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How to enjoy Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park is located in a location that is a 3 minute walk away from Harajuku. It is a large site that represents Tokyo and an urban park that can be touched with many natural cities.It is a park where various events are held in a vast site, and the park is loved as a place for the rest of the people to enjoy as a place where sports and daily life can be enjoyed.

The Meiji Shrine is also nearby, and many foreign tourists visit it, and it is crowded with many people.This time I would like to provide you with various information such as how to enjoy the “Yoyogi Park” and the history of the park.

Basic information in Yoyogi Park

The opening of Yoyogi Park was in October, 1967.The area is the fifth largest in the park in Tokyo’s 23 wards.In a park that is rich enough greenery to be called as a forest park, there is a forest with 27 adjoining Meiji shrines, and there is a forest with a number of Tokyo domes.

Yoyogi Park is separated from the north A and south B districts. The area where there is a central square and the fountain is located in the A district, and the side of the street where there is a soccer field and the outdoor stage is designated as B district.It is used for a wide range of age groups, such as other dog run and athletic fields.

History of Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park has a profound history and the Edo period.At that time, there was a residence of the Kato family of Kumamoto Domain in the vast territory of Yoyogi-Uehara.The Kato family of Kumamoto Domain was also known as’ Kiyomasa KATO’, but it was destroyed during the period of’ Tadahiro,’ the successor of Kiyomasa, in the era of’.’ 3.Later, he was given to the Ii family (Hikone Domain).After the Meiji Restoration (the fifteenth lord of the Ii family, Naosuke II) was presented to the government after the Meiji Restoration, it became a sacred place and Meiji Jingu was built in 1920.

Before the war, it was the Yoyogi training ground of the Imperial Japanese Army.After the defeat in World War II, there was Washington Heights as a military site for the American military barracks and the home for families that had occupied Japan.It is also famous as a place where airplanes flew in Japan for the first time in 1910.Later, it was used as a Yoyogi village at the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, and still remains as a memorial building for the Olympic Games (Dutch athletes’ lodgings).It was opened after the Tokyo Olympics after the opening of Yoyogi park in Yoyogi Park.It was opened in 1967 as the first forest park in Tokyo, and it is open to all gardens in 1971.

In Yoyogi Park, which is also associated with historical celebrities, there is a “Kiyokiyomi” (Kiyokiyomi no ido) that is said to have been dug by Kiyomasa KATO, which was mentioned earlier in the next Meiji Shrine, by Kiyomasa KATO, who was mentioned above, in the. Masai.In the present day, he took pictures of the wells of Kiyomasa, and he became famous as a power spot as he had a sense of fortune as he was waiting for his cell phone to wait for his cell phone.

Kiyomasa KATO built’ Kumamoto-jo Castle’ and’ Nagoya-jo Castle’ as a master of construction, and was also known as’ the god of civil engineering.’.Those who want to pay a lot of attention are recommended spots.When you stop by Yoyogi Park, please stop by Meiji-jingu Shrine.


Yoyogi Park is crowded on holidays, so there is a parking lot, but you can’t stop it.I recommend you to check the parking information of the neighborhood in advance.I recommend you to use public institutions because it is within walking distance from the station even if you’re not driving.

Address : Yoyogikamizonocho, Shibuya-ku, Jinnan, 2 chome
Telephone number : Yoyogi Park Service Center 03 – 3469 – 6081
Admission fee : Basic free (available for some)
Operating hours : always open.
Closed holidays : Service centers and facilities are closed at the end of the year.
* Please contact the service center for the business hours.

Access by train

  • 3 minute walk from the Omotesando exit of JR Harajuku station
  • 3 minute walk from Yoyogi-koen Station (C02 exit) of Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
  • Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line / Fukutoshin Line Meiji-Jingumae Station (C03, F15) Exit from the exit
  • 3 minute

  • 6 minute walk from Yoyogi-Hachiman Station south exit of Odakyu line

Access by bus

    You can go from either the

  • Shinjuku or Shibuya.
  • get off at the bus stop within 15 minutes by bus from both stations

Parking Information

Phone number : 03 – 3485 – 4090
Business hours : 24 hours
Price : Ordinary car => 400 yen for the first 1 hours, 200 yen for every 30 minutes.
* Note : Only 1000 yen notes can be used (please be aware that you cannot use expensive notes).
※ If you have a disabled person’s pocketbook, the parking fee will be exempted, so please bring your notebook with you.

Seasonal flowers in Yoyogi Park

In Yoyogi Park, you can enjoy flowers blooming every four seasons.It is difficult to introduce all kinds because there are too many kinds, but I will introduce some of the flowers in each season.
Cherry trees, Magnolia Kobus, azaleas, roses, great purple emperor, Köme, Rhododendron obtusum, Magnolia, Hanagi, Liriodendron tulipifera
Sulsberg, Liriope muscari, Hibiscus syriacus, Yuri, gardenia and Albizia julibrissin
Acer palmatum, ginkgo Tree, Kinmoku, rose and dongs
Saffodil, Ume, Southern Kaka, sosnowbay and Camellia japonica

Other varieties of flowers are blooming, but the famous flowers in Yoyogi Park are famous for their cherry blossoms and roses.First, many people visit Yoyogi Park during the cherry blossom season (mid-February to early April), and many people visit Yoyogi Park.There are about 700 cherry trees planted in the park, and the number of cherry blossom viewing spots is thirteenth in all over Japan and the sixth place in Tokyo.The varieties are mainly “Somei Yoshino”, “Cerasus lannesiana’Kawazu-zakura’,” “Prunus serrulata,” “Yamazakura,” “Ko higanathikra,” “Prunus grayana,” and so on.

And the roses in Yoyogi Park are also famous.There are more than 30 kinds of roses throughout the year, and 700 roses are blooming in spring and autumn in different seasons.As roses come around, “Rose Festival” is held, and it is famous as a famous place for roses to hold a tour of roses tour tours.You can enjoy roses 2 times a year.You can enjoy the season from mid May to early May in the spring, and from mid October to mid November in the fall in the fall of the sixth.When you look at roses in the park, you can see them in the 2 flower beds,’ Rose Garden’ and’ Flower Land’, not everywhere.

In the zelkova trees, you can enjoy autumn leaves in autumn as well.You can enjoy flowers throughout the year, so please look for seasonal flowers when you drop by.

Attractions in Yoyogi Park

Yoyogi Park has many memorials and sports sites that you can feel the history of.We will introduce you to the highlights of the garden where children can enjoy from children to adults, and the facilities.


where you can enjoy the nature of Tokyo
Yoyogi Park also has a cycling course where you can enjoy cycling while enjoying nature.Bicycles can carry your bicycle, but you can rent them too.There is a tandem bicycle that you can ride by 2 people with a bicycle for adults or a special bicycle for children with 1 cars.

The cycling course is a course of 1841 meters.You can run in about 20 to 30 minutes in around 1 laps.The course is separated from the “infant course”, the “Training course”, and the “General course”, so please be aware that the bicycle with the auxiliary wheels is only available for children’s courses, and only for training courses.

The usage method is to purchase a ticket at the ticket vending machine, and then fill in the application form at the reception desk and hand it to the clerk.You can rent a bicycle by checking the safety and checking the size of the bicycle.(Please be aware that loans are prohibited to the others, so the return will be returned to the Rental place at the time of return.).If it has passed the time of use, the payment will be made at the time of return.Let’s enjoy the usage rules well and enjoy cycling.

You can also get a map of the zoo at the time of reception, so you can enjoy cycling while watching the plants nearby.Please enjoy cycling with children with your children and children at Yoyogi Park in Yoyogi Park.

Business hours : 9 : 00 to 16:30 (* time for lending is until 16:00)
Closed holidays : Mondays (the following day, the following day) December 29 – January 3
* If the day of October first (Tokyo Citizens’ day) is on Monday, we will open it.
* Please note that there may be no rain or bad weather in other areas than the above.
Price : Adult bicycle (14 “to 27”)
210 yen for 1 hours * Extended fee of 100 yen every 30 minutes.
– Special bicycle (tandem bicycle)
1 laps 210 yen * After the second round, the additional charge is 100 yen per 1 laps.
・ Children’s bicycle (bicycle with auxiliary wheels / 12 inches to 18 inches strider bicycle / 14 inches to 18 inches) 1 hour 100 yen * Extension fee of 50 yen every 30 minutes

Flea Market Product Exhibition

The flea market in Yoyogi Park is famous, but it is always a popular event, and it is a famous attraction of Yoyogi park, and it is also a specialty of Yoyogi Park.There are a wide range of age groups, and the audience is also exhibited, so the audience has a wide range of age range.In many cases, there are a large number of shops where there are about 200 shops, and there are some new unused products.

There are some shops where prices are set, but there are many shops where price is decided and the price is decided.90% of the items are exhibited at the clothing exhibition, and the brand goods are good at a good price, so it is a very popular event.Children’s clothes are smaller than other flea markets, so if you want to use them, I recommend a flea flea at Setagaya and Nissan Stadium.The venue is Shibuya, so it’s a relatively young image for the young people.

The product exhibition holds cultural exchange events around the world every month, and events in Japan around the world.I have a lot of details about this, so I would like you to check on the homepage, but you can see the culture and traditions of each country and the traditional arts, and you can get to know the products in each prefecture, so you can enjoy the famous products at the product exhibitions in each prefecture.

Field stage

The outdoor stage of Yoyogi Park is crowded with various famous artists, and it is crowded everyday.There is also a guest seat, but you can see it outside, so you can see it from outside.When a popular artist holds a live, he can accommodate up to 8000 people, but since it is outdoors, there is no detailed number of people in the field, but the number of people who are in the field is not decided because of the fact that the number of people who live is 5000.Please check the live information held in each month and try to carry it.

Soccer field

The soccer stadium is scheduled to build a new soccer stadium around 2025 in the future.Yoyogi Park seems to have more facilities, because there is a facility that can also be used at the live venue.I would like you to keep the green while you are building it.You can rent it for 2 hours and 3 hours.Please be aware that the time varies every month.

Utilization of the soccer field and operating hours

  • Time to use
    [April and September, October, March … 9:00 ~ 11:00, 11:00 ~ 13:00, 13:00 ~ 15:00, 15:00 ~ 17:00] [November December December, January, February … 9:00 ~ 11:00, 11:00 ~ 13:00, 13:00 ~ 16:00] [May and August … 9:00 ~ 11:00, 11:00 ~ 13:00, 13:00 ~ 15:00, 15:00 ~ 18:00] [June July … 9:00 ~ 11:00, 11:00 ~ 13:00, 13:00 ~ 15:00, 15:00 ~ 17:00, 17:00 ~ 19:00]
  • charges
    2 hours / 7,200 yen 3 hours / 10,800 yen
  • rest
    Date of maintenance on the second and fourth Tuesdays, date of event, etc., Year-End and new year (December 31 to January 3)

Track field

The athletics field in Yoyogi Park is commonly called’ Oda Field.’.The fees are free of charge, so many people, university students, and a wide range of people with a sense of health are used by a large number of people every day.The usage information is as follows.
Usage Information

  • Time to use
    9:00 am 12:00 / 13:00 pm – 17:00 / night 18:00 ~ 21:00 / li>

  • Loan date
    The first Sunday and the third Saturday are excluded every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at night.
    Free open day
    During the first Sunday and on Saturday and Friday, every Wednesday and Friday, every Wednesday, every Wednesday and Friday, the group is not used by the organization at the time of the third week.
  • Dormant Day
    Maintenance date on the first and third Fridays (December 29 through January 3)
    Inquiries : Yoyogi Park Service Center 03 – 3469 – 6081 (operating hours : 8 30 – 17 15)

Dog run

The location of the dog run in Yoyogi Park is next to the Worland.The dog run is about 3620 square kilometers and the largest dog run facility in Tokyo is the largest dog run facility, so you can see a lot of dogs in the park.I think that the dog run has a large square without obstacles, but the dog run in Yoyogi Park has a natural state without cutting trees, so you can play with it naturally.The inside of the site is a chip field, so the dog’s foot is hard to get dirty.

It is divided into 3 areas by the weight of the dog.Weighing up to 10 kg, the “small size dog area” and safety aspects are separate from the “Small size dog area” up to 5 kg, up to 12 kg.Please be aware that it is necessary to register at the Park Management center during use.

The procedure can be done at the Yoyogi Park Management Office.The documents required for the procedure are as follows :.
Required Documents

  • Registration of the dog in the municipality (draft card)
  • The rabies vaccination shot * The vaccination certificate issued by the veterinarian cannot be registered by the injection certificate.Please prepare the preventive vaccination issued by the ward municipality.
  • You will be issued 1 cards per head, so you need to apply for a single head.
  • Registration is only the first time.No procedure is required after the second time.

Business Hours

Telephone number : Yoyogi Park Management Office 03 – 3469 – 6081
Operating hours : 5 am to 5 pm (October 16 to April 30) 5 am to 8 pm (May 1 to October 15) * December 29 to January 3 The administrative office is closed at the administrative office.
* No night lighting equipment.
Closed holidays : No holidays

Birthplace of Japan Aviation

Yoyogi Park was used as the “Army Yoyogi Training ground” during the war.There was no airplane at that time, and it became famous as the place where the first engine was used in Japan and the first flight was successfully achieved.As for the first successful flight, Captain Yoshitoshi Tokugawa flew to the flight on December 19, but the first flight was on the day of flight (December, 1910), but there were 2 bronze statues in the park in the first flight of Yoshitoshi Tokugawa’s flight.It is a historic place, so please stop by when you visit.

Central square

There is a wide expanse of grassland, with a catchphrase, “I can see the largest sky in the city.”.It is a place where you can take a look up while looking up at the sky without any utility poles.In the central square, there is a resting place with a fountain, a resting place with a hexagonal roof, and a flower land and a dog run.There is no utility pole, so you can play safely with kite flying safely.

Bird Sanctuary

The first bird sanctuary in Japan is built as a sanctuary for birds, and it is a facility where wild birds are protected by planting trees with protective fences and planting trees inside the site.It is prohibited to enter the sanctuary, but it is possible to observe well around the area.Please be aware that the dog cannot take the dog.

Olympic Memorial Lodging

Yoyogi Park was used as a player village at the time of the Tokyo Olympic Games held in 1964.After the end of the Olympics, I left only 1 buildings that were actually used by the Dutch players as a souvenir.Also, the trees from the sample garden on the left side of the mansion are planted from the seeds of the athletes around the world, and they are left as a souvenir along with the lodging.

Observation Deck

Nowadays, the observation deck is seen every day, but it is also Yoyogi Park that created the observation deck as the first attempt in Japan.It is a popular place where you can see a beautiful view of a building in Shinjuku by an elevated pedestrian bridge connecting the central square and the Event Area.

Butt Altol

Kezarukotol is a god worshipped as a mythical god of culture and an agricultural god, meaning’ a serpent with wings.’.The sculptures in Yoyogi Park are made by “Federico Silva.”.In November 1990, it was donated to Tokyo as a friendly friendship symbol with Mexico.

Zelkova trees

In Yoyogi Park, the event is held in addition to the Event Area, and there are events on the zelkova trees.We have various events except in winter.Autumn leaves beautiful autumn leaves, and in winter it is famous as a popular spot for illuminations.The illuminations of blue LEDs decorated with a blue LED in the zelkova trees in collaboration with the “Ao-no-dokutsu Cave” have attracted a lot of attention every day, and many people have been walking around every day.It is a very pleasant place, so it is an ideal place to take a walk outside of the event.

3 mushroom rest rooms

The rest room of the 3 mushrooms is a resting place where children and after-school children can participate in the group activities.There are about 30 trees in crape myrtle nearby, and you can see flowers in crape myrtle during summer time.The pink flowers bloom, so it’s beautiful.It is also good to use it as a resting place while walking.

Yoyogi Park Shop / Restaurant

The park is very large in the park, so it’s difficult to go shopping outside.But please don’t worry.There is a shop in the park too.There are 3 shops in the park, so I’ll introduce you to them.

Yoyogi 1 store

Yoyogi No. 1 stores are close to the Event Area and the outdoor stage.There are many kinds of shops, so you can stop by when you want to eat a lot from your stomach, so please stop by.

  • Curry rice 500 yen
  • Cutlet Curry 700 yen
  • Otakoya 420 yen
  • Fried Noodles with 380 yen
  • Beef bowl 500 yen
  • Premium Soft Ice Cream 400 Yen
Phone number : 03 – 3468 – 0938
Operating hours : 10 : 00 to 18:00 * 10:00 – 17:00 from December to February
Closed : December twenty ninth and thirtieth

Parks Yoyogi hill shop

This is a shop in the jogging course.There is a rest space with a roof, so you can use it with ease even during rainy days.This is a lot of menu, so please try to use it.

  • Cutlet Curry 700 yen
  • Various 580 yen Pasta
  • Fried Noodles with 380 yen
  • Sorente Pizza (Half) 380 yen
  • Frank full 260 yen
  • Hand drip coffee 350 yen
  • espresso coffee 300 yen
Phone number : 03 – 3460 – 8105
Business hours : 9 : 00 – 17:00
Closed : Mondays (sales in the case of national holidays) ※ The holidays are closed from December 28 to January 1 during the new year holidays.

Parks Yoyogi Harajuku Gate

It’s near the Harajuku gate.The stands for a famous green shop.

  • Parks Yakisoba 400 yen
  • Parks Beef Bowl 540 yen
  • Boronia style meat spaghetti 580 yen
  • Mori and Mushroom Japanese-style spaghetti 600 yen
  • Thick Curry Rice 540 yen
Phone number : 03 – 3481 – 6656
Business hours : 9 : 00 – 17:00
Closed : December 29, December 30


Yoyogi Park is a historic park, but it is the first place in Japan to fly, and it is the first place to set up the Bird Sanctuary and the observation deck for the first time.Yoyogi Park is a wonderful place where you can make a lot of things now.

The weekday is not crowded on weekdays, but it is crowded on holidays.The shop seems to be crowded, so it is one of the measures to go after purchasing it beforehand.The Meiji shrine is also nearby, and it is a leisure spot where you can stay on the first, so please try to find your favorite way to spend at Yoyogi Park.