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How to enjoy “Striped House Gallery”

There is a unique “Striped House Gallery” in the city of Roppongi, where you can find a unique appearance.This is a striped house gallery where you can enjoy not only art arts, but also concerts, rakugo live events, and so on.The events vary depending on the period of visit, so let’s look at the sights and highlights of the event!


Appeal and Basic Information of the Roppongi Stripe House Gallery

What kind of building is there in the Roppongi striped gallery and attractive?Let’s look at details such as its structure, its attractiveness, and its access and business hours.

“Roppongi Striped House Gallery” History

The predecessor of the current gallery is the “Striped House Museum,” built by a photographer Takuya Tsukahara in 1981.The English notation is “STRIPED HOUSE ALLEY”.At that time, everything was established as an art museum, but it was closed in 2000.

It was established again in December 2001, but not all buildings were positioned as museums, but gallery exhibitions were reduced and only on the third floor.Also, we have started using a combination of the two.The semi-basement and the first floor are multipurpose rental spaces, and are available for various activities as art exhibitions, rental galleries, and rental studios.

At the multipurpose rental space gallery, exhibitions of art works in different exhibitions at different times are held, and contemporary art exhibitions that can only be seen at that time are held at the same time.In addition, there are mini live concerts, musical instrument concerts, recitation meetings, Rakugo conferences, etc., and it is a functional stripe house gallery that is used for a variety of activities, and it can be said to be a functional stripe house gallery in the first person.

Access information and appearance of the Roppongi Striped House Gallery

The Roppongi Striped House Gallery is located in Sakashita near Imoaraizaka in Roppongi.I tend to imagine a large building in the name of an art museum, but it is difficult to find it in a small building with a small building and a building.

The appearance of this item is as its name suggests, and it is very fashionable as it is characterized by its horizontal stripes next to brown and beige.It is a building with a rare pattern even if the building is small, so it’s easy to access if you know the characteristics of the building.

  • Subway : Subway Hibiya Line / Oedo Line Roppongi Station #3 Exit
  • Cars … From the Roppongi intersection to the Imoaraizaka in front of the gallery, you can only turn left from the Tameike and Kamakura area.
  • Bus : Get off the bus at the Minato ward bus stop in Minato Ward, Minato Ward and get off at Roppongi Keyakizaka and get off at Roppongi Station.From Shibuya Station, get off at “Tokyo 01” and get off at Roppongi Station.Or get off at “Tokyo 01” or “RH 01” and get off at Keyakizaka.
Address : 5-10-33, Roppongi, Tokyo 106 – 0032, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3405 – 8108

“Roppongi Striped House Gallery” operating hours

The museum has an image that many people come to the museum on holidays and weekends, but this building is closed on Sundays and holidays, so you need to be careful.

Since it is not open early in the morning, it may be a good idea to visit the nearby Roppongi Hills and another spot, such as the SNOOPY MUSEUM TOKYO, by sightseeing around the walking distance before you look at the gallery, sightseeing around another spot, and visiting the striped house gallery.

Business Day : Monday – Saturday
Closed day : Sundays and holidays
Admission free
Business hours : AM 11:00 – PM 18:30

“Roppongi Stripe House Gallery” Wide and usage rates

The Roppongi stripe house gallery has a small appearance and a wider scale than a standard house, and exhibits a number of private exhibitions, rather than a large art exhibition.The amount of charge varies depending on the floor.

M. B floor wide on rental floor
B Floor (underground first floor) : 109.84 square meters / 33.2266 tsubo
M Floor (main floor, first floor) : 94.755 square meters / 28.633 tsubo


1 week usage fee … 1 days 8 h / PM 9:00 end (available for consultation)
B Floor (underground first floor) : 270,000 yen (excluding tax) / weeks
M Floor (main floor first floor) : 210,000 yen (excluding tax) / weeks

Use of a rich variety of “Roppongi Striped House Gallery”

The Roppongi Striped House Gallery is available for rental and can be used for various exhibitions and purposes.


The Roppongi stripe house gallery often exhibits art exhibitions as an art gallery.They open a personal exhibition of contemporary art topics and exhibit unique art.For those who want to enjoy the artistic impression of the art with a different art, it is recommended to watch the exhibition in the Roppongi Striped House Gallery.

In the gallery on the third floor, there are various contemporary artists in Japan and abroad, so there are a wide range of genres.Every 1 months, you’ll be able to enjoy new fun every time you visit.

Photo Exhibition

In the Roppongi Striped House Gallery, there is a photo exhibition as well.Along the walls of the building’s art car, a photo exhibition that can be viewed randomly as if it were an interior, it makes a beautiful artistic picture more artistic.

It is recommended for those who want to see a rare photo exhibition because they have private personal exhibitions that cannot be seen at a large art museum.

Mini live

Small mini live is also popular in the multipurpose rental space.The musical instrument concert is a small room, so you can hear the sound well, so you can listen to the sound and body directly and listen to the music with a sense of closeness.

The large hall is far away from the audience, but there is also an advantage to enjoy a live concert with the audience at a small live venue and enjoy live concert with everyone.The Roppongi striped house gallery is perfect for a small concert.

Rakugokai and Roei Kai

In the Roppongi Stripe House Gallery, there are also rare Rakugo gatherings and exhibitions, as well as mini live and exhibitions.The Rakugo meeting is close to the guest seats, so you can enjoy the energetic talk and enjoy it.

The reading session gives you a sense of realism, so you can easily understand the expression of the reader’s facial expression and voice color, so that you can feel the same feeling.


The Roppongi Striped House Gallery not only exhibits art exhibitions, but also offers various photo exhibitions and mini live in a multipurpose space, and there are 1 ways to enjoy it.

There are various ways to enjoy it, but it is nice that it is a practical facility where you can open a private exhibition because you can rent it.It is a good spot to visit Tokyo, and when you go to Roppongi, you should definitely stop by and touch the art.