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Basic information on Toyosu Market Sightseeing and 11 recommended spots

Toyosu Market is a new Tokyo Central Wholesale Market opened in October 2018. We offer food products from all over the world, with fresh ingredients such as fruits and vegetables, from all over the world, ensuring safety and freshness at a high level of safety and freshness.

It is also open to the public, and you can enjoy the meals at a superb restaurant, and shopping in district where you can find top-notch items.

This article introduces the attractiveness of Toyosu Market, which became the center of food distribution in Tokyo, and the recommended sightseeing spots. If you plan to visit Toyosu Market, please visit this article for more information to enjoy sightseeing.

Basic information on Toyosu Market

The Toyosu Market is the new Central Wholesale Market in Tokyo, where transactions began on October 11, 2018. Since 1935, it has been relocated from the Tsukiji Market, which has been supporting the citizens of Tokyo’s food for a long time, and has become the latest market in all functions to reflect it in a new era.

At the Tsukiji Market, which is famous worldwide, foodstuffs were gathered from all over Japan, but due to the aging of facilities and concerning hygiene management problems, there was a need for relocation. In 2004, the Toyosu New Market Basic Plan was formulated for the transfer of Toyosu, and preparations for the transfer were underway. However, the discovery of soil contamination in the Toyosu market was revealed, and it was finally opened in 2018 as a result of the postponement of the relocation plan for soil pollution countermeasures.

At present, there are many popular shops and restaurants where you can enjoy shopping outside of the Tsukiji market, so you can enjoy sightseeing. However, there is an uncertain point in the future of the redevelopment of the Tsukiji Market site, so if you want to enjoy the outside, it is better to go around now.

What is The Toyosu Market?

In the Toyosu Market, which has been relocated over the past 14 years, the Toyosu market has been equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to protect the diet of the metropolitan people over the next 50 years. In order to provide fresh food that is delicious and safe, it is necessary to realize 2 goals : “ensuring food safety” and “improving distribution efficiency”.

In Toyosu Market, the form of closed facilities, which is divided into different types of trading materials unlike Tsukiji Market, can be kept constant, so that the freshness of foodstuffs can be preserved in a high-quality condition regardless of wind, rain, temperature, or humidity.

Also, with the aim of improving the efficiency of distribution, we have established a parking lot and a baggage area near our sales space, and we are building an environment where food can be efficiently distributed, and food can be provided more safely. The relocation of Toyosu Market, which has been criticized by various critics and issues related to the relocation of the food market, will take place as a part of the Toyosu market, which has been opposed by the movement. This is why we will continue to serve as a hub for distributing food to people safer and more delicious food market.

4 buildings on the Toyosu market

The Toyosu Market is mainly divided into 4 main buildings according to its purpose. Each ridge is connected by a passageway, so you can move freely.

    • Administrative Facility Building : A wing

for each business operator’s office and the Toyosu market.

    • Blue Vegetable building : A wing

where fruits and vegetables from all over the world are traded

    • Fisheries Wholesale House : A building where fishery products from all over the world are traded
    • Fishery Wholesale Market Wing : A restaurant like a sushi restaurant buys a seafood product


Famous tuna auction tours are held at the Fisheries Wholesale Building. When you go to the Toyosu market as sightseeing, you can easily enjoy there by keeping track of the attractions and shops of each building.

How to Access the Toyosu Market

The Toyosu Market is open to the public from 5:00 to 17:00 on weekdays. During this time, you can enter the Toyosu Market, and you can enjoy viewing in the market and eating meals at restaurants.You will be closed on Sundays and holidays, so please be careful.

In addition, parking spaces are not available for general tour, so if you visit by car or motorcycle, you will be using a nearby coin parking lot. There are many coin parking lots on the Toyosu Market, but sometimes the parking lot is full, so you can use the reservation system in advance to reserve the space in advance.

If you are going by train, take Yurikamome from Toyosu Station and Shijo-mae station is the nearest station. You can get to Toyosu Market in about 3 minutes from the station, so if you are going by train, you can use Yurikamome.

You can also access Toyosu market by Toei bus. The bus stop of “Shin-Toyosu Ekimae” and “Shijo-mae” is the nearest bus stop, so please use it.

Address : Toyosu Rokuchome No. 6, Toyosu Ward, Koto Ward, Japan, No. 1
Hours of Business : 5 : 00 – 17:00
Phone Number : 03 – 5320 – 5720

Recommended spot for sightseeing in Toyosu Market

When you visit Toyosu Market, it is recommended that you reduce the sight of the market in the market and visit each building efficiently. There are 11 sightseeing spots in Toyosu market, so let’s take a look at each of them.

Tuna Auction Observation deck (Fisheries Wholesale House Building)

The Tuna Auction Observation deck is the most popular tourist spot in Toyosu Market. We can visit the auction sites often featured on TV, and not only Japanese but also many visitors from abroad enjoy the auction. It is located in the Fishery wholesale house building, so I recommend you to visit together with the tour gallery.

In Observation deck, there is an explanation exhibition of “Hand Gestures” which is a sign to use when bidding, so you can also know the meaning of each sign of each hand. Let’s deepen our understanding of hands and make a tour of tuna more happily.

Fishery Wholesale Market Wing Tour Gallery

The Fishery Wholesale Market Building Tour Gallery is a gallery near the passageway that connects to the management building. It is surprising that there are many kinds of fish in the world around the Toyosu market. Also, there is a life-size model of bluefin tuna that was the largest tuna in the Tsukiji market before the transfer, so you can take a photo as a souvenir for sightseeing.

In addition, you can enjoy sightseeing by just visiting the Toyosu market, such as a tuna display panel, so you can buy more information about sightseeing, so I recommend you to watch it at the beginning of sightseeing.

Fishery Wholesale Market Building Story Restaurant on 3 floor

You can enjoy various types of meals, such as Chinese, curry, beef meal, pork cutlet, Japanese food, and so on, at restaurants located on the third floor of the Fishery Wholesale Market building and in the 6 street district. There are 39 restaurants in Toyosu Market, but there are 22 restaurants in this restaurant district, and it is the largest restaurant district in Toyosu market.

“Sushi Dai” a popular sushi restaurant in the world, is also located in this area, and many people have lined up in front of the restaurant area, making it a new feature of the Toyosu market. When you go to Toyosu sightseeing, please try to eat sushi that is delicious with “Sushi Dai”.

Toyosu Gururi Park

The Toyosu Market is along the canal connected to Tokyo Bay, and connects with the LaLaport in the Toyosu area, and the Bay area in the direction of Shimbashi and Shiodome. In Toyosu Park, which is surrounded by Toyosu Market, it is designed with a stylish red brick pavement and greenery in Europe, and it can be used for walking and rest during sightseeing.

You can enjoy the scenery along the beautiful canal from the park, so you can enjoy the night view after the Toyosu sightseeing. There are plenty of playground equipment for children, so I recommend you to use it when you visit Toyosu market with your family.

The Management Facility Building on 3 floor

The restaurant district, located on the third floor of the Administrative facility building, is the second largest restaurant district in Toyosu market, where 13 out of 39 stores gather. You can enjoy sushi, Chinese and coffee, and the Kimuraya, which has been popular in Tsukiji market, is also in this area, so you can enjoy the superb sandwiches and coffees.

Uogashi Yokocho in Toyosu Market (Fishery Wholesale Market Building 4 floor)

Uogashi yokocho is located on the fourth floor of the Fishery Wholesale Market building. Specialty stores dealing with not only food, but also ceramics, clothing, cooking utensils, sundries, etc. are concentrated in this area, making it a recommended space for purchase of souvenirs.

It is a place where a specialty shop that sells cooking utensils such as a sushi restaurant in a town sells it, so any item is the first grade item. If you want to have a practical, high-quality item, please visit Uogashi yokocho.

Seikato Restaurant district 1 floor

The restaurant district located on the first floor of the fruit and vegetable building is a restaurant district as a well-kept-secret place, where there are 4 stores and small stores, but there are many stores of the first grade goods. It is the only restaurant district in each restaurant area, so it is recommended to use it when the Toyosu market is crowded and you cannot get inside.

“Yamato Sushi” which is popular with “Sushi Dai” is also located in this restaurant district, and you can enjoy meals with carefully explained sushi toppings at the counter. It is also a popular restaurant among foreigners who want to enjoy sushi of Japanese culture more fun.

Rooftop Greening Plaza

On the roof of the Fishery Wholesale Market building on the Toyosu Market is an open greenery park with a green lawn covered. You can look over the buildings in the bay Area and Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba area from the nature of the roof, and it is also a night spot where you can enjoy lighting up during night time.

If you want to take a break for sightseeing in Toyosu Market, please spend a relaxing time on the rooftop greenery plaza.

Tour Gallery for Fruits and Vegetables

The Aoba Tatekan Gallery is a gallery where you can watch the auction held on the second to first floor of the fruit and Vegetable Building. You can get more detailed information about the daily flow of people working in Toyosu market, so you can get more familiar with the Toyosu market.

Also, since the display panels for the trade are full, you can learn more about food when you eat.

PR Corner (Administrative Facility Building)

Many of the PR corners in the administrative facility building have an exhibition panel that allows you to learn more about the Toyosu market. You can learn why the Toyosu Market is selected as a transfer destination from the Tsukiji Market, contribution to the environment and region, size and features of each building, etc. If you want to know more about Toyosu market, it is better to look at the exhibition of PR corner.

Also, there is a large tuna model in the PR corner. It will be the best place to take a commemorative photo, so please take a photo of the tourist memorial.

Fishery Wholesale Market Wing, Tour Gallery

The Fishery Wholesale Market Building Tour Gallery is a tour gallery located in the Fishery Wholesale Market building, and you can access it immediately through the passageway from the Shijō-mae Station on Yurikamome-line. They show detailed display on seasonal fish, recommended cooking method, etc. You can enjoy the fun of purchasing delicious fish for each season by referring to the exhibition, or try the cooking method recommended by professionals.

In addition, there is an actual display of “tarle”, a transportation vehicle in the market, which has been spotlighted by the transfer of Toyosu market.You can also take a photo shoot, so if you want to take a photo of Toyosu Market Sightseeing, please take a photo here.


There are many attractive sightseeing spots in Toyosu Market where you can enjoy sightseeing, such as visiting the auction site where you can enjoy superb meals, a shopping district where you can buy top-class items, and a gallery where you can learn deep about Toyosu market and processed food.

Please visit Toyosu Market, which is responsible for the stable distribution of food, while ensuring the highest freshness and safety of the latest facilities.