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How to enjoy Sunshine Aquarium

“Sunshine Aquarium” in Ikebukuro, Tokyo is an atmospheric aquarium with a concept of “Oasis in the sky.”.It is a healing space where you can observe the vibrant atmosphere of the mysterious sea creatures, penguins and otters.

Have you seen the penguins in the sky in the world’s first exhibition?

In the Marine garden “Tenku no Travel” in the outdoor area, you can see a flying penguin flying through the sky of the city!

In this article, I’ll show you how to enjoy the Sunshine Aquarium perfect for dating, so let’s take a look at the basics and the performance of the event and the animals you want to keep in mind.


Basic information about the Sunshine Aquarium

In the basic information of the Sunshine Aquarium, you will look at the access method, the fee of the aquarium, the ticket purchase method, the congestion situation, the time required to go on a date, and so on.

Sunshine Aquarium is

The Sunshine Aquarium opened in 1978 exhibits rare fish from the world, such as Clione, Seadragon, and ancient fish allana, and has gained popularity in the world, and it has been gaining popularity since the opening of the museum in 1978.

After 1 years of absence from the renovation of the entire building in 2010, the Marine Garden of the Roof area was renovated in July 2017.The new exhibits include “Tenku no Penguin”, “Penguin of the Grassland”, “Sunshine Aqua Ring”, “The Water of the Otters”, “The Sky Pass”, and “Kirumi no Izumi” (The Fountain of the sky).

On the floor of the aquarium, there is the first floor of the main building, the second floor of the main building, the “Waterfront Trip” on the main building of the main building, and the “Tenku no Travel” in the roof area, and Wi-Fi is available throughout the entire building.

In addition, there are facilities such as elevators, priority toilets, baby rooms, baby rooms, buggies, coin lockers, and shops in the building.

There is a limited menu sold by the “Tully’s Coffee Sunshine Aquarium Store” in Sunshine Aquarium, and there is a cute menu on the roof that has a cute menu that collaborated with the living creatures.

Way to Sunshine Aquarium and parking Lots and the nearest station

Then let’s look at how to access the Sunshine Aquarium.

Sunshine Aquarium Sunshine Aquarium
Address : On the third floor of the World import mart in Toshima City, Tokyo 170 – 0013 – Tokyo Higashi Ikebukuro chome. 1
Phone number : 03 – 3989 – 3466
Homepage : https://sunshinecity.jp/aquarium/

This article shows you how to access a car using a train and parking information when using a car.

Approximately 3 minutes walk from the exit of the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line on the sixth 7 exit of Higashi-Ikebukuro Station.
Approximately 4 minutes walk from the Toden Arakawa Line “Higashi-Ikebukuro 4-chome” stop.
8 minute walk from Exit 35 of the JR Tokyo Metro, Seibu Line, Tobu Line, and Tobu Line.

If you are going out by car, you can use the Sunshine City Parking Lot.The Sunshine City facility offers a discount service for parking fees.

The facilities covered by the parking service vary depending on the stores, conditions and methods, so please contact the facility directly for details.

Parking name : “Sunshine Parking” (Sunshine 60 building B2)
Address : 3, 1-1 Sunshine City B2, Toshima City Higashi Ikebukuro chome, Tokyo 170 – 0013 Tokyo.
Business hours : 24 hours
Closed : Annual holidays
Phone number : 03 – 3989 – 3452 (Sunshine Parking Front)
Time : See below
Location : Underground
Total number : 1,800 units
Credit card : available
[Parking fee] “Sunshine Parking”

  • – up to 4 hours : 300 yen every 30 minutes
  • 4 to 8 hours : 2,400 yen
  • 8 to 10 hours : 2,400 yen + 8 hours + 300 yen added every 30 minutes
  • 10 to 24 hours : 3,600 yen
  • 24 hours : Repeat the above charge form

The Sunshine Parking is color-coded for each building.Let’s park the Sunshine Aquarium in the “Red area”!

The Sunshine 60 building is the green area, the specialty town Alpa is the orange area, the Prince Hotel is the yellow area, and the ancient Oriental Museum is the blue area.

Sunshine Aquarium price and discount, ticket purchase method

Tickets for Sunshine Aquarium include “Web tickets”, which can be easily purchased with a smartphone, “Annual passports,” which can be entered many times at the entrance fee for 2 times, and “Advance tickets,” which can be purchased at a convenience store.Please be aware that the advance ticket cannot be cancelled or refunded.

The advance tickets are sold at Seven-Eleven and FamilyMart, and they are discounted compared to the regular price.

[convenience store] Sunshine Aquarium “Advance ticket”

[Valid period] May 7, 2019 to July 19, 2019
※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) : 2,100 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school students) : 1,150 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) <650 yen
  • <4 years of age : free

The tickets are available at the entrance to the aquarium and at the vending machine, but the lines are so crowded that you can make a row on the weekends or on the day.If you want to enjoy the aquarium with free of stress, you should buy a ticket in advance.

Ticket fare for Sunshine Aquarium [Normal]

“Admission fee for the day”
※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) : 2,200 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school students) : 1,200 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) <700 yen
  • <4 years of age : free

Sunshine Aquarium ticket price “WEB ticket”

I can buy it in parallel!Advance Electronic Ticket (Admission)
[Sales period] May 7, 2019 to July 19, 2019
※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) : 2,200 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school students) : 1,200 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) <700 yen
  • <4 years of age : free

Sunshine Aquarium ticket price “Annual passport”

There’s a great bargain!Available at the ticket counter
※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) : 4,400 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school students) : 2,400 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) <1,400 yen

Priority guidance service : The user and his / her party’s priority guide is given by the annual passport presentation.
Early entry : You can enter 10 minutes before you enter it.
Attendant discount : About 30% off the aquarium entrance fee of up to 2 people
Shop Aqua Pocket shopping discount : 5% off, excluding some items.
Early update privilege : Benefits that extend the expiration date after renewal by the remaining expiration date during update.
Birthday bonus : 10% off gift for birthday and a gift for the shop in the aquarium.
Parking service : Parking tickets at the time of admission and 2 hours free of charge for the annual passport presentation * Only when entering the aquarium at the time of entering the aquarium.
Parking ticket issuance : 3 hours free of charge for purchase of a total of 300 yen or more of the receipt of the facilities and stores.

Approximately 50% off by the Konica Minolta Planetarium “Manten” appreciation fee of up to 2 persons.
About 30% off from the Sunshine 60 Observatory “SKY Circus”, including the admission fee of up to 5 persons
Discount service and discount service for up to 5 people including discount customers at the Sunshine City Specialty town “Alpa”.
About 20% off to 5 persons including the Shinagawa Aquarium admission fee

[up to 600 yen discount] “Sunshine 60 Observatory Set ticket”

[Sales period] May 7, 2019 to July 19, 2019
Only for the same day!
※ Tax included

  • Adult : 2,800 yen
  • High school student, university student and professional student : 2,550 yen
  • Junior High and primary school students : 1,500 yen
  • Preschoolers (over 4 years old) : 800 yen
  • <4 years of age : free

The set fee of “Sunshine Aquarium & observation deck” is a discount set up to 600 yen discount!

Please be aware that the discount fee you are introducing can not be used in combination with other special benefits.

[up to 660 yen discount] “Club off favor service”

※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) VIP member : 1,540 yen
  • Standard member for adults (above high school students) : 1,980 yen

Club Off is a corporate membership club by companies, corporations and organizations.

[up to 600 yen discount] “Sunshine City Card Presentation”

The admission fee is reduced by up to 2 people.
※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) : 1,600 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school students) : 900 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) : 490 yen

Sunshine City Card is a free card and a bargain card issued on the day of the year.You can make it at the “Orico Sunshine City Card Service Counter” on the second floor of Alpa.

[up to 600 yen discount] “Mitsubishi Estate group CARD presentation”

With the use of the Mitsubishi Estate Group card, the admission fee is up to 2 people, including those who are included in the entrance fee!
※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) : 1,600 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school students) : 900 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) : 490 yen

The annual fee for the first year is free of charge for the Mitsubishi Estate card.In the next year or later, the annual fee will be paid by both the person and the family members, depending on the amount of card shopping.

[Maximum 500 yen discount] “DoCoMo (d point club) coupon”

※ Tax included

  • Adult (over 18 years old) : 1,700 yen

If you want to enter a Sunshine Aquarium at a discount using a d point, you need to buy a “pre-purchase”.You have to buy it at the d point club.Payment can be made with DoCoMo mobile phone charges.

[Discount up to 460 yen]

[Valid period] Until March 30, 2020 (Mon)
Issued at FamilyMart’ fami port.
※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) : 1,740 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school students) : 1,040 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) : 630 yen

Daily plus is a member discount discount service run by Yahoo! Japan, and it costs 540 yen per month including monthly tax.

[Up to 400 yen Discount] “Seison Card or UC Card Presentation”

[Thank you] Until March thirty first, 2020 (Tuesday)
Up to 2 persons including the card members, only when the card member is used.
※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) : 1,800 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school students) : 1,000 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) : 560 yen

[up to 200 yen discount] “Epos Card presentation”

[Valid period] Until September 30, 2019
Admission to up to 2 people including the admission fee
※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) : 2,000 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school students) : 1,100 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) : 630 yen

[Up to 200 yen Discount]

Limited to 2 persons, only limited to the use of JAF members.
※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) : 2,000 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school students) : 1,100 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) : 630 yen

[Discount for Disabled Persons]

The original presentation of the disability handbook, medical education handbook (such as the handbook of love, green notebook, etc.), and the recipient certificate of medical expenses (Designated intractable/rare diseases) must be presented.
* The person who owns the notebook and up to 2 persons who are accompanied by him
※ Tax included

  • Adult (higher than high school students) : 1,100 yen
  • Children (elementary and junior high school students) : 600 yen
  • Infant (over 4 years old) : 350 yen

Sunshine Aquarium business hours, congestion and reentry

Next, let’s check the Sunshine Aquarium business hours, the closed day, the re-entrance method, and the congestion information.

* There may be a case where only the outdoor area Marine Garden will be viewed from 8 30 to 10 am.

  • January first (Tuesday / holiday) ~ March twentieth (Wednesday) : 10 am to 6 pm
  • March twenty first (Thursday, Friday) ~ March twenty fourth (Sunday) : 10 am to 9 pm
  • March twenty fifth (Mon) – April twenty sixth (Fri) : 9 am to 9 pm (Fri)
  • April twenty seventh (Saturday and Sunday) ~ May sixth (Monday and holiday) : 8 30 a.m. to 9 p.m.
  • May seventh – July nineteenth (Friday) : 9 am – 9 pm / li>
  • July twentieth (Sat) – September first (Sun) : 9 am to 10 pm
  • * August tenth (Sat) – August eighteenth (Sun) is open from 8 30 am.

  • September second (Mon) ~ September twenty third (Mon / holiday) : 9 am to 9 pm / li>
  • September twenty fourth – March nineteenth (Tuesday) – March (Thu) : 10 am to 6 pm / li 2020
    * December twenty first (Sat) – December twenty fifth (Wednesday) is open until 9 pm.

The Sunshine Aquarium is open throughout the year.The final admission is 1 hours before the end.The final admission in the case of reentering is 30 minutes before the end of the entrance.

Reentering can only be done on the day.If you’re out on the way, please show the “admission ticket” at the time of reentering.

It is said that the number of visitors to the Sunshine Aquarium is about 10000 people on the first.The afternoons of weekends, holidays and holidays, Golden Week and Golden Week are very crowded.If you want to avoid congestion and enjoy it, we recommend weekday hours from the morning of weekdays!

To avoid the congestion, you can use the admission ticket beforehand, and you can use the time effectively.

On Twitter in the Sunshine Aquarium, you can send the information about the congestion.You can check the congestion status at the top screen of the website, so it may be good to check it out before going out.

“Sunshine Aquarium Website”

Time to go on a Sunshine Aquarium date

The required time on the Sunshine Aquarium’s homepage is about 1 to 1 hours and 30 minutes, but there are many interesting spots in Sunshine Aquarium, so it’s a good idea to visit it with plenty of time.

The time to look around is different, but you should take about 2 to 3 hours to estimate the time it takes to travel on a date.The requirements for each floor are introduced in the “Sunshine Aquarium Appeal and enjoyment” section.

Appeal and Fun Sunshine Aquarium

Next, I’ll introduce you to the charm of the Sunshine Aquarium and how to enjoy it.

The Sunshine Aquarium is a place where you can see the living creatures of the sea even though it is in the city.An oasis in the sky is a space where the heart is healed and intelligence is stimulated.Let’s enjoy time with our partners, friends and children away from the hustle and bustle of the day.

Travel on the first Floor of the Main Building

On the first floor of the main building, the “Ocean Trip”, many fish, including squid, jellyfish and other invertebrates, are living in a variety of waters, including beaches and offshore waters.The required time for the first floor is 1 hours and 30 minutes.

The first floor of the main building

  • Sunshine Lagoon : The area where you can see the area where you can encounter a white sandy beach that spreads in a shallow sea in the south.
  • The world The world of the soft and fluffy jellyfish
  • Coral Reef Sea : From the Sea of Onna Village
  • Life : The area where the movement of the moving group life of the Tokyo Bay sardines is felt.
  • The Wonders of Creatures : The Flowers in the cave
  • Chaetodon auripes dance : Area Where you can enjoy Chaetodon auripes vivid color with thin and round shape
  • Cold Sea : The figure of living creatures in the cold sea
  • Sea Ninja : The Ecology of Squid with Unique Shapes and Various Techniques

On the first floor, there is an area where you can see the environment, life, and manbo in addition to the above.Let’s enjoy a stroll in the sea!

Travel on the second floor of the main building

In the “Waterfront Trip” on the second floor of the main building, you can meet the fish and frogs, the turtles and other people at the shores of the beach and the river and Lake Biwa.The required time for the second floor is 1 hours.

The second floor of the main building :

  • Aqua Plantations : The world of the Large Amazon river water plant.
  • Mangrove forest : The area of living organisms in forest mangroves at the mouth of the mouth.
  • Land from water : Amphibian world
  • The waterfront of Southeast Asia : Living in Africa living in the African river.
  • Living creatures : the world of reptiles
  • The seal in the lake : The area where you can meet a Baikal seal living in Lake Baikal in the middle of winter in Russia

On the second floor, you can see the sea of Okinawa, the sea of the Caribbean, the sea of Amphiprioninae and the sea of Isanchak, in addition to the sea of the above.

Outdoor Area Marine Garden Tenku Travel

The Marine Garden “Tenku no Travel” in the roof area is an area where you can feel the sky, light, water and greenery.Here you can see the penguins swimming in the sky, the oriental small-clawed otter sleeping in a lovely figure, and the sea lions who are relaxing on the beach.

It is sure to be healed with a cute look that is comfortable to live with.It takes about 30 minutes to get to the rooftop area.The performance of the tour varies depending on the performance, so if you want to consider the time required, it is necessary to calculate the performance time by adding 10 minutes of each performance.

Rooftop Area Marine Garden

* The exhibition time is different depending on the protection of the living environment.

  • The penguin in the sky : The area where you can see the appearance of a African penguin swimming over the sky.
  • Grassland Penguin : The area where the African penguin’s husband and wife can see how they live.
  • Sunshine Aqua Ring : An area where you can see the sea lion swimming in an outdoor water tank
  • The water of the otters : The area where you can encounter a cute otter
  • Sky path : where you can see the Great White Pelican’s appearance.
  • Sparkling spring : The area where you can see the fish that jump large to eat.

Rooftop Area Marine Garden “Exhibition Time for Living things”

* The African penguin temporarily decreases from 15 55 to 16 30 (for feeding).

  • Tensky Penguin :
  • Sea lion :
  • Great White Pelican :

Penguin Show

In the penguin feeding time, you can see the African penguin’s eating scene in the meadow.The penguin diving time can enjoy the appearance of a “swimming penguin in the sky” that can only be seen by Sunshine Aquarium.

In the penguin healing time from 18 o’clock, there is an explanation of the African penguin who swim with the healing music in the sky.

Penguin Performance

* Free

  • Penguin feeding time : 10 45 ~ 13 30 ~
  • Penguin Diving Time : 11 45 – 15 45 ~
  • Penguin Healing Time : 18 00 ~

Sea Lion Show

The Marine Garden’ Sunshine Aqua Ring’ and the’ Sea Lion Beach’ are living with 2 kinds of sea lion : California sea lion and South American sea lion.

At the time of a time limited event, sea lion’s ability will be demonstrated.The sea lion performance time allows you to see the spectacular performance and comical movements and techniques that balance the ball over the nose and balance it.

Sea Lion Performance

* Free

  • Sea lion feeding time : 9 45 to 17 00 ~
  • Sea Lion Performance Time : 11 00 – 12 30 – 14 : 00 – 15 : 30 ~

Water performance time

In the water performance time, divers are introduced by divers using underwater microphones in the Sunshine lagoon, the “Sunshine Lagoon” in the Sunshine Aquarium.

Underwater Performance

* Free

  • Water Performance (Morning) 10 30 – 11 30 ~
  • Water Performance (Afternoon) – 1 00 – 2 30 – 4 : 00 – 5 : 30 – 7 : 00 ~

Expeditionary Guided Tour

The expedition guided tour (capacity system) is a paid tour of 500 yen for 1 persons and about 50 minutes for a paid tour.You enter the area (backyard) where you can’t put your feet in.You can hear the episodes of living creatures by the staff of the breeding staff.

If you want to participate, you can do it at the ticket counter or the annual passport issuance counter.It’s a tour with a quota, so please ask the staff about the details.

Exploring Tour

* Paid

  • 1 days 2 times a day : 11 00 to 14 00 ~

Sunshine Lagoon Water Tank Feeding Experience

The Sunshine Lagoon Water Bath Experience (capacity system) is 300 yen for 1 people and a paid experience of about 20 minutes.You can experience the precious experience of feeding fish from the Sunshine lagoon “Sunshine Lagoon”.There are 1500 fish with 45 kinds of fish in the sunshine lagoon!

In the feeding experience, the kitchen is guided to the kitchen called Chojiki.I heard that you can also hear the secrets of the large water tank.

This feeding experience is also a quota, so let’s check with the staff about the details.If you want to experience it, you can do it at the ticket counter or the annual passport issuance counter.

Sunshine Lagoon Water Tank Feeding Experience

* Paid

  • 1 days 1 times a day : ~
  • 16 30

Sunshine Aquarium Summary

This time, I introduced you about how to enjoy the Sunshine Aquarium, the ticket price of the aquarium, and the time required for the date of the trip.How was it?There were a lot of interesting spots in the popular Sunshine Aquarium!

You can get a discount from advance purchase, discount and so on.Please take a look at the time required and make a plan to go out right away.