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WHERE IS TOYOSU?Basic information list of Toyosu location and address

Where is Toyosu?There may be a lot of people who think it is a problem.Where is Toyosu located in Tokyo and what is the specific address?Answer the question :.

Address information in Toyosu

This is Toyosu, where redevelopment has progressed and has developed. Where is it located?There may be some people who think.Toyosu is located in Koto Ward, Tokyo.The location of Koto Ward in Tokyo’s 23 wards is the following location.

As you can see, Koto ward is located on the south side of Tokyo, and many of the south borders face Tokyo Bay, which is inherited by the’ Water Town.’.This location is the reason why there are many bridges in Toyosu and there are many opportunities to contact with water.

Toyosu is located close to Minato Ward in Koto Ward.There is a large Yumenoshima Park in the east, and the Tsukiji market which is planned to be relocated to the north and the Tsukiji market which is located on the north side is located in the southern area, and it is an exquisite location where you can go to sightseeing spots in Tokyo by focusing on Toyosu.

It was originally a reclaimed land, so when digging a nearby park, shells could come out.The Yakatabune and water buses, sometimes the jet ski, pass through the waterway of the town, so you can enjoy the scenery of the water town in Toyosu.

Postal code in Toyosu

The zip code in Toyosu is “135 – 0061” except for Toyosusentabiru.Toyosusentabiru is managed by dividing the number from “135 – 6001” to “135 – 6037” by the number of floors.

Also, “135 – 0062” in Togumu area, “135 – 0051” in Edagawa next to “-“, and “135 – 0063” in Ariake are the zip codes.

How to write the address of Toyosu in English

When you try to send mail to the address of Toyosu from overseas, you may get lost in the address in English.In this section, I will show you how to write an address in English to the address of Lalapo and Toyosu.

The address of Lalaport and Toyosu is as follows.
“2-4-9 Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 8614 Tokyo”

If you express this Toyosu address in English, it will look like the following.Please be careful as the order of the notation is reversed.
“4 9, Toyosu 2 – chome, Koito-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 135 – 8614.”

The nearest station of Toyosu Station and the access means

There are 2 stations in the Toyosu area : Toyosu Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line and Toyosu Station on the Yurikamome.Yuraku-cho Line is a convenient way to access Toyosu from Tokyo and Shibuya, because it is located at Yuraku-cho, Nagatacho, Ichigaya and other stations as a stop.The Toyosu Station of Yurikamome is convenient when accessing Toyosu from Shinbashi or Odaiba area.

Also, there is a large bus terminal in Toyosu, where you can use limousine buses at a low price, and access from nearby Monzen-cho, Tsukishima, and Shinkiba area is open.For information on bus information in the Toyosu area, please refer to “[Save] Toyosu, convenient for transportation at Toyosu,” and also refer to “Yurikamome, Train (Yurakucho Line)” and bus information list.

When you come to Toyosu from Asakusa, it is convenient to use a water bus.It is cheaper and faster to go to Toyosu from the train, but if you can change the travel time to the sightseeing time, it’s the advantage of the water bus.If you have plenty of time, please go to Toyosu while enjoying water sightseeing.Details are introduced in “Toyosu and Asakusa, Odaiba and Odaiba!” and the attraction of the water bus cruise from Toyosu.

Address information of the famous place in Toyosu

Toyosu has become famous as a commercial area such as Lalapo and Toyosu, but actually many famous companies have offices in the business district where many famous companies have offices.Like the high-rise apartments, the office buildings where famous companies are standing are also standing in a row.

Address information in Toyosu of NTT DATA

NTT DATA is located in Toyosu, and is now in Toyosusentabiru, a symbol of Toyosu.Toyosusentabiru is connected directly to the Toyosu Station of Yurakucho Line, so it is very convenient to go to the office without getting wet even on rainy days.

There are many restaurants around the Toyosusentabiru first floor, but if you go to the Shell Tower by way of the underground passageway of Yurakucho Line, there is a more extensive restaurant, so there is no trouble with lunch.

Toyosusentabiru is the exit to the exit of the exit of Yurakucho Line from Yurakucho Line’s station at 3-3 in Toyosu 3 chome, Tokyo’s Koto ward, and the exit is directly connected to the exit of 1 b exit.

At Tokyo’s Toyosu address information

At Tokyo is a leading company in data center established as a new company in Tokyo Electric Power Company.They have a large data center across the country, protecting critical data with very robust security.

In fact, this at Tokyo is also located at Toyosu Station.It’s a very beautiful building, and the opposite side is a junior high school.

Address information in Lalaport and Toyosu

The famous Lalaboo and Toyosu are located close to the Toyosu Station.From Yurakucho line, you can walk straight from the exit number 2, so you can see it on the left, so you won’t get lost.The address is “Tokyo and Koto Ward, Toyosu 2 Chome, 4-9.”.


Toyosu is located on the southwest side of Koto Ward, Tokyo. Next to it, famous spots such as Odaiba, Tatsumi and Tsukiji are lined up.It is easy to access, so it is very convenient to travel freely from Toyosu to various places in Tokyo.