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Attractive seafood restaurant “Baba Gunp Shrimp” from Toyosu

“Baba Gump Shrimp” is a popular seafood restaurant located in Lalaport and Toyosu, and is known to people who know it.The Baba Gump Shrimp has a motif as a motif of Forrest Gump starring Tom Hanks, and the movie fan has a great deal of ingenuity.

The Baba Gump Shrimp is suitable for every scene, whether it’s a family meal or a date.I’m going to introduce you to the Baba Gump Shrimp, so if you’re looking for a dinner lunch at Toyosu, please refer to me.

The charm of “Baba Gunp”

Toyosu Baba Gump Shrimp is the biggest attraction of a seafood restaurant based on the theme of “Forrest Gump.”.

In order to maximize the attractiveness of this restaurant, you can enjoy the success of the shrimp fishery by watching “Forrest Gump” before you go to the restaurant, and you can enjoy eating more deliciously.

Baba Gunp Shrimp is

Originally, “Baba Gump Shrimp” was opened in 1996 at the first store in California. It is a restaurant with a history of 40 more than a few stores around the world.

There is a scene where my friend Baba introduces the shrimp dishes to the forest, but there is a dish in which the shrimp is put in front of the Baba Gump Shrimp in Toyosu, and the movie fan is making a big deal of it.

Store atmosphere

Location where you can view the sea

The restaurant is a beautiful location where you can overlook the sea, and you can enjoy a beautiful night view at night.When you use it on a dinner date, it’s better to reserve a window seat beforehand.

Dinner is recommended

In addition, the restaurant has an open atmosphere in the United States, and it has a good atmosphere to enjoy lunch.This restaurant is recommended for lunch whenever you visit Lalaboo and Toyosu.

There is a famous “Run! Forest Run!” on top of the table, and there is no doubt that you will be brave if you go to this store when you get depressed.

It can also be used for renting and surprises!

At the Baba Gump Shrimp in Toyosu, we are happy to be able to serve and surprise you as a shop!There are more than 50 people, but it is only a weekday, so it may be good to rent a gourmet restaurant in Toyosu where the scenery is beautiful, and give it to your friends and family to give them a surprise as a surprise.

There are also children’s menus, so there is a store where infants can handle, so everyone can enjoy a private party.Also, it is possible to take out, so you can take the meal left after the party back home and enjoy the meal at home while enjoying the afterglow of the party.

The store is divided into smoke and smoke

It is a branch of Toyosu Baba Gump Shrimp. It is divided into smoke.Therefore, smokers can smoke if they can sit in a space where they can smoke.There is no private room, so the non-smoking person may not be able to completely shut out the smoke, but it is a spacious store, so there is nothing to worry about that much.

If you don’t like smoke, it’s better to ask the clerk if you can’t find the place that doesn’t suit the smoke damage.

The preferred coupon information for Baba Gump Shrimp is

The menu of the “Baba Gump” menu

The most popular menu of Baba Gunp Shrimp is a shrimp dish, but there are also many American dishes because it has a background that has been opened from the United States.I’ll introduce you about the popular menu that you want to eat when you go to Baba Gunp Shrimp.

As a budget, you can enjoy lunch as much as possible if you have a lunch between 2,000 and 3000 yen, and dinner is around 4,000 yen.

shrimperes Net Catch

The first thing you can’t do is “shrimperes Net Catch”.It is a dish of shrimp steamed with beer, and it is perfect as a snack before the main dish is brought.You can choose the garlic flavor or the Cajun flavor, so let’s choose the one you like.

The first time I came to this dish, I came to the “Baba Gunp Shrimp!”!It comes to the zzzzzzzz atmosphere.

prawn cocktail

This is an impact dish that brings out the shrimp that is unique to the batter of Baba Gunp shrimp.You can enjoy the deliciousness of shrimp by adding Cocktail Sauce to a large shrimp.

The appearance is interesting and the quantity is appropriate, so it is good to ask you to use it with your boyfriend.

Captain’s Fish & Chips

Fish & chips from the standard menu.All of you don’t like shrimp when you come to a large number of Baba Gunp.In this case, if you order a standard fish & chips, everyone can enjoy eating time without undue difficulty.

Dixie-style Baby buck rib

This is a Korean-style voluminous boned meat.If you want to bite the meat, it’s better to try this menu.

coronary – ta

Colonarie Ta is a refreshing lime drink that makes you feel like you want to taste at the beach.Please enjoy this drink when you enjoy cooking at Baba Gunp Shrimp.

The reasonable course menu is also available!

At the Baba Gump Shrimp, you can order not only a single item but also a reasonable course.If you go by a large number of people, it’s a waste of time to decide the order of the order after you enter the store.In such a case, you should consider the order of course meal.You can order courses from more than 4 people, and you can also add all-you-can-drink plans at + 2,000 yen.

1 person 3,300 yen plan

In the case of a plan of 3,300 yen per person, the following dishes will be served as a course.

  • prawn cocktail
  • schlingparsenectocacci
  • House Salad
  • Altmet sampler
  • BBQ Grill

You can eat a well-balanced meal, such as a restaurant’s signature BBQ grill, a healthy BBQ grill, a healthy house salad, and so on.If you ask for the course with more than 7 people, you need to prepare beforehand, so let’s tell them when you make a reservation.

1 person 4,000 yen plan

If you add 700 yen from the basic plan above, you can enjoy the following dishes.Choose the plan according to the members’ preferences.

  • Shain Shrimp & Chips
  • Baba-Ganp Characteristic Desert

Basic information of “Baba Gunp”

Baba Gump Shrimp Toyosu store is located at 3 f of Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu.You can get there immediately from Toyosu Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line or from Yurikamome Toyosu Station.Lalaport has plenty of parking lots and parking lots, so you can access it by car or bicycle.

If you go to Lalapo from Toyosu Station on Yurakucho Line, exit number 2 is the closest exit.If you leave exit number 2, you will get to the bus rotary, but if you go straight, you will see the “Lalapo and Toyosu Annex”, so you will get to the Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu immediately after you turn left.
Lalaport is very large, so I tend to get lost, but the Baba Gump Shrimp is next to the KidZania of 3 f, so let’s go ahead with the KidZania as a landmark.Refer to this for detailed floor guides.

Address : 2-4-9 Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu 3 f, Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Operating hours : 11 to 23 (LO : 22 o’ clock)
Phone number : 03 – 6910 – 1442


Toyosu “Baba Gunp Shrimp” is a wonderful seafood restaurant that can be used for lunch and lunch.Those who go to Lalaport and Toyosu and those who have business near Toyosu will definitely enjoy eating at this restaurant.