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Best 6 pools in Shinjuku

There are many attractive pools in the Shinjuku area.There are a variety of pools in which you can enjoy a pool in Shinjuku Shinjuku, where you can enjoy a pool in Shinjuku, where you can enjoy a luxurious pool on top of a luxurious hotel, a City swimming pool that is run by a ward, a pool where you can enjoy a beautiful night view of Shinjuku, a sports club, and a pool of pools that can be enjoyed by all kinds of people.

In this article, we introduce the 6 popular pools in the Shinjuku area.Please find the pool you are looking for in Shinjuku, such as a pool that you can enjoy in a night pool or even in winter, and a pool that you can enjoy in a family in summer.

Keio Plaza Hotel Sky Pooh

Keio Plaza Hotel Sky Pooh is an outdoor pool located on the roof of the seventh floor of the Keio Plaza Hotel, 5 minutes walk from Shinjuku Station.The pool surrounded by high-rise buildings is lit up during night hours, and it becomes a night pool with a fantastic atmosphere.

There are free loans such as bath towels, beach sandals, swimming rings, and deck chases, so you can get around at the end of work.It will be charged, but there is also a rental of swimsuit, so you can use it empty-handed.

Pools are divided into main pool and infant round pool, and they are not separated by courses, etc.It is a hotel that is suitable for enjoying fun by lovers, friends and family.

There is also a photo pot on the side of Poolside, which is a motif of “Mermaid”, so it is a popular pool that you can recommend for girls who love photos.

Address : Nishishinjuku 2-2-1, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Business Hours : 6/23) – 9 / 17 15 : 00 – 20:00
Usage fee : 4000 yen for weekdays, 5000 yen for Saturdays, Sundays, etc.
Phone Number : 0333440111


On the top floor of HYATT REGENTS TOKYO, there is an indoor pool where you can get warm light from the ceiling.The poolside has a deck chair, a table, and a jacuzzi, so you can spend a lot of time without getting into the pool.

You can enjoy positive sunlight during the day, but it is recommended to use it for lovers as you will be able to produce romantic lighting at night.There is a spa nearby, so it’s better to use it in a pool to refresh at a spa.

Visitors other than guests can also use it for 4,000 yen, so if you are looking for a pool date, please use this one.

Address : Nishishinjuku 2-7-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 6 : 00 – 21:00
Usage fee : Visitor 4,000 yen
Phone Number : 03 – 3348 – 1234

Welfare Health Foundation Wellness Age

Wellness Age is a sports facility provided by the Welfare Health Foundation of Tokyo, and there is a pool facility.There are 3 20 m courses, and it is a pool facility recommended for those who want to enjoy a pool leisurely.

There is also Tokyu Sports Oasis Shinjuku in the same building, so if you want to enjoy the pool more seriously, I recommend you to join here.Also, there is a lot of izakaya and restaurants, so you can eat after you finish exercising at a pool or gym.This pool is recommended for those who want to take the exercise in a pool of daily habits.

Address : 1, 2 chome, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, No. 44
Hours of business : 9 : 00 – 17:00 (closed day : Monday, Monday)
Usage fee : 700 yen per person
Phone Number : 03 – 5285 – 8000

Shinjuku kozmicksportscenter Pool

Shinjuku kozmicksportscenter is a multipurpose facility in Shinjuku Ward, where you can use it for sports, dance, and conference.There are not only pools but also martial arts such as judo, aikido, kendo, and so on, and there are many facilities for indoor ball skills.There are also archery dojo and dance, so if you want to enjoy sports in Shinjuku, you can visit “Shinjuku kozmicksportscenter”.

The pool facility is located at 1 F underground, and it has a large pool with 25 m course for adults and 8 courses.Also, there is an infant pool, so you can enjoy a pool with a small child.Other than personal use, there is also a group reservation, so it’s better to check if it is the release date and time of private use when you use it.

Address : Okubo 3-1-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 9 : 00 – 21:45
Usage fee : Adult 400 yen / junior high school student or less 100 yen
Phone Number : 03 – 3232 – 7701

Hilton Tokyo Indoor Pool

Hilton Tokyo has a full range of fitness facilities, including gyms, saunas, tennis courts, swimming pools, massage facilities, which can be used for 24 hours.

The pool is a free, high ceiling space, and you can enjoy it in a luxurious pool of 4.5 m × 12 m pool.There are many deck chairs on the poolside, so you can enjoy relaxing time on the poolside.

There are also many saunas and massage services, so after enjoying a pool, you can use these facilities to refresh your daily fatigue.

Address : Nishishinjuku 6-6-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 6 : 00 – 22:00
Usage Charges : –
Phone Number : 03 – 3344 – 5111

Tokyu Sports Oasis Shinjuku 24 Plus Indoor Pool

“Tokyu Sports Oasis Shinjuku 24 Plus” is a popular sports gym for 24 hours.Not only is there a wide variety of facilities such as gym, pool, studio, and spa, but it is also a secret that you can train while watching a rich variety of program events, beautiful night view of Shinjuku, and so on.

There is also a pool facility, and there are not only indoor 25 m pools, jacuzzi, but also outdoor Aqua pool jacuzzi facilities.Especially at outdoor pool facilities, you can spend a luxurious time on a poolside while enjoying beautiful night scenery in a beautiful Shinjuku night.

The facility, atmosphere, and access are excellent facilities, so if you want to use the pool regularly, please consider joining the “Tokyu Sports Oasis Shinjuku 24 Plus”.

Address : 2-44-1 Tokyo City Health plaza “Ha Lee Ji-a” 5 f, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-cho, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 24 hours
Usage fee : Member plan
Phone Number : 03 – 3200 – 0109


There are many attractive pools in the Shinjuku area, and there are pools that meet various n needs such as lovers, sports practice, family enjoyment, etc.If you are looking for a pool in the Shinjuku area, please refer to this article.