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Best 29 restaurants in Shinjuku

Shinjuku, where downtown is lined up, is a town where many foreigners and domestic tourists are busy.There are many stores in various genres, so it will be very difficult to go around in 1 days.There are many famous high-class restaurants in Shinjuku.This time, we introduce 19 popular restaurants in Shinjuku.Why don’t you forget the city’s hustle and bustle in your restaurant’s dishes?

grander / French

It’s 12 minutes walk from JR Shinjuku Station, and it’s within walking distance.There is a free shuttle bus from front of the west exit of Shinjuku station, which can go directly from the west exit of Shinjuku station, so it’s convenient to use it.

The restaurant is located on the forty first floor of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, so you can get a panoramic view of the streets of Tokyo.Night view is very nice at night, and you’ll be able to have a romantic dinner date.There is also a dress code, and you can enjoy the elegant and elegant feeling of one step up.

Why don’t you stay at a high-class hotel and spend a graceful time in grander in the morning?Of course, you can use only restaurants.French cuisine made by chef grander is superb.It is also a French restaurant with a full range of customer service that can be requested.Why don’t you drop by when you come to Shinjuku?

Business Hours / Charges

  • Breakfast :
    (Monthly – Gold) 6:00 ~ 10:30
    (Saturday, Sunday, Holidays) 6:30 ~ 11:00
  • Lunch :
    (Monthly – Gold) 11:00 ~ 15:00
    (Saturday, Sunday, Holidays) 11:30 ~ 15:00
  • Light Snack :
    (Weekday Saturday and Sunday holidays) 15:00 ~ 17:00
  • Dinner :
    (Weekday Saturday and Sunday holidays) 17:00 ~ 21:30
GIRANDOLE (grander)
Address : 3-7-1-2 Park Hyatt Tokyo forty first floor, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163 – 1055
Phone Number : 03 – 5322 – 1234



Please use PEAK LOUNGE (peak lounge) for tea time or Afternoon Tea after meals.The tea that you drink while looking at the view from the window makes you feel very elegant.All snacks and sweets are fashionable, so you can enjoy not only the taste but also you can enjoy it.

At night, you can have a lounge where you can enjoy cocktails, and you can enjoy a calm adult date.All of them have a all-you-can-drink system, so you can enjoy various kinds of drinks and sweets.It is a store where you can relax when you are tired when you walk in Shinjuku where many people are busy.

Business Hours

  • Lunch (No Tray Service) :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 12:00 ~ 14:00
    Budget 2,100 yen per person
  • Lunch (with tray service) :
    (Weekdays) 12:00 ~ 14:00
    (Saturday / Sunday) 12:00 ~ 17:00
    Budget 4,200 yen per person
  • pirkovejoy :
    (Weekdays Saturday and Sunday) 2 hours from 17:00 to 21:00
    Budget 5,800 yen per person
Address : 3-7-1-2 Park Hyatt Tokyo 41 f West Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163 – 1055
Phone Number : 03 – 5323 – 3461

Duke / French


The French restaurant Duke on the fiftieth floor of Shinjukunomurabiru is superb in view of the window.Especially the night view is beautiful, and the candle performance makes a date more romantic.Wine and French wine in a space where you can enjoy a wonderful style will make you feel very elegant.Since it is cooperative with the surprise performance, why don’t you use it on a special day such as special anniversary or proposal?

It is a restaurant with high quality, but it seems to be expensive, but there are some dishes that are worth 1000 yen for lunch. It’s one of the most attractive places to visit in a hotel restaurant in Shinjuku.However, lunch is very popular, so please don’t forget to make a reservation when you visit.

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Month to Day) 11:30 ~ 15:00
  • Dinner :
    (Month to Day) 17:30 ~ 22:00
Address : 1-26-2 Shinjukunomurabiru, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163 – 0550, Tokyo, Japan, 50 f
Phone Number : 050 – 3477 – 6836

Ogasawara Count Residence / Spanish cuisine


The Ogasawara Count Residence, which is a high-class place from its name, is made in a Spanish style building, and it retains its shape as it was at that time.You will forget to be in Shinjuku without a gorgeous Western style building or garden.There are many couples who raise the wedding ceremony here, so it’s a wonderful restaurant that can be used as a banquet hall.

You don’t get bored from Spanish cuisine standard, Paella, chef’s recommended Spanish cuisine, and so on.The chef’s course is sure to be able to make a nice Spanish cuisine.Also, it can be used as a cafe, so why don’t you try and relax slowly and relax?

Count Ogasawara can also be used to visit.Spanish style buildings and gardens have a world view that they forget to be in Shinjuku.It is a space where you can enjoy a leisurely time when you can enjoy a garden date.

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Month to Day) 11:00 ~ 15:00
  • Dinner :
    (Month to Day) 18:00 ~ 23:00
Ogasawara Count Residence
Address : Kawadacho 10-10, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 162 – 0054
Phone Number : 03 – 3359 – 5830

Cruise Cruise SHUJUKU / Creative food


This restaurant is directly connected to Shinjuku-sanchōme Station, so you can come without being influenced by weather such as rain.There are private rooms for adults, so they are features that can be used for parties and dinners.During lunch time, you can use vegetable lunch buffet, and dishes made with seasonal vegetables are popular among women.

The reason why lunch fee is priced more reasonable than other hotellestran is the reason why it is popular.But the quality of dishes that don’t close with other hotellestran is used not only for dating and girls’ meetings, but also for business scenes.How about using fresh vegetables and tasting it 1 times?

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Weekday Saturday and Sunday holidays) 11:30 ~ 15:00
  • Dinner :
    (Mon – Saturday holiday) 17:00 ~ 23:00
    (Day of Thanksgiving) 17:00 ~ 22:30
Cruise Cruise SHINJUKU
Address : 3-5-4 Rainbow Village, Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 – 0022 Tokyo, Shinjuku, 8 f 9
Phone Number : 03 – 5485 – 3900

Steak & amp ; amp Italian Griante / Italian


It’s a 3 minute walk from the east exit of Shinjuku Station, and it’s just under the ground, so you don’t have to worry about the weather because you don’t have to be affected by the weather.The specialty of Griante (Gliante) is ultra thickly sliced lean beef sirloin steak!There are many customers who come here for this purpose.Other than meat, you can enjoy wine, so you can enjoy various kinds of wine.The size of the wine cellar is very large!Do you think you’re going to get a lot of attention?


In addition to meat and wine, Popover of Otoshi is also popular.You can also attach it to your favorite sauce, and it is a crispy, chewy texture that goes well with desserts.You’re free!It’s good that it’s delicious even though it’s delicious.The Coos Plan comes with all-you-can-drink, but it is reasonable, but it is very reasonable at a reasonable price, and it is superb in Cospa and wine.

The dishes are wild, but the restaurant is chic, calm, but casual, but you can use it for a dinner date or dinner date.

Business Hours

  • Dinner :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 17:00 ~ 24:00
Steak &amp Italian Griante
Address : 5 f, Musashino Building, Shinjuku 3-27-10, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 – 0022, Tokyo
Phone Number : 03 – 3350 – 6362

Marble Lounge / Buffet


If you say the buffet of marble lounge, sweets buffet is famous.The glittering decorations and colorful sweets can be called spaces for women who like cute ones.The sweets that match the season and the decoration of the theme that matches them are the wrong picture.

It’s nice to have a date to make her and wife happy with a dessert buffet, but if you prefer a calm atmosphere, I recommend dinner time.All seats are sofa seats, and you can enjoy buffets while relaxing.Besides table seats, there is a counter seat, so why don’t you enjoy the adult date while you are enjoying wine?

Depending on the season and time of day, the marble lounge can be regarded as a restaurant that is suitable for all groups, such as women’s associations and families, in addition to dating and sightseeing.

Business Hours / Charges

  • Morning :
    (Monthly – Gold) 6:30 ~ 10:30
    (Saturday and Sunday) 6:30 ~ 11:00
    Budget : 3,200 yen per person (6 to 12 years old) 2,000 yen
  • Lunch :
    (Month – Saturday) 11:30 ~ 14:00
    (Budget) One person 4,100 yen children (ages 4 to 12 years old) 2,450 yen
  • Branch :
    (Day / Holiday) 11:30 ~ 14:00
    (Budget) One person 5,100 yen children (ages 4 to 12 years old) 3,100 yen
  • Dessert :
    (Weekday Saturday and Sunday holidays) 14:30 ~ 17:30
    (Budget weekday) 3,900 yen per person (aged 4 to 12 years old) 2,500 yen
    (Budget Saturdays and Sundays) 4,050 yen per person (4 to 12 years old) 2,600 yen
  • Dinner :
    (Month – Tree) 18:00 ~ 21:00
    (Gold – Day, Celebration) 18:00 – 20:00 20:30 – 22:30 (two way)
    (Budget Month – Tree) One person 5,000 yen (ages 4 to 12 years old) 3,000 yen
    (Budget – Day, Celebration) 6,000 yen per person (ages 4 – 12 years old) 3,500 yen
  • Ala Carte :
    6:00 ~ 23:00 (24 to 00)
Marble Lounge
Address : Nishi-Shinjuku 6-6-2, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 – 0023
Phone Number : 03 – 3344 – 5111

Jade Miya / Chinese


It is no exaggeration to say that Jade Palace, located on the first floor of Hyatt Regency, which is directly connected to Toei Subway Oedo Line and Tokyo Metropolitan Government Station, is a representative shop for Chinese restaurants in Shinjuku.The dishes served at the imperial palace that uses high quality food will satisfy your mind and body.It can be said that the word “genshoku-gengen” is exactly the right word.It is popular that alcohol is delicious, so you can compare Shaoxing rice wine.Of course it goes well with high quality dishes like peking duck and shark fin.

Speaking of Chinese restaurants, there is a popular and reasonable image, but dishes served at the imperial palace that can be eaten at Jade Palace is different from usual Chinese food, and it is a special Chinese food.There is no doubt that you will be able to ring up your tongue with high-quality Chinese food that is different from usual.

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 11:00 ~ 14:30
  • Dinner :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 17:30 ~ 21:00
Address : 1 f in Nishishinjuku 2-7-2 Hyatt Regency Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 – 0023
Phone Number : 03 – 3348 – 1234

Peripheral / Japanese Cuisine


At the Kaiseki restaurant, located on the fortieth floor on the Park Hyatt Tokyo floor, the view from the window is superb.With the townscape of Shinjuku, the design of dishes made with seasonal ingredients is elaborate, and it feels delicate.The taste of Japanese culture matched to that is also popular among foreign tourists.The lunch course with mount Fuji motif is a luxurious, heavy-box style that looks beautiful as it looks.Of course, the dish is superb, and it has a mild flavor mainly made of soup stock.

Lunch is priced at 7,500, and dinner is set for 16,000 – and the price is set for the anniversary, but the warm hospitality and the beautiful food of our staff will be the best in your mind.Why don’t you visit a nice Kaiseki restaurant where you can relax and relax in a relaxed atmosphere?

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 11:30 ~ 14:30
  • Dinner :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 17:30 ~ 21:30
Address : 160 – 0023, West Shinjuku 3-7-1-2 Park Hyatt Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 40 floors
Phone Number : 03 – 5323 – 3460

Chinese Cuisine Momozato / Chinese


It is a 5 minute walk from JR Yamanote Line, Shinjuku Station, and Shinjukunomurabiru, on the fiftieth floor of, where you can see it from the window of the shop, and you can see the view from the window of the shop, and it can be seen in front of the night view, and it is romantic and romantic. Momozato.At this restaurant, you can get Cantonese food that became a tradition of Hotel Okura.At lunch time, you can have a reasonable lunch with a price of 1,700 yen.


During dinner, you can enjoy a gorgeous course that comes with a shark fin, and you can enjoy a Chinese dating one step up.There are many familiar Chinese food, and it is a well-balanced, familiar Chinese restaurant that has a home-like part even though it is a high-class hotel restaurant.

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Weekday) 11:30 ~ 15:00
  • Dinner :
    (Weekday) 17:30 ~ 22:30
  • Holiday Sales
    (Saturday / Sunday) 11:30 ~ 22:00
Chinese Cuisine Momozato
Address : 1-26-2 Shinjukunomurabiru, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163 – 0590, Tokyo, Japan, 50 f
Phone Number : 03 – 3345 – 0512

code kurkku / Italian


Code kurkku (cordikalsk), a main restaurant in Yoyogi Village, a commercial facility, is an Italian restaurant in a wild space filled with plants collected from all over the world by the famous plant hunter Seijun Nishihata.There are terrace seats, so you can enjoy lunch and tea time surrounded by rare plants.Also, the terrace seat can be accompanied by pets, so it is recommended to take a break on a walk date.


It is a 4 minute walk from Minami-Shinjuku, a restaurant in Yoyogi Village, and various facilities such as bakeries and botanical gardens, so you don’t get bored with tourists.It’s an oasis in the middle of a city called Shinjuku, so why don’t you enjoy a wonderful Italian dish surrounded by a strange plant?

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 11:30 ~ 15:30
  • Dinner :
    (Day – Tree) 18:00 ~ 23:00
    (Gold Soil) 18:00 ~ 22:00
code kurkku
Address : Yoyogi 1 chome, Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 28-9
Phone Number : 03 – 6300 – 5231

Shinjuku Nadaman Guest House / Japanese cuisine


Nadaman Guest House, located on the top floor of Odakyu department store, directly from the west exit of Shinjuku Station, is a Kaiseki restaurant with a reputation as 1 in Shinjuku-nishiguchi.The reason for that is the quality of cooking.The dishes at the table seats, as well as the special counter seats in the Nadaman, are special spaces that the front chef cooks in front of you.


There is a sushi called “Shimizu”, “Matsui”, and “Takehana Tei”, and the sushi and tempura that are eaten at the counter will enhance the taste of the sushi.Teppan steak and tempura are popular among people who don’t like raw fish or fish.This counter seat is also popular among foreign tourists.The Kaiseki dishes that you can enjoy at Nadaman guest house are colorful, so you will want to push the shutter.

Business Hours

  • (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 11:00 ~ 22:30
Shinjuku Nadaman Guest House
Address : 1-1-3 manhattenfelds, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 – 0023, Tokyo, Japan, 14 f
Phone Number : 03 – 5381 – 0700

Kyokaiseki Kakiden / Kaiseki Ryori


A 1 minute walk from Chuohigashi exit of JR Shinjuku, and a restaurant Kakiden that can be enjoyed by Kyoto Kaiseki, it is an elegant and calm space that does not seem to be in the city of urban buildings.The ninth floor is a tea room, and it has a space to calm both mentally and mentally.The dishes that can be eaten with tatami are very extravagant!You will be able to experience the rest of your life.The use of tea room is often used for banquets, but it is also popular among foreign tourists.


The mini Kaiseki meal that can be enjoyed on the chair seat on the eighth floor is a cute dish with 15 mini Kaiseki dishes and desserts, and it is sure that women will be happy.In Kakiden, you can learn about the manners of the tea ceremony room in addition to the Kaiseki manners.Why don’t you try to learn the manners of Kakiden as a souvenir for sightseeing or souvenir?

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Monthly – Gold) 11:00 ~ 14:00
    (Saturday / Sunday) 11:00 ~ 15:00
  • Dinner :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 17:00 ~ 20:00
    Tea room :
  • 19:30

Kyokaiseki Kakiden
Address : 160 – 0022 Tokyo Shinjuku-ku 3-37-11 Yasushiro Building 6 – 9 floor
Phone Number : 03 – 3352 – 5121

MOUTON / Meat Balver


MO UTON (Mouton) is a dining bar based on the concept of “adult space”, which is open until late at night.There is a grand piano in the store, and you can enjoy the live performances of 3 times a day on 1 days.The wine that you drink while listening to jazz music can be said to be an adult space.


The famous dish is white omelet rice, and it is limited to 1 days and 10 meals!It is wrapped with plenty of eggs, and it has a rich flavor with plenty of sheep cheese poured on it.This is an exquisite dish with thick yolk that is thick from inside.

It’s a 5 minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station, and you can enjoy the night game on the adult.

Business Hours

  • (Month – Saturday) 17:00 ~ 27:00
  • (Sun) 17:00 ~ 24:00
Address : 4 f, 3-21-7 Higashi-shin Building, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 – 0022, Tokyo
Phone Number : 03 – 5315 – 4800

Star Sky / dining bar


A restaurant that is a 5 minute walk from the west exit of JR Shinjuku Station, and is surrounded by the night view of Shinjuku, which looks from the fiftieth floor of Shinjukunomurabiru, and stars that shine in the night sky. It is a restaurant that is surrounded by stars in the sky.You can enjoy romantic dinner date with a couple seat of a semi-private room.The recommended dish is Japanese cuisine and steak, and the signature menu, lava yaki, is very powerful.


Lunch is worth a lot of money, and you can choose meat dishes and Japanese food.Also, the course menu comes with all-you-can-drink, and it has a reasonable price even though it has a luxurious taste.


Anaba is open at 5 p.m.The night view is a superb sight, but the sunset that sinks in the building is beautiful and mysterious.Enjoy a romantic dinner while looking at the sinking sun of the sun, Miyu.

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Weekday Saturday and Sunday holidays) 11:30 ~ 14:00
  • Dinner :
    (Month – Saturday) 17:00 ~ 23:30
    (Day of Thanksgiving) 17:00 ~ 23:00
Into Starsky
Address : 1-26-2 Shinjukunomurabiru, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 163 – 0590, Tokyo, Japan, 50 f
Phone Number : 050 – 7300 – 2102

Tempura crust / tempura


A 5 minute walk from the west exit of JR Shinjuku Station, and a seasonal meal from this restaurant in the Keio Plaza Hotel, you can enjoy seasonal seasonal ingredients carefully selected by the chef.Tempura raised in front of you will also enjoy the waiting time.Tempura is not oily, it has a refreshing taste, and it’s extravagant!Can I eat it as much as I can?


Seats are 16 seats and compact, so you will be able to spend a quiet and calm time.This is a shop recommended for special anniversaries and extravagant days.

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 11:30 ~ 14:30
  • Dinner :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 17:00 ~ 21:00
Address : 160 – 8330, 2-2-1 Keio Plaza Hotel Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number : 03 – 3344 – 0111

Hikari Forest Main Store / Japanese Beef / Kaiseki Meal


It is a 7 minute walk from JR Shinjuku Station.Kokuribo, located in Kabukicho, is an elegant, calm Kaiseki restaurant that does not seem to be in the downtown area.It is a private room, and it is widely used not only for dating and sightseeing, but also for business scenes, celebrations, banquets and so on.


The recommended menu is shabushabu or sukiyaki of Wagyu beef.Shabu-shabu with high-quality brand beef is so superb that it melts tongue.Shabu-shabu and Sukiyaki can be done by Nakai, so you can spend a lot of time when it is very elegant.Also, there is a Shamisen performance, and it is a Japanese-style restaurant where you can feel the taste of Japan.

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Month – Saturday) 11:30 ~ 14:30
  • Dinner :
    (Month – Saturday) 17:00 ~ 23:00

※ Sundays closed

Light Forest
Address : 2-25-6 f, 160 – 0021, Kabuki-cho, Shinjuku-cho, Shinjuku-cho, Shinjuku-cho, f, 6 f 4
Phone Number : 03 – 3209 – 7631

Southern Tower dining (Old Trybex) / French


A city hotel where you can walk 2 minutes from JR Shinjuku Station and Southern Terrace exit.It is used for accommodations such as business and sightseeing.Of course, you can use only the restaurant.You can get a panoramic view of the city of Shinjuku from the twentieth floor of the building.The dishes that you eat while looking at the night view are very elegant.There are many tourists who stop by just using breakfast buffet.


The buffet is rich in varieties, and the egg dishes that the chef makes in front of you is superb!Freshly baked bread can be made to taste, but it also has a high degree of freedom in hotel restaurant, so it can be said that it has high degree of freedom.

Business Hours

  • Morning :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 6:30 ~ 10:30
  • Lunch :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 11:30 ~ 16:00
  • Dinner :
    (Weekday Saturday / Sunday) 17:30 ~ 22:00
Southern Tower Dining
Address : 2-2-1 Hotel Century Southern Tower, Yoyogi, Yoyogi, Shibuya Ward, Tokyo 151 – 0053, Tokyo City, Tokyo Prefecture, Tokyo, Japan, 20 f
Phone Number : 050 – 5232 – 6713

Hibinishi Shinjukunomurabiru Store / Japanese food


A 5 minute walk from the west exit of JR Shinjuku Station, a Japanese restaurant Hibiki (Hibiki) on the forty ninth floor of Shinjukunomurabiru, there are many plans for parties, so you can only make reservations for lunch on weekends and holidays (from 10 people), so you can enjoy a lot of contact with other guests, and you can enjoy a feeling of interest.


If you book a party plan from the official website of Hibiki, you can enjoy the all-you-can-drink menu, so you can use it. Why don’t you try it?Hibiki is very special to whisky, so you can get a rare whisky called Hibiki that you can’t get anywhere else.It is only produced in Japan, so it is popular among foreign tourists.

Of course, you can enjoy not only a party but also a date.There is also a bar counter, so you can get a panoramic view of the town of Shinjuku by the counter seat by the window.You can enjoy romantic atmosphere by enjoying the night view while enjoying the night view of the night scenery.

Business Hours

  • Lunch :
    (Monthly – Gold) 11:30 ~ 14:30
    (Saturday and Sunday) 11:30 ~ 14:30 (party reservation only)
  • Dinner :
    (Month – Saturday) 17:00 ~ 23:00
    (Day of Thanksgiving) 17:00 ~ 22:00
Address : 1-26-2 Shinjukunomurabiru, Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160 – 0023, Tokyo, Japan, 49 f
Phone Number : 03 – 5909 – 7180


You can enjoy not only special days but also luxurious days, competitions, and meals at hotel restaurants when you come to Shinjuku for sightseeing.The superb food that is wrapped in a luxurious atmosphere that is different from usual will surely soothing your mind and body.Why don’t you spend an elegant time while looking at the scenery of Shinjuku?