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If you are shopping at Toyosu, here!6 popular shopping spots in Toyosu

The Toyosu area was developed by urban development, and the former factory area has been transformed into the top of the city, where it is now living.In the popular Toyosu area, there are many popular spots where you can enjoy shopping.Let’s have fun shopping with the clothes, the pet and the restaurant, and the fun shopping at Toyosu.

first!Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu

The most popular shopping mall in Toyosu is “Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu.”.This complex, with various tenants, has various shops that get tired of getting bored, and there are many facilities that can be enjoyed by couples and family members.

Let’s look at the secret secrets of Lalaport and Toyosu.

Restaurant District with Rich Scores

Lalapova and Toyosu have a variety of restaurants, ranging from Italian to Chinese and sushi to yakiniku, and you can enjoy your favorite meals according to your preference.At night, a monument like a whale’s tail on the side of the seaside deck is illuminated, and from the restaurant on this side, you can enjoy the beautiful lighting up while looking at Tokyo Bay.

Also, you can see a panoramic view of fireworks held in Tokyo Bay, so during the summer fireworks season, it becomes a date spot that you would want to visit once you have a seat.

Movie and Bookstore


There is A movie theater “UNITED CINEMAS Toyosu” in Lalaport and Toyosu, where you can enjoy a variety of movies.The building is very spacious, and it is also suitable for a 3 d movie, so it’s good to see your favorite movies while enjoying popcorn.Ladies’ day is also held with women’s fees, so why don’t you take a look at it as an excuse me?

Please check the broadcast schedule you are concerned about.

Kinokuniya Shoten

Also, there is “Kinokuniya Bookstore”, so there are a wide range of stores, so there are a wide variety of items.It’s also good to find a book to look for, and you can enjoy it with a bra, even if you don’t have to do it.I recommend you to go with your child as there is a workshop for Shogi classes and a workshop for free research during summer vacation.

Please check the event information here.
Exhibits : kinokuniya. co. jp


Lalapova and Toyosu have “KidZania,” which is very popular among children, and during the holidays, it will become lively with a row in the facility, with a large holiday in 3 consecutive days.KidZania has become popular as a service for children to work as an adult. It is popular not only for children but also for children from parents and children.

You need to make a reservation in advance, so let’s make a plan beforehand.

Pet Shop and Dog Run

There is a pet shop in Lalaport and Toyosu, where you can watch cute puppies and kittens.There is no doubt that it will lose its cuteness.On the seaside deck side, there is a dog run of the largest natural grass in Tokyo, and you can play with your pet.

Seaside Deck

When you want to inhale the air outside, there is a seaside deck with a sense of openness in Lalapo and Toyosu.As the name suggests, it is a deck facing Tokyo Bay, and it is spacious enough to open, so you can take a walk outside.

It is also a water station, so it may be good to take a walk to the water with a free atmosphere.

Premium super “Aoki”

On the first floor of ANEX and Toyosu’s ANex, there is a Aoki that is a high-class supermarket.It is open at 23 o’clock and late at night, so it is a very convenient supermarket for businessmen living in Toyosu.There are a wide variety of fresh foods, snacks and sweets made from overseas, and you can find everything you want to buy.It is a convenient supermarket that you can get ingredients with good ingredients, such as when you want to have a gorgeous dinner.

Is the holy place of Eden of The East?

In the anime “Eden of The East”, Toyosu is the center of Yoriyori, and there is a scene in which Lalaboo and Toyosu are depicted, so among fans, it seems to be popular as a holy land.

In the order of animation, Toyosu, Toyosu, and anime, both of them seem to be very impressive.If you have been to Toyosu, please check the Eden of The East.

Lalaport and Toyosu Access Parking Lots, Parking lots and business hours

Lalapo and Toyosu are shopping malls near the station close to Yurakucho Line Toyosu Station.If you’re going from the station, go straight on exit number 2 and you’ll find it on the left side of the first intersection.You can also go to the main building from the second floor of ANEX annex, which has Aoki, so it is convenient.

There is also a dedicated parking lot that can accommodate up to 2,200 cars for 24 hours, so you can access it by car.The first 1 hours are free of charge, and if your shopping amount is more than 2,000 yen within Lalaport and Toyosu, additional 1 hours, and if it is more than 3,000 yen, additional 2 hours will be free.In order to receive this service, you need to present a ticket at the parking lot and don’t forget to do so.

Urban Dock LaLaport Toyosu
Address : 2-4-9, Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 8614 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 6910 – 1234
Business day : 10:00 to 21:00 * varies depending on the store and floor.
Closed holidays : particularly none

Super Viva Home

that soothes a cute pet

The shopping spots in the Toyosu area are not only Lalaranu and Toyosu.The super “Super Viva Home,” which is loved by the locals, is also a popular shopping spot.It is characterized by a material museum where living goods and materials such as wood are arranged and a specialty store that has a wide variety of specialty stores.There is a supermarket in the supermarket where the price is reasonable, and it is a feature that there are so many varieties that you can find all you need to live.

Pet shop where you can contact pets

There is a pet shop inside the villa home, so you can touch the cute puppy and kitten.It also exhibits birds and fish, and is recommended for those who want to have pets or who want to look at them when looking at the animals.The store is a shopping mall where you can buy a dog in a cart and shopping with a dog, so that you want to buy a shopping with a dog.

Also, there are a lot of areas that handle plants such as flowerpots, and you can order flowers for gifts here as well.There is also a flower shop, so you can buy the carnations of Mother’s day.

DIY corner

The first selling of the Super Viva Home is the DIY corner.You can find most of the items you don’t care about, and most of the items you need from the board to the tools can be arranged at this store.You can get everything from wood to tools and money, so if you have something you want to make on Saturdays and Sundays, first start by procuring materials at the viva home.

If you are interested in DIY or who are planning to make it by yourself, why don’t you actually go to the store and listen to the clerk?

Affordable Super “Cultural Hall”

On the second floor of Vivahome, there is a super “Cultural Hall” where you can buy food and other foods at an affordable price.Especially during the sale, you can get the food at a very good price, so let’s check the leaflet information before shopping..There is a point card dedicated to the cultural hall, so you can make it even more cheaply if you make it.

Specialty shopping district

On the second floor of Vivahome, there are a wide variety of shops and restaurants.There are many specialty stores, such as Nojima Corporation and bookstores, pharmacies, music classes, cram schools, and other specialty stores.Delicious miso ramen, which is popular with delicious miso ramen, is a ramen restaurant in Biba home, so please make sure to use it once during a shopping break.

Super Viva Home Toyosu Store Access Parking Lot, Parking Lot and Business Hours

Biba Home Toyosu store is close to Toyosu Station and is equipped with parking lots and parking lots, so it is easy to access shopping malls.If you go from the train, the exit 1 b or exit 3 is the closest.Parking can park up to 850 cars, so you can feel safe even on Saturdays and Sundays.However, it is 6:00 to 23:30, not 24 hours operating, so you cannot take out the cars outside the hours, so you need to be careful.

The parking fee is 200 yen for weekdays and 100 yen for 10 minutes on weekends and holidays, but if you do shopping within a villa home, it is free for 2 hours if it is less than 2,000 yen. If you don’t mind parking, you can stop the car without paying the parking fee, so you can stop the car without paying any more than 2,000 yen, so you can stop the car without paying the parking fee for hours. 30 3.

Super Viva Home Toyosu Store
Address : 3-4-8, Toyosu, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3536 – 9611
Business day : Material Museum 6:30 ~ 21:30, Living Hall 9:30 ~ 21:30
Closed holidays : particularly none

Ito-Yokado Store

If you walk a little walk from the Toyosu area, you will see the “Ito-Yokado Shop”.This is a supermarket which is the center of the local people’s lives, and it has a lot of things necessary for daily life, such as food.


Ito-Yokado store is a big supermarket as its name suggests, so there are many kinds of foodstuffs available.In Toyosu, barbecue “WILD MAGIC” is famous as an outdoor spot, but it is also possible to bring food, so it is good to make food procurement here.

For more information about WILD MAGIC MAGIC, see the article here.
[Toyosu Barbecue] How to enjoy the popular WILD magic (Wild Magic)

There is a lot of food court, so you can easily use it for lunch or snacks during shopping.You can also buy doughnuts as a souvenir, so it is also recommended to eat snacks with your family at home.

Sports shop

There is a tenant in the sports shop, and the store area is wide, so all kinds of sports goods can be arranged here.You can visit this shop when you need tools for sports, such as soccer, tennis and golf.

Suits and apparel are also available

Ito-Yokado store is a shopping mall that has a wide range of suits specializing in suits and apparel, and is convenient when you want to wear clothes.Especially, the suit is made of custom-made, so it is recommended for those who are particular about it.

Ito-Yokado Store
Address : 1-5-30 in Koto Ward, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0042 Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 5606 – 5234
Business day : 10 : 00 to 22:00
Closed holidays : particularly none

Toyosu Chain Toyosu Store

The Tomo chain is a supermarket that opened as a vegetable shop in 1958, and is loved by the locals who are close to the locals.There is a wide restaurant in the one floor, and you can find a lot of good products.

This is a supermarket that is a perfect place for people living in Toyosu. It is an essential supermarket for people who live in Toyosu, such as local supermarkets, fresh vegetables, domestic meats, and very busy bento boxes.If you have some shopping near Toyosu, please stop by!

Toyosu Chain Toyosu Store
Address : 6-2, Toyosu 4 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0061, Tokyo
Phone number : 03 – 3531 – 5894
Business day : 9 : 00 to 22:00
Closed holidays : Sunday

Aeon East Store

EVERYONE loves me!It is a location that takes about 15 minutes by foot from Toyosu Station, and it is a little inconvenient if you walk on foot from the station, but this ion Higashi-cloud store has an attractive charm that supplements the inconvenience!

An extensive specialty store

that utilizes a wide area of the store.
First of all, we are expanding our specialty stores and expanding our specialty stores, using our largest stores with 3,400 m 2.It is no exaggeration to say that there is a lot of pace to deal with all kinds of things, even if you go to the Aeon East Store and say that almost everything is sufficient.

This Aeon Higashicloud store is very happy to have a wide variety of food courts, pet products and pet hotels and trimming hospitals, dentists’ internal medicine, dermatology, day-care centers, beauty salons, Mister Donut and other nearby shops.

A 24 hour business

happy business
What I am glad to say is that it is open for 24 hours.In the Toyosu area, where many busy businessmen are busy, it tends to be difficult to reach the local stations at night because they cannot reach the local stations, and most shops are closed when they arrive.The strong ally of this is the Aeon East store.If you are looking for a shopping mall near Toyosu, please try it once!

Access environment

There is a parking lot on the first floor, and there is a parking lot on the roof.Bicycles have a space with 160 units on the first floor, so it is rare to stop them from stopping.It is also nice to park 500 cars on the roof and parking up to 2 hours and 30 minutes regardless of whether you have a shopping or not.

Aeon Dongun Store
Address : 9-10, Higashi-cloud 1 chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo, Japan 135 – 0062
Phone number : 03 – 6221 – 3400
Business day : 24 hours
Closed holidays : particularly none

Shiohama Stores with Plenty of Time Sale

This is the local supermarket where you walk from Toyosu to Edagawa and walk in the Shiohama area.It is a supermarket that people living near Toyosu and Edagawa, Monmonnaka-cho, etc. often use it, such as a small size, a time sale, a discount sticker often put on, and a bargain price product is sold.

Toyosu is redeveloped and there are many people, but walking to the area around here makes it easy to enjoy shopping while enjoying the atmosphere overflowing with the atmosphere of the downtown area.Why don’t you stop by when you have a little time?

Red Card Shiohama Store
Address : 1-13, Shiohama 1 Chome, Koto Ward, Tokyo 135 – 0043
Phone number : 03 – 3646 – 9321
Business day : 8 : 00 to 21:00
Closed holidays : particularly none


Toyosu has a sightseeing spot where you can enjoy shopping, and it is a wonderful town that everyone can enjoy from children to adults.Enjoy the relaxing and open atmosphere of Toyosu while enjoying shopping.