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[Selected] Toyosu’s fashionable cafe and cafe 10 selections.

There are many cafes and cafes where you can enjoy a stylish and relaxing relaxation around the Toyosu area.The cafe where you can find coffee, tea leaves, art coffee shops, and coffee shops, each have a distinctive charm, and you’ll find your favorite cafe.

If you are going to Toyosu, please find a cafe where you can find your favorite cafe, and please drop by during the stroll.

WEE BEE’S (Webead)

WEE BEE’S is a fashionable cafe that is especially popular among the cafes in the neighborhood of Toyosu.The Italian base cuisine that changes daily to deliver fresh ingredients every day, and the relaxing space where you can relax your music, art and fashion is a relaxing place.

The exterior is full of glass, and the sunny sun shines through the sun, so you can enjoy the atmosphere with an open atmosphere while in a stylish and special space.Those who go to Toyosu on a date, or who want to spend a relaxing time alone, will definitely visit the WEE BEE’ WEE BEE’.

Address : Toyosu Cubic Garden in Toyosu 3 chome 2, Toyosu Cubic Garden, third floor, Tokyo City, Tokyo City, first floor.
Phone number : 03 – 5547 – 3806
Business day : Tuesday-Thursdays : 11 : 00 to 22:30, Gold Saturday : 11 : 00 – 23:00, Sundays : 11 : 00 – 21:30
Closed : Mondays (Tuesdays are closed if Monday is a holiday)

Hide Coffee Beans Store (HIDE COFFE BEAN STORE)

Hida Coffee Beans Store is a cafe where people who like coffee from Toyosu gather together.The special coffee beans store, which focuses on coffee beans, sells only specialty coffee beans, and you can enjoy special coffee at home and at home.

Specialty coffee beans refer to the highest ranking of coffee beans, and other ranks are as follows :.

  • Premium coffee : Coffee bean
  • where the characteristics of coffee production are dark.

  • Commodity coffee : A coffee
  • that is generally distributed as a generic product.

  • Low grade coffee : Inexpensive, mass consuming coffee beans

The coffee tastes great with the quality of coffee beans, so this “Hidede coffee beans store” provides an irresistible gift to coffee lovers.If you’re a coffee chef, please enjoy the special filling of this cafe when you go to Toyosu.

Address : Higashi-un 1-2-1, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3533 – 1010
Business day : Thu – Tuesdays : 10 : 00 – 19:00
Closed holidays : every Wednesday, second, Shimoku

Pele et Mere

“Pel E Mel” is a delicious cafe with bread that is close to Toyosu Station.This cafe is a cafe where you can enjoy coffee with more than 100 kinds of baked bread, and enjoy the delicious bread with a lot of delicious bread.

In a busy life, the time you spend in “Pe E Mel” gives you a calm feeling.Please enjoy the loaf of bread made by Peru, which is loved by the residents of Toyosu, once you have fun.

Address : Toyosu 5-5-1 – 115, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3533 – 9588
Business day : Weekdays Saturday 8:00 ~ 20:30, Sunday and holidays 8:00 ~ 19:00
Closed holidays : Year-End and New Year

Mango Tree Cafe Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu (mango tree cafe)

“Mango Tree Cafe” is a Thai cafe located in the Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu of Toyosu’s popular facility.You can enjoy traditional Thai cuisine in a quiet atmosphere.

You can also learn how to cook food with Thai cuisine, and you can learn how to cook it by yourself if you like Thai cuisine.We have many stores in Tokyo, not only Toyosu, so please visit us once again.

Address : 2-4-9 Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu 3 f, Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 6910 – 1534
Business hours : 11 : 00 to 23:00
Closed holidays : According to Lalapo and Toyosu.

Lupicia Toyosu Store (LUPICIA)

Lupicia Toyosu store is a restaurant that focuses on tea and green tea, green tea and Japanese tea.There are more than 200 kinds of tea leaves in the restaurant, and it is an irresistible store for those who like tea.In addition to enjoying the abundant variety of tea leaves, you can enjoy the taste of specialty shops such as black tea sweets at the shops where you can enjoy the tea.

If you like tea or green tea, please stop at this shop when you go to Toyosu.Let’s find my favorite tea leaves!

Address : Toyosu 2-4-9 Lalapo, Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo, and Toyosu 1 f
Phone number : 03 – 5547 – 5011
Business day : 10 : 00 to 21:00
Closed holidays : unspecified holidays

Buathe (Breathe)

Breath e is a lounge cafe in the movie theater “UNITED CINEMAS” at Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu.You can spend a nice time before and after the movie at the lounge with special sense.

If you are using a Premier Pair seat when you watch movies, you can use the’ Premium Lounge” Premium Lounge’.After watching the movie, how about enjoying a wide variety of hors d’oeuvres, sweets, cocktails and wine while enjoying a beautiful view in the lounge?

Address : Toyosu 2 4 9 3 f, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 6219 – 3002
Business day : 11 : 30 to 22:00
Closed holidays : unspecified holidays

Coffee Museum Toyosu Store

The coffee museum Toyosu store is a cafe loved by local residents.This is a seat where smoking is rare, and some people who don’t smoke are reluctant to smoke. However, for those who smoke, the cafe serves as a cafe for relaxation, but the cafe serves as a cafe for smokers to relax.

In addition, the coffee museum has a concept that you can enjoy the best hospitality with a full selection of beans, and it is a restaurant where you can enjoy the atmosphere of a very delicious coffee and a traditional coffee shop as its name suggests.

Not only coffee, but also pancake is superb, so please try it once.

Address : Toyosu 4-2-1, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3531 – 1611
Business day : Weekdays 7:00 ~ 20:00, Saturday / Sunday 7:00 ~ 19:00
Closed : None

On the CANARY (on the CANARY)

I would like to recommend this “On the canal” if you’re going to have a little tea near Shin-Toyosu Station.As its name suggests, it is located in a location along the canal of Toyosu Station soba, and you can spend a relaxing time in a comfortable space.

Handmade bread made every day is superb, so you won’t get tired of it every day.There are also various kinds of coffee and tea, and there are a table where you can sit with a group of about 10 customers, and it seems to be a place where mothers in the neighborhood can enjoy.

There is not a cafe or a cafe near Shin-Toyosu Station, so if you want to go to a cafe near Shin-Toyosu Station, please stop by the “On the Canal”.

Address : Toyosu 6-2-10, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 5547 – 4631
Business day : Weekdays 9:00 ~ 22:00, Saturday / Sunday 8:00 ~ 22:00
Closed : Monday

Cowkau Toyosu Store

If you want to enjoy Hawaii feeling while you are in Toyosu, I recommend you to go to “Gyukatoyosu Store”.This cafe has Hawaiian music in the store, and menus of meals, such as Loco Moco and Ahiki, have plenty of Hawaiian menus.You can also enjoy Hawaii Kona and Hawaiian cocktails, which are arranged coffee, so you can enjoy the time as if you really came to Hawaii.

Also, there is a service to make a patissier dedicated to a cow to make sweets for birthdays, and it is popular for birthdays, girls’ gatherings, after-parties, and so on.

Address : Toyosu 3-3-3 Toyosusentabiru, Koto Ward, Tokyo – 115 b
Phone number : 03 – 5547 – 5690
Business day : 11 : 30 to 22:30
Closed holidays : unspecified holidays


Pito is an Italian cafe located in Toyosu Prime Square 1 f.The weekday lunch is very economical, so you can enjoy delicious pasta, salad and drink with a price of around 720 to 1,280 yen.It is suitable for a simple business meeting or a lunch party.

You can enjoy authentic dishes such as a rich wine cellar and a cheese fondue that melts in your mouth at night, and it is an attractive restaurant that you want to visit at night and at night.

Address : Toyosu 5-6-36 Toyosu Prime Square 1 f, Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3536 – 9090
Business day : Monday to Saturday 11:30 23:00 (lunch 11:30 to 14:30), day and holidays 11:30 to 22:00
Closed holidays : unspecified holidays

Find your favorite cafe at Toyosu!

Toyosu has a unique and sophisticated variety of cafes.You cannot look around all of them, but if you find a cafe you’re concerned about referring to this article, please stop by once.

Let’s spend time in the world of coffee, art world, and the world of tea, and spend a relaxing time in the world of the world.