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How to enjoy Tokyo Opera City

Do you know Tokyo Opera City?Tokyo Opera City is a complex cultural facility in the New National Theater and a high-rise building adjacent to it.

The Tokyo Opera City, which combines the Arts and Culture Zone, Commercial Zone and business Zone, not only allows you to enjoy the stage arts and art works, but also gives you an enjoyable time to enjoy.This article introduces you to the charm of Tokyo Opera City!

Basic information Tokyo Opera City

At Tokyo Opera City, many cultural events such as opera, ballet, concert, dance, indoor music, and art exhibitions are held.Also, there are a lot of popular cafes and restaurants, so I recommend you to find out where the hall is and where to go before going out.

Tokyo Opera City is

The Tokyo Opera City consists of a high-rise building in the fifty fourth floor, “Tokyo Opera City Building,” and a lower layer, “Shin-National Theater,” adjacent to the building.

In fact, the “Tokyo Opera City Building” is located in Shinjuku ward, and the “New National theater” is located in Shibuya ward.Tokyo Opera City is a facility built at the boundary of the 2 wards.

The picture is a section of a 200 m staircase and aisle called Galeria.It plays a role in connecting the “Tokyo Opera City Building” and the “New National Theater.”.It is a nice space with a stone built thick and light from the arch of the ceiling.

The Tokyo Opera City building and the New National Theater consist of 6 theaters and 2 arts galleries, so there may be confusion in which hall the event is held. Tokyo Opera City.First, let’s check the location and floor of the hall and the gallery.

3 holes, 2 gallery

Hall and Theater Name floor
Concert Hall (Takemitsu Memorial) third floor
Recital hole Underground first floor
Omiraku Hall (small hall) third floor
Art Gallery third floor
NTT InterCommunication Center (Museum) fourth floor

* The Concert Hall, Recital Hall and Art Gallery are run by the Tokyo Opera City Cultural Foundation.The other halls and galleries are different, so the contact points are complicated.
If you need contact, check the appropriate contact points from the URL : https://www.operacity.jp/information/inquiry.php .

3 theaters

  • Address : Honmachi 1-chome No. 1 1, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151 – 0071, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo.
  • TEL : 03 – 5351 – 3011 (representative)
  • Official site : https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/

first floor

Hall and Theater Name floor
Theater Hall Stage : first floor
Medium Theater Stage : first floor
Small theater Stage :

Apart from these 6 hall theaters, there is an ancient Greek amphitheater called “Sunkungarden” on the first floor of the Tokyo Opera City building, where a small concert is held at Summer Festa and other places.

Access to Tokyo Opera City

I’ll summarize about the trains, buses and cars for access to the Tokyo Opera City.Also, the parking lot information is included, so please use it.

Keio New Line (2 minutes’ walk from Shinjuku Line on the Keio Line with the Keio Line. The Keio Line does not stop.)

Tokyo Opera City Building Keio New Line Hatsudai Station East Exit
New National Theater Keio New Line Hatsudai Station Central Exit

About 10 minutes from the west exit bus terminal of Shinjuku Station.
About 20 minutes from Shibuya Station West bus terminal.

Stop Bus Company Name system destination Get off
Shinjuku Station Keio Bus Host 41 Nakano Garage Hatagaya Fudoson
Keio Bus Host 45 Nakano Station Hatagaya Fudoson
Shibuya Station Keio Bus Astringency 61 Hatsudai Station Tokyo Opera City South
Keio Bus Astringency 63 Nakano Station Tokyo Opera City South and New National Theater
Keio Bus Astringency 64 Nakano Station Tokyo Opera City
Keio and Toei Bus Astringency 66 Asagaya Station Tokyo Opera City South and New National Theater

from Shinjuku and Yotsuya

About 1 km from the exit of the Metropolitan Expressway No. 4 at Shinjuku exit.
in the direction of Shibuya Central Circular Route outbound “Hatsudai Minami” exit about 800 m
in the direction of Ikebukuro About 1 km from the exit of Nakano Choja Bridge [Nakano] Central Circular Route
from the Hachioji area About 300m from the Hatsudai exit of the metropolitan expressway No. 4

Parking Information

  • Time rental parking : Tokyo Opera City underground second floor
  • TEL:03-5353-0106
  • Operating hours : 7 : 00 to 23:30
  • Number : 400 units
  • Fee : 30 minute 300 yen rental maximum fee 2,000 yen

* Parking ticket service may be set when using restaurants, shops, concert halls, etc.Don’t forget to bring a parking ticket.

* The parking lot in the basement of the Tokyo Opera City is the parking lot of Times.If you are a member of the Times Club, there is a special benefit, such as the maximum fee is 2,000 yen, 1,500 yen.If you come there many times, it is a good deal to become a member with free membership fee and annual fee free of charge, such as when you use a parking lot of the Times.

Detailed URL for access and parking lots : http://www.tokyooperacity.co.jp/access/

Seat Table and Smoking Area of Tokyo Opera City

The number of seats in each hole and the link to the seat table are listed.When you buy a ticket, please use it when you want to check which place you want to buy after purchase.In a big hall, I recommend you to check which entrance you want to enter.

Hall in Tokyo Opera City building

hole name Seating Number Seat Table URL
Concert Hall 1632 seats (from first to third floor) http://www.operacity.jp/concert/rental/hall/download/pdf/1_CH_seat.pdf
Recital hole 265 seats (3 columns in rear, 60 seats in high leg) http://www.operacity.jp/concert/seat/ (Detailed seat number required for each performance)
Omiraku Hall Maximum seating number of seats 120 seats There is no seating table because the chair is lined up (required for each performance)

Seat table in the New National Theater

hole name Seating Number Seat Table URL
Opera Theater 1814 seats (1 to 4 seats) https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/guide/facility/theatre/seat.html
Medium Theater 796 ~ 1038 seats (1 – and second floor seats) https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/guide/facility/theatre/middle.html (Detailed seat number required for each performance)
Small theater 358 to 468 seats https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/guide/facility/theatre/small.html (Detailed seat number required for each performance)

Smoking area information on the Tokyo Opera City.

  • Tokyo Opera City building : first basement (next to way), second floor (located in the back of the bookstore), and fifty third floor (also known as “>)
  • The New National Theater : The smoking area in the outdoor terrace in front of the middle theater

How to buy and purchase Tokyo Opera City tickets

The fees for events held at each theater and hall in Tokyo Opera City vary depending on the performance and the type of seats.Please check the details of the performance and the ticket center at the ticket center.How to buy tickets varies depending on the concert hall : (1) Concert hall, (2) Recital Hall (2) Omiraku Hall (3) New National Theater (4) Art Gallery (5) NTT InterCommunication Center (5).

1 Concert Hall Ticket Purchase Method
Detailed URL : https://www.operacity.jp/concert/ticket/

method Overview
Purchase at window Name : Tokyo Opera City Ticket Center
Location : Tokyo Opera City building third floor
Reception time : 11 : 00 to 19:00
Reserve by phone TEL:03-5353-9999
Telephone reception time : 10 : 00 to 18:00
Receiving method : Mail, ticket center (within 1 weeks after booking)
Internet reservation Reception URL : https://ticket.operacity.jp/order-top.php?on=1
Reception time : 24 hours
Receiving method : at FamilyMart.
Purchase by other Playguide Ticket Pia : 0570 – 02 – 9999
Eplus : http://eplus.jp/
LAWSON TICKET : 0570 – 000 – 407
* The handling guide is different depending on the performance.

② : How to buy a ticket in Omiraku hall
Detailed URL : http://www.oumigakudou.com/pg315.html

on Internet form

method Overview
Reserve by phone TEL:03-5353-6937
Reservation Reservation Form URL : http://www.oumigakudou.com/pg315.html

You will be informed of the completion of the reservation within 3 business days.
You need to be careful because it doesn’t make a formal reservation until you have a call to complete the reservation.

③ New National Theater Ticket purchase methods
Detailed URL : https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/ticket/general/means.html

Subscribe to

by other Playguide

method Overview
Purchase at window Name : New National Theater Box Office
Place : The main entrance to the first floor of the New National Theater.
Reception time : 10 : 00 to 18:00
New National Theater Web Box Office URL : http://nntt.pia.jp/
Receiving method : Seven-Eleven, FamilyMart, Pia shop, shipping
Booking and purchasing on the phone TEL:03-5352-9999
Reception time : 10 : 00 to 18:00
Receiving method : Seven-eleven, FamilyMart, Pia store, mail service, counter
Purchase Ticket Pia : All stores in Japan
Ticket Pia Voice Recognition Reservation TEL 0570 – 02 – 9999
Seven-Eleven : Nationwide stores

④ Art Gallery Price / Ticket Purchase Methods
Please check on the web page for different events depending on the event.

⑤ NTT InterCommunication Center fare / ticket purchase method

Open space is free, but the exhibitions vary depending on the event being held.Check on the web page.

Confirmation of event scheduled for Tokyo Opera City

You can check the event schedule of Tokyo Opera City from the following URL.If you check the events, such as the theater and the hall, and reserve your favorite seats, you will be able to enjoy the best way to enjoy it!

Confirm event schedule URL

Building location URL
Tokyo Opera City Building Concert Hall Recital Hall https://www.operacity.jp/concert/calendar/#/list/all/
Omiraku Hall http://www.oumigakudou.com/index.html in the top “Performance Schedule”
Art Gallery https://www.operacity.jp/ag/index.php in the exhibition
NTT InterCommunication Center https://www.ntticc.or.jp/ja/exhibitions/
New National Theater Theater Hall, Middle Theater, and Small Theater https://www.nntt.jac.go.jp/
Left and top calendar

Tokyo Opera City Charm and Fun

There are many attractions in the theater, hall and gallery of Tokyo Opera City.I’ll tell you a lot about the appeal of opera, ballet, concerts and events.

Concert Hall

The concert hall of Tokyo Opera City is also known as “Takemitsu Memorial.”.

The hall is a shoe box type hall, and the concert hall is a concert hall that has been reevaluated recently as it has been reevaluated as a concert hall.

The interior of the hole is made of natural wood, and it has a natural and delicate ceiling and a ceiling.This creates a rich sound and a good reverberation time (1.96 seconds when full).The ceiling is shaped as a deformed pyramid.There is a skylight with natural light, and with natural trees, you can feel the natural taste of natural wood while staying in the hall.

There is a balcony seat on the second and third floors, and the audience and the player can communicate more with each other, and it is a hole with a sense of unity.

In addition, a free lunch time concert, such as the performance of the pipe organ, is held at an irregular time.Please check the event information and go out.

Event URL : http://www.tokyooperacity.co.jp/event/

Recital Hole

This is a recital hole with a shoe box type of about 14 m × 20 m.

The ceiling is 8 meters and the reverberation is 1.2 seconds when it is full.The hall is so large that it is often used in indoor music, chorus, recital, recital, piano contests, and so on.The rear 3 columns of the audience seat are arranged with a chair with high legs, and it is considered to be easy to watch.

Art Gallery

At the art gallery on the third floor of Tokyo Opera City, there are exhibitions of modern art, as well as a collection of artwork from the post-war art called Takeda Collection.

There are four galleries, two of them are 6 m tall, and the other 2 are ceiling height.It is an exhibition room with a change of 8 meters.The exhibition room is a white cube called white cube, so it can be exhibited more flexibly and freely in empty space.Please come to see the white space and see what kind of space it will become.

In addition, young writers exhibit their works by using a narrow space called “Corridor Le.”.It is a gallery where the rearing of new authors was thought to be possible.

New National Theater

The New National Theater has 3 theaters, Opera Theater, Middle Theater, and Small Theater, where the Opera, ballet, modern dance, and theatrical performances are held.At the National Theater in Chiyoda Ward, Japanese traditional arts such as Kabuki, Japanese dance, and theater are performed, while the New National Theater is performing opera and ballet based on modern stage art and overseas.

The largest opera theater in the 3 halls is known as “Opera Palace Tokyo.”.In a hall with 4 faces, there is an orchestra pit with up to 120 orchestras, and there is a permanent orchestra where you can find up to the orchestra pit.From the second to fourth floors, the hall is perfect for opera and ballet, with a balcony seat.

The Middle Theater is a proscenium hall with 4 faces, and plays mainly theater and modern dance performances.

The small theater has a movable stage and a movable seat, so you can set various stage settings and customer seats, and it is often used for the performance of the current stage.

In the New National Theater, there are various performances, such as opera, ballet and the performance of the modern stage performance.I am excited just looking at the event schedule.Why don’t you find the program you’re interested in and go out to the theater?

NTT InterCommunication Center

On the fourth floor of Tokyo Opera City, there is an entrance to NTT InterCommunication Center (abbreviated ICC) Museum.

Open space can be viewed for free.The event is paid by event.Art exhibitions are usually held using various technologies that are transmitted by the media.The program for kids is held in summer, and it is very popular because it is an event where you can experience and play.

Omiraku Hall

Omi-Gakudo is a hall with 120 seats (a type where you can arrange a chair).This is a small hall with a dome-shaped ceiling like a chapel.Mini concerts such as indoor music and voice music are held.Because of the small hall, the distance with the performer is very close, so you can feel the expression of the performer and the breath.

Also, a free lunch time concert is held at a time.It is a small hall, so it is a first 100 event, so why don’t we enjoy a nice mini concert for free?

“Lunch Time Concert” from the URL of the Omi-raku hall : http://oumigakudou.com/index.html

Tokyo Opera City’s Popular Cafe Restaurant

There are a lot of popular cafes and restaurants in Tokyo Opera City.The view from about 200 m in the ground is a word of view.The streets in Tokyo are beautiful during the day, and the night view and illumination are wonderful at night.You can enjoy the highest quality cuisine, the best hospitality, and the highest quality view.

Among them, I will introduce you to six shops on the fifty third and fifty fourth floors of the upper floors, which are particularly recommended.

one Way ichimishin / French

This is a French restaurant on the fifty third floor of the Tokyo Opera City.From all over the country, you can enjoy the best ingredients from all over the country, and you can enjoy the creative menu with Japanese seasonings in the course.

This is a restaurant where you can enjoy first class products such as wine selection by a sommelier who won the world’s best Award, a chef who has worked as a general manager of VIP dinner at the Winter Olympics in Nagano.


  • Tokyo Opera City : fifty third floor
  • Business hours : Lunch 11:30 ~ 14:00, dinner 17:30 ~ 22:00 (last order 20:30)
  • Scheduled holidays : Year-End and new year, unspecified holiday
  • TEL:03-5333-1588
  • URL:https://www.ichimishin.jp/

Shimo-takaido Asahi Sushi main head office / Sushi

It is located on the fifty third floor of Tokyo Opera City, so it is a shop where you can see Mt. Fuji on sunny days with clear air.The window seats are limited to 5 sets, lunch and night, so I recommend booking a window seat.

There are 12 seats in the counter and 7 rooms in the private room while talking to the board.In the private room, there is a room with a digging Kotatsu, and it is recommended for a private dining party.How about delicious sushi in a Japanese restaurant that has a Japanese atmosphere?

Shimo-takaido Asahi Sushi Total Head Office

  • Tokyo Opera City : fifty third floor
  • Lunch hours : Month to day, day of holiday, holidays 11:30 ~ 15:00 (last order 14:00)
  • Dinner hours : 17:00 ~ 22:30 from Monday ~ Friday, 16:30 ~ 22:00 days / day.
    Soil 16:30 ~ 22:30 (The last order for the last day of each week is 30 minutes before closing)
  • Fixed holidays : 1/1 to 2, Tokyo Opera City closed
  • TEL:03-5353-0470
  • URL:https://www.asahizushi.com/shoplist/opera53.html

Tempura Shinjuku Sushi 8 / Tempura

This is a restaurant where you can eat freshly fried tempura hot.A long-established Edomae tempura restaurant opened in Shinjuku Kadonoya in 1924 and opened on the fifty third floor of Tokyo Opera City.

We preserve traditional deep-fried techniques that have been passed down over more than 90 years, and we offer delicious tempura with special attention to carefully selected ingredients.Why don’t we have a hot tempura at the counter?

Tempura Shinjuku

  • Tokyo Opera City : fifty third floor
  • Operating hours : 11:30 to 15:00, 17:00 to 23:00, and Saturday, Sundays and holidays 11:30 ~ 23:00
  • Last order : 14:30 at noon, 22:00
  • at night

  • Scheduled holidays : Year-End and new year, Tokyo Opera City closed day
  • TEL:03-5353-0278
  • URL:http://www.tunahachi.co.jp/store/7.html

cafe 53 / Cafe & Bar

This is the only cafe on the upper floor.Why don’t you take your foot to cafe 53 when you want to have a meal or a cup of tea before and after the show?The ceiling is high and the window is large, so the view from the fifty third floor and the open feel are excellent.

Cafe 53 is a cafe during the day, but it becomes a bar where you can drink while looking at the night view of the city center at night.You can see the night view while enjoying wine, beer and cocktails, so why don’t you visit your friend on a date?


  • Tokyo Opera City : fifty third floor
  • Lunch hours : 11 : 30 ~ 16:30 (last order 16:00)
  • Night Bar Business Hours : 17 : 00 ~ 22:00 (Last Order 21:00)
  • Scheduled holidays : Year-End and new year, Tokyo Opera City closed day
  • TEL:03-5388-5110
  • https://www.totenko.co.jp/restaurant/cafe53/

Totenko / Chinese Food

Totenko is a well-established Chinese restaurant opened in Ueno, Tokyo in 1961 and opened in first place.Based on Chinese Guangdong Province and Fujian Province, you can enjoy Chinese cuisine that has been arranged to suit the Japanese people.

There is a store on the fifty fourth floor on the top floor of the Tokyo Opera City, and you can use it at a large banquet room, a private room for a small number of people, and so on, as well as a large banquet room that can accommodate up to 150 people.


  • Tokyo Opera City : fifty fourth floor
  • Weekday lunch Business Hours : 11 : 30 ~ 15:00 (Last order 14:30)
  • Weekday Dinner Business Hours : 17 : 00 ~ 22:00 (Last Order 21:00)
  • Saturday and Sunday business hours : 11 : 30 to 22:00 (last order 21:00)
  • TEL:03-5388-1015
  • https://www.totenko.co.jp/restaurant/opera/

Matsuzaka Beef Good / Shabu Shabu

This is a restaurant opened by the Yoshida group, which deals with luxury watches and jewelry, for the first class food.

You can enjoy the finest Matsuzaka beef in “Teppanyaki” (Teppanyaki), “Sukiyaki” (Sukiyaki), “Shabushabu” (Shabu-shabu) and “Kaiseki Ryori” (Kaiseki cuisine).At the counter, the chef bakes meat on the iron plate in front of you.Also, the table seats where you can see the night view are nice.

And you can have delicious meat at a reasonable price for lunch.It is a limited number, so I recommend you to visit the store early in the lunch hours so that the popular menu won’t disappear.

OK Rice

  • Tokyo Opera City : fifty third floor
  • Lunch business hours : 11 : 30 ~ 14:30 (Course last order 13:00)
  • Dinner hours : 17 : 45 ~ 22:30 (Course last order 20:30, last order 21:15)
  • TEL:03-5358-5401
  • Scheduled holidays : Year-End and new year, Tokyo Opera City closed day
  • http://www.matsusakaushi-yoshida.jp/floor/

Tokyo Opera City

Tokyo Opera City is the best place to enjoy the art and enjoy a delicious meal.There are a lot of halls, theaters and galleries, and there are many popular restaurants as well.There is no doubt that you want to carry your feet many times.

And Tokyo Opera City has an object on the ceiling, a corner of the floor, a ceiling and a ceiling, and there is a wonderful place in the art.It is one of the pleasures to look for a variety of favorites while walking around the building.Please enjoy Tokyo Opera City!