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Best 7 fashionable cafes in Tokyo

In Tokyo, there are many cute and fashionable cafes that can be used for dating and girls’ meetings.You can enjoy a comfortable time, as well as the appearance of the store, the interior, the interior, the dishes, the dishes, and all the menus.

In this article, we will introduce a selection of the fancy cafes that we want to use for dating and girls’ meetings.I want to spend a lot of time in a cute cafe!Please refer to it as a reference.

and people / Shibuya

The “and people / Shibuya” is where you can spend a great deal of time in a romantic store where candles sparkle.The countless candles that are flying down create a fantastic space, and a comfortable sofa seat is a perfect store for dating and girls’ meetings.

On the anniversary, there is a service to bring a birthday plate while playing a projection mapping, so you can give a memorable memory of your lover.

Lunch plates with a drink bar are also available during lunch time, so they are recommended for lunch.We also offer a course with 2 hours of free drinks at night, so please be sure to use it for parties, party parties, etc.

Address : Jinnan 1-20-5 NAVI Shibuya 6 f, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 12 : 00 – 23:00
Phone Number : 050 – 5265 – 0764

chano-ma / Daikan-yama

Chano-ma is a popular cafe that is popular among mothers with children.There are many families with children and mothers in the store, so they are popular every day.The “Restaurant that has a main role” is the concept, and the rain PC case has a comfortable space where a woman can easily enjoy a comfortable space.

The most popular mattress seat is “small rise type” mattress seats lined with mattresses.In case of small children, you can’t sit in a table seat yet, but you can make a goron on a mattress with a little rise type, so you can spend a lot of time on a small child.

If you can enjoy your child comfortably, you can enjoy it comfortably, so this seat is very popular.It’s a two way system from open to 13 o’clock, and from 13:30, so it’s a reservation required seat, so it’s better to make a reservation beforehand after making a reservation in advance.

There are many events that children can enjoy, such as a touch care course for mothers, a camera course, a workshop that can be enjoyed with children, and so on.Mom, please use it once again.

Address : 34-17 za HOUSE building, Ebisunishi 1 chome, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 10 : 00 – 23:30
Phone Number : 03 – 5428 – 4443

a-bridge / Sangen-jaya

“a-bridge” is a comfortable cafe that allows you to spend a lot of time in a shop with full of handmade feeling.The shop is located in a complex alley, where you can experience as if you have strayed into another world from the city.

The most popular is a terrace seat on the roof, and you can enjoy a light meal while looking at a beautiful sunset at night.If you want to relax, if you want to spend time with your lover, you can go to “a-bridge”.

The food menu and desserts are also very special for handmade, and the “Clock Madame” that is the most popular snack with a light meal is a superb dish with homemade bread and ham from a nearby meat shop.Also, for dessert after meals, we will have “Ricotta Cheese rare cake” that has been loved by many customers since the opening of the restaurant.This is also a superb dish made with homemade Ricotta Cheese.

Address : 2 chome, 14 – 12 3, Sangen-jaya, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 12 : 00 – 1:30
Phone Number : 03 – 3418 – 5013

is the Chikuma Cafe / Ikebukuro

The “Chikuma Cafe” is a stylish cafe based on Northern Europe, which can be used with peace of mind by all women.It is a very comfortable and fashionable space for women, as it is a very cute and fashionable item, such as interior interiors, tableware, etc.

“Honey French Toast” inspired by bee nest is a sign menu, and it is a delicious dish that you want to stop when you are hungry.Also, during lunch time, there is a “pern Curry lunch”, a teatime cheesecake, and a “Honey cheesecake”. It’s attractive for women who love Scandinavian food.

It is open from lunch to evening, so if you are looking for a cute, stylish cafe in Ikebukuro, please use it once.

Address : 11-3 hackenhuettgeriswil, 3 chome, Higashi-ikebukuro, Toshima City, Tokyo, 1 f
Hours of Business : 11 : 30 – 19:30
Phone Number : 03 – 5944 – 8924

Tin Button / Shimo-Kitazawa

The Tin Button is a fancy cafe restaurant inspired by an atelier in Western style building.Depending on the seat you sit on, you can change your expression like a painter, a dressmaker, or a watchmaker, and you will have a different impression every time you go.

During lunch time, you can enjoy rice plates such as quiche and curry, which are popular dishes, and you can enjoy traditional French cuisine and delicious wine during the dinner time.As if you have entered the world of a movie, it is a recommended cafe that you can use as a hiding place.

There are couple seats that you want to use in couples, so why don’t you spend a wonderful time at a cafe with a nice atmosphere while enjoying the beautiful night scenery of Shimo-Kitazawa?

Address : Kitazawa 2 chome Kitazawa Ward, Setagaya Ward, Tokyo Prefecture 14-7
Hours of Business : 12 : 00 – 23:00
Phone Number : 03 – 3424 – 2002

Nicolai Bergmann NOMU (Nikolaberg Mannome / Omotesando)

Nikolabergman is a cafe created by Flower Artists, a flower artist famous for its colorful flowers in the season.It is a cafeteria with a Floer Shop, and you can enjoy meals in a free space while looking at beautiful flowers.

There is a wide variety of flowers from the entrance, and there is a variety of flowers that are beautifully designed in the store.The ceiling is high and very free space, and the coffee and lunch lunch that we drink here are the best.

The most recommended menu for lunch menu is “smoosbroe.”.It is a Danish traditional dish, and it is an oven sandwich with cheese and vegetables, so it’s an elegant menu, so it’s also recommended for women.

Address : Minami Aoyama 5 7 2 1 f, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Hours of Business : 10 : 00 – 20:00
Phone Number : 03 – 5464 – 0824

Les Grands Arbres / Hiro-o

The “Les Grands Arbres” in Hiro-o is a stylish cafe in Tokyo where you can know.Is this really Hiro-o?The appearance of a tree house, which I think is unthinkable, is very charming, and it is very popular among women.The 1,2 floor is a Floer Shop, and the 3,4 floor is a cafe.It is also famous for being a location for the “APPLE SEED” cafe that appeared in the drama “Diasroaster”, and it is a store where fans of the drama often come to visit.

There is also a meal menu, so you can enjoy the herny Sea Ranch, which uses seasonal vegetables, and the food that is good for beauty and health.It is a produced by the cooking expert, Ayako Sekiguchi, so please try it once.

Also, there is a lot of sake that goes well with meals, and it is the best store to hold a women’s meeting at night.If you are looking for a place to hold a girls’ meeting in Hiro-o, please visit Les Grands Arbres!

Address : Minamiazabu 5 chome, Minato-ku, Minato-ku, 15 – 11 3. Roof
Hours of Business : 11 : 00 – 22:00
Phone Number : 03 – 5791 – 1212


There are many cafes in Tokyo, but in this article, we introduced a fancy and cute cafe that we want to use for dating and girls’ meetings.Whether you spend the same time or where you spend your time depends on whether you are happy or not.Please refer to this article and hold a wonderful cafe date cafe girl’s meeting.