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How to enjoy Ukiyoe Ota Memorial Museum

Ota Memorial Museum of Art, located in Harajuku, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, is a private museum specializing in ukiyoe in Japan.Many famous artists, such as Katsushika Hokusai, Utagawa Hiroshige, Utagawa Kuniyoshi and others, have been attracting attention worldwide, and many tourists from Japan and abroad have visited the museum.

“Ota Memorial Museum of Art” is the birthplace of Japanese traditional beauty in Harajuku.I would like to introduce you some information about Ota Memorial Museum of Art, such as the events that are being held and the events that are being held!Please make sure to use it as a reference when you go out.

Basic information Ota Memorial Museum of Art

The “Ota Memorial Museum of Art,” which specializes in ukiyoe, stores the works of artists who are popular both in Japan and abroad.Various exhibitions of various themes are held every month, and you can enjoy the appeal of ukiyoe from various perspectives, and it is an art museum that you want to stop by when you come to Japan.

In the “Ota Memorial Museum of Art,” which exhibits the most ukiyoe in Tokyo, please immerse yourself in the world of beautiful ukiyoe.

Ota Memorial Museum of Art is

The “Ota Memorial Museum of Art” dedicated to ukiyoe is behind the Laforet Harajuku in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo.It was opened in 1980 by the will of Seizo Ota, the former chairman of Toho Mutual Life Insurance Company and an ukiyo-e collector of Ukiyo-e, who was an ukiyoe collector.

Ukiyoe was born in the early Edo period and was developed as a woodblock print, and it is a unique art of popular art in Japan.

In Ota Memorial Museum of Art, there is a collection of about 12,000 collections, including paintings and prints, as well as a collection of Katsushika Hokusai, Hiroshige Utagawa, and Suzuki Harunobu.These collections were collected from the late Showa period over a period of half a century from the beginning of the Showa period.

The feature of this museum is that all works are vivid and beautiful.From the beginning of the Edo period to the early Edo period, there is a collection of representative works from the beginning of the Edo period until the end of the Meiji period.

On the first floor of the museum, there is a Karesansui style garden, where you can enjoy ukiyoe viewing in a calm atmosphere of Japanese harmony.In the gallery on the second floor, the production process of ukiyoe is always exhibited, and you can also enjoy the tools and paints that were used for the production of ukiyoe.

In the museum, exhibitions are held every month along a variety of themes, and about 80 to 100 pieces are exhibited.Apart from the exhibition, there are lectures about ukiyoe, activities that provide grants to researchers in ukiyoe, and video screenings, so you can enjoy the various charms of ukiyoe.

Collection of Ota Memorial Museum of Art

In addition to the collection of about 12,000 collections collected by Kiyozo Ota (1893 – 1977), Ota Memorial Museum of Art owns more than 626 pieces of the collection of Hokusai by the late chief retainer of the late Setake and about 14,000 points of the collection of the fan face of the old Koike Collection, adding a large collection of the new collection every year after the collection of about items. 1000.

The ukiyoe has the history of ukiyoe from the beginning of the Edo period, the beginning of the Edo period, to the end of the Edo period, with ukiyoe artists such as Katsushika Hokusai, Kitagawa Utamaro, Suzuki Harunobu and Hiroshige UTAGAWA, who are popular worldwide, as well as ukiyoe from the beginning of the Edo period, the beginning of the ukiyoe.

Among them are the Hishikawa Moronobu’s “Beautiful Walking picture” and the “Fuyu Utahi Hakkei” of Suzuki Harunobu famous for his beautiful painting, and the entire works of Hiroshige UTAGAWA’s “100 Views of Scenic Beauty.”.Also, there are a lot of valuable works such as the precious paintings by Hokusai Katsushika, the “冨獄 36 景凱 Breeze” and the Toshusai Sharaku’s actress paintings, and it is very impressive.

Through ukiyoe, you can feel the changing of the culture of Edo.The collection of this museum also features not only its vast numbers, but also its excellent condition that retains the beautiful color of the original.

Opening hours and rates of Ota Memorial Museum of Art

  • Location : Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 1-10-10
  • TEL:03-3403-0880
  • Hello dial : 03 – 5777 – 8600
  • Open hours : 10:30 am to 5:30 pm (admission until 5 pm)
  • Closed day : Mondays (open on holidays, closed in the next day), and the year-end and new year holidays
    Display renewal period : See the museum open calendar (HP) at the museum

Enter the entrance fee
The Ukiyoe Museum of Ukiyoe does not exhibit permanent exhibitions, and exhibits are held according to different themes every month, and exhibitions are held.Therefore, the entrance fee varies depending on the exhibition, so please check the website of the museum and the website of each exhibition.

  • Junior high school students and younger are free
  • Students older than junior high school students show student cards
  • The group (more than 10 persons) has 100 yen discount per 1 person (payment is made at once
  • With the attendance of a disabled person’s pocketbook, the 1 persons who were accompanied by the person were 100 yen off
  • For more discounts, please contact the museum

Access Parking Lot at Ota Memorial Museum of Art

Use the train
If you are visiting by JR Yamanote line : 5 minutes walk from Omotesando exit of Harajuku Station (go to Aoyama direction in Omotesando)
Turn left at the first alley in fatbank.
If you are using the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line / Fukutoshin Line : 3 minutes’ walk from Exit 5 of Meiji-jingumae Station.
(Move the Omotesando to the direction of Harajuku and the Sembikiya.
Turn right at the alley.

Use your own car
The museum doesn’t have a parking lot.Use a nearby toll parking lot or use public transportation.

Lectures, Events and Exhibitions Ota Memorial Museum of Art

At Ota Memorial Museum of Art, there are exhibitions explaining ukiyo-e with different themes every month, and an interesting course and events where you can learn more about ukiyoe and Edo culture, and you can enjoy the culture of the days when ukiyoe is an ukiyoe.

I’ll introduce you about the lectures, events and exhibitions held at Ota Memorial Museum of Art!

Edo Culture Lecture

The popular lecture “Edo Culture Course” at Ota Memorial Museum of Art is a unique course where you can learn about Edo culture from various themes such as “Rakugo” and “Edo Period Fashion.”.

Lectures are attended by experts and artists who are skilled in the field, and the museum’s curators introduce ukiyoe related to the themes of each episode.

In February 2019, lectures were held under the theme of “Edo Culture Enjoyed by Rakugo and Ukiyoe”, and the Rakugo storyteller was invited to the Rakugo storyteller by the lecturer, and the Rakugo storyteller was introduced by the Rakugo storyteller, and the Rakugo was introduced by the Gakugei (curators) in the Rakugo (comic storytelling) performance of Rakugo rakugo (comic storytelling in Rakugo storytelling), which was introduced by the curator in February,. Kosukeroku Kaminarimon.

It is a very enjoyable course where you can learn Edo culture from various fields of Ukiyoe and ukiyoe.If you’re interested, please join us.

Summer vacation children’s course

At Ota Memorial Museum of Art, we hold an ukiyoe course for elementary and junior high school students during summer vacation.

In the past, with the theme of “Let’s try to make ukiyoe,” we held a course in which the “Nishiki-e” Nishiki-e, “a colorful woodblock print made by colorful woodblock prints, was created by himself, and the” 冨獄 36 Views Kanagawa Coast “was held by Hokusai KATSUSHIKA to learn about the production process of the ukiyoe.

However, not only the knowledge gained from textbooks and books, but also the difficulty and fascination of the ukiyoe production, it will be more interesting to see the difficulties and fun of ukiyoe production.Why don’t we try to experience the experience of Ukiyoe in the Ukiyoe course in the memory of summer vacation?

Sunday Projector

At Ota Memorial Museum of Art, a “Sunday Film festival” is held on Sunday at the exhibition hall where a film about the history and techniques of ukiyoe is screened at the audio-visual room on the first floor of the exhibition.

Film screenings are held 2 times a day in about 30 minutes, such as “Edo Culture” and “Traditional Techniques of Traditional Woodblock Prints.”.The first is from 11 o’clock in the morning, the second is from 2 o’clock, and the same contents are screened in 2 times.

Depending on the display contents and the convenience of the museum, the Sunday projector may not be held, so please contact the museum directly to see if it is possible to hold the exhibition or not.

Why don’t you watch the ukiyoe and try to further deepen the knowledge of Ukiyoe?

Lecture on young researchers

In the Ota Memorial Museum of Art, young researchers’ lectures are held free for analysis and discussion from the perspective of young researchers.

You don’t need to apply.If you are interested in this, please go to the venue (the Ota Memorial Museum of Art audio-visual room (B1 floor)) after you have a ticket on the day of the museum.If it’s a first come-first-served admission, you can participate in standing up if it is full.

Ota Memorial Museum of Art Exhibition

At Ota Memorial Museum of Art, every month, the works are changed, and there are always 80 to 100 Ukiyo-e paintings.Through exhibitions with different themes every month, we transmit the appeal of ukiyoe from various aspects of the theme.

The exhibition featured in the past exhibition was the “Ohara Koson” exhibition, a famous artist in the Meiji period from the late Meiji period to the Taisho period and the Showa period, and the “Kawaii Ukiyoe Ukiyoe Ukiyoe” exhibition featuring ukiyoe woodblock prints.In April 2019, the “170 Anniversary of the Death” exhibition titled “The Road to Mt. Fuji” will be held.

Every month, it introduces the fun of ukiyoe from various aspects, so you won’t get tired of it any number of times.

At the exhibition, “Slide talk (free)” is held several times during the session, so if you want to deepen your knowledge about ukiyoe, please try to participate in the exhibition.

Ota Memorial Museum of Art

Ukiyoe reflects the traditional lifestyle of the Edo period, the scenery of the scenery of the Edo period, the traditional Japanese lifestyle and the culture that was popular at that time.Ukiyoe has also had a great influence on Western paintings.

Ota Memorial Museum of Art is an art museum where many ukiyoe paintings are collected and exhibited in Japan.Every month we have themed themes, so we can see the charms of Ukiyo-e every time we see the ukiyoe of Ukiyoe.I love ukiyoe, and it is an art museum that I love for Edo period.

Why don’t you look at the world of ukiyoe in the “Ota Memorial Museum of Art”, a peaceful and calm Japanese art museum that doesn’t seem to be in Harajuku?