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How to Enjoy the Tower Record Shibuya Store

The Tower Record Shibuya store is the world’s largest CD shop located near Shibuya station, where young people’s town is the most popular.Many famous spots are scattered in Shibuya, so there are many people who visited it at least once.The Tower Record Shibuya store is a large CD shop with a building from B1 F to 9 F.

Apart from CD sales, various events are held every day, and there is no shortage of customers from children to adults.

This article introduces how to enjoy the Tower Record Shibuya store.

Tower Record in Tower Record Shibuya Store

Tower Records Shibuya opened in Udagawacho, Shibuya Ward, Japan as the second Tower Record store in Japan in 1981.At that time, it was a small store, but in 1995 it moved to Jinnan in the same Shibuya Ward, and became the world’s largest store in the 1 buildings.The floor area is 1,550 square meters.

The CD shop is often located in a large shopping mall or a fashion building, but the Tower record Shibuya store is one of the largest stores selling a lot of CDs from a wide variety of genres, including B1F to 9 f.It’s a place where you can touch a variety of songs and don’t care about music lovers.

In addition, there are many events in the Tower Record Shibuya store, and there are many events.And there is a collaboration cafe, and a beer garden is held at 9 f in summer as well.

“World’s Largest CD Shop” Tower Record Shibuya Store

The Tower Records Shibuya store is said to be the world’s largest CD shop, because it boasts 800000 CDs stocks.Besides, there are no stores in Japan that sell the CD shops from the first floor to the ninth floor except for the Tower Records Shibuya store in Japan.

Tower Record Shibuya Store Business Hours and Floor Information

Operating Hours

10:00 to 23:00

Floor Information

The Tower Record Shibuya store is from B1 F to 9 F, and there is a separate category for each floor.

B1 F : Event space “CUTUP STUDIO”
  • The main event space in the Tower Record Shibuya store is the main event space.We also have a bar counter and alcohol.

1 f : New Product and Recommended Product Corner, Ticket Pia Counter

  • The Tower Record Shibuya store is the main branch of the tower record Shibuya store, so you can experience the latest entertainment.There is a large monitor at the entrance, and the floor is full of liveness.The interior is based on the color red and yellow, which is the color of Tower Record.

2 f : Cafe “TOWER RECORD CAFE” and Book corner “TOWER BOOKS”

    In the “TOWER Record cafe” TOWER RECORD CAFE “, you can bring books and magazines from the” TOWER BOOK “.

3 f : J-POP, Visual Lock Corner

  • It is not an exaggeration to say that there are all J-pop products in Japan.

4 f : Johnny, Idle, Animation and Movies, Soundtrack Corner

  • It is a floor where you can find anime, Japanese films and DVDs of Western movies in addition to the products of Johnny and Idol.

5 f : K-pop corner and event space

  • The K-pop is located on the floor.Previously, the event space in the 4 f was moved in January 2019.It has a floor area of more than 2 times more than before.

6 f : Lock, Reggae, Hiphop, Soul, R & B Corner

  • The Tower Record Shibuya store is locked.We have products that are mainly locked.

7 f : Classic Jazz Blue Country World World World Rakugo Corner

    This is a corner where you can find a product that has a mature space with jazz.

8 f : Event space “SpaceHACHIKAI”

  • This is the event space at the Tower Record Shibuya store.Many exhibitions and exhibitions are held as well.

9 f : Cafe & Bar “TOWER RECORDS SKYGARDEN” and event space

  • The event space on the roof.The barbecue beer garden “TOWER RECORDS SKYGARDEN” will be held in the summer only.This is a great location where you can enjoy barbeque at a corner of the city only inside the CD shop.

Tower Record Shibuya Store Access Parking Lot

Address : 1-22-14 Jinnan, Shibuya-ku
Nearest station : 3 minute walk from Hachiko exit on the JR Yamanote Line “Shibuya Station”
Parking : None
Telephone number : 03 – 3496 – 3661 (TOWER RECORDS CAFE : 03 – 3496 – 3672)
Closed days : unspecified holidays

Tower Record Shibuya Store’s

The Tower Records Shibuya store has a live space “CUTUP STUDIO” and event space “SpaceHACHIKAI” in the live space, and various events are held every day.There is also a cafe called “TOWER RECORDS CAFE” that has a relaxing space.

Live space “CUTUP STUDIO”

“CUTUP STUDIO” at the Tower Record Shibuya store’s B1 F is a main live space with about 300 customers.Not only mini live and special events, but also the public collection are available.It is a studio where the live of K-pop idols is often held.

Event Space “SpaceHACHIKAI”

The SpaceHACHIKAI, located at the Tower Record Shibuya store’s 8 f, is a place where about 40 customers can be gathered, and the whole is based on white color.It is an event space where handshake events, planning and exhibitions, and a limited time shop are held.In the exhibition, there are exhibitions of comic Books and Anime exhibitions, too.


The Tower Records Shibuya store was opened in 2012 by “TOWER RECORDS CAFE” which is famous as a collaboration cafe in the second floor.The collaboration menu with famous artists, characters and anime is very popular.

I would recommend a fluffy omelet rice with plenty of menus.If you want to spend a leisurely and calm atmosphere, it may be a good idea to visit on a day other than a collaboration cafe.

In addition to the Shibuya store, there are Omotesando, Umeda NU Chayamachi, Sapporo Pivot, and Fukuoka Tenjin shops.

Location : Tower Record Shibuya Store 2 f
Business hours : 10 to 22
Phone number : 03 – 3496 – 3672
Closed days : unspecified holidays
Seats : 80 seats

Almost daily in-store events

The Tower Record Shibuya store has many event spaces, so events are held every day.That is the famous venue.A famous artist might come to the store with an indie band, a new idol, a singer and a wide range of singers, and you may find a celebrity when you stop at the store.

The event information is updated at the Tower Record Shibuya store at any time.There are many events that require a numbered ticket, so please check it and visit.

Tower Record Shibuya Store

I introduced the Tower Record Shibuya store.As the world’s largest market, it has a variety of CD sales, so many events are held every day, so it is an attractive store.

There are many famous spots in Shibuya, such as 109, scramble intersection, Catte Street and Yoyogi Park and Meiji Jingu.Is the Tower Record Shibuya store one of the places in one of the famous spots?