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How to enjoy “Shibuya Mark City”

The Shibuya Mark City is a complex building that is connected directly to the station.There are many shops for tourism, such as fashion, miscellaneous goods and restaurants, and there are also bus terminal facilities, and the airport has excellent access to the airport.

This article introduces the attraction and enjoyment of the popularity of Shibuya’s popular facilities Shibuya Mark City.Please have a nice time at the Mark City.

Shibuya Mark City is

The Shibuya Mark City is a complex facility that is divided into 2 buildings, the EAST building and the WEST building, which are connected directly from the station.It was opened for women in their late 20 s who lived in Shibuya.There are various commercial facilities, including fashion, restaurants, cafes, Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu, bus terminals, offices and so on.

WEST building

The WEST building is the office building in the first basement floor and the twenty third floor.The first floor of the basement can enjoy eating and dining with the Toyoko Goodwill street, and the first floor is connected directly to each line of Shibuya station below.

  • Keio Inokashira Line
  • Tokyu Toyoko Line
  • Tokyu Denen-toshi Line
  • Tokyo Metro Hanzomon
  • Fukutoshin Line
  • Each line on the JR line

They also sell cafes, restaurants, fashion and miscellaneous goods, so you can spend a lot of time stopping by.It is one of the places where Taro Taro’s mural “The Myth of tomorrow” has been set up.

The other floors are divided into the following categories.

  • second floor : Fashion and miscellaneous goods area
  • fourth floor : Restaurant street
  • fifth floor : Bus terminal, office lobby entrance
  • eleventh – twenty third floor : Office

* There is no third floor in the WEST building.

EAST building

The EAST building is a hierarchy from the first to twenty fifth floor of the basement, and the EAST building is the hotel building.The first – fifth floor of the basement is connected with the WEST building.

The EAST building has the third floor, and you can also go to the hotel from the third and the fifth floor.

Shibuya Mark City Access Information Bus Terminal, Operating Hours

Shibuya Mark City Access Information

For trains

    Keio Inokashira Line

  • Keio Inokashira Line Shibuya Station> Directly from the central exit of Shibuya Station
  • Shibuya Station Avenue =>
  • From the west exit of Shibuya station => directly
    Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hanzomon Line, Fukutoshin Line, Tokyu Toyoko Line, Denen-toshi Line, JR Yamanote Line and Shibuya Station on JR Saikyo Line

  • Please come to Keio Inokashira Line Shibuya.

For cars

  • Drive from the National Highway 3 “Shibuya Exit” to the Japan National Route 246 line with the Shibuya Mark City.
  • The parking lot shows a sign with a blue “P” near the Mark City
Shibuya Mark City parking information
Business hours : 24 hours
Price structure : 200 yen for the first 20 minutes, 200 yen for every 20 minutes, and yen for every minutes to 7:00 yen (30 minutes for midnight). 200 1:00
Maximum fee : Up to 2,500 yen (including tax) every 12 hours
Telephone number : (8:00 to 22:00) 03 – 5458 – 9165, (22:00 – 8:00) 03 – 5458 – 9151
* There is a service ticket issued for 1 hours for those who use more than 3,000 yen.However, only customers who use 1 times at 1 stores (tax included) are at least 3,000 yen.
* Excluding Trabeex, K-SHOP, Library bookstore and exhibition stores.Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu and Toyoko Noren Street are different.
Address : 1-12-1 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Telephone number : Shibuya Mark City 03 – 3780 – 6503. Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu 03 – 5457 – 0109
Business hours : From 10 to 21 o’clock in the morning, and from 11 to 23 * depending on the restaurant.
Closed holidays : unspecified holidays
Access : Directly from Shibuya Station

Bus Terminal Information

Shibuya Mark City
The fifth floor of the Shibuya Mark City (WEST wing / office) is a bus terminal, and the bus terminal is the Haneda Airport limousine bus, Narita Airport limousine bus stop, and the bus stop of each city bus.

Shibuya Mark City Expressway Bus Station
Business hours : 5 : 30 – 24:00
Telephone number : 03 – 5376 – 2222 (Keio Highway Bus Reservation Center)
Reception time : 9 : 00 to 20:00
Dressing rooms and simple luggage storage are available as well.

Smoking Area and Coin Locker in Shibuya Mark City

There are 2 places where you can smoke in the Shibuya Mark City.The places are both restaurant and avenue on the fourth floor.

  • fourth floor Excelsior Caffe store (business hours 7:00 – 23:00)
  • fourth floor Floor smoking area

If you want to use coin lockers, you can find them at the following locations :.

  • Underground 1 story east mall : Coin locker and 1 places with cool locker
  • second floor : 1 coin lockers
  • fourth floor : 2 coin lockers
  • fifth floor bus stop : Coin locker 1 places

Please check the floor guide for details.

Popular Restaurant Cafe Shibuya Mark City

There are a lot of restaurants and cafes in the Shibuya Mark City.I would like to introduce you to the shops that you recommend.

Seasonal Color / Japanese Cuisine

Japanese cuisine on the twenty fifth floor of the top floor of the Mark City can enjoy the view of 100 m from the ground along with the meal.

The interior has a calm atmosphere, so it is recommended for those who want to eat quietly and calmly, rather than a lively atmosphere in Shibuya.There is a private room, so you can also use it for celebrations from a business place.There is lunch menu during the day, and there is a course for girls’ party, so please try to use it.

Phone number : 03 – 5457 – 0132
Business hours : 07 : 00 to 10:30 (L. O. 10:00)
11:30 to 15:00 (L. O. 14:00)
17:30 ~ 23:00 (L. O. 22:00) * Kaiseki only L. O. 21:00
Seats : 106 seats
Private rooms :
Floor : 25 f
Price : [Breakfast] Japanese breakfast 2,600 yen (3,088 yen) * Free of charge for elementary school students
Lunch bento 2,442 yen (from 2,900 yen onwards) Kaiseki 4,209 yen ~ (from 5,000 yen)
Dinner Dinner : 5,724 yen (from 6,800 yen) Kaiseki 7,576 yen ~ (from 9,000 yen)

Avient / French

This restaurant is a French restaurant on the twenty fifth floor of the top floor of the same floor as the seasonal color.You can enjoy a good French cuisine with high reviews while enjoying the view from the top floor of the top floor of the top 100 m.There are many repeaters, and it is a popular restaurant that is crowded every day.

Speaking of French, it is an image with a high threshold, but it has a casual atmosphere, so it has a moderate price.The meals are based on the prefix course, so the menu changes every 2 weeks, so you won’t get tired of it, so you’ll come to visit many times.The night atmosphere is perfect for dating and important anniversaries.

Phone number : 03 – 5457 – 0131
Business hours : Breakfast 6:30 – 10:30 (L. O. / 10:00)
Lunch 11:30 ~ 15:00 (L. O. / 14:00)
Tea 15:00 to 17:30
Dinner : 17:30 ~ 23:00 (Course L. O. / 21:30. Ala Carte L. O. / 22:30)
Bar 17:30 – 23:00 (L. O. / 22:30)
Seats : 112 seats (non-smoking)
Private rooms :
Floor : 25 f
Price : Breakfast 2,851 yen
Lunch : 3,200 yen ~
Dinner 5,800 yen (average budget : 8,000 yen ~)

Chinese Western 楼厨 / Chinese

It is a Chinese restaurant located on the floor of Restaurant Avenue on the fourth floor of Mark City.You can enjoy the authentic taste made by Chinese artisans.

The number of seats is relatively large, so it is possible to enter in a relatively parallel manner.We also have various courses such as Xiaolongbao, which is made from authentic Chinese cuisine made from authentic Chinese Shanghai cuisine.The Xiaolongbao dumplings are popular and delicious, and they are popular.Please try to eat the authentic taste.

Phone number : 03 – 5428 – 1371
Business hours : 11 : 00 to 23:00 (L. O. / 22:00)
Seats : 84 seats
Floor : 4 f
Price : Some menu references
Spicy tammen 1,300 yen
・ Tantanmen Noodles 1,300 yen
Appetizer Set : 1,450 yen
・ Dim Sum Assortment 1,250 yen
* Juicy set Xiaolongbao (2 pieces) + Today’s dessert 500 yen

Afternoon Tea Tea Room / Cafe

This is a popular cafe that can easily be used as a tea time from lunch.The afternoon tea tea room is famous throughout Japan, but there are various kinds of tea, and it comes with a teapot, so you can drink 2 or 3 cups of tea.This cafe is recommended as a place where you can enjoy a relaxing mood in the afternoon as you enjoy the menu that changes to the seasonal season.

Phone number : 03 – 5459 – 1011
Business hours : 10 : 00 to 21:00 (L. O. / 20:30)
Seats : 44 seats (non-smoking seats are not available)
Floor : West mall first floor
Price : Some menu references
・ Chai 870 yen
・ Afternoon tea blend 790 yen
Apple Pie 740 yen
・ Afternoon tea set (※ 14:00 – L. O.) 1,660 yen

Attractiveness in Shibuya Mark City Hotel Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu

There is a “Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” in the Shibuya Mark City.It’s in front of the station, so it’s good to have access to various people from sightseeing to business.I’ll explain about such a Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu.

“Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” Guest Rooms

The guest rooms have 408 rooms, and the guest rooms are divided into 4 categories to provide a comfortable accommodation to suit the customer’s preference.

The guest rooms are divided into four Excel Ladies View Standards, and in order to provide good sleep to all rooms, beds are made of Simmons’ pocket coil bed mats, and pillows are prepared by Tempur Company.

Also, there is a humidifier equipped with a humidifier, so you can enjoy your comfort with ease.

“Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” Restaurant & bar

The restaurant in Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu is the following 2 restaurants that I mentioned in the recommended restaurant.

  • twenty fifth floor : Japanese cuisine “Shunsai”
  • twenty fifth floor : French restaurant “Avient”

Also, there is a “ecstasioncave” in the fifth floor lounge.It is the only lounge cafe in Shibuya, and you can spend a pleasant time in a space where you can feel a sense of openness with a ceiling of 8 meters.

Please be aware that a private room “Primera” requires a reservation.I recommend a special seasonal cake made by a hotel patissier.

Phone number : 03 – 5457 – 0133
Operating hours : 8 : 00 to 24:00 (L. O. 23:30) * Day and holiday 08:00 ~ 22:00 (L. O. 21:30) * off the day before the day before the day.
※ 08:00 ~ 10:00 is available only for drinks.
Seats : 153 seats
Private rooms : (reservations required)
Floor : 5 f

“Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu” conference room and banquet hall

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu is on the sixth floor.The conference hall and banquet hall are divided into 5 different halls depending on the application from a large banquet hall to a small venue.

The “Planetates Room” at the large banquet hall is the largest banquet room in the Excel Hotel Tokyu with 266 m ² ². It is the first largest banquet room, and it is available to 180 people in the form of a school style and 200 people in the buffet style.This is a venue where you can use a wide variety of items, such as conferences, seminars, exhibitions, and parties.

The “Folrest Room” is a 124 m ² medium banquet room.This is a banquet hall where you can use up to 54 people and 80 buffet forms in the form of a school.It is possible to use it by using a movable partition and using it in 2 divisions.

The wooden room is a small banquet room with 57 m ².It is perfect for a group of 30 school students and a small group of about 40 people who have a buffet style.

“Lee Frome” is a small venue with a 20 m ² square meter.It is often used as an interview room, and it can be used at meetings or at a meeting with a small number of people.There is also a drawing room in the same size, but this is available for up to 8 people, and it is a venue for a small conference.

We have a venue for each application, so please contact us for details.

Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu Banquet Office Reception
Telephone number : 03 – 5457 – 0134 FAX : 03 – 5457 – 0309


I have touched on the appeal of the Shibuya Mark City, but it is a building which is connected directly from the station to the bus terminal, from the fashion to the bus terminal, and now it is a building that needs to be connected to the station.I was able to do shopping without getting wet even if it was raining, and I felt wonderful that I could use a Mark City that could be used for a variety of applications that I could do without getting out of the Mark City.There are many word-of-mouth reviews in each store, and it is a facility loved by many people.

In Shibuya, the number of new buildings is increasing, and there are many other fashion buildings, but I hope you’ll continue to use the Shibuya Mark City as well, and Shibuya will continue to flourish.

Thank you very much for reading the article.