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How to Enjoy the SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory

“SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory” is well known as a popular dating spot in Tokyo Ikebukuro.The view of the observation deck is an excellent view because it is an observation deck, and it is perfect for a date course.

The “Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory” that is perfect for the date course is packed with a lot of fun places a lot of fun spots.I recommend a zone where you can enjoy a lot of hands-on attractions that you can enjoy with your family and friends, so you can enjoy it by just looking at it.

I will convey the charm of “Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory” where you can enjoy the rest of a lot of fun while enjoying a great view while enjoying a lot of fun!

SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory Basic Information

What is an attractive spot called “SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory”?Let’s take a closer look!

SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory is

“SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory” is a viewing platform that is located in Tokyo Ikebukuro.It consists of 5 buildings called Sunshine City, one of the complex cities that have many facilities, including observation decks, aquariums, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, event space, museums and theaters.

On the fifty eighth and fifty ninth floors of Sunshine City, there is a wonderful view of the Sky View Restaurant, and on the sixtieth floor there is a concept “Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory” which is a concept of the concept of the “Observation deck”.

The low level zone has a shopping mall, Sunshine city Alta and a specialty shopping mall Alpa, and is crowded as a shopping center for 2 major shopping malls.There are many events held at the fountain of Alpa, which is one of the rest of shopping, so it is worth seeing.

In the World Import Mart Building, there is a concept of “An Oasis of sky,” “Sunshine Aquarium, Indoor Theme Park, Nanja town” of amusement arcades, “Konica Minolta Planetarium” in SunshineCity, and convention center of event venue.

You can also stay at Sunshine City Prince Hotel in the accommodation.In the Cultural center building, there is a cultural facility called “Ancient Orient Museum” and “Sunshine Theatre”, and there are all kinds of facilities.There is also a parking lot and bus terminal necessary for use, so visitors can use it comfortably.

The Sunshine Building buildings are built so that they can withstand the earthquake resistance at the time of disaster, and the safety assessment III is the safety evaluation of the Tokyo Seismic Portal Site.It is good that it is safe and can be used safely.

As a single building, the Nakasuido system is the first in Japan to be able to purify wastewater discharged in the building by about 1,200 tons / 1 days. It is reused as water for toilet drainage.

The observation deck of “Sunshine City”, which is a city and town building that is concerned about the environment and energy conservation, is attracting attention as a sightseeing spot for a new era as an attraction spot. It is attracting attention as a sightseeing spot for a new era.

Access to SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory Parking lots and nearby stations

“SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory” is located in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, so it is easy to visit because it has a wide variety of traffic access.Let’s take a look at the train, bus and car of public transportation, and so on.

Nearest station on the train

  • Ikebukuro Station (Tokyo Metro, JR, Seibu and Tobu Line) : About 8 minute
  • from Exit Number 35

  • Higashi-ikebukuro Station (Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line) … about 3 minute
  • on foot from exit 6 and exit 7.

  • Higashi Ikebukuro 4 chome bus stop (Toden Arakawa Line) : about 4 minute walk

Go by car

    The road to the Sunshine City parking lot is close to the capital National Highway 5, “Higashi-Ikebukuro Exit.”.
  • Parking lots : Parking number : 1,800 units, 24 hours / week

By route bus

  • Tokyo bus. bus stop at the bus stop “Ikebukuro Sunshine City”
  • 86

  • Kokusai Kogyo bus … “Sunshine city Sunshine City South”

* Ikebukuro Sunshine Bus Terminal. There are many buses departing and arriving, but there are many buses, so it is better to inquire directly to the highway bus company.You can also contact the Sunshine City General Reception.

Go by bike or motorcycle

  • West Parking Lot (Victoria Sports Mall) : Bike and bicycle only
  • North Parking Garage (World Import Mart Building) … Bicycle only
  • Higashi Parking (Cultural Center) : Bicycle only

* 3 Parking lots are all charged, but you can park at Sunshine City if you can use the facility discount, you can park at a reasonable price.

[SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory] Address : 60 f, 3-1 Sunshine City Sunshine 60, Toshima City Higashi Ikebukuro, Tokyo 170 – 0013 Tokyo Higashi Ikebukuro
Total reception time : AM 9:00 ~ PM 20:00
Business day : 24×7
Phone number : 03 – 3989 – 3331

SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory fee / annual passport

To go to “SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory”, you will need to pay an admission fee and an extra fee to experience the attraction.Even though it is an adult or a child, the fee is different, so if you buy an annual passport at any time, you can get a lot of benefits at any time, and you can get a lot of benefits at any time in 1 years.

Ticket price for SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory

  • Adult … 1,200 yen
  • Student … 900 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school) : 600 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) … 300 yen

Annual passport fees and main benefits

  • SKYPASS. uniform 3,600 yen
  • Special view at the observation deck : About 30% off the usual admission fee for 2 people, usually
  • The VR content usage rate is 30% off
  • Hold a special invitation for membership at random intervals

Type of annual passport

  • Electronic Annual Passport (purchased by smartphone)
  • Card type annual passport (purchased at the ticket counter)

Attraction of SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory and How to Enjoy

“Sky Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory” is a spot where you can enjoy watching and enjoying the experience.In addition to a nice view, try to find out what the attractions are, such as the attractions that you can buy from the hot topic and the shops that you can only buy from Sunshine!

View perfect for night dates

The SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory has a fascinating view of its wonderful view, and it has a sigh of breathlessness in the first place.The panoramic view of Tokyo panorama from 251 m above sea level, including Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Sky Tree and Shinjuku Building, is spectacular and the view of 360 degree view of the scenery is spectacular.

The view from the observation deck in the daytime is a view that looks far away from the weather, and the date with your lover will give you a nice and refreshing atmosphere.

Looking at the magnificent cityscape, not only during the daytime, but also from the evening, the mood should rise at once.By the time the lights of the town are lit up, you can see it as a collaboration with the night sky as you look at the magnificent starry sky!

An attraction where you can experience a strange world of light and mirrors

There are many attractions that make use of various light and mirror technologies, so you can experience a strange world.You can only enjoy this SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory with a nice attraction at the observation deck!

  • SKY trampoline … A large monitor screen buried under the floor allows you to move through the vertical jump movement experience by moving the sights of every place in Japan dynamically.
  • Infinity … A tunnel like a kaleidoscope of light and mirrors in several people.You can enjoy the world with no sense of balance at the top, right, left and right 360 degrees.
  • Kaleidoscope 60 … There are 60 kaleidoscopes on the outer wall, so you can experience the glittering CUMOS legislative kaleidoscope.
  • assobrera NEXT … When you have an umbrella, a strange thing falls by the sound and vibration.
  • Mosaic SKY … The mosaic mirror shows a picture of the inside and outside of the inside and outside of the mosaic mirror reflecting up and down.
  • SKY PARTY … You can experience real time synthesis and manipulation of rain, thunder and clouds made with 3 dcg in response to the position and movement of the person.

TOKYO Bullet Flight where you can experience the experience of launching a cannon from a cannon into a large sky in Tokyo with the VR experience.

The popular VR experience “TOKYO Bullet Flight” is an attraction that you can experience with the latest 4 d experience content 1 times.It looks like a cannon with a goggle and a set like a cannon.

It is wonderful that you can enjoy the experience of flying around the sky with a dynamic wind, a movement of a cannon and a vibration and speedy video in the future of Tokyo.You can enjoy thrill and excitement.

“Swing Roller coaster”

Wearing goggles and riding a swing coaster, you can experience the feeling of running in the sky in Ikebukuro as if running through the sky in Ikebukuro.You can enjoy various different modes with various different modes, so you can enjoy various different courses.

VR Content Rates

  • TOKYO bullet flight … 600 yen / 1 times 1 persons
  • Swing coaster … 400 yen / 1 times 1 people
  • SKY escape (fear experience of high fear) : 500 yen / 1 times 1 people
  • MX 4 d Ultra Inverse Bangs … 500 yen / 1 times 1 persons
  • MX 4 d Aoba VR Creeping Teller … 500 yen / 1 times 1 persons
  • MX 4 d Dinosaur Play … 500 yen / 1 times 1 persons
[VR availability time] Business hours : Weekdays AM 10:30 ~ PM 21:30, SAT 10:00 ~ PM 22:00

Cafe Quu Quu Quu, where you can take a break at the cafe

Cafe Cafe Quu Quu Quu, a cafe that lets you take a rest while enjoying a spectacular view of the SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory, can spend a different time with the cafe on the ground.

The tower loco momoco can be enjoyed with a new sensation as it is finished by turning over the bowl with rice and pouring sauce over it.

Other than that, there are a variety of dishes such as Tiramisu and tent curry, and a couple seat which you can enjoy a table seat and a sofa and night view carefully, and it has an excellent atmosphere.I recommend you to take a break on a date, but you can enjoy a pleasant view of a friend and a family of the family while enjoying a nice view.

Cafe Quu Quu Quu
Business hours : AM 10:00 ~ PM 22:00
Business day : Sunday sales, unspecified holidays
Phone number : 03 – 3989 – 3458

“SKY Circus SHOP” where you can get original goods.

In “SKY Circus SHOP” there are many original souvenirs with the theme of sky.There are cushions with an image of the clouds, sky love lottery, and a rare Japanese first “Omikuji accessories”.

The cookie that has an image of SKY Circus has a cute shape, so you’ll want to buy a lot of it!

“SKY Circus SHOP”
Business hours : AM 10:00 ~ PM 22:00
Business day : 24×7
Telephone number : 03 – 3989 – 3331 (contact point of observation)

SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory Summary

The “SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory” which can overlook Tokyo from Ikebukuro is an unusual facility where you can see not only the viewing, but also the attraction and the strange space experience.

The “SKY Circus Sunshine 60 Observatory” can be enjoyed with various body senses from various angles, so you can enjoy it with a date or a date.