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How to enjoy Shibuya Hikarie

Shibuya Hikarie, one of the new landmarks in Shibuya, is a popular spot not only for Japanese tourists, but also for foreign tourists.Not only does it contain a variety of facilities, it is also recommended for dates that you can view the interior of the design and the view from the upper floors.

This time, I’ll introduce you to the experience that you can’t do unless you come to Shibuya Hikarie, and the attraction and highlights of the Shibuya Hikarie, which you can find in any genre.This is a great reference when you come to Tokyo sightseeing!

Basic information Shibuya Hikarie

The Shibuya Hikarie that is connected directly to the east exit of Shibuya station is a high-rise complex located on the thirty fourth floor and fourth floor of the ground.It is connected directly from the station, so it can be said that it is easy to access.You can get to the Shibuya Hikarie without getting lost from the station, and it is convenient for shopping.

The seventeenth – to thirty fourth floor of the famous company is located in the office of the famous company, and the latest technology and research are being carried out.The eleventh to sixteenth floor is the theater, and the number of people in the theater is less than 2,000.So you can enjoy the performances of various genres such as musicals, musicals, and orchestras at Shibuya Hikarie.

In the third basement and the fifth floor, there is a commercial facility called “ShinQs (ShinQs),” and various types of shopping, food and miscellaneous goods are available.The number of stores is mostly about 200, so you can enjoy window shopping.

Shibuya Hikarie Store Information

Shibuya Hikarie
Address : 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150 – 8510 Tokyo
Business hours – vary by store
Shop : 10 : 00 – 21:00
Cafe & Restaurant :
6 f : 11 : 00 to 23:00
7 f : 11 : 00 to 23:30 (up to 23:00 on Sunday)
8 f : 11 : 00 to 20:00
Closed : Different stores, but January first, all stores leave

Available Credit Card / Electronic Money

Credit card available at Shibuya Hikarie

TOP card, JCB card, VISA card, UC Card, DC Card, UFJ Nico card, Diners Club International card, American express card, and UnionPay card
※ The cards available vary depending on the store.

Electronic money available at Shibuya Hikarie

Suica, PASMO, manaca, SUGOCA, TOICA, nimoca, Kitaca, ICOCA, and Hayakaken

The electronic money of the traffic system can be used at food floors and restaurants on the second and third floors of Shibuya Hikarie.However, it depends on the available stores, so you should ask each store.Note that electronic money such as Rakuten Edy is not basically handled, so you need to pay attention to it.

Service information Shibuya Hikarie

  1. Rental of wheelchairs and strollers / information counter
  2. on the third floor and second floor in the ground.

  3. Smoking Area / seventh Floor, eighth Floor, eleventh Floor
  4. Coin locker / second floor, eleventh floor (with a refrigerated locker on the third floor of the basement)
  5. Wi-Fi connection / 3 to 8 times, eleventh floor
  6. ATM / underground third floor (Mizuho Bank), basement second floor (Seven Bank)
  7. AED / each floor
  8. Pet companion / guide dog, hearing dog, and support dog only

Nursing room / underground second floor

Shibuya-ku Service Center


On the eighth floor of the Shibuya Hikarie, there is a Shibuya Civic Service Center.It is possible to do the procedure at the ward office at this facility.You can receive not only a seal registration, a certificate of residence, a copy of the family register, but also a birth notification and a maternal and child health handbook.As I come to the Shibuya Hikarie, I can get various procedures, so I can save the time to go around the facility.

In addition, the service center of Shibuya Hikarie can be smoothly processed because the service center of the is limited, compared to the case where it is very crowded.

Shibuya Hikarie eighth Floor Shibuya Civic Service Center
Business hours :
Month to Friday : 11 : 00 to 19:00
Saturday : 9 : 00 – 17:00
Closed day : Days and holidays
Phone number : 03 – 3797 – 0935

Shibuya Hikarie is


Shibuya is always running at the forefront of the era.Shibuya Hikarie was born in 2012 at the site of the Tokyu Cultural Center, where the trend of Shibuya was always proposed.The Shibuya Hikarie, which has succeeded to the remains of the Tokyu Cultural Center, can be regarded as a new landmark in Shibuya’s new landmark. It can be regarded as a new landmark in Shibuya.

You can enjoy the Shibuya Hikarie without getting tired of staying in 1 days, as well as shopping and restaurants from the musical theater to the office.Shibuya Hikarie is a facility where events are held, and new discoveries and new experiences can be found wherever you go.When you go to a date in Shibuya, why don’t you stop by at Shibuya Hikarie?

6 areas of Shibuya Hikarie


The Shibuya Hikarie is divided into 6 main areas.

  • SinQs (ShinQs) : Commercial facilities / underground third floor – fifth floor
  • Cafe & Restaurant : Restaurant / Ground 6 – 7 floors
  • Creative Space 8 / (Chi) : Art, Shibuya Related Facilities / eighth Floor
  • Hikarie hole : Event hall / ninth floor
  • Tokyu Theater Obave : Theater, Office General Reception / eleventh – sixteenth Floor
  • Office : Each company / 17 – thirty fourth floor

By the way, the business hours vary according to each floor.

  • SinQs : 10 : 00 to 21:00
  • Cafe & Restaurant : The sixth floor is 11:00 ~ 23:00, the seventh floor is 11:00 ~ 23:30 (until 23:00 on Sunday)
  • Creative Space 8 / : 11 : 00 – 23:30

Shibuya Hikarie access, Parking


Access by train

  • Tokyu Toyoko Line Denen-toshi Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Fukutoshin Line, Fukutoshin Line [Shibuya Station] Exit Number 15
  • JR Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Keio Inokashira Line “Shibuya Station” connects directly
  • with the second floor.

Access by car

  • From Tomei Expressway to Japan National Route 246 / Tamagawa Dori / Yamyam-dori Street / Meguro direction, about 3 km

Parking lot information

Shibuya Hikarie parking information
Shibuya Hikarie Parking Guide

  • Operating hours : 6 : 50 to 24:00 (last repository until 23:30)
  • Weekday rate : 300 yen / 30 minute
  • Weekends and holidays : 400 yen / 30 minute
  • Maximum price : 2,400 yen

※ Only during the weekday business hours

Bicycle parking information

Shibuya Hikarie’s bicycle-Guide

  • Operating hours : 6 : 50 to 24:00
  • Bike parking : free for the first 1 hours, followed by 100 yen / 1 hours / li.
  • Motorcycle parking : free for the first 1 hours, and 100 yen / 2 hours for the first time.
  • Bicycle parking : free for the first 2 hours, followed by 100 yen / 4 hour
  • for the first time.

You can also receive the service according to the total amount of shopping in Shibuya Hikarie and Shibuya stream when you use the parking lot.

Total Amount service time
3,000 yen or more 1 hours free
10,000 yen or more 2 hours free
30,000 yen or more 3 hours free

Shibuya Hikarie Sightseeing Highlights


The Shibuya Hikarie with various categories of facilities is full of attention!The number of shops, seasonal events, and museums that can’t be turned off in 1 days can be used in a wide range of scenes, such as sightseeing, dating dates, and so on.So I’ll introduce you some of the main highlights of Shibuya Hikarie.

The “Urban Core” the atrium from the third basement to the fourth floor.


The fact that the Urban Core in Shibuya Hikarie was formed makes it easy to change the route that was so difficult until now.By the way, the passageway directly connected to the second floor of the Shibuya Hikarie can be used from the Urban Core.

The window in the stairwell from the third basement to the fourth floor is made of frosted glass, so it has an outstanding open feel!The urban core is connected by an escalator, and you can also look at each hierarchy.

Huge bulletin board “Digital Signage”


The bulletin boards and “Digital Signage” installed in the Shibuya Hikarie are the bulletin boards that transmit various information, including the weather and time, as well as the guide to the museum.On the Urban core, there are 3 rings, a multi-ring signage, and on the third basement, there is a large LED bulletin board with a large LED bulletin board on the floor. Shibuya Hikarie.

In addition to the time and weather, the Planetarium video, one of the motifs of the former Tokyu Cultural Center, is also distributed.The bright and easy to see liquid crystal will provide you with easy-to-understand information about the people visiting the Shibuya Hikarie.

The “Sky lobby” where you can enjoy a panoramic view of Shibuya


The sky lobby on the eleventh floor of Shibuya Hikarie is an observation space where you can view of the streets in Shibuya.It is also nice to have a free place.The night view is nice, so it is recommended for dating spots too!You can see the sights of the city, such as the vicinity of the station and the scramble crossing.


The lobby is spacious and open, so you can spend a relaxing time with a calm atmosphere.When you are enjoying Shibuya Hikarie, the view from this sky lobby is also a place where you can’t miss it.

Creative Space 8 Where you can experience Shibuya culture


Creative Space 8 / (is a space to interact with Shibuya, which is not in other cities).It is a place where the community gathers together and creates creativity.

Mainly, events such as workshops, art exhibitions, galleries and exhibitions of art exhibitions are mainly held.

As its name suggests, it is divided into 8 booths, and you can enjoy the arts and events that each individual has its own individuality.The admission fee may be free at times of events, so if there are events or exhibitions that you are concerned about, you will find it smooth if you inquire about it.



It is a plaza where many foreigners visit Shibuya where many people come to participate, and not only Japan, but also exchange events.The green carpet is an impressive space, and events such as the market and talk show are held mainly.



It is a 3 gallery space with a limited period of time, which is replaced by 2 weeks.The gallery and gharalist will always change, so you shouldn’t overlook them.



This is a booth of Art gallery in the art gallery where Mr. Koyama Tomi is directed.There are various genres of art, including contemporary art and crafts.You can appreciate the works by the famous gharalist.



The museum is a theme of the prefecture, and exhibits handicrafts from various regions, etc. in the museum, it is displayed on the theme of 47 prefectures.This booth is popular not only for domestic tourists, but also for foreign tourists.

05/d47 desigh travel store/D&DEPARTMENT PROJECT


It is a shop where each of the 47 prefectures’ production is lined up.By the way, it is linked to events held at gallery and court, so there are some limited items that you can buy only here.



This is a cafe restaurant where you can enjoy dishes from 47 prefectures.The main focus is Japanese cuisine with particular attention to ingredients.Why don’t you try the dishes in each place at Shibuya Hikarie?

07/Creative Lounge MOV/KOKUYO


It is a member system workspace.Is it possible to propose a variety of ideas and plans from here, and the new business or project is being sent to the world?


This is a space where you can find events, interview and reports in Creative Space 8.

Tokyo’s largest musical theater hall : “Tokyu Theater Obave”


The theater “Tokyu Theater Orb” in the Shibuya Hikarie is a large theater with 3 tiers.It is used not only as a musical performance in Japan, but also as a performance in Japan from Broadway.

In addition, it is also used as an orchestra and concert venue.Lighting and stage tools can be arranged according to each performance, and they are designed to be arranged flexibly in every performance.

There are cafes and restaurants on the same floor, so you can spend a relaxing time before the performance or after the performance.


You can reserve tickets at the Shibuya Hikarie, but you can also stop by the tickets, because they sell tickets on the day.The impact of live musicals and concerts is impressive, and there are many people who are addicted to it.For the first time in the musical, how about the Tokyu theater Obave in Shibuya Hikarie?

Tokyu Theater Obave Ticket Counter

  • Location : on the second floor of the Shibuya Hikarie.
  • Operating hours : 11 : 00 to 19:00
  • Reservations and inquiries : 03 – 3477 – 9999

The “Switchroom” the multifunction restroom “Switchroom”


The switchrooms located on each floor of the SinQs in the Shibuya Hikarie have an aroma and interior design tailored to the concept of each floor, and it has a multi-functional rest room that allows visitors to relax.The powder room is spacious, and the interior of the room is gorgeous, so you can’t forget to stay in the rest room.

The bright lighting rooms provide a spacious and spacious switch room, so you can use nursing rooms and kids’ toilets, so you can also use them with peace of mind.

Also, there is a communication space, where men can use it, so it is possible to eat and talk with the family.Why don’t you use it for a rest when you come to the Shibuya Hikarie?

Recommended shop and floor at Shibuya Hikarie

At the commercial magazine “SinQs” in Shibuya Hikarie, there are shops and restaurants in various genres.There are about 200 shops, so it’s just too much to get out of sight.There is no one in Shibuya Hikarie from groceries to daily goods.Please hold down the points of the shops on each floor and enjoy shopping.

Also, there are some shops that have a limited time shop, so when visiting Shibuya Hikarie, you need to check it out.

The first to fourth floor where cosmetics and fashion are rich.


In the first basement and first floor of cosmetics, cosmetics and other beauty salons, cosmetics sales, beauty salons, beauty salons such as nail salons, and beauty salons have also been in place.Other than that, there are many shops that are good for women, such as beauty goods, so may I forget about the time?


On the second and fourth floors, which focus on fashion, there are many shops with small goods items such as hats, shoes and watches.Why don’t you try to combine trendy fashions in SinQs at Shibuya Hikarie?


Actually, there are cafes and restaurants on each floor.The main dining floor is on the sixth and the seventh floor, but it is a good point that you can stop by when you take a break.


Restaurant area 6,7 stories where restaurants at 26 restaurants gather.


The restaurant area on the sixth and seventh floors, where you can find a variety of restaurants, Chinese, Spanish cuisine and various kinds of restaurants, has a long business hours, so you can spend a lot of time.Therefore, it is recommended for a date for adults and drinking parties at night.Also, some shops offer a rental service, so it is recommended for parties and banquets.


There are many restaurants for adults, but some restaurants offer takeout service, so there are some small children and those who want to enjoy meals at home.
Please use the take-out service.

Shibuya Hikarie

The Shibuya Hikarie, which offers excellent access from the station and can be switched smoothly, can enjoy not only shopping, but also design art, cultural exchange, and a musical performance that can hardly be experienced.

Of course, there are a wide range of services that children and handicapped people can use with peace of mind, so everyone can easily walk.

Shibuya Hikarie recommended for not only sightseeing, but also date and so on is not a loss.It is certain that you can enjoy a variety of experiences by touching the beauty of the art and enjoying the deliciousness of the dishes.