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Ueno’s popular sightseeing and dating spot 30 spots

Ueno is famous for its many sightseeing spots, including the standard “Ueno Onshi Park.”.I’ll introduce you to the recommended sightseeing spots in Ueno, which is popular as a dating spot recently.

Ueno Onshi Park

The total area is a Ueno Onshi Park with a vast land with a total area of 53 hectares.This is a historic park that was designated as the first urban park in Japan in 1873.It is selected as one of Japan’s top 100 cherry blossom viewing sites, 100 Japanese historical parks, and 100 Japan’s urban parks.

The museum is now known as the “Bunkanomori” where museums, art galleries and zoos gather.The park is rich in nature, and each season shows a different expression, so you can enjoy it throughout the year.Then, let’s introduce the highlights of each season.

(Spring) Park Naka-dori Cherry blossom

A famous cherry blossom viewing spot in Tokyo.It is selected as one of the top 100 cherry blossom viewing spots in Japan.The appearance of about 1200 cherry trees is spectacular.When the cherry blossom front approaches, the garden will become full of cherry blossom viewing guests.

(Summer) Nazu Pond Lotus

One of the features of the summer in Tokyo is the lotus of this Inobazu pond.Every July through July to August.Lotus flowers bloom during the early morning and the afternoon, so it is recommended to leave early in the afternoon, so I recommend you to go out early in the morning.

(Autumn) Autumn Leaves

In the park, there are about 400 ginkgo trees and zelkova trees, and there are about 50 Momiji trees planted.The main part is ginkgo leaves with 278 trees.It is the best time to see it from mid November to late November every year.

(Winter) Fuobazu Pond Water Bird

Bird watching is recommended for Ueno Onshi Park in winter.There are more than 10000 ducks flying in the Shinobazu Pond.In addition, you can observe many kinds of waterfowl such as Northern pintail, Common Pochard, Eurasian Coot, Scoter Haji, Wigeon and so on.

After you fully enjoy nature, you will want to relax.Let me introduce you to a restaurant and a cafe in the Ueno Onshi Park.

Ueno Green Salon
It’s a cafe restaurant close to Ueno station.The panda motif hood and drink are famous.

“Ueno Forest Park Side Café”
It is a cafe restaurant in Takenodai square in the center of the garden.The terrace seats are attractive.

“Starbucks Coffee Ueno Onshi Park Store”
It is located in the “Takenodai Square” at the center of the park.There is also a terrace seat with 69 seats here.There is a large window inside the store, and it is designed so that you can see the nature.

Ueno Zoo

The Ueno zoo was opened in March 1882 and is the first zoo in Japan.The official name is “Ueno Zoo in Tokyo” and it is located in the Ueno Onshi Park.The image of panda is strong in the Ueno Zoo, but the appeal is not just the panda.It is one of the largest zoos in Japan and boasts over 500 types of exhibits.And the number of visitors is the largest in Japan.

The park is wide and divided into’ Higashien’ and’ Saionji’, and the monorail can be moved by monorail during the period.There are 3 entrances, the front gate, Benten-mon and Ikenohata gate, and it is efficient to enter the entrance from the closest entrance to the animals.The main entrance is the main entrance, and the number of vending machines is the largest, and many people make a row in front of the gate.

By the way, if you want a giant panda, let’s enter from this entrance.”Shanshan” was born in June, 2017, and it is very popular.At first, it was arranged to distribute numbered tickets, but now you can see them in a row.It takes about 40 to 70 minutes on weekdays, and it’s about 150 minutes on holidays.The target is right after the opening.For those who want to reduce the waiting time, it is recommended to wait in front of the front door so that they can enter the hall at the same time as the open.

The shoebill is so popular that he can’t lose to the giant panda.It is a very rare animal, and it is difficult to see in other places in Japan.There are 4 animals in the Ueno zoo.It is famous as a “moving bird”, but its visual impact is also impressive, so it is sure to look up.

The popularity of shoebill has been increasing over the past few years, and the number of goods seems to have increased.Please get shoebill goods as a memorial for the kindergarten.

National Museum of Nature and Science

It’s the only national museum in Japan.This facility is also located in the Ueno Onshi Park.It is divided into 2 buildings, the Japanese pavilion and the Earth Pavilion, and houses a collection of more than 4,000,000 pieces of valuable collection.

The main attraction is the dinosaur floor on the first floor of the Earth Pavilion.It is sure to be overwhelmed by a large group of fossils that are lined up in the full exhibition room.It is only a major dinosaur such as Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, and Stegosaurus, so you can enjoy it without being a dinosaur nerd.

In addition, there are a wide range of materials, including the “Moon stones” of Hachiko Hachiko, “Moon Stones of the moon,” “The Moon stones of the moon,” and the full-scale reconstruction model of the asteroid probe “Hayabusa” and the “Hayabusa” model of the asteroid probe “Hayabusa” on display in the exhibition, and it is also exhibited in various materials such as “the moon stones of the moon,” the Apollo No. 11 and No. 17, “and the” Hayabusa “model of the asteroid probe” Hayabusa “is displayed on the other side of the museum, and it is also displayed in various materials such as” the moon stones of the moon “and the” Hayabusa “of the” 0 type. “.There are also female mummies in the Edo period.There are many things that you can only see here, and there will be any discoveries if you go there.

It is open until 17 o’clock, but it is open until 20 o’clock on Fridays and Saturdays.Since there will be fewer people after 18 o’clock, you can enjoy the exhibition slowly.It may be fun to look at the world that is a little different from the usual day after Friday’s work.Please try to visit me once.

National Museum of Western Art

The “National Museum of Western Art” is located in a good location, a 1 minute walk from Ueno Station.There is a collection of “Matsukata Collections” collected by Matsukata Kojiro, a businessman, and many masterpieces such as “Thinking Image” and “Water Lilies” from Monet are exhibited in a permanent exhibition.

There are 5,500 pieces of work in the National Museum of Western Art.These works are displayed in the main building, in the new building and in the front yard.This building is designed by Le Corbusier, the world-famous architect, and the building is one of the highlights of this building.It is registered as a World Heritage, and it is the only Le Corbusier building in Japan, so it is worth seeing at first sight.

The main attraction of the “National Museum of Western Art” is the reasonable admission fee.The famous works such as Picasso and Monet’s paintings and the sculptures of Rodin are full of attention, but you can enjoy the famous paintings with the general 500 yen and one coin.I am surprised to hear that the shooting is free.

There is a permanent exhibition of the work of the master who has been concerned about the name at once, and you can see it slowly at any time.Even those who have never been to the art museum will be able to enjoy the art, so please try to visit them once again.

Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

“Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum” is the first Japanese public art museum to be opened in 1926 by Keitaro Sato, a businessman from Fukuoka, who donated 1,000,000 yen (equivalent to 3,200,000,000 yen for the present value).The new building was built for the reason of aging in 1975, and it became the current figure.

This was built by Kunio Maekawa, an architect who is representative of Japanese architecture after the war.It is carefully made in various places, so please look at the appearance before entering the building.

Also, there are 12 sculptures on the site, so please don’t miss this one.In particular, the stainless sphere, which was exhibited in front of the front gate, is a symbolic symbol of “Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum,” but this is also a masterpiece of sculpture.There are small and large holes in the top and bottom, and you can see the sky by looking from the bottom.

It is usually open until 5 30, but it is open until the night during the special exhibition, and it is lit up.The contrast of red, blue, yellow and green is beautiful, and the color you can see is different depending on the standing position, so you can try it once.

“Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum” is characterized by a relatively short span of exhibitions held in Japan and abroad where various exhibitions are held in a relatively short span of time.It’s natural to be immersed in a lot of art, but it’s very pleasant to walk around Ueno Park, so try to visit it.Some people who were not interested in the art museum so far may find a new discovery.

Former Iwasaki Residence

The “Old Iwasaki Residence” is also designated as an important cultural property of the country.It was built as a residence of Hisaya Iwasaki, who was founded by Mitsubishi in 1896 (1896).There are 3 existing buildings, Western building, Japanese pavilion, and game-room (billiard room).

The western building is a design incorporating the Jacobian style and an Islamic motif in the seventeenth century, and it is a building with 2 stories with wooden floors and a basement.It was mainly used as a guest house.

The Japanese pavilion, which was built in a Western-style building, is used as a daily living place for the Iwasaki family, and only 3 rooms, mainly in a large hall in Shoin-zukuri, are extant.The wooden room in 倉風 made with a wooden room has a design reminiscent of a Swiss hut.

The western building and the Keisung room are made by British architect Josiah Conder, and the Japanese pavilion is said to be the construction of the famous Shitohari, the tenth chief priest.

Also, the garden incorporating the form of Daimyo garden is one of the highlights.It is said that it became the basis of a modern Japanese garden later.Please walk around the beautiful garden.


Ameyoko is a shopping street where about 400 shops are lined up between JR Ueno Station and Okachimachi Station, about 500 meters, and it was started shortly after the war.

Speaking of Ameyoko, you can imagine the end of the year when you buy new year’s goods, but actually there are many spots that women like, such as shopping and eating food.

In the famous restaurant, there are famous “New Fruits” that are popular in the store, “Tea no Kimi no Sono” famous for rich Uji Matcha soft, “Fish grass” which can be drunk as a snack for fresh fish, “Todai 17” where you can enjoy authentic Tapioca, and so on.

The access is very good, so please try walking around the alley.You may find a very deep spot.

Ueno Great Buddha

The Ueno Great Buddha was built in 1631.At the time of construction, the height was about 6 meters, and until 100 years ago, it was enshrined in Ueno.

After that, he suffered a number of disasters and was repaired every time, but he only left the face.Currently, the face is buried in a wall and placed as a relief.The figure has a great impact.

It is also known as the “Passing Great Buddha” that has been overcome by the fact that it has overcome many disasters.In recent years, it has been introduced by media, so it seems popular as a power spot to pray for passing.

Ema is very unique, and the face of Buddha’s face is painted on the whole Ema.Also, the charm to pray for passing is popular, and it is made of bronze like the Great Buddha, and it has a motif as a motif.

The initial fee for Ema and Omaomai is said to be used for the reconstruction of the Great Buddha.If it is rebuilt, it will become a new sightseeing spot in Ueno.

By the way, it is said that when you touch the face of the Buddha’s face, it is said that it will become a fortune, so please not only worship it, but also try to touch it with your face.

PARCO _ ya

Parco is located on the first to sixth floors of the “Ueno Frontier Tower” opened on November 4, 2017.As the Araya “Parkoya”, we have a store based on the concept of “a little above the adult Parco” in the concept of “PARCO.”.

From the fashion brand for adults to the new business of the local company, we have been attracting many tenants who have not existed in Palco.All of our store brands are 68, and there are 52 outlets in Ueno-okachimachi and 11 shops in Ueno-okachimachi. We have a new value and regional appeal to the local community.

The inside of the building features a comfortable space with particular attention to natural materials, so it is designed to allow you to spend time with adults.The first floor is the Japanese cafe & bar “Sorai otona Kurogi.”.A new form of restaurant called Kurogi, a Japanese restaurant called “Kurogi,” which Jun Kuroki is said to be the most difficult to reserve restaurant in Tokyo, is a new form of store.The space design based on black is also a notable feature.We are also doing bar sales until 2 o’clock in the evening.

In addition, there are a lot of new ways to enjoy the new fragrance with a new fragrance, such as a new fragrance with a dry flower made of a rose and lavender that is embedded in a column beside the escalator, and a ceiling connected to the ceiling that is installed to lead to the destination.

On the sixth floor, there is also a restaurant floor where you can find the first inn in the building, “Ueno-bu Soba” and “Ueno Yakiniku Sanetsu”.It is a spot that attracts attention as a place for adults to leave.

Ueno Sakura Mori Terrace

“Ueno Sakura Mori Terrace” was opened at the site of the Ueno Shochiku Department Store.It is full of glass, and there are 19 restaurants from the third floor to the first floor in the basement.

The center of the facility is open to the third floor, and the light is open from the ceiling through the glass, making it an open space.The rooftop terrace is connected to Ueno Park, and it is an excellent location.There are takeout specialty shops and cafes, and you can also use them for a short break.

Yanaka via hole

“Around Uenosakuragi” is located in the 1000 area where the retro townscape is popular.This is a complex commercial facility that opened in March 2015 after renovation of 3 old houses built in 1938.

Among them, there is a famous “Taninaka beer hall” famous for its delicious craft beer.The “Taninaka Beer” ticket is priced at 900 yen, 1,500 yen, or 3,000 yen, and you buy it at the counter.

The specialty is Yanaka beer.This beer can only be drunk here in Japan!The amount of Mugi to Hop used is 2 times longer than usual, and it is matured for 35 days during the period of aging, usually about 7 days.Therefore, Yanaka beer is rich, and it is a mild and easy to drink beer.

There are also plenty of snacks, and there are a lot of Japanese barbeque dishes made with clay pot.It goes well with beer.

The retro atmosphere is full of photogenic spots, and it is popular among camera girls.This is the best location where you can enjoy the beauty of the Showa period.The beer you drink at Japanese beer garden is special.Please try it.

Nezu Jinja Shrine

It is a Nezu Jinja Shrine where Yamato Takeru no mikoto was built.It boasts a history of 1900 years.

The main enshrined deity of Nezu Jinja Shrine is the three gods :’ Susanoonomikoto no Okami,” Oyamakuno no mikoto,’ and’ Homudawakenomikoto.’.It is said that there are benefits such as “warding off evil,” “marriage,” “business prosperity,” and “praying for acceptance.”.

Among them, “Marriage” and “love luck” are famous, and “Gankakekaya tree” and “Hime-inari Shrine” and “Komago-inari shrine”, which are located in the temple grounds, are regarded as spiritual power spots.

In Nezu Jinja Shrine, there are 7 main buildings, the main hall, the main hall, the main hall, the Haiden, the Karamon, the west gate, the transmission fence, and the rommon gate.These are designated as national important cultural properties.

Also, Sembon Torii gate is one of the highlights of Nezu Jinja Shrine.It is said that if you go to the south from the north, you will get rid of evil spirits.You can also enjoy 3000 azalea by passing through this torii.

The Ueno Royal Museum

The The Ueno Royal Museum is close to the Statue of Takamori Saigo.It was opened in April 1972 by a new facility of the Art Exhibition Museum of the Japan Institute of Fine Arts.

It is an art museum where the originality of exhibitions held regularly is attractive.The annual spring “The Ueno Royal Museum Grand Prize Exhibition” and the summer “Exhibition of Japanese Nature” are popular as a gateway to the young artists’ paintings.

In 2006, the annex was expanded, and the “The Ueno Royal Museum Gallery” on the first floor and the “Ueno Forest Art School” were established on the third floor, expanding the scope of the activities.

Also, the original goods at the museum shop are high in quality, and they are also good as a souvenir of Tokyo.

Ueno Frontier Tower

On November 4, 2017, the Ueno Frontier Tower was opened at the site of the Matsuzakaya Ueno branch of the Ueno store.The first basement is the Matsuzakaya Ueno store, the first to the sixth floor is the Parco, the seventh to tenth floors are the “Toho Cinemas” and the twelfth to twenty second floors are the complex commercial facilities with the offices in place.

It is a facility that a wide range of generations can enjoy together as a new landmark in the Ueno-okachimachi area.”PARCO _ ya” is the main tenant of the Ueno Frontier Tower.

It is not an image of a sub-culture such as “Shibuya PARCO”, but it is a store that has a tradition of the town called Ueno, and has a theme of tradition.The opening of 11 stores in Ueno, the local area, has attracted a new atmosphere, attracting attention as a new parco for adults.

At the “Matsuzakaya Ueno store” on the first basement, there is a “Ueno Station.”.Apart from the information center where the appeal of Ueno is introduced, the selection of the selection items from the famous shops in Ueno area is the attraction of the area.There are also original products that are collaborated among the famous shops, so please drop by.

The cinema complex “Toho Cinemas Ueno” is located on the seventh and tenth floors.The film lineup, which is supported by the anime fans, is attractive, with the awareness of neighboring Akihabara.

Ueno Toshogu

Ieyasu TOKUGAWA, Yoshimune TOKUGAWA and Yoshinobu TOKUGAWA are enshrined in the Ueno Toshogu.It was built by Takatora Todo in 1627.Ueno Toshogu has 5 nationally designated important cultural properties.

First, the main hall.It is also called the golden palace, this is it!It uses gold leaf as a luxury, and it is filled with a gorgeous word.The existing buildings were rebuilt by Iemitsu TOKUGAWA, but they were not destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake or war, so they are very precious buildings.

He was followed by’ Karamon.’.This gate, which shines in gold, is a popular shooting spot for foreign tourists.It tends to be seen by a famous craftsman Hidari Jingoro.There are sculptures not only on the outside but also on the inside, so you need to pay the admission fee, but please try to go inside.

Other than that, the “see-through fence” with the sculptures of animals and plants, the 48 “copper lanterns” offered by daimyo all over Japan, and the famous “Oishi torii,” which was also famous for its unwavering nature in the Great Kanto Earthquake, are also important cultural properties.

And it is the’ Honor Gongen’ that is located beside the main shrine and the’ Honor Gongen Company’.Because the Tanuki is good luck from “skipping others”, you should not forget to visit the shrine because you have to pay for the entrance exam or job.

Evening and gradually

If you walk along the north exit of JR Nippori station and walk along a slowly rising palace slope, there is a staircase called “Sunset.”.

This name, the evening, was sitting in this stairway, and looking at the direction of Tanaka Ginza, we saw a beautiful sunset, so it was chosen by the general public.It’s a nice naming that brings a nostalgic image.

If you get off the sunset, you’ll find the entrance to Tanaka Ginza.I understand that the shopping streets that spread in orange, the shopping streets that spread in the sunset, and the beautiful sunset spot are also known.Many cats also gather in the stairs.


Do you know the Takeya?It is read as’ Takeya’.It is a long-established discount store in Tokyo.All the purple buildings that are located near Tokyo Okachimachi Station are the shops in the Takeya.It’s a big impact, so you’ll find it soon.

Everything from food and daily goods and clothing to luxury brand goods and jewelry, and furniture is everything.Over 200000 of them!I’m surprised.

And most of all, the price is very good!The local people don’t go to the supermarket or the donki, so they are just like the “Takeya.”.It is divided into 9 shops by theme, so it is better to study beforehand which store is in and go out.

However, it is fun to search for Brabras by one day at 9 stores.

Shinobazu Pond

The natural pond “Shinobazu pond” is located in the south of the Ueno Onshi Park.It is read as’ Shinono-no-Sato’.

At the center of the pond is Benten Island (Nakanoshima), where Benzaiten is enshrined.The pond is divided into three pieces in the embankment for pleasure, and it is called’ boat pond,” renike’ or’ Unoike.’.

In the boat pond, you can play with a boat boat, a swan boat, or a cycle boat.There is a Common snapping turtle and a alligator snapping turtle, so please be careful not to put your hands into the pond.

He was followed by’ Renike.’.From July to August, the pond is covered with lotus flowers.It is recommended to enjoy it slowly in the “Hasai observation zone” that was built in Renike.It is a spot loved by Tokyo citizens as a summer tradition in Tokyo.

In Unoike, wild birds such as cormorants live.There are also many kinds of migratory birds, so you can enjoy birdwatching in winter.

Ogai Mori Memorial Museum

He was a Ogai Mori with various faces, such as novelist, playwright, critic, translator and military doctor.There are many related documents on the Bunkyo Ward Ogai Mori Memorial Museum, so you can follow the footsteps of Ogai Mori as a literary writer.

This museum was opened in 2012, the one hundred fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the museum, and opened at the site of the old “Kanshioro.”.The design was built by architect and ceramics architect.It is very beautiful as a building, and its view from the second floor is reputed to be wonderful as well.

“Kantide” is named because of the view of Tokyo Bay from the second floor, and Ogai spent his time here until 1922 until he died in 1892.This is the place where masterpieces such as “youth” and “gega” were written.

Let’s introduce the highlights of the Ogai Mori Memorial hall.

In the exhibition room on the first basement floor, documents such as manuscripts, diaries and letters are exhibited, and there are exhibitions in the auditorium that introduce Ogai through the works written here.

There is a library on the second floor.You can browse the manuscript, the book, the magazine, and the research book that are held by the museum.The documents you can read are all precious things such as self-writing manuscripts.You need to apply in advance for some materials.

There is a cafe on the first floor of the building, where you can enjoy tea while enjoying the garden associated with Ogai.In this garden, there is a tree of Great Ginkgo trees, which has been planted since then, and Ogai is said to have been familiar with Ogai, and there is also a “stone of 3 people redundant words” that is said to have actually been sitting on the root of ginkgo trees.

It is also recommended to spend a leisurely time while looking at the Sky Tree over the other side of the garden.

Tanaka Ginza Shopping Street

Tanaka Ginza shopping street is a shopping street near Nippori Station in Taito Ward, Tokyo.There are about 70 stores lined by traditional private shops along the streets with a total length of 170 meters.

When you go from Nippori station, the one that is located near the entrance of the shopping street is known as the “sunset,” the famous sunset.This shopping mall has a nostalgic view of the Showa period, and it is used as a location for a number of movies and dramas.

“Taninaka Ginza Shopping Street,” a shopping street that is especially famous in Tokyo.There are a lot of shops where you can enjoy shopping, and there are many shops where you can walk, and there are many bright spots in the downtown retro atmosphere.

Also speaking of the gourmet spots, there are shaved ice “Himindo”, Menchi Katsu “Meat Sato”, and “Meat Sushi” with Menchikatsu.It’s full of fun, so why don’t you take a walk?

Mikhaya Kaminomoto Store

This is a famous “Misachi Kaminomoto restaurant” famous for its anmitsu.A long-established restaurant founded in 1948 years ago, it is a sweet restaurant that has been loved in Ueno for many years.

The current shop was built in 1976, with cedar trees, cypress and lighting in the pillars.The interior that gives you a sense of Japanese beauty creates a calm space.We are particular about the dishes, and we use original Mino yaki.

The special “Anmitsu” is an exquisite item that gives you a sense of nostalgia.

As if it was a sweet bean paste, azuki beans from Tokachi in Hokkaido are used.Honey is refreshing, and Kanten is characterized by its moderate hardness and smooth texture.The Gyuhi Gyuhi and the slightly sweet mikan are nice accents.Orthodox and Anmitsu!Did I say that?

The most popular one in the shop is cream anmitsu.In addition, there are about 20 kinds of sweet menu such as Oshiruko and shaved ice, so it may be good to share and eat it together.

Also, there are products for take-out at the store, so it is good to get them at Ueno Park nearby on a sunny day.

Kayaba Coffee

In a 10 minute walk from JR Nippori station, there is “Kayaba Coffee” which is famous as an old private house cafe.It’s a restaurant that looks like a time slip.

Kayaba coffee was born in 1938.It was open for nearly 70 years in Yanaka, but the founder died and the company closed in 2006.After that, he received many volunteers who wished to rebuild the shop, and in 2009 he was revived and still loved by many fans.

The Kayaba coffee building was built in 1916 and is refurbished and opened.The second floor is the first floor, the counter is the counter and the second floor is the tatami room.

The recommended one is a tatami room on the second floor.It is spacious, and the light of the sun is overflowing from the window and it is an open space with a good view, so it seems to be able to relax slowly.

The specialty of Kayaba coffee is a fluffy tofu sandwich.The sandwich eggs are sweet thick tamagoyaki tamago, which goes well with the mustard mayonnaise on the bread loaf.The bread and egg are warm, so they’re sure to be fluffy and happy.

Another thing you shouldn’t forget is the famous menu from the old Kayaba coffee era, Lucian.This is a hot drink with half of coffee and cocoa mixed together.The bitterness of coffee and the sweetness of cocoa is surprisingly good, so it is delicious.

Enjoy a luxurious time in a retro and calm atmosphere.

Kanei-ji Temple

Kanei-ji Temple is a temple located in Ueno Park.It was founded by Tenkai Sojo and protected Edo in the northeast of Edo-jo Castle (Kimon).Along with Zojo-ji Temple, he worked as a prayer center and family temple of the Tokugawa family, and 6 of the 15 successive shoguns were sleeping in this temple.

At the peak of the temple, the precincts of the temple was 350000 tsubo, and it had a magnificent Konponchu-do Hall (main hall), a famous garden made by Enshu KOBORI, a Shimizu Kannon-do hall, a Muobendo Pond Benten, a five-storied pagoda, a Kaisan-do hall, a temple of the Daibutsuden, and so on.

Kanei-ji Temple, the family temple of the Tokugawa family, possesses many cultural properties, and they can visit them.Those designated as important cultural property include the statue of the Yakushi Nyorai statue of Yakushi Nyorai, which is said to have been written by Saicho, who was enshrined in Konponchudo, the Shimizu-Kannon-do hall modeled after Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, the mausoleum of the Tokugawa shogunate in which 6 Tokugawa shoguns were buried, and the Old Kaneiji Temple 5-Story Tower in the Ueno zoo.

I recommend you to make an application, so I recommend you to check it on the official website.

In addition, there is a pine tree in the moon that is depicted in the Ukiyoe “Edo Sights 100 Landscapes” written by Hiroshige UTAGAWA, the first of its kind in 150, and it is worth seeing.

Tokyo National Museum

Tokyo National Museum (Tohak) is the oldest museum in Japan opened in 1872 (1872).This is the first exhibition held in Japan.

In 2001, the main building was designated as an important cultural property of the state as the main building of the old East Tokyo Imperial Museum.There are plenty of highlights such as tiled roofs, big stairways, lounges, and decorations such as mosaics.

Other than that, there is also an Oriental building, a Hyokeikan, a treasure house of Horyu-ji Temple, a Kuroda Memorial Museum, and Hyokeikan is representative of western architecture since the Meiji period, and it is designated as an important cultural property.

The total number of items in the Tokyo National Museum exceeds 110000, of which 88 national treasures and 636 important cultural properties are owned, and the number of the collection is increasing.It is a museum where you can appreciate precious cultural properties from the East countries from exhibits such as armor, sword and earthenware that can trace the history of Japan.

There are a lot of famous clay figures, clay rings, and earthenware in the textbook, and you can see the National Treasure “Kenko no Musha”, the important cultural property “Tsuchinoki Tsuchi”, the Japanese national Treasure “Ginzo-mei,” which is said to be the oldest in Japan, and the important cultural property, “Dancing People.”.


Yushima’s “Sweet Restaurant” was founded in 1909 and has a history of more than 100 years.It is famous as the birthplace of Kokura ice cream.

They sell sweets that match the seasons such as anmitsu and ice cakes.You can go to a cafe in the back of the store as well as to go home.

The ingredients for’ Ogura Ice Cream’, which is a sign product of the restaurant, are simply simple, with adzuki beans, salt and sugar, and water only.Since it is 0 milk fat, it is characterized by its smooth texture and smooth texture.I recommend you to customize it with your favorite toppings such as Shiratama or Gyuhi.

Ogura Anmitsu is the same as Kokura ice cream.You can enjoy the taste of the ingredients itself, as it is made from Izu, red peas, and ingredients from Hokkaido.

In fact, there is a secret of Ogura Anmitsu which is popular.This is a homemade brown sugar syrup that you can put as much as you like.Dark brown sugar syrup made from black sugar from Okinawa is very popular with the original sweetness of brown sugar.I also sell Kuromitsu for takeout.

I think the reason why the producers who keep the goodness of the material and keep the flavors in it has been loved for more than 100 years.It has become a popular spot for foreign tourists recently, from the atmosphere of the town where it can feel of the location and the Japanese style.

Gyokurinji Temple

“Koyama Gyokurinji Temple” is a Buddhist temple of Soto sect located in Yanaka 1 chome, Taito Ward, Taito Ward.It is said to have been founded in 1591.

The road is surrounded by trees from the Sanmon gate, and you can see the main hall that stands in front of you when you get out of it.It is a quiet and large temple.It is said that the name “Nozi Koyama” in the Gyokurinji Temple was derived from the “1100 views of Tanane” made by Ryosui ISHIDA, the third shogun of the Tokugawa shogunate, when he looked at the inobiike pond in the south, and the temple was named “Nozaiko Zenrin,” and the temple was named as “Nozaiko Zenrin” in the southern part of the. 介著.

At the back of the main hall is a large tree with a length of over 600 years, which is designated as a natural monument of Tokyo, and in front of the main hall is the fifty eighth Yokozuna’s statue of Chiyonyofuji.Gyokurinji Temple is the family temple of Chiyoni Fujiseki.

Yushima Tenjin

The Yushima Tenmangu Shrine is known as the name of Yushima Tenjin.The god of Learning, Sugawara no Michizane, is enshrined, and many students come to pray for the entrance exam during the entrance exam season.

However, this Yushima Tenjin is not just the study.In fact, it is one of the most powerful power spots in Tokyo, and there is a lot of benefits in terms of lottery luck, marriage and sickness recovery.Please make sure to visit the shrine and charge the power.

The Yushima Tenmangu Shrine was built by the Emperor Yuryaku in 458.The enshrined deities were Ameno no Tejikara no Mikoto and Lord Sugawarano Michizane no Mikoto.

Ame no Tejikara no Mikoto is the god of the earth appearing in Japanese mythology and is responsible for good luck and fortune.The Lord Sugawarano Michizane is the god of learning known to him.I would love to visit this 2 power powers, “Katsuluck, Kujira” and “Academic pass.” This is what I want to visit.

In addition, there are many walking spots in the temple grounds.There is a lot of things that are said to be beneficial when you rub the same parts as the one where you’re sick, and there is a lot of things that are said to have been found when you asked them to ask you, such as the one that is said to have been lost, the other is the “strange ice stone,” and the “Ume Garden” in Tokyo, where the Kyoka Izumi loved it. There is also a “Treasure House” where you can see the “100 views of the Edo sights” in Tokyo.

Hanazono Inari-jinja Shrine

Hanazono Inari-jinja Shrine is located in the Ueno Onshi Park.There is no Sembon Torii gate in Fushimi-Inari Taisha, but it is a very beautiful shrine with a lot of Akai Tori.Also in the Ueno Park, the contrast with the greenery of the trees gives you a sense of Japanese mystery.It is also a popular spot for foreign tourists.

This shrine is famous as a spiritual attraction for love and romance.Also, the ruins of the old shrine of Hanazono Inari-jinja Shrine are called’ Hole Inari’ and are known as the power spots known to the people who know it.There was a cave in front of the current shrine, and it was originally called’ Teninari’ because it was originally enshrined here.

It is said to be one of the best power spots in the Kanto region.Please also visit here.

Kiyomizu Kannon-do Hall

The Shimizu Kannon-do hall in the Ueno Onshi Park was built by Tenkai Daisojo in 1631.The building is designated as an important cultural property in the end of the Edo period, which escaped the fire and was designated as an important cultural property.

It is famous for its “Tsuki no Matsu” (The Pine Tree of the Moon), which is the same stage as Kiyomizu-dera Temple in Kyoto, and is also known as “The Famous 100 Views of the Famous Edo Period” by Hiroshige UTAGAWA.The Benten-ike pond can be seen from the gap between the full moon and the Maruen pond.

It is said that the wish is fulfilled by throwing a ball on the moon by throwing a ball in 願玉, with the intention of “Shinwish” in the stage.It costs 500 yen for 5 pieces.Please try it.