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How to enjoy the Pokemon Center in Tokyo

In December 2014, the Pokemon Center, which opened in Tokyo, began with the Pokemon Center Mega Capital, which opened in December, and has 3 stores : pokemonszentatiscayzulestown, pokemonszentertowkow DX & amp ; Pok é mon Cafe.

The Pokemon Center in Tokyo is a popular store where many parents and children start up before opening a line when they are on holidays.Pok é mon, which is popular in the Japanese anime and game market, has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the world, with the spread of Pokemon GO spreading.

In this article, we introduce the attraction and enjoyment of the Pokemon Center in Tokyo.

Pokemon Center is

“Pokemon Center” is a specialty store that sells various related goods and games from Pok é mon run by Pokemon Center Co., Ltd.There are 12 stores, including the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, from to Okinawa, and 26 stores including Pokemon Store, which is a small store. Pokemon Center.

Pokemon Center holds various events, stores are sold exclusively for stores, and stores that can be enjoyed from children to adults can be enjoyed.In March 2018, the pokemonszentertowkow DX & amp ; Pok é mon Cafe, which has a Pokemon cafe, is also open.

Features and Attractiveness of Each Pokemon Center in Tokyo

In Tokyo, there are 3 stores, “pokemonszentertowkow DX & amp ; Pok é mon Cafe”, “Pokemon Center Mega Kyokyo” and “pokemonszentatiscayzulestown”, and the Pokemon store, a small store. Pokemon Center.

This section introduces features and attractiveness of each store.

pokemonszentertowkow DX & amp ; Pok é mon Cafe

The pokemonszentertowkow DX & amp ; Pokemon Cafe was opened in March 2018 in Nihonbashi, Tokyo.It’s really the biggest area in the Pokemon Center.The most important feature is the Pokemon Cafe that is attached.You can enjoy food, sweets and drinks that resemble Pokemon characters.There is a reservation system on the web, so please make a reservation beforehand and come back in advance.

Let’s take a closer look at the pokemonszentertowkow DX & amp ; Pok é mon Cafe.First of all, Snorlax, Pikachu and Mew will greet you at the entrance.The Pokemon character has a silhouette of the wall, so please look for the character you like.

And when you enter the store, the passage is spacious, so you can do shopping comfortably.Among them, a stuffed animal with a narrow line of characters is very impressive.My hands are stretched.

Next, the Pokemon Cafe is an interior of Northern Europe, which is based on white, so you can spend a very bright and relaxed atmosphere in the interior.There are many stuffed toys everywhere.

And the food and sweets of the menu are rich, so it’s pretty cute to eat because of the character specification.There is curry rice, curry and rice, doria, and pasta, and it’s a “Pikachu tight plate”.Hamburger, omelet rice, pasta and so on are all on a Pikachu type plate.

Also, the “Choice Pok é mon latte” that has 151 kinds of Pokemon characters, which can be used as a gift, can be brought back as a souvenir.Please be sure to enjoy it.

Address : 2 chome, Nihonbashi, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Nihonbashi, Shimaya S. C., 5 stories, eleventh floor of Nihonbashi City, Japan, floor 2
Nearest station : 5 minutes walk from the JR Tokyo Station Yaesu North Exit, 4 minutes walk from Nippombashi Station on the Asakusa Line subway.
Hours of business : (DX) 10 30 ~ 21 : (Cafe) 10 30 : 22 : 00, the last order for Pokemon Cafe is 21 : 00, and for the last order of a drink is 21 30.
Closed holidays : No holidays
Phone Number : (DX) 03 – 6262 – 6452 / (Cafe) 03 – 6262 – 3439
Cafe Booking Site (Store Website) : https://www.pokemoncenter-online.com/cafe/

Pokemon Center Mega Tokyo

“Pokemon Center Mega Kyokyo” is located in Ikebukuro Sunshine City.Until the pokemonszentertowkow DX & amp ; Pokemon Cafe, it was one of the largest stores in the world.Pokemon Center Number 1 is based on Pokemon Center Tokyo.It is a Pokemon Center that moved from Nihonbashi in Tokyo to Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, and then returned to Ikebukuro in Tokyo and changed it to Ikebukuro.

The feature of Pokemon Center Mega Toto is that Pokemon characters appear everywhere, and it is a sense of visiting a theme park.There is a Pikachu on the entrance with Mega Charizard Y, so it’s very powerful.You can make memories by taking a commemorative photo.There is no mistake in shooting heaven.Also, the game corner of Pokemon Gaole and Popfist is rich.

There are many other Pokemon characters.

The Pikachu stuffed toy of the store limited goods feels more lovable.

Address : Alpa 2 f, 3-1-2 Sunshine City Specialty Street, Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo
Nearest station : About 3 minutes walk from Higashi-Ikebukuro Station on Yurakucho Line on Tokyo Metro, 8 minutes from Ikebukuro Station on JR Line, Tokyo Metro, Seibu Line, Tobu Line, or approximately 4 minutes from “Higashi-Ikebukuro 4-chome Stop” on foot by Toden Arakawa Line.
Business Hours : 10 am to 20 pm
Closed : 2019 (Mon) Feb 18 (Mon)
Phone Number : 03 – 5927 – 9290


Pokemonszentatiscayzulestown is located in Tokyo Skytree Solamachi, a famous tourist spot in Japan, and there is no daily interruption of guests.Many foreigners also visit Pokemon fan.The store is designed to overlap with the image of Tokyo Sky Tree, and it is surrounded by the feeling of being surrounded by the sky.

At the entrance is Rayquaza, which is a symbol of pokemonszentatiscayzulestown.

There is a mega Rayquaza crawling out on the ceiling.

The logopines pokemonszentatiscayzulestown for store limited goods is perfect as a souvenir.You can only buy it here.

Address : 1-1-2 Tokyo Skytree Town Solamachi East Yard, Sumida City Oshigami, Tokyo City, Tokyo Prefecture, fourth floor
Nearest station : Tobu Skytree Line “Tokyo Skytree Station” immediately / Tobu Skytree Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Keisei Oshiage Line, Toei Asakusa Line “Oshiage Station”, etc.
Business Hours : 10 am to 21 pm
Closed holidays : No holidays
Phone Number : 03 – 6456 – 1221

Pokemon Store Tokyo Branch

Pok é mon Store is located on Tokyo Station’s Underground first Floor Tokyo Character Street.From the entrance, a big Pikachu who looks like a station chief will welcome you.The Pikachu who looks like a station manager is a stuffed animal that can only be bought here.In addition, there are many other limited goods based on train motifs.

Also, we recommend that you take a picture of the front entrance of the shop on the right aisle side, where the characters of Pokemon gather together.

It is a nice shop if you come to Tokyo on a business trip, but you can’t go to the Pokemon Center.

Address : Marunouchi 1-9-1 Tokyo Station, Marunouchi, Tokyo Station, B1 F, Tokyo Character Street
Nearest station : Immediately after exiting the ticket gate of Yaesu Underground central exit of JR Tokyo Station
Business hours : 10 – 20 30
Closed holidays : No holidays
Phone Number : 03 – 5224 – 6121


I introduced a Pokemon Center in Tokyo.The Pokemon Center in Tokyo is a store with a lot of charm.Because the interior of each store is different, you can see a completely different landscape.In other words, it is located in a place where you can easily get an accelerator.

Not only do shopping, but you can also take a photo at a Pokemon Center, take a look at events, find your own way of enjoying it, and visit each store as you look at it.