the work you want to watch and click on “Ticket purchase site”.
③ Select date, time and sheet.
(4) In the case of a general seat, select the desired block.
⑤ Enter the owner’s name, email address, credit card information, etc. and purchase an online ticket.

Reservations are available 2 weeks prior to the visit.Also, if you take a screenshot of an online ticket or print it out, it will be smooth on the day.

Planetarium Full Tenten in Ikebukuro Cloud sheet / Shiba-sheet / easy-to-see seats

Cloud sheet
A cloud sheet is a sofa type sheet.It has a white and fluffy seat, so you can feel the feeling of being on the cloud.It is available only for 5 sets.It is a seat for 2 people, so I recommend it to a couple who want to see a planetarium.

Grass sheet
A lawn sheet is a sheet where a sleeping space is created in a green area, such as a lawn.There are mattresses and cushions, so you feel like enjoying stars in the nature.

A mattress is a Airweave that disperses the burden on the body while falling down.This allows you to enjoy the planetarium even for a long time.It is limited to 3 sets, so I recommend you to make a reservation.

View of the Planetarium Full in Ikebukuro
The planetarium is far from the projector, so it becomes easier to see in the rear row.From this feature, the seats that are easy to see in the planetarium full Tenten in Ikebukuro are as follows.Please use it as a reference for choosing a seat.

View of the planetarium of the planetarium in Ikebukuro

  • Cloud sheet : Number 1 5
  • Lawn sheet : Number 1 3
  • General sheet : fourth – to fifth column of Cblock – sixth column – seventh column of The Lox

Tips when using the planetarium full ten in Ikebukuro

When using the planetarium in a couple of couples, it becomes a more pleasant date by suppressing the following tips.

Reserve a seat in advance
“Cloud sheet” is recommended for a date in the planetarium full tenten in Ikebukuro.The number of seats in the cloud seat is only 5 seats, so I feel relieved to reserve a seat in advance.I’ll show you how to reserve a seat later.

In a cloud sheet, raise the elbow rest
In a cloud seat, it is recommended to raise the elbow rest.By raising the elbow rest, you can enjoy the planetarium with the rest of the body.

Buy a matching original merchandise at the ten ten shop
At the “Manten Shop” located in Ikebukuro, Planetarium Full Ten in Ikebukuro, the original goods of Planetarium Full Tenten in Ikebukuro are sold.If you buy a matching original item, you will have a memory of the 2 visitors.

In particular, “Original glass mug (1,123 yen including tax)” with many stars, and “Astronaut key” on which the light is illuminated are not only memorable, but also practical and recommended.

The appeal of planetarium full tenten in Ikebukuro and how to enjoy it

Next, I’ll introduce the attraction and enjoyment of planetarium full Tenten in Ikebukuro.

Wonder Experience in the Lobby [MITENE]

– You can experience a star as a star in MITENE.
In the lobby of Planetarium Manten in Ikebukuro, you can experience a strange experience with “MITENE” (mittner).The MITENE is a representation of the stars moving in accordance with the movement of the person standing in front of the panel.

The panels with stars are located on the floor and the wall, so you can experience the experience as if you were a star.If you move in front of the screen for a while, you can also enjoy the stars turning into constellations and nebula.

You can also enjoy the change of stars, etc.
The movement of stars by MITENE varies depending on age, sex and expression.This is due to the use of AR technology in MITENE.This makes it possible for couples and friends to change their expressions and compare the changes in stars so that they can spend more time.

This is the MITENE that will give you a moment to wait.Why don’t you try to enjoy the latest technology by visiting the planetarium in Ikebukuro and enjoying the latest technology while enjoying the latest technology?

Manten Shop where you can purchase original goods

At the Manten shop, we sell 12 kinds of original goods.There is a “Original blanket (2,000 yen including tax)” on the official character of the planetarium full tenten in Ikebukuro, so it will be a souvenir of the visit if you buy it.

In the Manten shop, you can also sell the items that can reproduce planetarium full Tenten in your house.You can purchase the aroma oil “Manten” (1,580 yen), which is used during the film of the healing planetarium, and the “Premium marshmallow cushion (2,000 yen with tax included),” which is used in the cloud sheet.

Location : The a ticket booth side near the exit of the dome
Business hours : 11 : 30 – 21:00 (changes due to events, new year’s holidays, summer special sales, etc.)
Telephone number : 03 – 3989 – 3546 (phone reception time : 10 : 00 – 19:00)

Planetarium Work

In the planetarium full ten in Ikebukuro, you can enjoy collaboration with artists who play an active role in the streets, such as music and theater.There are 3 to 4 kinds of work on the first, so why don’t you find your favorite work?As of May 13, 2019, you can enjoy the following works.

Current Planetarium work

  • hoshizora’s Future music by Sukima Switch : The music by Sukima Switch : The music by the and the work
  • where you can enjoy the view of Mars and the earth.

  • Star Safari Africa Star with [ALEXANDROS] : The song of [ALEXANDROS] is used in the work.The Gaku Hamada in charge of the narration and the work
  • that can be enjoyed by African landscapes and starry sky.

  • NIGHT ON THE GALACTIC RAILROAD : The video creator of the video creator Kagaya Yutaka’s work in 360 degree of dynamic starry sky.

The screening time of each work varies depending on the day, so please look at the official website of Planetarium Full Ten in Ikebukuro.

Healing Planetarium Work

In the planetarium full Tenten in Ikebukuro, you can also enjoy the healing planetarium work.

The difference from the planetarium work of healing planetarium is that it is performed by aroma oil and music according to the work.Forgetting the hustle and bustle of the city, you can enjoy watching starry sky with the aroma and music.

The film being screened at the planetarium full ten in Ikebukuro (as of May 13, 2019)
As of May 13, 2019, the “Milky Way & The Moon” was screened at the Planetarium Full Tenten in Ikebukuro.In this work, you can see the moon of the Milky Way 2000 years ago.It is said that the monthly eclipse of 2000 years ago was especially large, and it is one of the highlights.

Based on the analysis of the elements that women in their 20 s and 40 s have to heal, this work is based on the time to reflect the aroma and starry sky and the contrivance to the music.Recently, those who have accumulated fatigue and stress, and those who want to forget their daily life and want to take care of them, should go to see a doctor.Children below elementary school children cannot enter, so please be aware of the children with their children.

Planetarium Full Tenten in Ikebukuro

The planetarium full Tenten in Ikebukuro is a spot where you can see stars and experience a star-like experience.It is recommended for those who want to enjoy the stars slowly, as there is a display of healing planetarium films and a guest seat where the work can be enjoyed relaxed.Also, there is a recommended seat for couples, so it is perfect for those who want to enjoy romantic dating.

In this way, Planetarium full Tenten in Ikebukuro is a spot where you can enjoy various ways to enjoy.Why don’t you go to the planetarium full ten in Ikebukuro and spend a lot of time?