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I want to go every week!10 recommended Barbecue Sites in Toyosu

There are many barbecue places where you can enjoy barbecue without empty-handed barbecue.There is a barbecue place where you can enjoy authentic American barbecue and everything from preparation to cleanup, and there is a cafe and cafe.There is a barbecue with a professional instructor, so you can enjoy it as well.The night view of the fantastic Toyosu and Odaiba area can be enjoyed at night, so it is recommended to use it for a variety of occasions such as couples, couples and friends.

1. Toyosu Barbecue Standard “WILD MAGIC”

“WILD MAGIC” is an urban outdoor park located in Toyosu, and reopened in 2017.It is divided into 7 areas with the concept of “the bridge between the facilities and the people’s connections to the rainbow”, and it is possible to experience outdoor BBQ experience with different concepts.

7 areas

divided into each concept
There are more distinct features of the area than the “The THIIRD Park” before the renovation, so you can enjoy a barbecue experience that you can enjoy from the family with children to the use of friends.

Try to make a reservation for each area and make a reservation in the appropriate area when making a reservation.

VILLAGE AREA (viridiella)

“VILLAGR AREA” is a barbecue area that comes out immediately after the reception of WILD MAGIC.You can choose the all-you-can-drink plan, so you can enjoy BBQ completely empty-handed.As if in the village, you can enjoy barbeque at a place where you can enjoy a barbeque with a small and large Tipee (also known as an Indian tent) or a stylish trailer.

BAR in WILD MAGIC is also located in this area, where you can enjoy desserts such as soft ice-cream and shaved ice, and order original cocktails and various drinks.At the end of barbecue, it is a standard to eat and tighten Rainbow Ice Candy.

FIRE PIT AREA (Fire Pit Area)

This is the area where you can feel as if you’re doing a campfire.There is a FIRE PIT in the center of the area, and there is a tile surrounding it.At night, you can enjoy a romantic atmosphere while enjoying a romantic atmosphere by combining the night view of the Toyosu and Harumi areas with the fantastic scenery.This is a recommended area for the family with children.

FAMILY AREA (Family Area)

“FAMILY AREA” is recommended if you want to enjoy barbecue while relaxing.You can enjoy BBQ in the party shade installed on the wood deck, not in Tipi.Also, the hammock is installed at each site where the shade is installed, so it is possible to relax by shaking the hammock during the barbecue.


This area is recommended when I want to get excited within my friends.The space facing the beach is separated by each deck, so that the space can be used by other groups as compared to other areas, so it is possible to enjoy barbeque more leisurely.It is the place facing Tokyo Bay, and it is the best way to view the night view of Toyosu and the nature.

PLANTS & WATER AREA (Plant & Water Area)

This area is recommended when you want to feel refreshed and refresh.As if it were a beach resort, there is a small waterfront area and an area where plants are planted, and it is an area where you can enjoy the nature while barbeque and enjoy it.It is recommended for the use of a social worker.


This area, which can also be used for wedding purposes, is a saucasviridi where you can accommodate up to 500 people.It is recommended for use at companies or at events such as events.If you are looking for a barbecue area that can accommodate a large number of people, please consider using this barbecue area.


This area is recommended when you want to have a barbecue at Toyosu.It can be used by a minimum of 2 people, so it is suitable for the use of couples and couples.There are plenty of menus that you can enjoy the taste of authentic American barbecue, as well as drinks and snacks.If you want to take the look at WILD MAGIC, please consider using this area as well.

“WILD MAGIC” pricing plan menu

In the WILD MAGIC MAGIC, the fee varies depending on the area and the size of the sites you choose, but it is generally possible to use it for 5,000 to 10,000 yen per person.You can choose premium BBQ plans or premium drinks when you make a reservation, so if you want to add more food and drink, you should choose this plan.You can also add additional meat from the options menu or order ice that is easy to fill.

The time to use is divided into 2 time zones, so it is necessary to make a reservation when making a reservation, since the available time varies depending on each area.When you want to enjoy the night view of Toyosu, it’s good to choose a time for dinner at night.

“WILD MAGIC” Foods, Equipment, fireworks, and PET regulations

In “WILD MAGIC” it is possible to bring food and drinks.There is a supermarket in the neighborhood, so if you want to buy it, you should buy it here.There is a discount supermarket from the premium supermarket, so please use it according to your needs.Also, the equipment is also being rented out, so you can use it empty-handed.

Fireworks can be used in hand-held fireworks except in the cafe area.Launch fireworks, rocket fireworks, and injection fireworks on the ground are prohibited, so enjoy your manners and enjoy them.Pets can enter up to 2 per 1 sites.However, please be aware that it is a condition to put the lead on it.

The closest station and operating period

“WILD MAGIC” is a 3 minute walk from Shin-Toyosu Station and a 15 minute walk from Toyosu Station.I recommend the nearby parking lot “Mitsui Repark Shin-Toyosu Ekimae” near here.Basically, it is possible to use all year year-round, but the event and maintenance period of the event and maintenance are closed.In particular, the maintenance period is often 1 months and February.

Detail article in “WILD MAGIC”

Address : 1-23, Toyosu 6 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061, Tokyo


CAFE is a stylish cafe located in Toyosu, a popular spot where you can enjoy meals and coffee in a spacious open space with high ceilings and glass.CAFE also offers A barbecue plan “GardenBBQ” in the garden, so you can enjoy barbecue at Toyosu more easily.


when you want to enjoy barbeque at Toyosu.
This is a barbecue venue in the town of Toyosu, so you can enjoy meals and drinks while enjoying the scenery of the high-rise buildings and towers in Toyosu during the night time.It is also recommended for those who work at Toyosu.All ingredients are included in the plan, so you can enjoy barbeque easily without taking them empty-handed.

Also, it is recommended to use this product as it is easy to use as it is equipped with tents, so that it is easy to use in rainy days, and it is difficult to adjust the schedule.There is a resident BBQ instructor, so it is possible to get a barbecue that can be enjoyed even if you are worried about whether you can do BBQ properly or not.

Price plan Menu

Price Plan Menu
CAFE (Garden BBQ) offers 4 plans, so you can enjoy barbeque at 5,000 ~ 10,000 yen.The highest executive plan is to upgrade to the special ingredients such as aged meat and grilled bacon, and the BBQ instructor will stay with you and cook it.It is also recommended for use in a business scene.

The ingredients, equipment and fireworks in the CAFE (Garden BBQ), and the regulations

In principle, it is prohibited to use the ingredients, and when you do a The Birthday Party, cake and other cakes are prepared by CAFE, so you should order it beforehand.You don’t need to bring the equipment to the facility, but you don’t need to bring it, so it is a good idea to use it when you want to enjoy barbecue only.

The nearest station and usable period

of the CAFE (Garden BBQ)
CAFE (Garden BBQ) is located in a 3 or 4 minute walk from Toyosu Station.You can find it right away as it faces Harumi Dori, the main street of Toyosu.It is open throughout the year, and you can offer a warm pot plan in winter, so you should choose an appropriate plan depending on the season.

Address : 1-9, Toyosu 2 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 5534 – 8025
Business hours : 11 30 to 23 00.
Closed holidays : particularly none

3. Anniversary Cruise

The anniversary cruise is a cruise where you can enjoy events such as cherry blossom viewing, fireworks and year-end party.The barbecue plan is rich, so you can enjoy barbecue on the cruiser with a budget of about 1,000 yen over the barbecue.

It boasts the largest number of ships in Japan, and it has many large cruisers ranging from a large cruiser to a medium-sized cruiser, so it is possible to use it from a small number of people to a large number of people.I recommend you to customize your plan freely for full occupancy, so you can enjoy fish caught on the boat and enjoy the fish caught on the spot, so I recommend you to experience a non-routine experience.

Why don’t you enjoy a barbecue on the boat while enjoying the beautiful night view of Tokyo Bay?

4. Urban Farm Barbecue Terrace

If you want to enjoy barbeque in Odaiba near Toyosu, I recommend the “Urban Farm Barbecue Terrace”.It is a terrace on the roof of the Divercity Tokyo Plaza in Odaiba, and it can accommodate up to 600 people at the maximum.The view from the rooftop is good, so you can enjoy a panoramic view of the night view of the beautiful Odaiba if you use it during the night time.

“Urban Farm Barbecue Terrace” Price plan menu

There are 4 kinds of fare plans, and a regular division and a premium plan with 10 persons with a capacity of 8 persons are prepared in a plan to rent a parcel.The plan for each number of people is divided into a plan for use at a terrace seat and a plan to be used at a party site.

It is about 2,000 yen per person, and it is easy to use as it has equipment such as equipment, disposable chopsticks, paper plates, and so on.You can also enjoy barbecue without a reservation if you reserve a BBQ plan or an all-you-can-drink plan when you make a reservation.We also have a special weekday only weekly plan, so we are holding a barbecue plan for women’s party, so please make sure to take advantage of this.

The nearest station and usable period

of the Urban Farm Barbecue Terrace
The local farm barbecue terrace is close to the “Taiba” station on Yurikamome or the “Tokyo Teleport” station on the Rinkai Line.If you go from Toyosu, it’s convenient to use Yurikamome.In addition, there is a parking lot that can accommodate 1.400 units of DiverCity Tokyo Plaza, so you can access it by car.When you go to a barbecue, you can park on the eighth floor as soon as possible, so try to stop it as much as possible.

Urban Farm Barbecue Terrace
Address : 1-1-10 divers in Tokyo Plaza rooftop, 1 Qinghai, Aohai 1 chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0064 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 6457 – 2669
Business hours : 11 00 to 22 00.
Closed holidays : particularly none

5. Shiokaze Park Barbecue Park

The “Shiokaze Park Barbecue Park” is recommended for those who want to enjoy barbecue while enjoying the nature of Odaiba.Located next to the Fune-no-kagakukan in the park, you can enjoy beautiful sunset in the evening in the evening with the Bay of Tokyo Bay.

You can also spend a relaxing time walking around a large Midori-no-Hiroba Square, and it is recommended that you refresh at a nearby Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari at the end of the barbecue season.

“Shiokaze Park Barbecue Park” price plan menu

The Shiokaze Park Barbecue Park can enjoy barbecue at a reasonable price, so it is very recommended for families with children.The children’s barbecue plan, which is limited to elementary school students and children, is also offered, so you can adjust the amount of meals to be adjusted.

The regular plan that you can eat well is 3,500 yen per person, and the basic light plan is about 2,980 yen per person.In addition, it offers a service to clean up and prepare for a barbecue, so it is possible to ask for an extra 800 yen per person to work hard.

The nearest station and the usable period

of the Shiokaze Park Barbecue Park
The closest Shiokaze Park Barbecue Park is’ Taiba’ station or’ Fune-no-kagakukan’ station of Yurikamome.It is a place about 5 minutes walk, so you can enjoy the scenery of Odaiba while enjoying the scenery of Odaiba.There is a parking space with parking space of about 400 cars, so you can access by car.

Shiokaze Park Barbecue Park
Address : Higashiyashio 1-2, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 135 – 0092 Tokyo
Phone number : 050 – 5835 – 0493

6. Yumenoshima Marina BBQ Station

The Yumenoshima Marina BBQ station is recommended when you want to enjoy barbecue while enjoying a feeling of resort.It is located in Yumenoshima Marina, where cruisers and yachts are lined up, and the Yumenoshima Park with a large bird of 43 hector is adjacent to it.There is also a tropical plant and a pool facility nearby, so you can enjoy leisure sightseeing after enjoying barbecue.

There are plenty of outdoor experience other than barbecue, so you can walk around Yumenoshima’s open nature by rental cycle, and you can also enjoy Tokyo Bay Cruise tourism such as Rainbow Bridge in a set plan with Tokyo Bay cruising.There is also a dog run by a family with Wang Chung and a dog run where one dog can run freely on weekends and holidays.

You can enjoy the barbeque and food, drink and equipment, so you can enjoy it easily, so if you want to enjoy barbecue while enjoying a feeling of a resort, you can enjoy barbecue at the Yumenoshima Marina BBQ station and enjoy barbecue at the Yumenoshima Marina BBQ station.

“Yumenoshima Marina BBQ Station” price plan menu

There are 3 compartments at the Yumenoshima Marina BBQ station.The family compartment that can accommodate up to 15 people is 19,000 yen for day time and 22,000 yen for sunset time, so it is very economical.The family uses a 10,000 yen day time and a sunset time of 11,500 yen.In a dog free compartment with a dog, you can rent a parcel from 20,000 yen to 26,000 yen.

The menu of meat and drinks is rich, so you should order it according to your needs, such as when you want to eat delicious meat or when you want a volume.Apart from meat, you can also enjoy a wide variety of dishes such as scallop, paella, fried noodles and shrimp, so you can enjoy a barbecue experience that is very satisfying for meals.

The nearest station and usable period

of the Yumenoshima Marina BBQ station
The Yumenoshima Marina BBQ station offers a parking lot for 510 yen a day, so you can park up to 480 cars, so you can access it by car.By train, get off at Yurakucho Line or Rinkai Line’ Shin-Kiba Station, and it’s a 15 minute walk to the venue.

Yumenoshima Marina BBQ Station
Address : 2-1, Yumenoshima 3 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 136 – 0081
Phone number : 03 – 6659 – 5070

7. Digicue BBQ CAFE (Decks Tokyo Beach Store)

The “Digcue BBQ CAFE” is recommended when you want to have a barbecue date.On the terrace in front of the Rainbow Bridge, you can enjoy a barbecue while watching the fantastic night view of Tokyo Bay area from sunset to night.There is also an option to reserve a seat on the sea side, so you should reserve a seat on the sea side when you use it on a date.

The staff members can deal with the fire and cleanup of the barbecue, so you can concentrate only on enjoying barbecue.You don’t need to bring a food or a drink if you make a reservation.Of course, it is possible to take it in, so it is recommended to bring the ingredients and drinks you like to enjoy.

Digicue BBQ CAFE
Address : 1 Chome, Daiba, Minato-ku, Tokyo 135 – 0091, Minato-ku, Tokyo 6-1

8. Wakasu Outdoor Center

Wakasu Outdoor Center is a popular activity facility where you can enjoy barbeque with fishing and camping in a large natural area in the Wakasu area.The Wakasu area is close to Toyosu, and there are many families who can enjoy barbeque with families on weekends and holidays while camping with their families on weekends and holidays.

You can enjoy barbeque, camping and fishing, and you can enjoy cycling in the midst of a great nature. There is also a popular Wakasu golf course where adults can enjoy cycling, so you can enjoy a simple golf experience, so you can enjoy a simple golf experience.

“Wakasu Outdoor Center” price plan menu

When you are camping at the Wakasu Outdoor Center, you need to make reservations at “Wakasu Campsite” and make reservations for the barbecue at “Wakasu Outdoor Center” and make reservations for these 2 reservations.The barbecue plan is 3,480 yen per person for regular plan, 2,980 yen for light plan, 1,000 yen for kids plan, and you can also order meat, seafood and fried noodles, etc.There is a set that can make authentic Indian curry, so please try it as well.

The nearest station and the usable period

of the Wakasu Outdoor Center
The Wakasu Outdoor Center is located near Shin-Kiba Station, but it is very difficult to move on foot because it is a campsite near the Tokyo Gate Bridge.There are also buses running from the station to the campsite, so if you have few luggage, you can consider moving by bus.Also, the dedicated parking lot is offered at a very reasonable price, so it may be better to think about driving by car along with your own car, the necessary baggage for barbecue and camping, and so on.

Also, if you want to learn more about the Wakasu Outdoor Center, please refer to the basic information and access for the basic information and access Wakasu Park campsite.

Wakasu Outdoor Center
Address : 2-1, Wakasu 3 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 136 – 0083
Phone number : 050 – 5835 – 0493

9. So-area Tokyo BarbeQUE Garden

“Sono area Tokyo barbecue garden” is a barbecue place in the Tokyo Rinkai wide area disaster prevention park located right next to Yurikamome Ariake Station.At a barbecue place next to the disaster prevention experience learning facility, you can learn about disaster prevention together with your family while holding a barbecue with your child.

The vast area of the site is very spacious and is perfect for spending a refreshing time on holidays.Recently, the grunting tool has also been introduced, and you can enjoy barbeque while enjoying a camping experience.You can bring equipment and food, but you can also enjoy barbecue empty-handed as you can provide both equipment and food by making a reservation.

It is a recommended barbecue place where you can enjoy barbecue at the same time as the distance between each one of the compartments is quite spaced compared to other barbecue sites.

The price Plan Menu

The price plan menu for the Tokyo Barbecue garden.
You need to reserve a parcel in advance when you use the “Soso Area Tokyo Barbecue Garden”.During the barbecue season in August and August, and on weekends and holidays, the following two systems are run, and it is necessary to complete everything from preparation to completion within the time period : 7.

  • Part : 10 : 00 to 13:00
  • 2 : 14 : 00 to 17:00

On weekdays other than those in the season, it is possible to use it at the time period of 11:00 to 15:00.

The fee system is divided into equipment rental fee and food reservation fee, and the equipment rental fee can be rented at a price of 1,030 yen for adults and 520 yen for children, and you can rent the equipment necessary for barbecue.The ingredients vary according to the reservation plan, but the regular set with beef ribs and pork ribs is offered at “2,138 yen per person.”.

Of course, you can order a single order of seafood, fried noodles, meat and other items apart from the set ingredients. You can also order meat and sake at nearby supermarkets, so you can order it according to the number of people and the situation.

The nearest station and usable period

of the “Soso Area Tokyo Barbecue Garden”
The nearest station is “Ariake Station” and you can go there immediately from Toyosu by Yurikamome.There is no parking lot for users only of barbecue sites, and basically access by public transportation is recommended.

However, if you want to bring a food or drink, it is convenient to use a parking lot, so if you want to go by car, it’s better to use a nearby coin parking lot.However, if you have a lot of parking lots near a barbecue place, you’ll have to carry heavy luggage for a long distance, so you’ll be relieved if you make a reservation.

10. Kasai Rinkai Park Barbecue Park

“Kasai Rinkai Park Barbecue Park” is a place where you can enjoy barbeque in a spacious park near the sea.In the park, there are various facilities such as Ferris wheel, aquariums, beaches and luxurious hotels, and it is a popular area where you can spend time before and after barbecue.

During the summer season, you can barbecue a sunset time, and you can also spend a barbecue while enjoying the sunset with a barbecue, so you can enjoy barbecue at a barbecue place that is good for your friends and friends to use.It offers equipment and food supplies, so you can enjoy barbeque with empty-handed barbecue, and you can spend only a fun barbecue time if you have an option plan to clean up and clean up.

“Kasai Rinkai Park Barbecue Park” price plan menu

The most popular regular plan is a plan with equipment and ingredients, including beef steak, pork belly, chicken, and meat, as well as various kinds of seafood such as shrimp squid, fried noodles, and vegetables that are good for girls.Basically, it is better to order this plan for the number of people.

The barbecue area is open throughout the year, but you should make sure not to make a reservation when you make a reservation, because the operating hours and the available time are different depending on the season and the day of the week.

The nearest station and the usable period

of the Kasai Rinkai Park Barbecue Park
The nearest liquid of the Kasai Rinkai Park Barbecue Park is Kasairinkaikoen Station.Once you get out of the station, you can go out to the fountain square, and depending on the time zone, you can see the fountain flowing beautifully.If you go there in the park, it will take you to the Barbecue Park, so you should walk while watching the abundant nature and the Ferris wheel, and the flowers.

There is a lot of exclusive parking lots, and you can use it at a discount rate of 200 yen for 1 hours and 100 yen for every 30 minutes after that.There is a Disney resort nearby, so after enjoying barbeque at Kasai Rinkai Park Barbecue Park, it may be nice to enjoy after 5 days at Disney!

Toyosu has a lot of barbecue spots!

In Toyosu, there are many barbeque spots including Ariake, Odaiba and Shinkiba, and on Saturdays and Sundays the family and friends enjoy barbeque.Depending on the barbecue area, you can enjoy the fun and the surrounding spots, so please understand the characteristics of each barbecue place and enjoy the Toyosu barbecue.