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The holy place of swimmer!The charm of Tatsumi’s swimming pool “Tatsumi International Swimming Place” and the fun way to enjoy it.

Tatsumi International Swimming Place is a major pool in Tatsumi, and is often used for international competitions such as the Tokyo Olympics and for large-scale competitions such as the Japan Championships.In addition to the main pool, there is a sub pool that can also be used by infants, and there is a diving pool where the synchronized swimming and the diving can be carried out.It is open to the public on the day that there is no event, so please feel free to use it, so please use it once.

What is Tatsumi’s swimming pool “Tatsumi International Swimming Place”?

Tatsumi International Swimming Place is a swimming pool in Tatsumi, and is a popular pool that is known as a sacred place for swimming competitions such as international swimming competitions and the Japan Championships.There are 3 types of swimming pools, other than the main pool, the main pool, the main pool, the diving pool where you can practice diving and diving, and the diving pool where you can practice diving.All pools are open for free on the first day of the year, so please stay with us.

It is open to the public when there is no event such as the event, and it is possible to use a spacious pool.You can also get on the free shuttle bus “Tatsumi Go” in the direction of Shinkiba, Toyosu, Togumu, Shiomi and Ariake, so it is very convenient to access.

Tatsumi International Swimming center is also used for the Tokyo Olympics and swimming tournaments

It has been decided that Tatsumi International Swimming Place will be used as a swimming venue for Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, which will be held in 2020.The renovation work is underway for the Olympics, and it is decided that it will be closed for about 4 months from November 26, 2018 to March 24, 2019. Therefore, you should be careful when using it.It may be good to enjoy the change and enjoy the change in order to enjoy the Tatsumi international swimming place after the construction.


of the international swimming place

At the event held at Tatsumi International swimming Place, the audience seats are arranged next to the main pool.The audience seats are divided into 3 columns, and it is possible to look at the whole area from a high position to a high position.When you are watching the tournament, you should check the seating table carefully so that you don’t get lost.

Schedule and general publication date

of Tatsumi international swimming place

The Tatsumi International swimming place is open to the public when there is no event such as the event, and it is possible to play with the wide pool of adults and children.The schedule is released every month, so you should check it from the official website.It depends on the time zone, but about half of the time zones are open to the public.

Use of the international swimming place and access

In spite of the fact that the international swimming field is very well-equipped, it is possible to enjoy a total of 600 yen for high school students and 260 yen for junior high school students and 1 times for those aged 1 or older.The sub-pool can also be used by children aged 3 or older, so it is good for children to play with their children on holidays.

If you go by train, it takes about 10 minutes from Tatsumi Station and Shin-Kiba Station on Yurakucho line, so you might be able to walk on foot.In the case of a car, you can use the adjacent toll parking lot, and you can park at an affordable price of around 100 yen for 1 hours.

Swim in the swimming class at the international swimming place!

At the Tatsumi International Swimming Center, swimming classes for children and adults are held, so you can learn swimming at a luxurious facility.The Children’s Swimming School is hosting children’s swimming school and children from the sixth month to the junior high school, so that instructors can teach swimming.The children who mastered the 4 swimming methods are also holding a course to further improve the level of the senior junior swimming school, so it is recommended that they do so.Also, for children who are aiming for A swimming, the “Junior athlete training course” is held here, so the children who want to become a swimmer in the future will apply for this course.

In addition, there are swimming workshops where you can learn synchronized swimming and workshops where you can experience diving.This is a swimming class where you can do so because it is an international swimming place with an extensive facility, so if you are interested, please join us once.

Tatsumi International Swimming Center can also experience “diving.”!

There is a diving pool at Tatsumi International swimming pool, where you can practice synchronized swimming and diving.You need a permit to use it, so you need to apply for it at the management office first.

There are 3 height tables, 1 meters, 3 meters, 7.5 meters, and you can feel the height of the 1 meter diving board, so you can enjoy a bit of thrill.The height of 7.5 m is quite scary, so you should use it at your own pace.Junior high school students in the neighborhood sometimes play on the diving platform.

Tatsumi International Swimming Place not only has a pool but also a bath

In the Tatsumi international swimming place, you can also use a warm jacuzzi as well as a complete pool of swimming facilities.After playing in the pool, you should warm your body with Jacuzzi for a while and return to the dressing room.During the public release, there is a regular break for 10 minutes, and the user becomes full during the period.

Lunch at the international swimming place

There is a restaurant called Tatsumi International swimming place, where you can enjoy lunch from noon to evening.It offers not only a quick digest of pasta, udon and soba, but also a menu that can be eaten with filet cutlet set meal, pork curry, etc.In addition to the drink bar where you can enjoy soft drinks, there is also a provision of draft beer, so you can drink it after you finish swimming.

Enjoy swimming at a gorgeous swimming facility!

Tatsumi International Swimming Center is one of Japan’s leading swimming facilities. It is an attractive swimming facility where you can enjoy not just pure swimming but also shallow swimming pools, diving swimming pools, and diving swimming pools that can be enjoyed as compared to other swimming facilities.If you want to enjoy swimming in the area near Tatsumi, please visit Tatsumi International Swimming Place.