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How to enjoy the robot restaurant

Do you know the “Robot Restaurant” in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku?

A restaurant where the robot is serving?No, it’s not a restaurant that anyone can imagine.The robot restaurant is a very popular spot from overseas, where you can enjoy a showy show that can’t be explained by words, or a gorgeous interior.

What is the content of the show?I’ll introduce you how to make a reservation, including the show, and how to enjoy it!

Basic information about Robot Restaurants

The robot restaurant is

The “Robot Restaurant” in Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku is a different space that you cannot express in a simple word, “A robot restaurant that has a robot as its name suggests.”.

At this restaurant, you can enjoy the entertainment show with a big bang and a big burst of laughter, 5 times a day, on the first.At the beginning of 2012, the company was targeted by salaried workers in Shinjuku, but the rumor spread around the world as a result of the visit by famous celebrities such as Director of Hollywood Tim Burton. This became a popular tourist spot, and it became a popular tourist spot in Tokyo.

The show of a robot restaurant that combines the performance of Japanese drums with the theme of “Japanese,” combined with robots that remind you of “high-tech countries, Japan” is exactly the latest in “Cool Japan.”!I can say that it is always the top in the popular sightseeing spots of foreigners.

If you want to enjoy the different space that you can never enjoy in Japan, not in Japan, go to a robot restaurant without hesitation!Dialogue box.

Access to a robot restaurant and parking

The robot restaurant in Kabuki-cho is located 5 minutes’ walk from the east exit of JR Shinjuku Station and a 3 minute walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station.If you walk to the Akebonobashi Station direction on the Yasukuni Street, you can see the gate written “Kabuki-cho Cherry Blossom St.”, so you can find it as soon as you turn to Kabuki-cho and go to Kabuki-cho.You can also go to the nearby exit through the underground shopping mall “Shinjuku Subnade”, so it’s safe even on rainy days.

I don’t have a parking lot at a robot restaurant, but I recommend you to use the underground parking lot of Shinjuku Subnade, which has a large number of cars, in the case of a car.In addition, there are multiple coin parking lots in Kabuki-cho.

Address : 1-7-7 Shinjuku Robot Building B2F, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 – 0021 Tokyo.
Access : 5 minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station East Exit, 3 minute walk from Seibu Shinjuku Station.
Number of parking lots : 400 units (Shinjuku Subnade)
Parking hours : 24 hours (Shinjuku Subnade)
Parking fee : 320 yen / 30 minutes (Shinjuku Subnade)
Details : https://www.shinjuku-robot.com/pc/access.php?lng=jp

Robot Restaurant rate and reservation method

In the robot restaurant, the reservation fee is set in addition to the usual price.It’s a good idea to make a reservation because there are many people who can’t get in during weekends or holidays.At the time of reservation, you can choose from 3 types of meals, “Beef Rib Bento,” “Makunouchi Bento,” and “Sushi Bento.”.

Robot Restaurant Rates

How to reserve a robotic restaurant

  • Phone reservation : 03 – 3200 – 5500
  • Internet reservation : Official Web site
  • Robot Restaurant Operating Hours

    The robot restaurant show will be held 5 times on the first.Some show may be closed by the day, so try checking the official Web site .

    Robot Restaurant Operating Hours

  • first performance : 12 : 00 entry / 12:30 set / 13:00 performance
  • second performance : 14 : 00 entry / 14:30 set / 15:00 performance
  • third performance : 16 : 00 entry / 16:30 set / 17:30 performance
  • fourth performance : 18 : 30 entry / 19:00 set / 19:30 performance
  • fifth performance : 20 : 30 entry / 21:00 set / 21:30 performance
  • How to enjoy robot restaurants

    Entertainment with a great show

    A show that many robots move around on the stage with a vertical and horizontal motion is truly entertainment!Each performance is a program to show 3 to 4 shows in a 90 minute period, and it is a great surprise to see a variety of shows, such as a robot show, a robot battle show, a robot parade show, and a variety of shows.

    It is a story style, but it is not a serious matter, but it is an unforgettable content that combines the parodies of various films, so it must be very satisfying.You can take photos during the show, so let’s try the best shot!


    As I mentioned above, at a robot restaurant, you can choose from 3 types : “Beef rib bento,” “Makunouchi bento,” and “Sushi bento.”.Besides that, you can also offer American menus in the lounge until the show is started, and you can buy various drinks such as beer, chuhai, Japanese sake, and wine.

    On the first floor of the building where the robot restaurant is located, there is also a Tabagi boutique restaurant that has a dazzling appearance, and you can enjoy the tapiocarding using carefully selected tea leaves and golden tapioca.Also, there is a lounge bar called REN of a sister shop on the third floor of the building, so it is good to go to a second party after you have enjoyed the final performance.(REN open is 22:00)

    Goods Sales

    At a robot restaurant, we sell limited goods that we can only buy here.I can’t decide which one to buy, since I have various kinds of goods, such as a can batch, a key holder, and a sticker, which are popular among foreign tourists, so I can’t decide which one to buy.Since every item has a flashy design like the interior and the robot, it is sure to be surprised as a souvenir!

    Sparkly interior

    When you walk into a single-step robot restaurant, you’ll get to look at the gorgeous interior of the interior.The robot “Roboko”, which has been announced as a total cost of 10,000,000,000 yen (!), and the lounge, the lounge, the stage where the show is held, and the passage, and the toilet room, are all the same.This is the only restroom that I would like to post on SNS.

    There is a bench at the foot of Roboko where you can greet at the entrance, so you can take a picture of yourself as if you’re flying the robot.

    Foreign More space

    The robot restaurant is said to be a success example of “inbound business,” and 90% of the customers are occupied by tourist from overseas.Most menu items such as food and alcohol are written in English, and the announcement is only in English!If it is so thorough, I can imagine that it is no longer in Japan, but that it may be a foreign country.Let’s enjoy a lot of foreign space where we can enjoy the atmosphere of our overseas trip while staying in Shinjuku!

    The experience at the robot restaurant is only unique!

    The robot restaurant is a unique spot where you can experience the experience you can never experience elsewhere.You can enjoy the show by returning to the children’s heart. You can cheer yourself up in a gorgeous restaurant, try to get along with the tourist abroad, and try to find your own experience and enjoy it!