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Let’s go around Toyosu, Asakusa and Odaiba by boat!Attraction of water bus cruises from Toyosu

Toyosu is a town surrounded by water, and it faces Tokyo Bay, so it is also used as a station for water buses.The view of the town where you do your everyday life and work shows a different look when viewed from the sea of the sea.

This article introduces you to 3 cruises that can be boarded from Toyosu.With this article, I will mention the new attraction of Toyosu.You can also enjoy a trip by water bus cruise, such as Asakusa, Odaiba and Shibaura!

“TOKYO CRUISE” across the Sumida River

“TOKYO CRUISE” is a cruise service that can travel around Tokyo Bay, and it has the following places at the following places.

  • Hinode
  • Asakusa
  • Hamarikyu
  • Toyosu
  • Odaiba Kaihin Park
  • Palette Town
  • Tokyo Big Site

From Toyosu, you can ride on the water bus bound for Asakusa, and you can enjoy the cruise cruises across the Sumida river.You can pass through the Azuma Bridge and a building with a rare monument, so you can enjoy it visually.

Ship made by the master of the manga world

The ship “Himiko” and the “Hotaruna” that arrive at and arrive at Toyosu in “TOKYO CRUISE” are the ships supervised by the “Leiji Matsumoto” Teacher in the manga world with the GALAXY EXPRESS 999 as a work, and the movement on the water is the entertainment.

The character “Maetel” and the “Tetsuro” and the “conductor of the same work appear in the announcement of the ship, and the fan of the same movie is a water bus that I would like to ride on at least once.The design is advanced, so it is just like if you’re on a spaceship, so try to get on board the manga world.

Characteristic of “Hotaruna”

In the case of water buses, the seats are packed with a tight image, but the Hotaruna is spacious and the seats are so that they can relax freely, so it is very open.

There is a deck on board, so you can enjoy the scenery from the deck, such as when you go to Odaiba from Asakusa.In addition, it is difficult to see inside, but the entire surface is covered with glass, so it is possible to enjoy the outside scenery from inside.Also, beer and sweets are sold on the ship, so you can enjoy a small party while enjoying the cruise!

It takes about 1 hours to go from Asakusa to Hiwadabashi and Odaiba, so please take a look at it!

The name “Hotaruna” is derived from the name given by Professor Matsumoto in the name “New Journey.” The word “fireflies” and “LUNA / Tsuki-no-Megami” are derived from the words, “Fireflies shine in the night when the moon shines.”.

Characteristic of “Himiko”

The Himiko doesn’t have a deck, but it has an open atmosphere, so you can spend a comfortable time with your family, friends and lovers.You can also take photos with Maetel and others in the GALAXY EXPRESS 999, so you can’t find the original fan?In $ [officename].

As Himiko can enjoy a light meal in the same way as Hotaruna, why don’t you enjoy it while enjoying the scenery?

It takes about 20 minutes from Odaiba to Toyosu, so you can arrive in a very short time, so on the way back to Odaiba, enjoy the cruise by the water bus and return to Toyosu.

“TOKYO CRUISE” is an attractive event cruise as well :

In addition, “TOKYO CRUISE” has many seasonal events, and in spring the Sumida River has a flower-viewing cruise, Sumida River Fireworks Festival cruises in the summer, cruises cruising in the summer, and Christmas cruises in winter, which are very popular.

There are only flights to Asakusa from Toyosu, but there are many other flights from Asakusa to other stations, so you can go to Asakusa from Toyosu once.

TOKYO Cruise and arrival at Toyosu at TOKYO CRUISE

The Tosu bus stop in Toyosu, Tokyo Cruise is located next to the Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu square.You can arrive at Lalaport a little before the time of operation and enjoy shopping .

Also, if you want to have lunch in advance, Baba Gunp shrimp that is located inside Lalapo and Toyosu will serve you a delicious seafood.It is also a party to enjoy a meal in the sea before the Tokyo Bay Cruise.

The route of the water bus from Toyosu to Asakusa

From Toyosu to Asakusa, you pass through the seaside area of Tsukishima and Monmonnaka-cho, and then move northward along the Sumida River.In the night cruise, a high-rise condominium that stands in the seaside area brings a beautiful lighting, and combined with the atmosphere of the store creates a romantic space.

There are many cherry trees along the Sumida River, and you can enjoy the cherry blossoms with full view in the spring season.There are historical places such as Kiyosumi Garden, Suitengu, and Ryogoku along the way, so you can enjoy cruise cruises while enjoying the atmosphere.

Dock at Asakusa

When you arrive at Asakusa by cruise from Toyosu, you will arrive at a boarding place near the Sumida Park.There are Sensoji and Kaminarimon Street near the boarding place, so let’s enjoy sightseeing as it is!There are also famous tourist spots, such as the Asahi Tower, the museum of the world’s bag museum, and the museum of the book of Chiisa glass, so please stop visiting the museum.

Reservation method and basic information of “TOKYO CRUISE”

The timetable for Tosu from Toyosu to Asakusa in Tokyo cruise is as follows :.

You can also make a reservation from this link.

“Urban Lunch” where you can tour the Tokyo bay by boat

Urban Lunch is a cruise service that can travel around Toyosu and Odaiba Kaihin Park and Shibaura.It is characterized by providing services tailored to the needs of users such as the Tokyo Bay tour course and the private plan.

On the regular flight of Urban Lunch, you can enjoy the trip of the water bus from Toyosu to Odaiba Kaihin Park.Those who plan to go to Shibaura should change from Odaiba Kaihin Park.

“Urban Lunch” Chartered Charter

In Urban Lunch, you can rent a cruise ship and do a Tokyo Bay Cruise.Also, a party cruise plan is provided separately from the regular rental, so you can enjoy the Tokyo Bay Cruise at a price of 12,000 yen per person, with meals and drinks.

You can use it for a small trip at a group, or you can use it at a large number of adults and events.

Tokyo Bay Cruise Cruise

Apart from regular regular flights, Urban Lunch cruises are held on weekends and holidays only on weekends and holidays.You can enjoy the voyage for about 40 minutes at 1,000 yen for adults and 500 yen for children, so please try to participate in the shopping trip at Toyosu Station and Toyosu Station.

How to reserve an Urban Lunch and basic information

The operating hours of the regular flights from Toyosu are as follows :.

  • 11:00 * Temporary Flight
  • 11:50 * Temporary Flight
  • 13:00
  • 13:50
  • 14:55
  • 15:40

The price is also very reasonable.

  • Odaiba Seaside Park : 600 yen for adults and 300 yen for children
  • Shibaura : 1,200 yen for adults, 600 yen for children

As for regular flights, you don’t need to make a reservation, so you need to buy a ticket after you get on the ferry, so please get on the bus as it is.

The “Ship Cafe” the annual event of Toyosu.

During the summer season, a “Summer Boat Cafe” is held along the canal of Shibaura Oyoko.Although the duration of the festival is short, it is a short time for the 3 days, but many people near Toyosu gather at this cafe to cool down the heat of the summer.

In addition to a cruise ship that is anchored along the canal, you can enjoy the cafe at the cafe, as well as the cruise around the Toyosu Unga and the event where children can enjoy the event, and the cooperation of the Shibaura School of technology is a big deal every year.

In the summer season, please try to participate in a boat cafe.


The city of Toyosu is a land surrounded by water, and it is a popular town for shopping and leisure, so it is the destination of the Tokyo Bay Cruise.Regular flights are also attractive, but we recommend a cruise event that is held every season, as well as a party that can be used privately.
Please enjoy the Tokyo Bay Cruise from Toyosu once.