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How to Enjoy Shinjuku Island

Tokyo Shinjuku-ku is one of the 23 special wards and is crowded with one of the busiest downtown areas in Japan.Shinjuku, located in the middle of the city, is convenient in terms of access to the city, and there is also a lot of railway lines, and it is busy regardless of the day or night, and it seems to have a strong population.

In the southern part of Shinjuku, there is a Shinjuku Gyoen and Meiji Jingu, and there is a healing spot with lush greenery in the city.In the northern part of Shinjuku, it is a residential area, and there is a quiet residential area in the high ground in the city, and it is a convenient district for business and sightseeing as well.

In a corner of the downtown of Shinjuku, there is a “Shinjukuairandotawa” that is built in a high-rise building and built in a high-rise building.The high-rise tower you can see is a lot of shops, restaurants, public art and squares!We are introducing how to enjoy the “Shinjukuairandotawa” with various facilities!

Basic information about Shinjuku Island

What kind of building is Shinjuku Island, a high-rise building that reminds me of the city?Let’s look at the structure and business hours, and the facilities and shops that are in it.

Shinjuku Island is

The Shinjuku Island, which is often used for shooting in TV dramas, is a spot that was planned about 30 years ago.The urban redevelopment project was planned in 1989 to promote urban infrastructure development by urban redevelopment projects in a densely populated residential area (about 29000 square meters) near the site of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Waterworks Shinjuku branch.

The housing and urban development corporation was built as the first redevelopment method, and was put into an oven on May 1, 1995.It may be said that the total cost of business was about 2100 yen, and it was a good investment, and it was enough to make a good investment.

As you can see from the appearance of Shinjuku Island, it is a tall skyscrapers that are tall enough to be seen in the streets of Shinjuku.Because it is very tall, its appearance looks blue and shines like a mirror, making it a city and modern symbol.

In the appearance of the building, the bottom floor has a metallic silver color and the tower’s top has a dome-shaped appearance, and it has a modern design.There is a heliport on the roof, and the urban silhouette is also characteristic.

The floor number of the building is the same as that of the city, and there is a ground from the fourth basement to the forty fourth floor.Shinjukuairandotawa is the center, and it is called’ Shinjuku Island’.

The main facilities and spots of Shinjuku Island are divided into different locations.

Main facilities and spots

of Shinjuku Island

  • Tower building. The second – fourth floor of the basement is the restaurant and the restaurant is the restaurant and the restaurant is the restaurant, and the restaurant is the restaurant and the first floor.The first floor is a cafe and a shop, the second floor is a post office and service floor, the third floor to the forty third floor is an office floor, and the forty fourth floor on the top floor is a restaurant with a nice view.
  • west building.There is a pharmacy at the entrance to the west entrance, and it is convenient for you to take a prescription from a nearby hospital.The tower building is planted by a roof on the stairs.
  • The south building … The Aqua Plaza ⁽ Hall ⁾, so you can enjoy the space with a good design.It is used in many events.Also, it is connected to the underground passage, so it is easy to access.The first floor is a restaurant, and the second floor is a hall.
  • east building : school residence.The 1.2 floor is a dentist’s office, Otolaryngology department, ophthalmology and other clinics, and shops such as Seven-eleven and other shops, and the third floor is a residential resident residence before redevelopment.There is also a professional vocational school in Shinjuku, Shinjuku.
  • Island wing … office
  • Island patio … the square on the first floor of the basement.There is a Saint Marc Cafe where you can take a break when you’re tired.The 4 large zelkova trees rose and the space built in harmony with nature.There is a sense of liberation, and there is a lot of conversation in restaurants and cafes, and there is also a lot of movie screenings, such as a mini, a soccer, and movie screenings.
  • Atrium … The first basement, restaurants and restaurants, the first floor on the cafe and shops, and the restaurant on the second floor.It is a circular building with an escalator in the middle atrium, and it has an open feeling.
  • Oberisk … A symbol tower with a height of 35 m in front of the tower.It has a characteristic astronomical clock and has a stylish design.There is a bell at 9 o’clock, 12 o’clock and 18 o’clock to tell the time.
  • Island Annex building : A residential building on the sixth floor of the ground.

Access to Shinjuku Island

The access to Shinjuku Island is convenient for cars and trains.It’s very convenient to visit a family with a friend and a child with a private car, and there are many advantages and benefits.

Access by train

    It is a 8 minute walk from the Toei-Oedo line. It takes about a minute walk to the Sumitomo building from the Sumitomo Building. Tocho-mae Station.[Shinjuku-nishiguchi Station] It is a 10 minute walk from Omekaido.
  • 30 seconds from Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line : about a second walk from Nishi-shinjuku Station (ticket gate is one)
  • From JR Shinjuku Station it is a 10 minute walk from JR Shinjuku station to the Shinjuku sub-center of Shinjuku city.Go to the exit by the underground pass, and next to the Mitsui building on the right hand side is the Shinjuku Island.

Access by car

  • Enter the island parking from the general road in front of the Tokyo Medical University Hospital, from the general road, in front of the. Omekaido.
  • From the Metropolitan Expressway, go from the exit of Shinjuku Line on the fourth.
[Shinjuku Island Parking Lot] Time lending fee (all models) : 300 yen / 30 minutes
Time : AM 7:00 ~ PM 23:00

Shinjuku Island Business Hours

Shinjuku Island is basically open every day from AM 7:00 to PM 23:00, and the third Sunday of February is closed on the whole building.It seems that the inquiry to the island is held at the information desk between AM 9:00 and PM 17:00 on weekdays.

The Bank ATM in the building is open not only on weekdays, but also on weekends, holidays, and even at night, so it is convenient to use it anytime.

Also, since Shinjuku Island is a building that has been organized, you need to be careful because the address is different depending on the building.You should be careful when you send mail.

[Shinjuku Island] Address : Tokyo 163 – 13 x × (x is the number and the number of exclusive numbers) Tokyo Shinjuku-ku Nishi-Shinjuku 6-5-1 (* 1 6-4-1)
Phone number : 03 – 3348 – 1177
[Shinjuku Island Wing] Address : 6-3-1, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163 – 8308 Tokyo
[Island Residence] Address : 6-5-2, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163 – 0023 Tokyo
[Island Annex] Address : 6-2-3, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163 – 0023 Tokyo

Shinjuku Island Smoking Area

Shinjuku Island offers a cafe and shops, a wide plaza, and is perfect as a place to stay between sightseeing and shopping office work.Recently the smoking boom is spreading and there are fewer places where smoking can be done, but there are some places where smoking can be done in Shinjuku Island, so it is good for smokers.

In the island, you can enjoy smoking while resting because you can smoke in the square on the first floor and the terrace space in the basement patio square.Because it is a liberating place, it is better to smoke without worrying about smoking smoke too much!

Attraction of Shinjuku Island

Shinjuku Island is a commercial facility of skyscrapers in Shinjuku, which is famous for its office district and is also famous for its sleepy cities.There are lots of fun ways to enjoy the open rest area, shopping shops and restaurants, and the lively Shinjuku Island.

There are a lot of nice shops, but there are many other objects that are full of artistic art.You can enjoy not only shopping and eating, but also art world, and various events are held.Let’s take a closer look at the full of attractive Shinjuku Island!

Public art representative of “LOVE’s objects”

In Shinjuku Island there are a number of exotic public art.The object that makes the Shinjuku Island colorful and complete will soothed the hearts of visitors!

The concept of public art is the theme of “The earth filled with stars and the earth filled with love.”.Since many public arts are located at a corner of Shinjuku Island, looking for public art will be 1 fun as well!

First of all, when you go to the front of the island, you can see the object saying “LOVE.”.The author is a contemporary American artist called Robert Indiana.The red logo is conspicuous, but the color in the alphabet is yellow and light blue, so it seems to have a more solid look.

It’s good to take a commemorative photo with a sense of letters.It is also a place where the filming was performed such as the drama “Gto” and the “ideal marriage”.There are interesting urban legends, and there is an episode of love when the body passes through between the letters “V” and “E” of “LOVE.”.I recommend you try it as a challenge.

It is a public art full of artistic sense, and it is nice to be able to get rid of the sense of the sense and the essence of the break.

Aqua Plaza that can be used for exhibitions and lectures.

Shinjuku Island is used not only for shopping and restaurants, but also for various events.The “Axa Plaza” on the first basement floor is used for exhibitions and lectures, and people’s flow is always lively and lively.

The area of Axa Plaza is one of the largest (640 ㎡) areas in Shinjuku.It is a spacious space, and it is perfect for various buffet parties.

I recommend Aqua Plaza when you are holding a large meeting or party.Also, it is a good idea to check the event information at any time, so it is a good idea to check it every time you go.

Open “Patio”

The open Patio, adjacent to the Axa plaza, is a spacious space that allows you to rest while enjoying tea at the cafe in Shinjuku Island.The site is about 660 square meters, and the spacious space is open and nice!

Like Aqua Plaza, we have various events at times as well.There is also a lot of sports watching hot springs.Because it is possible to smoke, it is good that the smoker can take a rest without worrying about it.

The cafe is also equipped with a cafe, so you can enjoy relaxing with a refreshing feeling if you enjoy tea time on a terrace seat.I recommend you to enjoy a moment when you can relax with your friends and friends during the work.

Shinjuku Island’s Popular Restaurant Cafe and izakaya

There are various facilities, such as event space and office, in Shinjuku island, but it is characteristic that there are many restaurants.There are a lot of restaurants on the first floor and a lot of restaurants in the basement.

I’ll introduce you to restaurants and cafes that are recommended among many restaurants in Shinjuku Island.


The new York CAFFÉ / Cafe

One of the restaurants in the first basement, NEW YORK CAFFÉ, is a perfect place to stop by and drink a cup of coffee and coffee.The sandwich menu salmon and cream cheese sandwich with a healthy taste that goes well with coffee!

New York is a concept, so you can enjoy American side menus such as sandwiches and muffins.It is nice to spend a relaxing time at a stylish counter!

Phone number : 03 – 5323 – 6557
Business hours : Weekdays AM 7:30 ~ PM 20:30, Saturday AM 9:00 ~ PM 15:00
Closed holidays : Day and holidays

Sushi / Sushi

One of the restaurant’s restaurants in the first basement, Hinazushi is an all-you-can-eat sushi that is different from the sushi restaurant, so it is all-you-can-eat!We offer high-quality ingredients and standard sushi ingredients that are fresh in season with high quality and nigiri techniques.

There is a party plan, so you can also use it for a launch or a party!

Phone number : 03 – 5323 – 2380
Business hours : Weekdays AM 11:30 PM 15:00 PM 17 : 0023 : 00, Saturday AM 11:30 PM 15:00 PM 17:00 – 22:30 PM 12 – 15, PM 17 – 21, PM 00 – 00, PM 00 – 30
HP … https://hina-sushi.com/

Fish Sampler Island Tower Store / Izakaya

The fish platter located on the island 2 World Trade Center floor is famous for its delicious fish that can be eaten deliciously!Fish delivered directly from the fishing port that day are very fresh and delicious.

There are also a wide variety of dishes, including the assortment of 5 large fishing items, 7 items, etc.I would like to eat fresh sashimi and sashimi at 1 degrees.

Phone number : 03 – 5325 – 3688
Business hours : Weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, holidays : AM 11:00 ~ PM 14:00, PM 17:00 – 23:00 (Food PM 22:00, Drink PM 22:30)


The SAKURA DINING TOKYO, which is very popular in the restaurant district on the first floor of the basement, is elegant and elegant with an image of cherry blossoms.The menu has a wide range of meat dishes, and there is also an authentic “Lava Grill” which is baked by the cherry chip and grilled by infrared ray in an open kitchen.

In addition, there are various categories such as Japanese cuisine, pizza and cafe lunch, so it is a restaurant that can be used according to the application.It is also good for eating with family or friends!

Phone number : 03 – 5339 – 6700
Business hours : Monday – Sunday, AM 11:00 – PM 23:00
HP … https://www.sakura-dining-tokyo.jp/

Tea 傳也 Shinjuku Store / Japanese Cafe

The tea 傳也 that can be enjoyed with a Japanese style atmosphere in the restaurant district on the first floor of the basement is recommended for the cafe during lunch time!The set of rice ball and tonjiru is popular and it is famous for its reasonable price.Also, Matcha set is good for a rest, so it is good for you.

After you breathe in, you will be pleased to bring back the original pudding with the tea 傳也 as a souvenir!

Phone number : 03 – 3349 – 3317
Business hours : Weekdays AM 10:00 ~ PM 18:30, Saturday AM 10:00 ~ PM 16:00
Closed holidays : Day and holidays


Shinjuku Island is a sightseeing spot where you can enjoy watching, eating and experiencing a lot of fun.After you have been surprised at the height of the island tower, you can see the Instagram picture by taking a picture of the public art in various parts of the building.

Visit Shinjuku Island, a place where you can’t miss the sights of Tokyo sightseeing, so please enjoy it!