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How to enjoy Tokyo Midtown

Attractions and fun of Tokyo Midtown, a sightseeing spot representative of Roppongi

Roppongi has an image of a celebrity in Tokyo.Tokyo Midtown is a sightseeing spot representative of Roppongi.It is a good facility where you can enjoy the art of art as well as the restaurants, as well as the restaurants and shopping, where you can interact with nature while still living in the city of the city of the 1 cities.When you come to Roppongi, please go sightseeing at Tokyo Midtown.

There are not only shops and restaurants, but also events in Tokyo Midtown, and there are events for adults, and there are events for adults, so you can enjoy the event from adults to children.I’ll introduce you to the appeal of Tokyo Midtown that has a lot of charm.

Basic information Tokyo Midtown

The Tokyo Midtown in Minato Ward, Tokyo is a large-scale complex combined with a large scale of nature and 6 buildings.Because of its size, it is regarded as a symbol of Roppongi, and many tourists from Japanese and foreign tourists visit the restaurant everyday.

It is a vast facility, but there is a information counter in each building, and there is a distribution service of brochures.In addition, Tokyo Midtown offers concierge services, so you can talk about shopping and food issues, such as a guide to the building or a suggestion for shopping.

For children, there is a baby room and a nursing room, so it is safe to have children with them.Also, there is a barrier-free parking lot and a wheelchair-compatible restroom for those with disabilities.Also, there is a rental service for a stroller and a wheelchair, so you’ll be relieved even if you have a problem.

In addition, in the Midtown Garden in the Tokyo Midtown, pets can accompany you and take a walk with leads.Some areas have limited restrictions on food handling, such as food handling shops, but there is a pet service service, so please use them.

Of course, we are working on disaster prevention, and are equipped with emergency power generation equipment, wells, and storage depots, and are equipped with facilities that can be flexibly handled in an emergency even in an emergency.

The security system is equipped with a security system, security gates and security gates are installed, and security cameras are managed 24 hours a day.It may be said that the best measures are taken by many people every day.

Tokyo Midtown
Address : 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107 – 0052 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3475 – 3100
Business hours
Shop : 11 : 00 to 21:00
Restaurant : 11 : 00 – 24:00

“Midtown Tower” in the Office first class hotel.

It is the fifty fourth floor of the ground, the fifth floor of the basement, and the height of 248 meters, and it is the first tallest high-rise building in Tokyo.The fifth and forty fourth floors are office floors, and the first and second floors, forty fifth to fifty third floors, and the first floor are the hotels.The fifty fourth floor is a management space, and the general public cannot enter it.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo

This is a large hotel with a total of 250 rooms.It is a famous hotel that can be used by customers from around the world, not only in Japan, but also from around the world, so it is possible to receive the highest level of hospitality from the. bippu.Why don’t you spend a special 1 days while looking at the superb view from Tokyo Midtown?

It is possible to use restaurants, weddings, banquets, and banquets, as well as lodging rooms.Restaurants have a variety of restaurants, including Japanese “Hinorunu”, French “Azur forty five”, lounge “The Lobby Lounge” where Afternoon Tea can be enjoyed, and “The bar” where cocktails can be enjoyed.

The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo
– Phone number : 03 – 3423 – 8000
– Check-in : 15 : 00
– Check out : up to 12 : 00

Midtown Tower Office

There are several companies in the office.They are all famous companies, such as Nike, Sony and Yahoo.Midtown Tower is equipped with security and technology so that people who work are able to work comfortably.Also, there is a sky lobby, which is also considered for those who visited the office.

Residence and Office “Midtown East”

The building is close to the twenty fifth floor, the fourth floor, and the one hundred fourteenth floor with a height of meters. 1.Midtown East and Residence are mainly located in the office and residence.

Office in Midtown East

The headquarters of the Konami Group is located in the first to eleventh floors of the basement.By the way, the Konami Group is known for its game related digital entertainment and sports companies, and it is well known that there are no people who don’t know about it.

Tokyo Midtown residensis

On the twelfth and twenty fourth floors, there is a total of 166 rental condos’ Tokyo Midtown residensis’.It is located in Roppongi, and it is a rental apartment with a good location in the “Super” area in the Tokyo Midtown.The concierge is staying, and you can arrange for guests and arrange various services.

The shared space is equipped with fitness, lounge and garden, and it will give you a graceful lifestyle.At the Midtown East event hall, fashion shows and international conferences are held as well.

Office “Midtown West” where the top companies enter.

It is an office building that is convenient for commuting because it is located on the thirteenth floor, third basement, 66 meters high, and the subway Roppongi Station is close to the ground.At Midtown West, there is Fujifilm Holdings.Fujifilm is an affiliate of cameras and other video related companies.

In addition, we are researching and selling beauty products such as Astalift and Metabarrier.On the first floor is Fujifilm Square where photos and cameras are exhibited.

4 tiers open shopping area “Galeria”

This is an area with a sense of openness because the 4 layers are blowing through.The design changes according to the season and events.Especially in the Christmas season, the big tree appears and the design is very large.In addition, it exhibits art arts using nature, and doesn’t get bored with what you see.

There are many shops in Garabe, and there are many restaurants, cafes and supermarkets in addition to high-class brands, and there are also restaurants, cafes and supermarkets, all of which are necessary for Garamere, and all you need is the number of shops that you need from Garabe, which is the number of shops you need to make all the 110.Why don’t you forget about the time and enjoy shopping?

If you want to enjoy lunch dinner, this “Plaza”

It is an area where the objects in front of the information, which are the entrance of the Tokyo Midtown and the entrance of the station, are landmarks.There are shops, such as Starbucks Coffee, convenience stores, and Mujirushi Ryohin, so you can enjoy walking and window-shopping.Also, there are some restaurants, and it is a spot where you can enjoy lunch and dinner.

The shops on the first basement are mainly cafes and Chinese restaurants, and on the first floor are dining bar and French restaurants.There are many shops where you can enjoy authentic dishes at reasonable prices, so there are many services available for children, so you’ll be able to easily walk around.This item is also recommended for shopping and trips.

“Garden Terrace” where you can enjoy eating in an open space

It’s located in Garabe in Tokyo Midtown, and you can eat at a terrace while looking at nature.It is also popular as a night view spot at night.Restaurants have a variety of restaurants, such as Indian food and tempura.

The fourth floor is the entrance to the restaurant building called “Building Beaublive Tokyo” that has a live stage, so why don’t you try a meal and drink while listening to the dynamic performance with a terrace that has a sense of openness?

Access Parking Lot Information Tokyo Midtown Access Parking Information

The Tokyo Midtown can be said to be a location where you can access by train or by bus.From the subway, you can get there directly from the station, so you won’t get lost.Also, it is easy to access by car, and there is a parking lot around the Tokyo Midtown, so it is easy to solve the problem of trouble parking.

Use the subway bus

Access to the subway

  • Directly
  • from exit 8 of the Toei-Oedo Line.

  • Directly
  • in the underground passage from the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line “Roppongi Station”

  • 3 minute walk from exit 3 on the Tokyo metro Chiyoda Line Nogizaka Station.
  • 10 minute walk from exit Number 1 on the Tokyo metro Namboku Line Roppongi-itchome Station.

Bus access

  • Toei Bus Miyako 01 “Roppongi eki-mae” 2 minute walk
  • “Roppongi 7 chome” and “Hinokichou Park”, 1 minute

Vehicle and motorcycle

IC access

  • Inner Circular Route
    Approximately 890 m from the’ Itakura’ exit from the Meguro area.
    Approximately 2,080 m
  • from the exit of Kasumigaseki from the direction of Ikebukuro.

  • Metropolitan Expressway No. 3 Shibuya Election
    About 2,900 m
  • from the exit of Shibuya.

  • Route 4
    About 2,270 m
  • from the “Gaien” exit.

Parking / Parking space sales hours / rates

Parking hours and rates

  • Operating hours : 24 hours a week
  • Usage fee :
  • 100 yen / 10 minute

* Elevators in the P. 1 and P. 2 areas can be used until 24:30.

The elevators in the P1 area are available for 24 hours, but the B1 is not stopped during the period between 24 and the next 7:00, but it does not stop in B1 during the period from 30 to the next day. 3

Bicycle parking hours and rates

  • Operating hours : 7 : 00 to 24:30
  • Usage fee : 100 yen / 60 minute

* Free up to 3 hours.

Discount Service

Purchase amount (including tax and 算可) free time
2,500 yen or more 1 hours
5,000 yen or more 2 hours
10,000 yen or more 4 hours
30,000 yen or more 12 hours

There are 2 types of membership cards, “Seison Member” and “Point Member” of Tokyo Midtown, but if you bring them, they are free for 1 hours.In the case of “Point Member”, it is free for only 1 hours on weekdays.

When you shop at the shop, remember to post at the cash register at the time of accounting.
There are some stores that are not covered, so you should be careful.

PHV · PHEV EV charging facility

Charging Facility Overview

  • Location : Part of the B2P 2 parking area.
    * Not a parking lot for electric vehicles
  • Installation number : 125 units
  • How to use it
    – Card with “Chariszel Elephant” logo
    – nanaco card / mobile
    * Credit payment can also be done
  • Usage fee
    ・ The “Char Elephant” card is different depending on the plan of the card.
    – nanaco card / mobile
    120 yen / 1 hours
    240 yen / 2 hours
    360 yen / 3 hours
    * Non-tax price.
    Other than above
    37,5 yen for the first 15 minutes
    2,5 yen per 1 minutes thereafter
    * Price excluding tax, <
  • 1

The area where the Tokyo Midtown is overflowing

It is a natural area that accounts for about 40% of the Tokyo Midtown.In the middle of the city, you can touch the gentleness of nature.On a sunny day, why don’t you enjoy picnics and walk?In the natural area of Tokyo Midtown, various plants and flowers are planted, and there are many events that are suitable for the season.

In addition, birds and trees gather 25 kinds of birds (up to June 2017), and bird watching can be enjoyed as well.This is a pamphlet prepared for children, and you can find illustrations of features that are easy to understand and check for the birds that are found in the Tokyo Midtown, and you can enjoy them with your parents and children.

Midtown Garden sleeping on the lawn

There are various trees planted, and in spring, cherry blossoms and ginkgo trees can be felt in the season.The plants are not planted artificially, and the theme is a natural art gallery that incorporates elegance, such as a Japanese garden.The Midtown Garden is divided into 4 large areas.

Grass Square Zone

It is provided as a place to relax.Seasonal events are often held here, with yoga and illuminations being held.Why don’t you try to relax on the lawn?

Forest Edge Zone

Trees such as camphor trees are planted, and it is an area where the forests are produced.It is a space where the trees tree leaks are beautiful, and the space is comforting.The tree leak from the gap in the trees will make you forget that you’re in the city.

Mountain murmuring zones

In spring, cherry blossoms bloom and you can feel the beauty of nature in Japan.There are plants suitable for the season, such as Shiba-zakura and Nephrolepis cordifolia, and it is a perfect path for walking for a stroll.

Plateau Spring Zone

It is an area of grass growing in the highlands, and it is an area that image of the flow of the river in the fountain.It is also a jogging course, and its total length is 1.3 km.In summer, it is possible to play with water, and it is a popular spot for families too.

Stylish playground equipment, “Minato Ward Hinokichou Park”

Hinokichou Park located on the east side of Tokyo Midtown is a park that is a large pond that has a large pond that accounts for about half of the park, a Japanese garden, and a unique design of playground equipment.You can enjoy cherry blossoms in spring, and autumn leaves in autumn.There are many events, and the illuminations in winter are just as beautiful as the Tokyo Midtown.

Tokyo Midtown season event

At Tokyo Midtown, various events are held every season.In spring, you can enjoy cherry blossoms, while in winter, you can enjoy the beautiful performances of illuminations and other beautiful dishes. In addition, there are various kinds of events, such as the seasonal food that can be enjoyed by adults and children from the Midtown garden.

In addition, the interior of the Tokyo Midtown is changed every season, and flower art and art exhibitions are also available.The events held in the whole Tokyo Midtown will entertain everyone.


An outdoor lounge with dishes and wine related to spring will be available.There is a dome-shaped tent seat, so you’ll be able to enjoy it even at a cold night in early spring.The tent seats are very popular, so I am happy to make a reservation!

In the evening, there is a light up of the cherry trees with a height of 200 meters.You’ll be able to enjoy beautiful night cherry trees with beautiful night cherry trees.Why don’t you enjoy eating and cherry blossom viewing while enjoying the merry weather in spring?

Main event

  • You can enjoy limited food at the outdoor lounge
  • Exhibition of spring flowers in the Tokyo Midtown
  • Light up cherry trees
  • Art Competition Winner’s new Art exhibit


It is an event where you can learn about the nature of plants and birds in the Tokyo Midtown.It is recommended for families because it can be joined by parents and children.During the period, about 100 unique Koinobori trees swim in the Midtown Garden.

There is a workshop to make an original Koinobori, and children are sure to love it too.How about the memories of Golden Week?

Main event

  • Midpark Yoga
    A free yoga experience in the Midtown garden in Midtown Garden
  • in the morning and night.

  • Green & Bird Tour
    A Parent-Child tour
  • that observes the plants and birds in the Tokyo Midtown.

  • Picnic Sheet Exhibition
    The picnic sheets made by about 50 designers are lined up in the Midtown Garden.And actually sit down
  • A giant koinobori with a total length of 25 m appears
  • Koinobori Art Experience


It is an event themed on the summer of Japan in the Tokyo Midtown.Why don’t you try to feel the atmosphere of the summer like water and wind bells and wind bells in the middle of the city?

Main event

  • The image of a Japanese garden with a limited period of time in the lawn is designed with the image of the fireworks and the appearance of the fog.
  • You can enjoy BBQ with a cocktail that collaborated with the brand “Smirnoff ®” of the Vodka brand.
    You can experience the water in the midtown Garden in the

  • Midtown Garden Garden.Light up at night.
  • In the Tokyo Midtown, the designer is decorated with an object of the wind bell.
  • Experience a water sprinkling experience around the Roppongi intersection


It’s an event to enjoy autumn at Tokyo Midtown.Fall in your appetite?Sports fall?Let’s enjoy a variety of “autumn at Tokyo Midtown.

Main event

  • Free Moon Yoga Experience in Grass square
  • Move the book track by book track
  • Tokyo Midtown

  • catering car Food Sales by the Midtown Garden
  • Marche selling pesticide-free vegetables and fruits at the lawn plaza
  • Workshop
  • to create a spoon from a tree branch and a workshop

Tokyo Midtown DESIGN TOUCH

This is an event where you can fully enjoy the autumn of art, and the concept of “enjoying the design five senses” is the concept.I look at various art, touch it and play it.It is a participatory event that considers the design of the MIRAI and proposes it.

  • A container containing a built-in tool in the midtown garden appears
  • The exhibition of the good design and the shop development
  • in the Tokyo Midtown.

  • Holding the NTT DoCoMo Design Exhibition at the atrium


The Christmas event in Tokyo Midtown has everything dynamic and beautiful, such as illumination and trees.Why don’t you spend a holy night at Tokyo Midtown?

Main event

  • Christmas illuminations at each Tokyo Midtown
  • Photo Studio by Professional Photographer
  • Open a Christmas shop in Tokyo Midtown
  • Christmas Lottery

Recommended sightseeing spots at Tokyo Midtown

The Tokyo Midtown has plenty of facilities related to design and art arts.The exhibition and art galleries by creators and companies are the recommended sightseeing spots in Tokyo Midtown.You can participate in the experience and have workshops, so you will be able to get closer to the art.

In addition, there is a dining bar where you can enjoy your meal while enjoying live music at the Tokyo Midtown.Try to experience the impact of the live performance.

Suntory Museum of Art

It is an art museum themed on’ Beauty’ which was moved from Akasakamitsuke to Galabe third floor.Mainly paintings, ceramics and glass are exhibited.In the museum, there are facilities such as cafe “shopx cafe” and tea room “Gentori hermitage”, so you can enjoy a graceful time.

Phone number : 03 – 3479 – 8600
Open hours : 10 : 00 to 18:00 (Gold and soil up to 20:00)
Shop x cafe business hours :
Shop 10:30 – 18:00 (Gold / Soil is up to 20:00)
Cafe 11:00 – 18:00 (Gold / soil is up to 20:00)
※ 11:00 ~ 18:00 during the exhibition period
Closed days : Every Tuesday, New Year, and Exhibition Renewal Period
Admission :
General : 1,300 yen
Student (high school student, university student) 1,000 yen
Free for junior high school students and younger children


The 21 _ 21 DESIGN SIGHT Design site, located within the Midtown garden, is a facility where you can enjoy design.Exhibitions, workshops and talk meetings are mainly held.

Phone number : 03 – 3475 – 2121
Opening hours : 10 : 00 – 19:00
Closed day : Tuesday, New Year, Exhibition period, exhibition renewal period
Admission :
General 1,100 yen
University student 800 yen
High school student 500 yen
Free for junior high school or younger
* Depending on the event, the opening time and admission fee are changed

Tokyo Midtown and Design Hub

It is a facility that studies and educates about design on the Midtown 130 Liberty Street floor.It conveys the beauty of design with the slogan of “connecting,” “spreading,” and “holding.”.Mainly exhibitions, seminars and workshops are also available.In the exhibition, designers exhibit works about business and overseas activities.We also have events where children can participate, so we recommend them to the family members.

Phone number : 03 – 6743 – 3776
Opening hours : 11 : 00 – 19:00
Closed date : Year-End and New Year

Fujifilm Square

This is Photo Gallery on the first floor of Midtown West.In addition to the beautiful photo work, there is also a museum of photography history.It’s a hidden camera, so it’s a great space for camera lovers.Moreover, the admission fee is free of charge, so it is a nice point.

Phone number : 03 – 6271 – 3350
Opening hours : 10 : 00 – 19:00
Closed date : Year-End and New Year

Billboard Live Tokyo

The club & live floor on the fourth floor of the garden terrace in Garabe, Tokyo Midtown.You can enjoy the overwhelming music while enjoying the night view and alcohol.On the floor, you can choose a table and a sofa, and you can choose your favorite seats, such as a table or a sofa, on the 3,4,5 floor.

Facility Information

  • Total seats : 300 seats
  • Smoking : Dinner Smoke
  • Service for children : none
  • Reservation : Dinner only
  • Supported languages : English
  • Birthday : Reservation
  • 1 weeks before 19:00

  • Wedding response :
  • Lending :
  • Budget : Course 5,400 ~
Phone number : 03 – 3405 – 1133
Business hours (Reservation center reception)
Weekdays : 11 : 00 – 22:00
Saturday : 11 : 00 – 21:00
Day and holiday : 11 : 00 to 20:00
* Special sales are up until 21:00.
Closed : 11 : 00 to 19:00
Closed closed : unspecified closed


The Tokyo Midtown, which is the largest city in Tokyo, can be said to be a place where children can enjoy children from adults to children, while living in the city of the city with the nature of the. 1.There are many facilities such as events and museums, and it is definitely a sightseeing spot that you can’t miss when you come to Tokyo.Tokyo Midtown is an essential part of not only shopping and meals, but also lodging, housing and offices.