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How to enjoy Shinjuku Golden Gai

Do you know Shinjuku Golden Gai?It is a part of a small drinking shop where a nostalgic atmosphere of the Showa period is created.It used to be a place where the people of the literary family visited and repeated hot debates.

It has a different atmosphere from the city of Shinjuku, and it has been popular for many years, and it has become popular among foreign tourists.Today I’ll tell you how to enjoy this Shinjuku Golden Gai and rules for enjoying it!

Basic information Shinjuku Golden Gai

First of all, I’ll summarize the basic information of Shinjuku Golden Gai.

Basic information Shinjuku Golden Gai

  • Address : 1 – 10, Kabuki-cho, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-cho, Tokyo, 5 – 160 0021
  • Stores : about 280 stores
  • Combination : Shinjuku 3 Optical Shopping Mall Promotion Association Shinjuku Golden Gai Commercial Association
  • Shinjuku 3 Optical Shopping Mall Promotion Association URL : http://goldengai.jp/index.html(All Stores Map (see)

Shinjuku Golden Gai is

Shinjuku Golden Gai is an area surrounded by skyscrapers and a small wooden house.Shinjuku Kabuki-cho No. 1, which is close to Shinjuku Station, is a street where skyscrapers and neon signs sparkle, but it is quite different from the Sakaya town, which is filled with the atmosphere in which low-tier buildings are connected to the nostalgic atmosphere.

Recently, in the main drama “3 year A Group of A -” starring Masaki Suda, “Everyone is hostage -” (January 2019 – broadcast), Gunji Mahito (the actor, Kippei Shiina) was used as the location for the entertainment district where the offender caught the criminal.The atmosphere of a nostalgic drinking street was very good in the drama.

There are a number of streets in this Shinjuku Golden Gai that have been used for this location.Each of them has names such as “Imitation street”, “Akaraku Hanamachi No. 1 street”, “Akaraku Hanamachi fifth Avenue”, “Golden Gai G1” and “Golden Gai G2”, and there are about 280 shops.

Why don’t we learn more about the Shinjuku Golden Gai and enjoy the nostalgic atmosphere of the restaurant?

The history of Shinjuku Golden Gai

Shinjuku Golden Gai begins with a collection of black markets and entertainment business in the pre-war period and the post-war period.After the Anti-Prostitution Law came into effect in 1958, the area where the bar was concentrated became a crowded area, and it came to be called the “Shinjuku Golden Gai.”.

At that time there were many shops in Shinjuku Golden Gai called Bunku bars, and many regular customers, such as writers, editors, movie directors, directors, actors and models, were also popular at that time.In particular, writers, journalists and editors gathered together to discuss hot debates and talk about it.

Among the famous people who went to Shinjuku Golden Gai are manga artist Fujio Akatsuka, novelist Ryotaro Shiba, Shusaku Endo, Kageki Shimoda, Taro Okamoto, filmmaker Nagisa Oshima, actor Bunta Sugawara Takada Junji, journalist Takashi Tachibana, poet Machi Tawara and, and.

Even now, at the Shinjuku Golden Gai, you can see the shops that have been visited by writers such as the “Petit Bunmon Bar” and the “Bar Library.”.There are also many shops in the 80 s that have music from each store, and there are many shops where literary writers and literary people enjoy such places as they have a narrow store and a steep staircase.

After the bubble economy in the 1980 s, the land price of this area soared, and the story of redevelopment was also raised in Shinjuku Golden Gai.The local hikers who bought land came to aim at this whole area.However, owners of shops opposed to land raising and redevelopment formed an organization to protect the Shinjuku Golden Gai, and opposed to the local hikers.

The collapse of the bubble economy in 1991 ended with the end of the confrontation with the local hikers, but the stores closed due to the rise of the land, resulting in a decline in the number of customers due to the economic recession, and it became a ghost town for some time.

Under such circumstances, owners of existing shops did not give up, and they worked to develop large-scale infrastructure, such as sewage and gas, with support from the ward.Our efforts moved in a good direction, and our new concept stores opened up by young people, and we were revitalized.

Today, it becomes a spot where foreign tourists are attracted to the attention, and it has become a wonderful place where you can enjoy a good old era and enjoy the pleasure of walking around a small, individualistic restaurant.

Access to Shinjuku Golden Gai

The Shinjuku Golden Gai is located about 300 meters northeast of the east exit of Shinjuku Station and about 300 meters east of the south exit of Seibu Shinjuku Station.It is located between the Shinjuku Ward Office and Hanazono Shrine, so if you search on the map on the map, it’s easy to understand either of them.

You can see Hanazono-jinja Shrine at the back of the street of Shinjuku Golden Gai.From the Hanazono Shrine, Shinjuku Golden Gai is spreading back to the back of the main hall.

Then, when you go by train, you will gather information about the parking lot when you go by car.

Go by train

● from JR Shinjuku Station
Go to the east exit of the east exit by walking 6 minutes and go to the ward direction.
● From West Shinjuku Station
Walk 6 minutes away from the south exit of the south exit.
● Subway Toei-Shinjuku Line, Marunouchi Line and Fukutoshin Line
It is a 5 minute walk from Shinjuku Sanchome station B – 3 exit, and 1 minute walk from the E – 1 exit.

Go by bus

● Bus stop : Shinjuku 5 chome (Miyako Bus, Keio Bus) about 150 m 2 minute
Bus stop : About 200 m 3 minutes from Kabuki-cho (Miyako Bus and Keio Bus)
● Bus stop : About 350 m 5 minutes in front of Isetan Shinjuku Station (Tokyo Bus)
Bus stop : About 380 m 6 minute on the east exit of Shinjuku Station (Miyako Bus, Keio Bus)

Parking Information

● Blue Parking Kabuki-cho first (1 minute 6 buses)
Full day : 25 minutes 200 yen maximum rate : 7:00 to 19:00 2000 yen
● Blue parking Kabuki-cho second (1 minute 8 buses)
8:00 to 18:00 20 minutes 200 yen 18:00 to 8:00 25 minutes 200 yen
● Kabuki-cho Hanazono Parking Park (2 minute 52 buses)
Full day : 2000 yen for 10 hours up to 100 yen for 12 minutes.

Basic rules when going to Shinjuku Golden Gai

There are many regular customers, many owners who have run a store for many years, and so on, Shinjuku Golden Gai.We need to visit the store in order to respect the people and to cherish the history of this area.

You should know the basic rules to protect the atmosphere of each shop and enjoy the town where you go.

The number of seats is limited, so if the waiting person appears, leave the store

Most of the small shops of 3 tsubo and 4 tsubo are in Shinjuku Golden Gai.There are many shops that have no seats in the store, so the popular shops are just full of 10 seats.

There are many popular restaurants where the owner’s story is fun and the dishes are good, but in the Shinjuku Golden Gai, if the store is crowded and the waiting person appears, let’s give him a seat.

And I’ll look forward to the next shop!It is one of the pleasures of Shinjuku Golden Gai to walk around a lot of drinking shops and find a shop with your favorite atmosphere.

If you cannot imagine the next shop, you should ask the owner, “Do you have any recommended shops?”.I think the owner will tell you about the shops that seem to be good for the customers!

The person who is in motion sickness

At the Shinjuku Golden Gai, there are some things you need to pay attention to not only in the store, but also on the streets.

First of all, even if you meet a person who is drunk, let’s leave him alone.Even if there is a person who is drunk in the store, the owner is paying attention to the owner, so the visitor doesn’t talk to you, so let’s leave him alone.

In addition, there are many people who don’t drink a lot of sake in the Shinjuku Golden Gai.So you may see those who have drunk sickness on the streets and take a rest.If you’re enjoying Shinjuku Golden Gai at the pace of the person’s pace, let’s leave it quiet even if you’re drunk on the road.

The alleys are thin and the shops are crowded.So you should be careful not to be a group, talk on the streets, or make a fuss about it.

Also, the alleys of the Shinjuku 3 optical Shopping Mall Promotion Association in the northern part of Shinjuku Golden Gai are owned by the alleys.It is said that there is also an application to take pictures of the alleys.When you want to take pictures of the alley or the store, make sure to take photos after checking out the owner of the store.

There are many stores that charge charges, so please check in advance

There are many shops in the Shinjuku Golden Gai, each of which has its own rules.It is necessary to check the price in advance, because many shops have set charge charges and charge for meals other than food and drink.

The price of charge and the price of Otoshi are wide, but there are many shops with a free price of about 1000 yen.There are many foreign tourists in recent years, and there are more shops that clearly express charge for charging and the charge for Otoshi.

You should check the rules and fees of the shops you go so that you don’t have to worry about unnecessary trouble.

In Shinjuku Golden Gai there were some shops called botata bars, and they were often charged when they entered the store.Nowadays, as redevelopment and combinatorial management have progressed and foreign customers have increased, such bars have become almost unheard of.

However, there are a few shops where the price system is not conscientious, but there are still some remaining.You should be particular about the shops that are doing the customer and the shops that are recruiting.

In the later part of this article, we introduce some shops, but before we go to Shinjuku Golden Gai, we recommend you to look into 2 or 3 shops that have good reputations and good reputations.If there are only 1 shops, it will be a problem if the shop is closed, so I am relieved to have 2 or 3 candidates.

In the local area, you can ask the owner of the shop and find the next one.If it’s the owner’s introduction, it’s OK!

There are many small shops in Shinjuku Golden Gai where you can put in 10 people.Therefore, there is a possibility that the seats cannot be secured by a large number of people.Also, don’t occupy the store with a large number of people, and try to go with a small number of people and enjoy conversation with the owner of the shop and the other visitors.

Therefore, I recommend you to go to the Shinjuku Golden Gai with a small number of about 1 to 3 people.

Popular stores Shinjuku Golden Gai

When you go to the Shinjuku Golden Gai for the first time, there are so many shops, you may wonder which shops you want to go into, or you may feel a lot of threshold.There are some shops that have a lot of shops, but there are many shops where you can welcome a new customer.I’ll introduce you to the 5 recommended shops, which are easy to go with.You can find a shop that says, “Let’s go to this place first!”!


I’ll introduce you to Krishna, who can enjoy an exotic atmosphere.Krishna is a lounge bar with an image of the Middle East and the Middle East.It is an exotic restaurant where you may think you’re in overseas, from a red wall, a cushion from Morocco, or a smell of foreign incense from abroad.

Not only in the atmosphere of the restaurant, but also in the menu, it is possible to enjoy Asian dishes such as a Keema curry, a herb salad with coriander, a chicken pho, Vietnamese gyoza dumplings, etc.There are more than 100 types of drink menus, and there are also rare beers in Asia and the Middle East.

And you shouldn’t miss the event at the store.On Tuesdays and the last Wednesday of the month, there is a show time for belldancing.On Tuesdays and Thursdays, there are many events such as tarot fortune-telling.

The day of the event may change.Please check the details on the page of the shop.Also, let’s make a reservation after making a reservation.

Basic information about Krishna

  • Address : 1-1-5, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 202
  • TEL:03-5287-2561
  • Operating hours : 19 : 00 to next 5:00
  • Regular holidays : New Year only
  • charge : 500 yen
  • Pet : OK
  • URL:http://krishuna.com/

Machuka Bar

Mr. Ohko, who speaks Osaka dialect.This is a restaurant with a lot of regular customers in the healing style and calm atmosphere of the store.And this is the first time to have a safe drink, and it is popular as a store where you can drink.

The store has a marble counter and a chandelier that feels good old times, and the music of the analog record is flowing.On top of that, there are various books on the bottle of sake bottles, and this place reminds me of the history that this place once had been gathered by a literary writer.

This is a restaurant where you can enjoy a friendly conversation with owners and neighbors.Owner’s Machiko is appearing irregularly.Even on the day when the owner does not have the owner, the owner of the owner who is good talker will entertain you.

The menu consists of carefully selected wines, such as Belgian beer, British beer, and Scotch bourbon.Why don’t we spend a relaxing time at the Macha Bar?

Basic information about the Machaca bar

  • Address : 1-1-6 Flower Garden 5 Avenue, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
  • TEL:03-3205-9288
  • Operating hours : Monday to Saturday 21:00 ~ next 4:00
  • Scheduled holidays : Sunday
  • Charge : 1000 yen Drink 800 yen ~
  • URL:www.macskabar.com/


When the leopard pattern wall goes up the impressive stairs, it is.The walls in the store are leopard patterns, the chair is leopard pattern and the day is depending on the day, but the manager’s clothes are also a leopard pattern and a bar surrounded by a lot of leopard patterns.The manager of the store, Ken 3, knows various worlds, such as playing actors, writing scripts, and aiming to become a politician, so the guests gather in their fun and personality.

Especially, there are many customers from foreign countries, and it is impressive that the owner’s personality is spreading to overseas.Why don’t you talk to the neighbors while drinking with alcohol?

The store is full of music in the 80 s, and it is full of nostalgic atmosphere.Why don’t we visit KENZO’S BAR, which has a high possibility of contact with people outside Japan?

Basic information in KENZO’S BAR

  • Address : The first first seventh second floor of Kabuki-cho, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo : The third avenue in the town of Hanazono (Shinjuku Golden Gai)
  • TEL:090-9847-5563
  • opening time : 20 : 00
  • Owner twitter : https://twitter.com/KENZOS_BAR
  • Owner Facebook : https://ja-jp.facebook.com/KENZOS-BAR-302135649798200/

Private Citizens

The restaurant is an impressive restaurant with a red light illuminated by a red light.Mr. Sue, the current owner of the shop, Mr. Sue, is selling the shop.

The store has been renovated several times, but the arrangement of a single long counter has been handed down without change.It is an arrangement where you can enjoy conversation with the owner from anywhere in the counter seat.

Under the red light, the warm conversation becomes full.Let’s enjoy the relaxed atmosphere.

Basic information about the citizens

  • Address : Kabuki-cho, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1-1-5
  • TEL:03-3203-0721
  • opening time : 18 : 00 to next 5:00
  • Scheduled holidays : Sunday (sometimes)
  • Charge : 1000 yen (w / homemade otoshi)
  • one shot : 500 yen ~
  • Store Information URL : http://www.goldengai.net/shop/f/05/


This restaurant has a history of over 30 years.The name was passed over to the name of this shop in Shinjuku Golden Gai after gaining approval from a literary bar called “Kurakura” in Ginza, which was called “Kurakura” in Ginza, and was accepted by the Ango Sakaguchi.The current owner is Bunmei Tobayama, who is an actor and a director.

The store is rare at Shinjuku Golden Gai and it is about 9 tsubo in size, and there are 40 people in the store.There is a large wall of cedar trees in the store, and it is a restaurant where you can enjoy the painting while drinking sake, such as the painting of the artist.

In addition, home-made dishes are popular, so you can enjoy the gentle and simple taste that Japanese people remind you of, such as Simmered Yellowtail with Daikon Radish and eggplant stir-fried with pork, pumpkin and cream cheese salad.

This restaurant is famous for being a shop where poet Machi Tawara and Comedian Hachiro Tako worked, as well as a shop where actress Junji Takada often frequented.Maybe I’ll encounter a famous person.However, in such a situation, follow the school of the Shinjuku Golden Gai and take action not to ruin the leisurely sake time of the famous people.

Cradle Basic information

  • Address : Kabuki-cho, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 1-1-9
  • TEL:03-3209-3660
  • Operating hours : 19 : 00 to 26:00
  • Scheduled holidays : December 30 – January 3
  • Charge : 1200 yen
  • one shot : 500 yen ~
  • Store Information URL : http://www.tubakigumi.com/kurakura/

Shinjuku Golden Gai

There are about 280 unique shops in the Shinjuku Golden Gai.There are a lot of shops, so I think you can find your favorite shops.Why don’t you try to chat with the owner and talk with the neighbors who come together in the small shop?Also, why don’t we try the usual Shikushu at the Shinjuku Golden Gai?You’ll forget the time.

In addition to the Shinjuku Golden Gai, there are events where the cherry blossom festival is held, the cherry blossom festival is held, and the summer festival is held.In the stamp rally where many shops participate, the charge is free of charge, and the event is held according to the festival.

Enjoy the event information and enjoy the Shinjuku Golden Gai!