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Best 9 spots in Tokyo,winter

Recommended sightseeing spots in Tokyo 1. “Tokyo Sky Tree / Tokyo Solamachi”

It is “Tokyo Sky Tree / Tokyo Solamachi” that cannot be removed in Tokyo sightseeing in winter.From the observation deck of Tokyo Sky Tree, you can enjoy beautiful scenery of Tokyo in winter, and you can enjoy a romantic night view.

In addition, there are more than 300 restaurants and shops in the Tokyo Solamachi, so you can continue to play all day.There are many facilities for dating such as planetarium and aquariums, so you can find souvenirs coming to Tokyo Sky Tree at the Soramachi shopping mall and Japan Super Veneer.

There is a restaurant where you can enjoy a meal while enjoying the scenery of Tokyo in winter from 150 m above ground, and on the 30,31 floor, there is a luxurious luxury bar, “TOP of TREE” and “Jojoen,” which can be enjoyed by a high-class bar.

Even on a cold day, if it’s a Tokyo Solamachi, you can play in the room for a day.It is a popular spot to recommend for a date or family trip to Tokyo.

Address : Sumida City Oshijo 1 chome, Tokyo City, 1-2
Phone Number : 03 – 5302 – 3480

Recommended sightseeing spots in Tokyo 2. “Tokyo Tower”

Tokyo Tower is one of Tokyo’s popular sightseeing and dating spots not only in winter but also in Tokyo.Like Skytree, you can enjoy beautiful Tokyo scenery from the tower observation deck, and the bright night view of Tokyo, which you can expect during night time, is a special space that is separated from everyday life.

There are many restaurants and attractions in the tower, not just the observation deck, but you can also play over the whole day.The top deck tour is held on the special observation deck, and 13 languages are available, so you can enjoy not only Japanese but also foreigners who are visiting Tokyo.

The Tokyo Tower itself is lit up at night, and the tower itself is in a fantastic and warm state.It will be a romantic scenery based on a date, so please come to visit with your lover.

If you want to learn more about Tokyo Tower sightseeing, please check the Tokyo Tower sightseeing 100% all to learn more about it.

Address : Shiba Park 4 chome, Minato-ku, Minato-ku, Tokyo 2-8

Recommended tourist spots in Tokyo 3. “Senso-ji Temple”

Senso-ji Temple is located near Tokyo Sky Tree, and is a popular tourist attraction in Asakusa.It is the oldest temple in Tokyo which was built in year 645.There are many famous Tokyo spots such as famous Kaminarimon, and they are especially recommended when you want to walk outside for a while in Tokyo sightseeing in winter.

There is Nakamise Street in Asakusa Teranomae, and there is a wide opening in the area.There are many restaurants that are suitable for eating, so you can enjoy the beautiful downtown space of Senso-ji Temple while walking around a delicious dish in a variety of shops.

It is lit up at night, and the scenery of the temple in winter spreads to Tokyo in winter.It is close to Tokyo Sky Tree, so it is a standard course for Tokyo sightseeing in winter.There is also a water bus nearby, where you can enjoy moving to Odaiba or Toyosu by using a water-bus.There are many seasonal events, so you can also experience special experiences during Christmas and Toro-Nagashi, so please check it out.

Address : 2 chome, Asakusa, Tai-ku, Taito-ku, Tokyo 3-1

Recommended sightseeing spots in Tokyo 4. “Ebisu Garden Place”

When you want to enjoy romantic winter Tokyo, I recommend Ebisu Garden Place.Ebisu Garden Place is famous for its shopping and restaurant trends, but in winter it has been lit up and illuminated, and it becomes a popular spot that attracts many lovers.

There are many features that can be felt by the illumination of Ebisu Garden Place, so you can enjoy a space surrounded by 100000 balls while walking on top of a red carpet laid on a hill.Also, the world’s largest ballcarant, Baccararia, is worth seeing.

Why don’t you spend a nice time with your lover at a nearby restaurant while looking at the beautiful illuminations of Ebisu Garden Place?

Address : 4 chome, Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 20
Phone Number : 03 – 5423 – 7111

Recommended sightseeing spots in Tokyo 5. “Odaiba-kaihinkoen”

Odaiba-kaihinkoen has many attractions such as Aqua City and Palette town, but in winter it is illuminated by illumination, so it has become a recommended spot for sightseeing and dating in winter.

Popular spots such as Decks Tokyo Beach and Joypolis Tokyo can enjoy the illumination of winter only, so you can enjoy special feeling.Also, when you go on a date, you can enjoy a Ferris wheel at night, and you can enjoy a beautiful night view of Odaiba from a Ferris wheel decorated with illumination color limited to Christmas.

Odaiba-kaihinkoen, where you can enjoy shopping, restaurants and attractions, is an attractive tourist city that can be enjoyed by lovers, friends, family, and anyone.If you are considering Tokyo sightseeing in winter, please consider playing in Odaiba.

Address : 1 chome, Taiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Recommended tourist spots in Tokyo 6. “Roppongi Hills”

Roppongi Hills is popular as a tourist attraction for Tokyo, but during the winter period illumination will be held everywhere, so it will be a spot where you can spend a lot of time in romantic time.

Especially on Keyakizaka Street, the famous “Keyakizaka Illumination” is carried out, and the fantastic space which is covered by many media every year will be expanded.Tokyo Tower is nearby, so it is one of the recommended courses for Tokyo sightseeing in winter.

In addition, in 1 months before Christmas, the Okuo Sky Deck of Tokyo City View is decorated with music and illumination, and you can enjoy beautiful night view of Tokyo.The MOON can be enjoyed in a romantic space in Tokyo during this beautiful winter season, so please stay with your lover and visit Tokyo for sightseeing in winter.

Address : Roppongi 6 chome, Minato-ku, Minato-ku, Tokyo 11-1

Recommended sightseeing spots in Tokyo 7. “Yomiuri Land”

Yomiuri Land is a popular spot for Tokyo sightseeing and dating in winter.In the winter period, the illumination that world-renowned designers produce in about 6,000,000 balls will be transformed into a world of Yomiuri Land, and it will be developed as a place called “JEWELLUMINATION.”.

There are many attractive facilities, such as a fantastic fountain show in a light landscape, a ice rink that travels through an aurora, a ski slope that slides down from the middle of a jewelry mountain, and slides down from the middle of the Jewelry Mountain.

It is located a little away from the central Tokyo, but you can spend only 2 people in a romantic space.If you are away from the city’s hustle and bustle and want to spend a great time with your lover, please go to Yomiuri Land in winter.

Address : Yanokuchi 4015 – 1, Inagi City, Tokyo

Recommended tourist spots in Tokyo 8. “Shinjuku Terrace City”

Shinjuku Terrace City is a popular tourist attraction for Tokyo illumination in winter, and it lets you enjoy people who come to Shinjuku, work, and people who live in Shinjuku City.From Shinjuku Southern Terrace to Odakyu Department Store, there is an attractive illumination gimmick from Shinjuku-nishiguchi, where you can enjoy a pleasant walk around Shinjuku.

There are many gigmicks that make you smile, so please drop in when you visit Tokyo in winter.

Recommended sightseeing Spots in Tokyo 9. “VR ZONE SHUNJUKU”

It’s not just illumination in Tokyo sightseeing in winter.VR ZONE SHUNJUKU is a huge VR facility in the center of Shinjuku, where you can enjoy various attractions regardless of VR virtual space even in winter.

You can play with Godzilla, an attraction that shoots a Scarecrow wave, or you can manipulate the Evangelion and compete for race in the world of Mario’s world.There are many popular attractions that you can experience realistically because it is the world of VR, so if you want to enjoy indoor leisure, please visit “VR ZONE SHUNJUKU”.

Address : 1 chome, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 29
Phone Number : 03 – 3200 – 8076


In winter, there are many famous spots for sightseeing and dating, such as illumination and indoor leisure, observation deck such as Tokyo Tower and Nakamise Street where you can walk around Senso-ji Temple.It’s an attractive town where you don’t want to do anything like dating with a lover or traveling with your family, etc.

When you visit Tokyo in winter, please go to the attractive spot that you introduced in this article.