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How to enjoy sightseeing at Shibuya Scramble Crossing

Shibuya Scramble Intersection is a popular tourist spot in Shibuya, which is popular among foreign tourists.A lot of people visit the scramble intersection surrounded by skyscrapers and large visions.

In this article, we will introduce the attractions and fun ways to enjoy scramble crossing in Shibuya, which is popular abroad.If you are looking forward to a scramble intersection for Shibuya sightseeing, please check this article.

Basic information for Shibuya scramble intersection

First, let’s keep basic information on Shibuya scramble intersection.For those who live in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo, it may be an intersection that goes on a daily basis, such as commuting, school, or shopping, but actually there are various history and secrets at Shibuya Scramble Intersection.I’m going to give you a detailed introduction to Shibuya Scramble Intersection in textbooks.

Shibuya Scramble Intersection is

Shibuya Scramble Intersection is one of Japan’s largest scramble intersections.

In the first place, a scramble intersection is an intersection of pedestrians and cars, which can be freely crossed across the street, even if they are diagonally opposite to each other.

Even though a lot of people start moving at once, it’s a pretty amazing sight from foreign people to walk without bumping into them.For that reason, it is also included in the course of Japanese tour tour for foreigners.At a TripAdvisor famous for travel sites, there are more than 1700 reviews of the Shibuya scramble intersection, and it’s a rare sight in Japan that you can’t see as many people as you do when you walk around.

In 2015, the Danish Crown Prince and Wife, who came to Japan, witnessed a walk to Shibuya Scramble Intersection.It must have been a rare sight for the people of the royal family in other countries.In this way, I feel a bit proud of seeing Japan’s intersection famous for people in foreign countries.

History of Shibuya Scramble Intersection

The scramble intersection itself began in the United States in the 1950 s.In Japan, it was established in Kumamoto City since around the 1960 s, and the scramble crossing of Shibuya was made in 1974.

At that time, it was written in the newspaper that “giving freedom to pedestrians” was written in a scramble intersection where pedestrians can cross in a direction like pedestrians, while the transportation network began to develop.

However, when a scramble intersection was made, there were not many people walking freely as it is now.The Road Traffic Law around 1970, when Shibuya Scramble intersection was made, was illegal, because the crossing of the streets was illegal.They gradually crossed diagonally from young people, or they began to cross the scramble intersection freely, but the old people in those days were hesitant to cross along straight lines without being hesitant.

Number of people crossing Shibuya Scramble Intersection

There are many people crossing Shibuya Scramble Intersection, and it will be about 3000 people at a time.There will be about 3000 people at a time, so it will be about 500000 if you translate the number of people over 1 days.It will be worth seeing the moment when all people start moving together.

We also have a lot of fun when looking objectively like the people of foreign tourists.


where Shibuya Scramble Intersection is coming out

It is an essential element of Shibuya Scramble crossing intersection that it is a scene of movie!Actually, Shibuya scramble intersection has appeared in several movie scenes.

Here are 3 movies where Shibuya scramble intersection is coming out.

“BioHazard IV Afterlife”

Biohazard IV Afterlife, a horror action movie starring Milla Jovovich.This movie, the fourth series, was released in 2010.

A virus that makes people zombie, called T-viruses.The virus spreads around the world, and the protagonist Alice travels around the world and travels around the world, including Tokyo, Alaska, and Los Angeles, to find survivors.

At the beginning of this movie, Shibuya Scramble Intersection has appeared.It is an shocking scene that the hydrangea of the enemy, which was located in the basement of Shibuya, was bombed, and the area around Shibuya was destroyed.

I would like you to visit Shibuya Scramble Intersection for fans of the Biohazard series.It’s not overseas, but it’s in Japan, so I recommend you to make it one of the sightseeing routes.

“Wild Speed X 3 TOKYO DRIFT”

Wild Speed is famous for its powerful car action.The third, “Wild Speed X 3 TOKYO DRIFT”, was released in 2006, and the name of Tokyo is Japan.Shibuya scramble crossing will also appear as a stage for car racing.

The main character, Sean Boswell, is moving to the father of a U.S. military base in America from the United States of America.We will carry out radical car action on the streets of Tokyo and Taakashi, which we met in Japan.

There are many Japanese cars in the Wild Speed Series that correspond to the category of sports compact.In “Wild Speed X 3 TOKYO DRIFT”, there is a scene in which a car chase is carried out at Shinjuku and Shibuya, where traffic is high, and the subject is bumped into the subject of the Shibuya scramble intersection.

However, I think it will be 1 memories to cross the Shibuya scramble crossing while recalling the scene of the movie.

In addition, it can’t be done by drifting, but if you walk on a Shibuya scramble intersection on foot and watch “Wild Speed X 3 TOKYO DRIFT” again, it will increase the real sense more.

“Lost in Translation”

“Lost in Translation” released in 2003.This movie is on stage in Japan, and it was filmed in Shibuya, Shinjuku, Kyoto and Kyoto.

Sofia Coppola, a father of “Got Father”, was the author of the production, supervision and script of the Francis Ford Coppola.”Lost in Translation” is a film that has been produced based on the experience of visiting Japan.

“Lost in Translation” is a Hollywood actor Bob, who came to Japan for commercial appearance, and Charlotte, who accompanied the husband of a cameraman and came to Japan.It is a story that the 2 people encounter each other in a situation in which they encounter with each other in a situation where they encounter and feel lonely in Japan.

It is said that the scene of Tokyo was 16 years ago, and it is also said that Shibuya scramble intersection became a chance to spread around the world.It’s a movie that you can see the situation of Shibuya scramble crossing, so if you haven’t seen it yet, please watch it!You can see the difference between the current Shibuya Scramble Intersection and Shibuya Scramble Intersection 16 years ago.

Live camera

where you can see the current situation of Shibuya scramble intersection

There is a live camera where you can watch the situation at Shibuya scramble intersection at that time.

There is an infinite number of cameras on the ceiling of the underground passage near Tsutaya in Shibuya.They are also installed on the other 109 Men’s Kan side, and they broadcast the situation of Shibuya scramble intersection by these cameras.

You don’t usually want to see a live video of Shibuya scramble crossing, but if you have an event like Halloween, you can watch it.If you say “I can’t participate in events” when you live in a local area, when you look at a live video, you feel like you joined together, so it’s interesting!

Shibuya Scramble Intersection Live Camera

Meeting spot near Shibuya Scramble Intersection

Shibuya scramble intersection is also recommended spot as a place to meet.It is a big intersection, and there are many bronze statues and buildings that are perfect for waiting near Shibuya Scramble Intersection.

I think it will be an easy meeting place for people who visit Tokyo for the first time.Then, let me introduce you to a number of meeting spots near Shibuya Scramble intersection.

Hachiko Front

When you hear “Hachiko in Shibuya,” do you know that many people know their existence?An Akita dog, known as a loyal dog, has been waiting for about 10 years in front of Shibuya Station for the return of the deceased owner.It was awarded a prize from the Global Dog Group, Poclub Club.

And a bronze statue of bees was built in front of Shibuya station in honor of this bee.Bees themselves participated in the unveiling ceremony of this statue.After the death of bees, it is said that many people gathered in a funeral ceremony, and a funeral that was different from that of human beings was held.And the grave of the bee was built next to the grave of his husband, Hidesaburo Ueno (Professor of University of Tokyo).

The existence of Tadadogbee became a movie, and it became known throughout the world as a movie called “Hachi Promise Dog” starring Richard Gere.

Before this Bronze Statue of Hachiko, I recommend it as a meeting spot near Shibuya Scramble Intersection.While waiting for the meeting partner, please keep in touch with the bee waiting for your husband to return home.

Address : Dogenzaka 2-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Way to go : 2 minutes walk from Shibuya Station.

Green Train

A green train is located across the Bronze Statue of Hachiko.I think there is a green train in this place.Actually, this green train is the first ultra-light train that was used from 1954 to 45.

It’s green, so it’s perfect for meeting place.You can’t eat or drink, but you can take a break in the car.At present, there is a staff who is also a tourist information center and is fluent in English.There is also a brochure for sightseeing brochures in English, Chinese, and Korean, so you can get a chance to meet a foreigner.

Address : 2 chome, Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-1
Way : In front of Hachiko Station Hachiko Mae
Hours of business : 10 am to 18 pm (time to enter the train)


TSTAYA is famous as a rental video store.The commercial building Q-Front, located in front of Shibuya Scramble Intersection, also has a Tuaya store in TUTA.

There is a store on the first to second floor, so it’s also recommended that you kill time within the TSUtaya during the meeting time.It is a big building located in front of Shibuya Scramble Intersection, so you don’t have to get lost, so you can designate it as a meeting place without worry!

Address : Udagawacho 21-6, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Way to go : Shibuya Scramble Intersection front
Hours of business hours : 10 am to 2 pm

Hachiko Kosaki Koban

If you go out of the front gate of Hachiko, there is a police station near Hachiko, which is located near the front gate of Hachiko.There is only a police box, and there is no suspicious person nearby, so there is a lot of people, so there is a fairly safe place to meet.

Hachiko front is very famous as a meeting place, so it is often crowded with many people.In that case, I recommend you to make this Hachiko front police box to be a meeting place!It is the smaller ticket gate of the ticket gate at the front of the 2 Hachiko, so be careful not to make any mistake.

Address : Dogenzaka 2 chome, Shibuya Ward, No. 1, No. 1
Way to go : 2 minutes walk from Shibuya Station.

How to Enjoy Shibuya Scramble Intersection

There is a unique way to enjoy Shibuya scramble crossing that doesn’t exist in other tourist spots.

“How can you enjoy it at an intersection?”.There are some people who think this is the case.But, Shibuya Scramble Intersection is different from normal scramble intersection, so it’s a large-scale scramble intersection.There are many elements that can be enjoyed by surrounding buildings and people.Let me introduce them in detail!

Who can jump without hitting anyone

In Shibuya Scramble Intersection, there are about 3000 people at a time at a time when there are many people.In that case, please try to say “I can go without bumping into anybody.”!

It might seem easy, but for those who cross the Shibuya scramble intersection for the first time, it’s a challenging challenge for the first time.Because people come from the side in various directions from the side later.Some people are in a hurry.It is very difficult to cross without hitting anybody like that.

So first of all, please look carefully on how many people are walking.Then walk slowly, and if it turns blue, let’s cross it all at once.

It looks like a small attraction, so I think you can enjoy it from adults to children.But in case of small children, there is a possibility that people will be scolded by people who go around, so please be careful.

Various videos on 5 large visions

There are 5 big visions around Shibuya Scramble Intersection.From a large vision, you can see special images like movies, music artists’ promotional videos, commercials, and sometimes events.

It depends on luck when you can see those images, but I recommend you to cross the scramble intersection to see what kind of video you can see.

Night and Daytime Differences

If you have never walked the Shibuya Scramble crossing for lunch, please walk at the intersection even at night!You can see a completely different view from the daytime.

In Shibuya Scramble crossing at night, neon lights are shining, and the image of big vision looks gorgeous.The light of the building surrounding Shibuya Scramble Intersection shines, and it becomes a very beautiful night view.You can enjoy the experience like you are in a little different world, so please enjoy the Shibuya scramble crossing at night.

Street Interview

At Shibuya Scramble intersection, it is often seen that stations in each station have a street interview.Shibuya is a district where many people visit, so there are various street interviews in various public opinion polls such as fashion, sports, politics and so on.

If you love fashion, you might be interviewed when you walk on a Shibuya scramble intersection.

Video / Selfselfie

Are there many people who want to show a picture of many people crossing Shibuya Scramble intersection?Especially now, Instagram is popular, and many foreign tourists often take pictures of Shibuya scramble intersection with videos and selfies.

It sometimes looks like a picture when you take a picture of it casually, or you can see it as a movie.It would look different if you take a picture of Shibuya Scramble intersection with a video or by using a selfie wand to rotate 360 degrees.

Please try to shoot the scene of Shibuya scramble intersection with videos or selfies!However, when you take selfie, please be careful not to bump into the surrounding person.Also, please be careful not to bother people around you, even if you use a selfie stick or something like that!

Photo pot

where pictures of Shibuya scramble intersection can be taken beautifully

Do you know that there is a photo pot where you can take photos of Shibuya scramble intersection in a photo?I recommended you to do a video or selfie to enjoy the Shibuya scramble intersection, but I’d like to take a picture.

So I’m going to introduce you to a photo pot where you can take photos of Shibuya scramble intersection with beautiful photos!


A fashion building, MAGNET by SHIBUYA 109, located in front of Shibuya Scramble Intersection.You can get a panoramic view of Shibuya Scramble Intersection from “CROSSING VIEW” in MAG’s PARK on the roof of the roof.You can look down on the intersection, so you can take pictures easily, and it is popular among foreign tourists.

Especially, “CROSSING PHOTO” in “CROSSING VIEW” is recommended!This photo pot is charged, but you can use “Crossing Photo (Charged)” of the smartphone application, and you can take a very beautiful picture of the Shibuya scramble intersection from right above.

In MAG’s Park with “CROSSING view”, you can eat and drink, so you can enjoy a delicious meal while enjoying the scenery of Shibuya scramble intersection!

Various color umbrellas look like flowers on rainy days

In “CROSSING PHOTO”, I recommend Shibuya Scramble Intersection, especially on rainy days.CROSSING PHOTO allows you to see the Shibuya scramble intersection directly from above, so it looks like a colorful umbrella, and it looks like a gorgeous flower is blooming.

I think it is especially beautiful in the scenery of Shibuya scramble intersection, and it will be a rare scenery.If it rains, let’s go to CROSSING photo!

But, you can’t bring your umbrella in a rainy day, so please don’t forget to buy a raincoat at a vending machine.

Address : Jinnan 1-23-10, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Way to go : 4 minutes walk from Shibuya Station.

Hours of Business :
“CROSSING VIEW” 11 pm ~ 23 pm (last entry is 22 30)
“CROSSING PHOTO” 11 pm – 23 pm (last entry is 22 30 pm)

Admission :
“CROSSING PHOTO” 1,000 yen
Official Website : https://www.shibuya109.jp/MAGNET/mags_park

Starbucks Coffee SHIBUYA TSUTAYAYA Window Seats

A Starbucks Coffee located in Shibuya Tsutaya store, which is in front of Shibuya Scramble Intersection, which you also introduced at the place where you can meet.The window seat of this store is the perfect place to shoot Shibuya scramble intersection!

Because it faces a scramble intersection, you can take a picture slowly while drinking coffee.However, it is very popular because it is a perfect shooting point.There may be a chance of taking a seat, so I recommend you to come in early as you want to take pictures.

Address : Udagawacho 21-6 QFRONT, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Way to go : Shibuya Scramble Intersection front
Hours : 6 30 to 28 : 00
Official Website : https://www.starbucks.co.jp/store/search/detail.php?id=2003

Keio Communication Channel

In Shibuya, there is a passageway to get to Keio Electric Railway from Tamakawaguchi gate on JR Yamanote Line.The passage is full of glass, so you can see the outside.It is not as high as “CROSSING VIEW”, but you can see people who go through the Shibuya scramble intersection from above.

It’s a passage, so it doesn’t cost money!However, it is also a route to Shibuya Mark City, so be careful not to disturb people who pass through.

Address : Dogenzaka 1 – 12 – 1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Way : 1 minutes walk from Tamakawaguchi Wicket
Hours of business : 5 am to 24 40 pm

L’Occitane Cafe

L’ Occitane, a French cosmetics brand.L’ Occitane Cafe, a cafe that L’ Occitane has developed.It is rare to have a cafe which is developed by cosmetics brand.This is a cosmetics shop on the first floor, and the cafe with large windows on the second floor and the third floor is a cafe.You can see Shibuya scramble intersection well from that window.

You can enjoy delicious Provence cuisine like French cosmetics brand.You can enjoy the Shibuya scramble crossing slowly while relaxing by using herbs like tea, etc.

Address : Dogenzaka 2-3-1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Way to go : 0 minutes walk from Shibuya Station.
Hours of business hours : 10 am to 23 pm

Hoshino Coffee 109 MEN’s Store

Hoshino Coffee 109 MEN’s store is in the current MAGNET by SHIBUYA 109, where you can look down on the Shibuya scramble intersection from the window side.

In Hoshino Coffee, we focus on direct fire roasting, and the coffee that is carefully put by hand drips is a sign menu.Another famous dish of Hoshino Coffee is “Souffle Pancake”!The thick, fluffy pancakes that are eaten with butter and syrup are superb.You can enjoy lunch until 14 o’clock on weekdays.

In the store of Hoshino Coffee, it runs slowly, so you can see and shoot the Shibuya scramble intersection where people visit while enjoying delicious coffee and pancakes.

Address : Jinnan 1-23-10 MAGNET by SHIBUYA 109 2 f, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Way to go : 4 minutes walk from Shibuya Station.
Hours of business : 10 am to 23 pm (final order is 22 30 pm)

Estason Cafe

Estason Cafe is a cafe in Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu.Estason means “station” in Spanish.That’s right. This cafe is just above the station, and you can look down on the Shibuya scramble intersection directly from above.

At the Estason Cafe, the Iko is about 8 meters wide, and it is a very open space.It’s a cafe in a hotel, and unlike a regular cafe, it can be called a high-class cafe.Enjoy delicious meals such as snacks, lunch, dessert made with seasonal ingredients, etc.

You can see the Shibuya scramble intersection in a luxurious space, and you can shoot!

Address : Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu 5 f (in Shibuya Mark City), Dogenzaka 1-12-2, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Way : Directly connected to Shibuya Station
Phone Number : 03 – 5457 – 0109
Hours of business : 8 am to 24 pm (final order is 23 30 pm)

Event of Shibuya Scramble Crossing the Season

At Shibuya Scramble Intersection, various events are held every season.Many people gather at the Shibuya Scramble Intersection at the end of the year, so people can count down at Times Square in New York City.

However, there are so many people who gather, so there is a lot of traffic, so there will be a considerable number of police in each event.In particular, many people don’t listen to police attention when they are excited by sports events.So there have been some police officers who are paying attention to the unique remarks called “DJ Polch.”.

A police officer called DJ Polch appeared in 2013 when Japan’s national soccer team decided to enter the 2014 World Cup.Many supporters were happy to participate in the World Cup, and they were hit by the scramble at Shibuya scramble intersection.”I don’t want to be angry about this day,” said 1 police officers who were on a command car, “You are the twelfth Japan representative.”.Please walk slowly with teamwork like a Japanese player, “All the fearful police officers don’t hate it,” he said, urging a soft and gentle call, and that he did not even get arrested or injured.

In this way, the Shibuya Scramble Intersection has created interesting heart-warming episodes by police officers.Please remember that people who participate in the event will be able to enjoy the event in accordance with the efforts of police officers, and enjoy the event safely according to their instructions!Then, let me introduce the main events of Shibuya scramble intersection.


From New Year’s Eve to New Year, the Shibuya Scramble crossing and the street of the nearby park are all pedestrian paradise.By the way, it is also prohibited to run a bicycle.

Various events will be held, but at the time of the countdown to New Year, many people gather in front of Hachiko front square.Since last year, “YOU MAKE SHIBUYA COUNTDOWN 2018 – 2019” was the last year, so a considerable number of people gathered in the last year of this year.There were no big accidents due to the police who had previously predicted a large number of people gather, but it seems that some people could not enter the Shibuya scramble crossing because of traffic restrictions.

In order to prevent crime or accidents, traffic restriction is getting stricter, so I recommend you to wait at the intersection as soon as possible if you want to get a countdown at Shibuya scramble intersection.Also, a lot of people gather, so let’s wear clothes that are easy to move.Please be careful of crimes such as picket and injuries caused by crowds!

Sports Event

The “DJ Polch” sports event, which was introduced as mentioned above, is also famous as an event for Shibuya scramble intersection.Because there are many sports bars around Shibuya, there are many shops that broadcast soccer games and broadcast events such as soccer.

That’s why Shibuya Scramble intersection becomes like a festival after the Japanese team has been active.Each supporter joins together to celebrate each other, so you can get up.However, the traffic arrangement will be very difficult.For that reason, it is prohibited to cross a scramble intersection at a time when there are so many people.


In the past, Halloween is an event that has not been so familiar to Japanese people.Halloween is originally a festival originated from ancient Celtic, and it means to expel evil spirits in order to pray for the harvest of autumn in autumn.But this is not the case in recent years.In the United States, you can decorate Jack O Lantern, which is made from pumpkins, and children disguised as “Trick au Treat”.

And the Halloween custom gradually spread since the event was held at Tokyo Disneyland in Japan.In October, Halloween goods and food are sold at many shops.

And this is no exception to the event at Shibuya Scramble intersection!On October 31, around 1,000,000 young people gather in Shibuya scramble intersection from around 26, of course.It’s called “Halloween in Shibuya”, abbreviated as “Sarhalolo” for short, and many people wear costumes to enjoy Halloween.During the time of 1, it will be between 17 and 22.The visibility is bad at night, so please be careful about participating.

However, many accidents and incidents have occurred at this Halloween event.Because the tension went up, the light truck overturned, the dressing room was too crowded to disguise, or there was a lot of garbage, so there was a lot of garbage coming out.For that reason, traffic regulation starts from a few days ago to prevent people, accidents, and rioting from getting closer to Halloween.

It is not DJ Polch, but it doesn’t make sense to get injured or to cause trouble to people.If you are enjoying cosplay at Shibuya scramble intersection for Halloween, please follow the rules and participate in the event!


Shibuya Scramble Intersection is a place famous as an intersection and a tourist spot.It is popular among foreign tourists, but it is a good spot for Japanese people to use as one of Tokyo’s tourist attractions.”CROSSING VIEW”, where you can see Shibuya scramble intersection, and a large-scale event held at Shibuya scramble Intersection.Shibuya Scramble Intersection is one of the wonderful intersections that have lots of elements that you can enjoy, not just at an intersection but also in a lot of fun.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget tourist spots or shops in Shibuya Ward around the intersection.Places like Bronze Statue of Hachiko, green trains, Hoshino Coffee, and so on are also essential to enjoy Shibuya scramble crossing intersection!

And when there are many events such as Halloween, sports events, countdown and so on, it will be the venue for that venue.But even if it is a place of events, the original use is an intersection.You have to observe the rules carefully and be careful of safety.

Enjoy fun, watch out for attention, and enjoy 100% Shibuya scramble intersection!