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How to enjoy Ueno park in Tokyo

Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park) is an attractive public attraction where many cultural facilities, such as zoos, museums and art museums, exist in the park.

This article introduces you to the attraction and enjoyment of the park that you would recommend for sightseeing and dating.When you do Ueno Date, please ask for time to contact nature and culture in Ueno Park.

What is Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park)?

First of all, let’s know where the park is located at Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), and learn about the basic information!

Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park) is a park located in Taito-ku, Tokyo.It is called Ueno Imperial Grant Park or Ueno Park, and it is popular among people who love the park.

The Musashinodai ground, which is the plateau of Seibu on the Kanto Plain, is based on the ground, and it seems that the flat ground that shaved off the hill that existed when the fan was formed now becomes the ground of the current park.Also, in the park, there is a cliff surface where the end of each terrace looks like a cliff, and it is called “hagake”.

The long cliff along the edge of the terrace is called a “cliff line,” and it is a characteristic landscape that is unique to the Musashinodai area.

History of Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park)

The history of Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park) goes back to the Edo period.During the Edo period, then Shogun Iemitsu Tokugawa built the Hieizan-ji Temple in the current park site in order to take measures against the direction of the Ushitora (northeast) of Edo-jo Castle.

At that time, it was Kanei-ji Temple, which boasted power, but the temple was burnt down during the Boshin Civil war, and the whole area of the temple was burnt down.However, it is said that the government had been informed of the plan to be used as a park by Anthonius Franciscus Bauduin, a Randoctor who visited the site where he had been designated as a vacant land for medical school and hospital in 1870 years ago.

It was later designated as the first park in Japan in 1873, and various cultural facilities were established.After the war, 1250 cherry trees were planted in order to pray for the reconstruction of the mountain in Ueno.

When the Ueno Zoo was built and the panda came, it became very popular soon, and it became a park widely known to the public as a result.In 2012, the Bunkanomori Development project was carried out to promote the creation of culture and art in the world around the world.

Access / Parking Method for Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park)

The way to Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park) is a car, a subway, a JR, a Tokyu Bus, a Toei bus, and so on.Let’s take a closer look at each access method.

Subways and JR

  • JR Yamanote Line, Keihin Tohoku Line, Takasaki Line, Utsunomiya Line : Ueno Station : 2 minutes by walk from Ueno Station
  • Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Hibiya Line : Get off at Ueno Station
  • 2 minutes

  • Keisei Line : Get off at Keisei Ueno and walk 1 minutes

for cars and bicycles

  • For cars : About 2 minutes
  • from Ueno exit on Ueno Highway 1 Ueno match

  • For bicycles : It is convenient to use a bicycle parking lot at Ueno Station.

The parking lot is the first parking lot of Ueno Imperial Grant Park.(The bus is the second parking lot.).)

Address : Ueno Park 6, Taito Ward, Tokyo 110 – 0007
Phone Number : 03 – 3821 – 0755
Hours of business : AM 8:30 to PM 21:30 (admission to 19:30)
Usage fee : Ordinary car : 400 yen for 1 hours ; 200 yen for every 30 minutes thereafter
Number of parking units : 100 units

Bus’s second parking lot

Address : Ueno Park 17, Taito Ward, Tokyo 110 – 0007
Phone Number : Same as the first Parking lot
Usage fee : 1000 yen for 1 hours ; 500 yen for every 30 minutes thereafter
Number of parking units : 24 units

Tokyu Bus or metropolitan bus

  • Tobu Bus : From front of Yaesu Exit, Tokyo Station, get off at Ueno Station and Ueno Park
  • For Toei Bus : Get off at the Ueno Park Yamashita (near Keisei Ueno Station) from the Marunouchi north exit of Tokyo Station.

* There are many Saturdays and Sundays buses to Ueno Station or return to Tokyo, so you don’t have to worry about it if you check the time.

Address : Ueno Park 5-20, Taito Ward, Tokyo 110 – 0007
Contact Office : Ueno Imperial Grant Park Office
Phone Number : 03 – 3828 – 5644

Popular sightseeing spots at Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park)

Ueno Zoo

“賜上 Zoo” is a popular zoo located on the site of Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), so it is widely known as the zoo.There are many animals in the vast park in proportion to the size of the zoo in a large park.

The park is divided into Higashisono and Saionji, and Higashisono is from Omote-mon gate, and Saionji is able to enter and exit from Benten-mon Gate and Ikenohata Gate.When you come with your child, I recommend you to enter from the Benten gate where the slope is small and you can get back and forth smoothly.

The number of animals in the park is 2, and there are about 500 kinds of animals in Japan.In addition, there are 3 rare animals, including giant panda, Hexaprotodon liberiensis, and okapi, as well as rare animals such as western lowland gorilla and Sumatran tiger, and it is a zoo with plenty of attractions.

It has the concept of rearing in nature, and it resembles the environment of tropical rain forests, so you can see the sight of tiger swimming in a pond.In addition, “Shin Shin” and “Shanshan”, which are famous giant panda’s parents and children, are cute and popular.

Although many people died of natural mating during the course of their growth, “Shanshan” has been growing steadily, so many people want to see a valuable baby panda.

Statue of Takamori Saigo

It is known as a symbol of Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), and it is widely known that it is a shape of a dog connected to a Yukata (kimono). Statue of Takamori Saigo.It is a spot recommended for people interested in Saigo, a taiga drama.

Why is Statue of Takamori Saigo located in Ueno?It is because Takamori Saigo played a role in the Boshin War in 1868.Ueno is a place where Takamori and Kaesong fought to protect the bloodless surrender of Edo-jo Castle, and Takamori led by Takamori SAIGO commanded the battle.

Takamori Saigo, who was an important part of the Meiji Restoration, lost his life because he resisted the Meiji Government during the Seinan War.It came to be called “traitor”, but the flow changed with the transition of the age.

When the Constitution of the Empire of Japan was promulgated in 1889, Saigo Takamori was withdrawn as a “traitor”.21 years after Saigo Takamori died, the bronze statue building, which honors the brave warrior, became the center of the people from Satsuma Domain.

The bronze statue that celebrates his achievements in his life is usually formal, “The meaning of seeing it,” but Statue of Takamori Saigo in Ueno is also concerned about the rough clothes of Yukata.Actually, there is a story that it was dressed in Yukata because there were people who opposed the formal dress of Meiji government, because it was a design of horseback riding.

Ueno Toshogu

In Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), there is a shrine called Ueno Toshogu, which enshrines Ieyasu Tokugawa (Toshodai Gongen).It is one of the shrines that enshrine many of the Toshodai Gongen in Japan, and it is widely believed that there are benefits for promotion, health long life, victory and so on.

In 1616, Ieyasu TOKUGAWA asked the priest of Tenkai and Takatora TODO, who had been in danger when he was seriously ill, to create a place where he could rest, and it is said that he built Hiei-ji Temple in Mt. Hiei in Ueno, a residential area, and built many monasteries and monasteries.

“Toshosha” is the beginning of the current Ueno Toshogu.In 1646, it became the official name “Toshogu” (Tosho-gu Shrine).And it is said that for people who can’t go to Nikko Toshogu Shrine, they built gorgeous ones to be close to Nikko.

The Ueno Toshogu, which was built in the early Edo period and the Great Kanto Earthquake, the Great East China Sea, and the Second World War, is a miracle that the buildings built in the early Edo period are still in existence, so it is really wonderful.Why don’t you visit the shrine building with great miracles and fortune?

Old Kaneiji Temple 5-Story Tower

If there is a Shinto shrine in Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), you can expect other temples and shrines, too!When you walk in the park, you will encounter Old Kaneiji Temple 5-Story Tower.This is really a wonderful building, so it is designated as an important cultural property of the country.

Old Kaneiji Temple 5-Story Tower was built in 1631 by Doi Toshikatsu, a roju (senior councilor) of the Edo bakufu (Japanese feudal government headed by a shogun), as a gojunoto (five storied pagoda) of Ueno Toshogu.However, it was destroyed by fire in 1639, so the current building was rebuilt.

The five story pagoda, which was under the control of Kanei-ji Temple in the Meiji period, is now a Kanei-ji Temple, and now it is designated as the “Old Kanei-ji Temple” and is under the control of Tokyo.

The feature of the five Story Pagoda is that it has a feature of modern architecture, and it is a place where the roof is uniform from top to bottom, and the size of the roof is neatly arranged.When you want to see this five story pagoda firmly, you can see it from the front gate of Ueno Zoo, rather than going from the thicket of the trees!

Unobazu Pond, Bentenjima

In Ueno Park, there are spectacular natural spots that can be seen as “Unobazu Pond” or “Bentenjima.”.

The “Murazu Pond” that stretches 2 kilometers southwest of the southwestern part of Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park) is a natural garden garden made by the priest Tenkai in the Edo period.I built a Bentenjima (Nakajima) that looks like a Chikubu Island, and built Benten-do Hall.

It was crossed by a ship to Bentenjima, but in 1672, Ishibashi became able to cross by a stone bridge on the east side of the road, and in 1907 Kangetsukyo bridge was built.At present, rental boats are open, so you can enjoy walking around the pond.

The pond has a magnificent view of lotus roots since the Edo period, with a wide view of the pond.You will surely be fascinated by the collaboration between a planned building and a natural pond.

National Chemical Museum

The National Museum of Science, which is one of the cultural Facilities of Ueno Park, is one of the facilities where children can enjoy fun.

Founded in 1877, the National Museum of Science and Technology is the only national chemical museum in Japan.There is a large number of exhibitions of 4,520,000 items, and it features a collection that is valuable and rich in genre.

The exhibition in the museum is divided into the Earth Pavilion and the Japan Pavilion, and it introduces details of the transition of nature and the transition of living creatures.In many cases, events such as chemical and physical experiments are held, and events such as natural observation meetings that can be enjoyed by family members are held, so it is necessary to check them.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum is a public art museum designed to promote the citizens of Tokyo’s art.It is one of the 3 museums in the park.There are many exhibitions on art exhibitions such as seasonal and event exhibitions, and exhibitions are mainly displayed.

It’s divided into a free display and a paid display, so you can choose the one you want to watch, and you can use it depending on your interest.In recent years, the public offering exhibition room, art room, art lounge, museum shop, restaurant and so on have been renovated in the hall!

There are many souvenirs of museum shop, such as art related works and tie-up, so it’s attractive that there are plenty of goods to be used in time.

When you want to take a walk in the park and take a break, you will be able to refresh the rest of your life with a calm atmosphere and an artistic stimulus to the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum.

National Museum of Western Art

The National Museum of Western Art, founded in 1959, is an art Museum specializing in Western art works as its name suggests.It is based on the Matsukata Collection, which focuses on impressionists such as paintings and sculptures from the nineteenth to the first half of the twentieth century.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, Matsukata Kojiro, a businessman in France, had been seized by the French government after World War II.The National Museum of Western Art was established on the condition that the Matsukata Collection was returned.

Not only the beauty of the art, but also the design of the main building by Le Corbusier, etc. was excellent in modern sense, and it was selected as the 100 public buildings in 1998, and later it was selected as modunmovement architecture.

In 2007, the National Museum of Western Art recognized as an Important Cultural Property, and in 2009, as the National Museum of Western Art, the National Museum of Western Art registered as a national “registered monuments”, it is possible to enjoy the entire existence of the museum as compared to the 3 museums in the park!

I want to immerse myself in Western culture by looking at “Old Master” which is a wonderful work in the West.

Ueno Royal Museum

It is very close to the Statue of Takamori Saigo of Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), and it is the most familiar art museum among the 3 museums.It is the oldest art museum in Japan, and it can be said as a historical art museum.

We have received a fair evaluation of the exhibition of art works, the collection of collections of art museums abroad, and the opening of exhibitions that are limited to the time period.

Also, we are actively making public the important cultural properties, and we have held the “Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition” which is the gateway to the art circle, and we are enthusiastic about the development of the art.If you’re interested in art works, it’s a must-see art museum!

If you know, there is a free booth in Tokyo, and there is a special benefit of Tokyo.There may be some benefits depending on the date of departure, so it’s a good deal to check it out!

Masaoka Shiki Memorial Stadium

Baseball stadiums in the park?You might be surprised, but it’s not a professional baseball game or a league game, but it’s a baseball stadium that you can use for recreation or for the purpose of grass baseball.

The name “Masaoka Shiki” was derived from the fact that he had been a baseball lover since the early Meiji period when baseball came to be known in Japan.I know that I enjoyed baseball in this Ueno area.

Shiki Masaoka, who wrote a number of essays, says that he played a game near Ueno Park Museum in the essay “I Don’t want to do it.”.He also published a number of tanka, haiku, novels and essays on baseball, and contributed to the spread and development of baseball.

In the year of the one hundred thirtieth anniversary of Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), the name of “Masaoka Shiki Memorial Stadium” and the unveiling ceremony of Shiki Masaoka’s slab with a haiku cut on it “Harukaze no Hara” are unveiling.

It is a place where Shiki Masaoka enjoyed, and it is also wonderful to go to a baseball stadium when you want to feel the wind of history and literature!

Shitamachi Museum

It is Shitamachi Museum, which is a museum located in Taito-ku located near Shinobazu Pond.It deals with historical cultural materials of Tokyo Town, which was nurtured from the Edo period to the middle of the Showa period.

It has a lattice pattern, and it is a building that gives a beautiful impression in Japanese style.In the space on the first floor, it reproduces the atmosphere and townscape of the downtown of Taisho era.

You will feel like you have made a time slip by making a display of nagaya, jinrikisha, a nostalgic candy store, and a merchant house across the street as it was in the time of the time.Not only looking at it, but also there is a chance to check it because there is an event to read a paper drama.

On the second floor, there is a platform for public bathhouses and a private house in the 1935 to 30 s, and it seems to be held in addition to the experience corner such as Kendama and Beigoma, and there are also planned exhibitions.In recent years, it has been recognized as a familiar toy, so I recommend you to be familiar with it as a familiar toy!

It seems like you can feel the goodness of Japan, because you can feel the flow of old good times like tripped in old shitamachi culture.

International Library of Children’s Literature

Built as a Imperial Library in 1906, the cultural facility has been built as a cultural building with a few brick styles by the world-renowned Ando Tadao, after the expansion and renovation of the Showa period.

A building in which a historic building mixes with modern architecture is rare, and the old impression of brick and the new arch are well harmonized.Except for the library, you can just watch the building, and you can enjoy it!

The interesting feature of architecture is that it is designed to prevent shadows from forming, the appearance of brick wind, the ceiling plaster that is drawn by the Kote-e technique which is difficult to reproduce in today, and the interior of the room, which is arranged with a line symmetry and neatly arranged.

From the stairwell on the third floor, you can enjoy a spacious view of the courtyard with a wide space.When you want to take a break, there is also a café.It is popular that a cafe menu such as daily lunch, curry, light meal, drink and so on is delicious.

Drink is from 200 yen to 300 yen, and a light meal is about 500 times cheaper, so it’s very delicious, so I’m glad to be able to eat and drink it!

It is just called a child library, and it is attractive that there are about 140 children in around the world.I’m happy to hear the fun and fresh freshness!Adults and children will surely be excited!

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan

At the corner of Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), there is a magnificent hall in Tokyo Metropolitan Area, where the appearance of Tokyo Bunka Kaikan is modern.There are large halls and small halls where you can show opera, ballet stage, music concerts, and other music materials, such as Floer Shop, conference room, and other music materials.

Tokyo Bunka Kaikan was built as a commemoration of the five hundredth year of Tokyo Metropolitan government.It was the forerunner of a full-scale classical music hall, but it seems that a new hall has been organized by a new hall, and there was an old impression.It’s amazing to be a guest seat with a history of 5 stories and up to the floor, but it is a step, but it is essential to climb up the stairs.

Even though the sound is wonderful on that floor, you can go to the fifth floor to the floor where you can feel the sound of the sound that the person who is confident in your physical strength can reach up to the sky, and the old person is recommended on the 1,2 floor!

When it was renovated in 1999, it became one of the greatest backstage in Japan, and it became more attractive, and the famous celebrities such as Vienna State Opera are always making use of Tokyo Bunka Kaikan for the performance.

Recently, the opportunities to play pop music have increased, and the width has been widening.The stage and music concerts are frequently held, so it’s better to check it.It is attractive that you can enjoy meals at a restaurant after you watch the stage, or you can enjoy a stroll around Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park)!

Boat landing

The boat in Shinobazu Pond in Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park) is very fun and appealing!There are boats with rowboats, roofed cycle boats, and swan’s designs.Swan is so cute that you want to ride it without any help.

The view seen from the boat field varies depending on the four seasons.When spring cherry blossoms are in full bloom, they are really beautiful.During spring season with superb scenery, boats are very popular, so if you ride a little bit, you will be able to enjoy a leisurely boat ride.

Rowboat is an all-boat type, so it’s suitable for people who are familiar with it.The cycle Swan Boat is a foot boat, and you can easily ride it for the first time.You will be very excited because you can go on a boat.

If you ride together with families, couples, friends, and so on, you’ll be more fun.While riding on a boat, it will be a private space with the person who is riding on it, so it will be effective to get close to it!

A rowboat is a system that costs 1 hours per hour, while a cycle swan boat costs 30 minutes per hour.Isn’t it wonderful to burn an interesting boat in a pond in a natural rich park in the middle of a city?The scenery is wonderful, so let’s enjoy the 30 minutes of everyday life!

The fare of boat boat in Shinobazu pond varies depending on the type and time of boat.

  • Rowboat … For the first 1 hours, 700 yen for the first time, and 300 yen for every 30 minutes (up to 3 adults)
  • Cycle boat … 600 yen per 30 minutes (2 adults, 1 children)
  • Swan Boat … 700 yen per 30 minutes (2 adults, 2 children)

It’s a boat ride where you can enjoy nature with full of mood, but you can get money every 30 minutes.So it’s important to look at time to get back to the bus stop of a wide unobaniike pond.

If you ride a boat, it depends on whether you are an adult or a child or a boat type, so please check it and ride it!

Kaneiji Temple Kiyomizu Kannondo

The Kaneiji Temple Kiyomizu Kannondo in Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park) was created as a hall to look at Kiyomizu-dera Temple by the priest of Jieyes Daishi, who was the founder of Kanei-ji Temple.

Initially, it was built in “Suribachi” in Ueno Park, but it was relocated to the current place in 1694 as the construction work of the main hall of Kanei-ji Temple was completed.It is the oldest building in Uenoyama, and you can feel the time of the time while leaving the atmosphere of that time, so it will be deeply irrigated!

When you look at a shrine, you will notice the Buddha enshrined in Wakison.This is a Buddha called “child-rearing Kannon”.Many worshippers come to visit Kannon Buddha, such as praying for children and childbirth.There are many dolls that have been paid for children’s growth, so it seems to be very impressive.

Also, if you go around the main hall of the main hall, you can see a cherry tree called “Autumn Sakura”.During cherry blossom viewing during cherry blossom viewing season, it is attractive and beautiful, and you can see it with an elegant feeling!


This facility, named Hyokeikan, Tokyo National Museum, was built in 1900 to commemorate the Crown Prince’s marriage in Japan, and it was the first full-scale museum in Japan opened in 1909.

Togu Palace is also built, and the appearance of Hyokeikan, which is made by the court architect Katayama Tokuma, is a beautiful, Western style building with a rounded, beautiful dome roof in both sides and center.There are tools, drawing tools, musical instruments, etc. on top of the upper outer wall surface, and it has a beautiful design, and it has a beautiful design.

In 1978, it is considered to be a representative western style architecture in the end of Meiji period, and it has been designated as an important cultural property in the country.The classic beauty and detailed architectural design will be full of technology that you don’t know just by looking at it.

From a luxurious building, it can be said that it represents the respect and expectation of the people at the time, so you can enjoy the Hyokeikan that is attractive by looking at the historical background!

Ueno Toshogu Peony Garden

Ueno Toshogu Botan Garden is a garden where you can enjoy a rich bloom of Botan and Dahlia flowers.The garden was opened in 1980 to commemorate the friendship between Japan and China.

The most popular flower is a symbol of “Fuki” and is named <100 Flower Kings>.It was transmitted as a medicinal plant in the Nara period, and it has been widely cultivated since the Edo period.

At present, there are more than 500 botans, including Chinese Botan, US and French breeds, which bloom beautifully and attractively.In the spring and winter season, there is a flower blooming in the Botanen Garden, so you can check the festival for 1 to 2 months, so you can check it out!

Toki-no-Kane “Tokikane Hall”

The Toki-no-Kane “Tokijongdo”, standing quietly in Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), has a bell with a bell of 6 1 3 times every day at noon and at night.

In 1666, a bell was placed near the entrance of a Seiyoken in the park, informing citizens of the Edo period of time.In fact, at that time, there was a bell at 9 places in Edo, and it is known that it was familiar to the citizens.

Although the surrounding trees have an appearance that makes it difficult for them to stand on their face, it can be said that the “Tokikane hall,” which provides a solemn task for daily notification, is actually a bell that has a great presence in the park.

It’s an attractive way to find a bell after you go to each place in the park!

Cafe restaurants around Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park)

Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park) has a variety of cultural facilities, shrines, and a rich view of nature, so you can enjoy it with a lot of attractions.But if you walk around in the park, you will be hungry for a considerable distance, and you will want to take a break.

In such case, I recommend you to take a breather at a cafe or restaurant!We will introduce you to the recommended store around Ueno Park, which is perfect for break or lunch.

Starbucks Coffee Ueno Imperial Grant Park Store

In Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), there is a cafe where you can’t think of it as a park.Ueno Imperial Grant Park store in Starbucks Coffee is one of them.

Starbucks Coffee, a Seattle coffee shop chain in the United States, is famous for its brand roasted roast coffee.You are impressed by the logo of a trade mark that reminds you of the Statue of Liberty.

Coffee is very small, so you can check it carefully when you order it.Also, it is popular that not only coffee but also snacks are delicious.If you order snacks or sweets such as chocolate scones, sandwiches, chiffon cakes, and sweets, your coffee will be more delicious.

It is located in front of the eyes of the park plaza. From a windowed window, you can see a fountain in front of your eyes, and you can see the scenery.After you look around the park and go around the museum, you can enjoy the coffee after you take a break.

Address : Ueno Park 8-22, Taito Ward, Tokyo 110 – 0007
Phone Number : 03 – 5834 – 1630
Business Days : Monday-Sunday Daily
Hours of Business : AM 8:00 to 21:00 PM
Coffee price : Depending on size, 1 cups, 400 yen ~

Ueno Forest Park Side Cafe

In Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), a restaurant that is conveniently used for both cafe and restaurant purposes, is the Park Side Cafe in Ueno, Ueno.

If you enter inside with a warm look made of wood, the stylish interior of the lodge looks like green in the park, so it is a relaxing space that can heal the tiredness of a walk.

It tends to be crowded on Saturdays and Sundays, but even if you wait, you can use nearby facilities while waiting for a while while you are waiting for a good rotation rate.

They can be used in cafes, lunch, and dinner, so there are various kinds of customers.There are many families with families on Saturdays and Sundays, so there are a number of children’s chairs so that children can sit on them, so there are facilities that are good for families.

It’s called cafe, but there are a variety of menu menus, so each menu is an elaborate recipe, so it will be satisfying.There are many kinds of drinks, and it is fun to choose coffee, tea, herbal tea, lavender, and tea with fruits and tea, and juice.

Address : 4, Ueno Park, Ueno Park, Tokyo 110 – 0007, Tokyo, Japan, 8
Business Days : Monday-Sunday Daily
Phone Number : 03 – 5815 – 8251
Hours of business : Monthly to Friday AM 10:00 to PM 21:00, Saturday to PM 9:00 to PM 21:00
Lunch set price : about 1500 yen

Ueno Green Salon

When you visit a zoo at Ueno park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), Ueno Green salon, a restaurant that you always want to stop, has a lot of self-service and cute panda, so it is recommended for family meals and lunch!

If you enter the store, you can see a cute panda panda (an image of Champshan).The stuffed animal of () is decorated, and the child will be excited when he sees it.It is self-service, so you can enter the store without hesitation.You can bring it in, and you can enjoy eating and drinking easily.

There are also drinks such as coffee, juice, cutlet curry, panda curry, udon noodles and soba.The amount is small, so it might feel like it’s a little bit less for men, but it’s just right for women.

There are also panda curry, omelet rice, cappuccino coffee, and it’s a visually important menu that you can enjoy as a panda, so you’ll be happy when you look at adults.

Address : Ueno Park 7-47, Taito Ward, Tokyo 110 – 0007
Business Days : Monday-Sunday Daily
Phone Number : 03 – 3824 – 9931
Hours of business : AM 10:00 to PM 19:00
Light meal price : around 1000 yen

on the Parkes

During lunch time, restaurants are crowded, so sometimes it’s difficult to wait for a long time.The Parks Ueno store would like to use it at that time.It’s a convenient store that is located near the JR Ueno Station and Park exit, and is convenient for use.

You can use it as a souvenir shop, not a lunch or a cafe.You can buy bento, so if there are many restaurants, it would be great to buy this bento and eat it like a picnic in a place where there are many green in Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park).

There is a famous zoo in shangshanpanda, so there are many cute sweets or goods related to pandas.It’s great for those who like pandas!The loved panda will be happy if you get a lovely panda souvenir.

Address : Ueno Park 7, Taito Ward, Tokyo 110 – 0007
Business Days : Monday-Sunday Daily
Phone Number : 03 – 5685 – 0181
Hours of business : AM 9:00 to PM 17:00
Light meal price : around 1000 yen


Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park) has too many attractions, so it’s an attractive sightseeing spot!From various cultural facilities, there are only recommended points such as green garden, pond, and shrine.

There are spots where you can’t go around even if you go sightseeing on 1 days, and it is best to go when you have physical strength, so it’s best to go there!If you have a small child, it is convenient to have a stroller, so it will be convenient for you to enjoy sightseeing!

From the access method to visit Ueno park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park), it would be great if you could fully predict the destination, time plan, and so on, and enjoy the Ueno Park (Ueno Imperial Grant Park).