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How to enjoy The Yutaka Ozaki Monument

Do you know that the Yutaka Ozaki monument is located in Shibuya Ward, Tokyo?Nearly 30 years have passed since Yutaka Ozaki, a musician and singer, died of the death, but it is now the holy land that fans come to visit as a memorial for Yutaka Ozaki.

This time, I will introduce the history of the Yutaka Ozaki monument and the popularity that remains unchanged.

Basic information of Yutaka Ozaki Monument

For the Yutaka Ozaki monument, I’ll summarize the information of Yutaka Ozaki, a musician and singer, who was a musician.

Yutaka Ozaki’s information

  • Yutaka Ozaki : Born in 1965 –
  • 1992 deaths

  • Age : 26 years old
  • High School : Aoyama Gakuin Higher Division (dropouts)
  • Debut : Debuted during high school students in 1983
  • Genre : Lock, Fork
  • Representative song : I LOVE YOU, 15 night graduate, For get me not, OH MY LITTLE GIRL, and so on.
  • Official site : http://www.ozaki.org/

The passionate singing power and destructive performance in the early 1980 s captured the hearts of young people in the early 1980 s and the early 1990 s.Yutaka Ozaki’s songs were expressed in words with a straight word in terms of the meaning of living, their dreams, and their opposition to society, and the sympathy among the people around the young people was gaining sympathy.At that time he was a charismatic musician and singer, but he suddenly died at the young age of 26.The death of the Yutaka Ozaki made a big impact on society.

Yutaka Ozaki’s work and music activities have a major impact on the Japanese music world, and there are still artists who can cover the music.”Yutaka Ozaki Monument” is one of the places where you can remember the Yutaka Ozaki and become a holy place for fans.

Basic information about the Yutaka Ozaki monument

  • Address : Shibuya 2 chome, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo
  • 15-1

  • Location Details : Shibuya Cross 2 World Trade Center Floor Terrace

History of Yutaka Ozaki Monument

The Yutaka Ozaki monument was built in 1995 according to the third anniversary of Yutaka Ozaki’s memorial service.When the Yutaka Ozaki was at the Aoyama Gakuin high School, he was set up at this place because he was looking at the sunset from this place of Shibuya Cross Tower (Old East Japan Life Building) on his way home from school.

Today, the development of Shibuya is progressing and the number of buildings has increased, so the view of sunset may differ from the old days.Nevertheless, fans of the Yutaka Ozaki’s visit to the world have become a constant place behind the scenes.

In the Yutaka Ozaki monument, flowers and messages have been delivered to Yutaka Ozaki’s birthday and the anniversary of the death.There are many people who visit this monument, such as those who want to feel the feelings of the musicians representing the 1980 s, and those who read the message to the passerby.

Access to Yutaka Ozaki monument and parking

Shibuya station is the closest station to the Yutaka Ozaki monument.From the station, go to Shibuya Crosstower.

Shibuya Cross Tower (old Toho Building) was the first skyscrapers built in Shibuya Ward in 1975, and has played the role of the landmark building at the east exit of Shibuya Ward until Shibuya Hikarie was built. It was the first building to play a role as a landmark building in Shibuya Ward, Shibuya Ward, Japan, until the was built. 100.The appearance of white and brown stripes can be seen far from the distance.The Yutaka Ozaki monument is located on the second floor of this Shibuya Cross Tower.

The way from Shibuya Station to the Yutaka Ozaki monument on the cross tower terrace.It takes about 5 minutes on foot.

Access to the Yutaka Ozaki monument

  • From Shibuya station, first try to become the “Shibuya hickeri”.
  • JR Line, Tokyo Metro Ginza Line and Keio Inokashira Line use the passageway to “Shibuya hickeri”.
  • Tokyu Toyoko Line Denen-toshi Line, Tokyo Metro Hanzomon Line, Fukutoshin Line, and Fukutoshin Line are from Exit 15 to’ Shibuya hickeri’.
  • Go through “Shibuya hickeri” 2 f and head toward the exit of Aoyama Dori.
  • Exit “Shibuya hickeri” and turn right in front of “sosnogvil, and then go to Aoyama Street.
  • Crosses the pedestrian bridge called’ Kino no Saka.’.
  • You can go to Shibuya Cross 2 World Trade Center F Terrace as it is from the pedestrian bridge.

It’s a cross tower of cross tower and a pedestrian bridge of Kinsan.The terrace is outside, so you should be careful about weather information when you visit.

If you go by car, there is a parking lot at Shibuya Cross Tower.

Shibuya Cross Tower Parking

in Shibuya 2 chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150 – 0002

3 hours 30 minutes to 24 hours after the maximum charge is received.

Address 15-1
Phone number 03-3499-2886
Operating Hours 8:00 – 23:00
Charges Free for 30 minutes after admission, 600 yen for 1 hours after 30 minutes, and 300 yen for 30 minutes thereafter.
Up to 2100 yen
Storage number 75 units
Restriction Height 2.1 m, width 2 m, length 6 m, weight 4 t, no modification vehicle

Yutaka Ozaki Monument Highlights

The Yutaka Ozaki monument has a bronze plate engraved with a bronze plate engraved by Yutaka Ozaki’s face.What are you thinking about when you look at the right diagonally and put your hands together?

The Yutaka Ozaki monument is located in the middle of this engraved copper plate, the engraved part on the left side of the engraved bronze plate, and the fan in the right hand with a space where the fan can write the message.

I’ll tell you more about the highlights of a monument consisting of 3 parts.

The bronze plate with the lyrics on the 17 year old map

On the left side of the bronze plate carved with a person at the Yutaka Ozaki monument, a part of the poem called “A Map of 17 years old” is engraved on the left side of the poem.

“17 Years of Age Map” by Yutaka Ozaki Monument

In the middle of the human wave, you can walk into the wall.
A LITTLE BIT of air blows into my heart.
There is a sunset in the foothills
Illuminating all events that occur on the map of the heart now.
Yutaka Ozaki
(Lyrics of lyrics and composition Yutaka Ozaki)

This song is the debut song of Yutaka Ozaki.Part of the title of the song, “17 years old,” was when the second grade high school students were in high school and third grade high school students.This is the title and lyrics that reminds you of the time when the Yutaka Ozaki was visiting the Aoyama Gakuin high School and when he was looking at the sunset.

This phrase was probably the best way to find the Yutaka Ozaki monument on the way from the Aoyama Gakuin High School to the station.It is a lyrics that feels the movement of the heart when you were 17 years old in the Yutaka Ozaki.In about 2 months after the release of the song, the Yutaka Ozaki decided to leave school and decide to proceed with the music.It was a song that was born during a transitional period of a young life.

In the lower left part of the lyrics, the Yutaka Ozaki’s signature is also reproduced.I think it is a combination of fans with “lyrics of the debut song” and “signature sign.”.

Messages written to the wall

The right side of a bronze plate carved with a person at the Yutaka Ozaki monument is a space where people visiting fans and memorials can write messages.I have a lot of thoughts about the Yutaka Ozaki.It is a place where messages were written over many years after many years of overwriting.

And the fan’s thoughts are not confined to this space, and are also written on the brick wall at the terrace.The red bricks and black letters with a little bit of age are written with their thoughts on each other.It is interesting to read each one of the fans loved by the Yutaka Ozaki.

Yutaka Ozaki Monument Summary

It has been almost 30 years since the death of the Yutaka Ozaki, and it has passed over the years.The Shibuya area also has a big change, and the Shibuya Cross Tower has become a calmer place than before.The terrace at the current Shibuya Cross tower is a good place to enjoy the Yutaka Ozaki’s thoughts about the busy downtown area.

The Yutaka Ozaki monument is about 5 minutes walk from Shibuya station.On the Shibuya Cross Tower Terrace with a monument, there is a bench corner where you can relax while looking at the plants.Why don’t you visit the Yutaka Ozaki’s Monument in the 1980 s and the 1980 s while visiting the Yutaka Ozaki?